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Daemons in Media

In the middle of a shoot, one actor has his daemon make silly faces at the other’s, causing his coworker to burst out laughing half-way through their line. The director is getting really annoyed.

Who knew how hard it was for a bird-daemon to balance on their humans’ shoulders while in a photoshoot?

Speaking of which, this lady’s bat-daemon is doing a horrendous job of looking scary. Quit wriggling your nose, Aldae!

Fans of a certain actor not so much caring about his chiseled abs or perfect cheekbones, but more so for his silk-soft bunny-daemon.

Groups forming in defense of those with “ugly” daemons, like turkeys, pigs, and toads, setting up protests and photoshoots to combat the media’s bias towards “pretty” daemons.

In a book, a certain character’s daemon is never specified. Fans ferociously argue about what it could be. “But it says on page 34 that she had long whiskers! So obviously it’s a cat of some sort!” “Okay, but on page 186 it clearly says, ‘her small claws brushed his skin,’ and that sounds pretty bird-like to me!” “Even though she never flies?” “You’re all wrong. She’s a rat, obviously.”

Similarly, a child character’s daemon doesn’t settle by the time the series is over, and fans argue just as heatedly about what it would be. “She’s so mean, though! Her daemon would clearly be a snake!” “Um, my daemon’s a snake, excuse you. I say he would settle as a ferret.” “She’s too aggressive for that! Maybe he’s more a dog…” “No, my friend’s daemon is a dog and he doesn’t like her character, so that’s not right.” “That’s not a valid argument.” “Okay, sure, weedcracker420.”

Debates between whether an actor can play a character. I mean, in the book, he has a rat daemon, but this actor has a hare. Should the actor just daemon-switch with another person, or just keep his hare? Is being a rat important enough to the story? He does enter a small space at one point. And besides, rodent daemons are underrepresented anyway, so…

oh i forgot to mention that on friday i gave myself princess leia endor hair. (is it endor, where she’s wearing the utilitarian braid crown?)

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Happy Birthday, Marimo! UwU

All of them had flowers I thought symbolized them and their colors best and then there’s these two:

Mihawk [ Anthurium : Hospitality ] & Perona [ Ghost flower ] Hehe.

“Awww, you’re so proud Mihawwkk.” “Quiet.”

Alto Audition Songs

these are pieces I frequently recommend and work well for a variety of audition settings. enjoy:

It’s A Perfect Relationship - Bells Are Ringing

The Spark of Creation - Children of Eden

Say Goodbye - Scott Alan

So Long Dearie - Hello Dolly

Always A Bridesmaid - I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change

You’ve Got Possibilities - It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Superman!

Love’s a Gun - Love’s Labour’s Lost

Too Many Rings Around Rosie - No, No Nanette

Five and a Half Minutes - Tales from the Bad Years

Nobody Makes a Pass at Me - Pins and Needles

A Trip to the Library - She Loves Me

If He Really Knew Me - They’re Playing Our Song

Change - A New Brain

Today is a special day - 75 years ago a man who changed the world was born.
Cassius Clay entered the world to change it as Muhammad Ali.
Ali - a icon, fighter, entertainer, role model and most important : a human being with the most biggest heart and soul in the universe.
His impact and legacy is not to define.
And I really cannot explain my love for him.
He changed my life and makes me a better person.
My love and respect for him is so incredible that it cannot be explained.
Muhammed Ali is and always will be my definition of perfect.

Champ, I am happy that you can celebrate your birthday with your lovely friends and your parents.
We miss you so much. We will always remember you as the greatest human being on earth and I will never forget how pretty you was.

Happy birthday my hero.
And thank you Mama Bird.

Love birds Part 2 | Stiles Stilinski imagine

Okay, guys! So this is the second part. I was really excited to do it so here we go! Sorry for all my mistakes, english is not my first language. Maybe I’ll do a third part? I want to finally end it there, because this part 2 wouldn’t make really sense if it was the end. I don’t really know if I should continue, so please, I’d love to hear your requests!


The first thing you saw when you opened your eyes was Stiles’ room. Perfect, they brought you to the last place you wanted to go. You heard voices, and you guessed it was Stiles and Scott’s. They were probably in the corridor. You tried to stand up, but your head hurt so you sighed at the pain. You finally sat on the bed an you tried to look at your damaged shoulder. You realized you were wearing a Stiles’ t-shirt and his sweatpants. You didn’t want to admit it, but you loved his scent. When you moved the fabric and looked at your shoulder you realized the worst happened, it was healing. You started crying, you didn’t want to become a werewolf, you wanted a normal life. It was already hard to have supernatural friends, you didn’t want to be one too. But suddenly they opened the door and that’s the moment you broke. You saw him approaching you, with that worried look you used to love. You didn’t want to look at him, but you kept looking at his eyes. You didn’t even notice Scott was there too. You stood up and cleaned your face, all full of tears. ‘Y/n, it’ll be-’ he said, touching your shoulder. ‘Back off, Stiles! Stop it.’ you cut him off. He had a hurt look, and he looked at Scott, searching for help. ‘Y/n, calm down. It’s gonna be alright. We’ll help you…Well, I’ll help you. We’ll find a way so you can go trough all the change’ Scott tried to relax you. ‘But I don’t want to find a way, I don’t want to be a werewolf. You don’t understand it, I-’ Scott frowned. ‘Of course I know! I didn’t want this either. But I have to deal with it. Exactly like you’ll do too’ he cut you off. Stiles whispered something in his ear, he nodded and left you two alone.

‘Y/n, we need to talk. About the bite and about Hea-’ he tried to say but you sighed. ‘I don’t freaking want to talk about it. Not now, not ever. Both of us now what happened. You are tired of me, I get it, you want to try new things, have a cool teenager life, without . I get it, Stiles. But what I don’t understand is why you did it. You could just break up with me! It would have been easier, you know?’ you were crying rivers by now. He just kept shaking his head. ‘You don’t understand it, y/n, I just-’ he tried to explain. ‘Shut up! I’m tired. You broke my heart, Stiles. I trusted you, you were the person I trusted the most. You were my best friend! And the worst is that I thought we would always be together. Yeah, I know, I’m stupid. But I thought it. I just thought that if something like this happens, you know all the supernatural, it connects you with that person in some way… You know I’m an idiot. An stupid idiot! Because I should be caring about the bite! About being a freaking werewolf but I just don’t care. I care about us. Because i loved you. I loved you so much it actually hurt. And now when I look at you, I feel like I hate you. I hate that you broke my heart, I hate that you are the main reason why I got bitten, I hate you because you actually made me lose all hope. But what I hate the most about you is that I’m still crazy in love with you’ you said, tears running down your face, everything blurry, and Stiles with wet eyes. Both of you look at each other’s eyes, keeping the distance, but he started to approach you slowly. ‘Go. Go away. I think I deserve someone better, Stiles, someone who doesn’t lie to me. Please, if you think it too, go. Leave me alone.’ He looked at you, giving you a confused look, but he was already next to you. You started to feel warmer and warmer, and you saw how claws grew from your hands and how your vision became better. ‘Go away!’ you growled, turning completely into a werewolf. Even if he broke your heart, even if you wanted to rip his head apart, you couldn’t. Because you were in love with him. At least with the old one. He approached you even more, and you started to roar, almost hitting him with your claws. He was scared, you saw it in his eyes, and that was what made you human again. And that’s when you found out he was your anchor. You couldn’t hurt him. Your face expression relaxed, and you said in a whisper: ‘I’m saying go away’. He wasn’t sure what was the best, but he decided to leave you for a moment, not understanding how really bad you felt. What scared you the most about being a werewolf was becoming a monster, and sadly, you were one now.

Shattered Porcelain

Can you please make one where you and andy are really close but someone tries to kidnap you an andy goes ballistic and confesses after the incident. You can choose the ending if you want to. Btw Love your blog it’s awesome

It was a warm spring day. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, it was the perfect day to move into your new house. For months you had to save up money to be finally able to buy the house you’ve always wanted. Though it was just a small house with a backyard, it was more than enough for you. Rather a small and comfortable home than a big and scary one, right?

“Where should I bring this box?”, Andy, your best friend, asked as he picked up another box from the trunk of your car. You put down the box you’ve been holding next to the car, before you turned to look at the male. “Ehm.. bring it into the living room”, he nodded and jogged towards the house, nearly tripping over his own foot. “Hey, be careful!”, you yelled after him, “The porcelain is in there!”

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The Signs As People I Know

(A little context for this post; I saw one of these floating around and thought “hey i’ll do one” so here we go)

Aries: literally the hugest sweetheart you’ll ever meet. sends you uplifting messages just when you need them. is a hopeless romantic but still manages to be awkward. low key sad perpetually. has good taste in music.

Taurus: a little bit perfect. could successfully rule the world if given the chance. is skillful in the fine arts department. likes to look at nature. likes birds and space a lot.

Gemini: kinda unpredictable and somehow has their crazy life under control. you never really know what’s going on with them. keeps social media pretty barren but when they post something they make you pay attention.

Cancer: doesn’t hide the fact that they’re a huge nerd very well. an all around nice person and a cutie at that. has a few close friends that they love very much. when they party they party hard.

Leo: a nerd that likes to write stuff on their hands. really enjoys relaxing. is basically a gigantic puppy. switches between being popular and awkward at the drop of a hat. be nice to this one they need it.

Virgo: such a nice person like omg. is basically the mom of every group. dont mess with them. great to party with. is the conductor of the metaphorical hype train. pretty cool but also knows when they need to straighten up.

Libra: the most reliable of the signs by far. really adorable and needs love. usually develops crushes on older people. are full of love but aren’t afraid to smack someone if it comes to it. coolest on the block.

Scorpio: doesn’t take anything from anyone. contrary to popular belief is actually pretty selfless. that kid on the playground that had the golden charizard card. everyone hates them a bit but kind of wants to be them.

Sagittarius: the biggest heartbreaker on the planet. very charming. knows how to make you laugh. when they play games they get intense. will stop at nothing to win. problematic fave.

Capricorn: is very difficult to understand. says one thing but means another. really into games. dresses nicely. when there is a romantic interest they change completely. just a tad weird.

Aquarius: really amazingly cool. probably has a secret double life. when they smile the whole world melts. likes to watch movies. great possible romantic partner. charming is their middle name.

Pisces: the hugest cutie to exist. would probably die for you. likes animals. the balance between classic and modern. precious cinnamon roll. a heart made of gold and candy. when they talk people listen.

reapersun replied to your post: Sometimes I wonder whether I really fi…

i love cats a lot and own a cat and wouldn’t really want to own a bird but i still follow like 3 bird blogs and no cat blogs and i don’t know how that happened so don’t worry at least you’re not confused about what you want from life

Reaper, you are a splendid human being.  Never change.

Although I suppose you could follow a cat blog if you want to.  I wouldn’t judge you for that.


You know what, i know that it doesn’t need to be your birthday for me to think how special you are, you are a beautiful angel that someone up there put on here to show, what means love and care, to show how amazingly good a person can be, you’re an example and you’re just so perfect, and when you smile, it can make the longest war calm down, when you talk birds may stop singing just to hear you ,i really wish when i die at least i can see your face close to me, at least one time, yesterday was my birthday and I don’t give a shit, because all i can think about is these girls, if something brings me peace, happiness and positivity is these girls, ally you’re just an amazing girls who deserves everything good, and you deserve to feel special, hot, loved, and believe me you may be the oldest, but you’re just a baby to us all, and i feel, maybe I’m wrong but sometimes may you’re the one who keep ot5 together and i wish deepest in my heart that you made it, as you expect, happy birthday darling, love you so much angel

The only real goal I have is to lead a simple life. I’m not by any means a hoarder, but I certainly hang on to a lot of stuff. Everything seems to have meaning to me, and I’m not always willing to let it go. I have to constantly remind myself that nothing tangible really has any meaning, and that the meaning comes from within myself projecting out.
I sat in the sun for hours today reading and listening to birds and thinking about nothing while drinking my tea. That’s the perfect day for me. That’s all I want out of life. I don’t care to make a lot of money, just enough. I don’t care to be important, just myself. I don’t care to make plans, just be present.
When I gave up my photo business so many people told me I was making the wrong decision, I was giving up on myself. I have zero regrets though. I enjoy not having to sell myself, not having to hustle on a weekly basis, not having to build my business. It has made my life much simpler.

the sun keeps burning deep

Thor/Loki pre-slash ficlet. Really just a heap of pointless angst and fluff - baby (not literally) Thor and Loki make each other cry and Odin is a dick. 1,4k words.


Today is Loki’s birthday, a milestone one, in fact, and Thor spent almost two weeks getting Loki secretly the perfect gift – or so he thought. There is a cluster of caves in Vanaheim that are the home to a rare bird, one that possesses many magical properties.

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