the bird house

Each house as: a kind of bird
  • Gryffindor: parrot – remarkable individuals, energetic, everyone wants to befriend them
  • Hufflepuff: pink flamingo – funny as hell, lives in group, a ton of worthy anecdotes about them
  • Ravenclaw: peacock – beautiful and original, an artistic inclination, iridescent changing colors
  • Slytherin: swan – something of a reputation, graceful on water but mean af when provoked, very picky in their faithfulness

Hybrid House Moodboard: Slytherin plus Ravenclaw equals Slytherclaw. This hybrid house values ambition and cleverness. They are the most insightful and deep-thinking of the hybrids. They love learning but might be impatient with any slow-moving classes, they want hands-on experience. They are often the inventors: resourceful and creative. Their elements are air and water, they are stimulating and adventurous.