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do you have any au/fics where Henry and Killian meets first and they hang out a lot then Killian meets Emma later

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8 a.m Kisses

or… mornings with h 

category: fluff

I’ve got so much honey, the bees envy me

I’ve got a sweeter song than the birds in the trees

The strips of light sneak through the slats of the thick wooden blinds, heating the skin of her leg that was stretched onto Harry’s side of the bed. She lets out a low whine at Harry’s voice, eyes beginning to acknowledge the loud brightness that was coating their bedroom.

Well, I guess you’d say

What can make me feel this way?

My girl…

“Talkin’ ‘bout my girl..” she quietly sings along then listens for a few moments, appreciating his ability before finally rubbing her eyes and pushing herself up from the heavy white blanket. Her feet make a soft platter against the floor while she reaches around to put all of their mugs and bowls from last night atop of the dresser that propped beside the door.

She’s setting down the last bowl holding a bit stale dry cereal when the shower is shut off, and picks up the fourth empty water bottle when he opens the en-suite bathroom door, a towel around his pudgy hips and a smaller one of his sitting on his darkened damp hair. ”Mm. Morning, darling.”

He presses his lips to hers when she crossed his path on her way to the trash bin.

“Your breath is horrendous.”

A hand is placed over her heart as she tosses the bottle away. “One and a half years together and you’re still sweet talking me?”

He laughs and licks his lips as he re-knots towel, asking if he woke her.

“You did.” She says, sweeping her hand down to get the last of the clothes that seemed to litter the floor. “But it’s fine, I’ll probably sneak in a nap later.”

“Not out of the ordinary.” He says, hands digging for proper attire. He finally find his compression legging he forgot to set out and does a double-take when he sees the heap of clothes in Y/N’s arms. “Put tha’ down, I’ll take it down before I leave.”

Since the filming of Dunkirk ended, Harry continued on to keep his fitness up; which meant that daily morning runs and workouts were now apart of his morning routine, along with leaving empty water bottles just about everywhere. Not that these workouts were a bad thing. No. Nope. Not at all. His arms were growing bigger, stamina increasing, and his thighs were getting firmer- his thighs were her favorite.

There was a lot of juice cleanses and very healthy meals prepared by Chef Boyharree (a play on Boyardee), but he was in good shape; physically and mentally, that’s what matters.

After the clothes were tossed onto the floor, Y/N tries to maneuver her way around to the bathroom, but is caught by her fiancee’s hand wrapping around her forearm. “Why’re you actin’ all delicate this fine mornin’? C’mere.”

Her head tilts to the side, eyes squinting. “I’m always delicate.”

“That you are.” he chimes, eyes greedily taking in what her London SLU t-shirt didn’t cover before pulling her in closer. “Sexy as hell too. I’d rather you in my shirt, but this isn’t bad either.”

She laughs and his hand squeezes her hip, lips hastily pushing down onto hers again, but she turns her head away. “H..”

“One more, could kiss ya all day.”

“Yeah, yeah.” She says, soft fingers pushing at his chest. “Move so I can take care of this horrendous bad breath of mine.”

The small towel is tugged off of his head and tossed into the clothes pile by the door when she leaves his side, leading to his towel dropping to the floor.

“Try not to accidentally use my toothbrush this time around, hm?” A light slap to her bum sounds throughout the room and she lets out an indistinctive grumble, a pout on her lips.

“Ay, we’re the mail keys?”

“Should be by the paper towels downstairs.” She yawns, then shuts the bathroom door.

In the time it took Y/N to freshen up, Harry was quick to throw on his clothes, make the bed, scoop the dirty clothes into his arms transfer that, along with the trash and dishes Y/N had gathered down the stairs.

Mornings for them were normally very lively. With the two of them each being morning people, it was rare for them to have a lazy one. Long cuddles, sleepy yawns, warm coffee, and drowsy eyes were left for the night; the both of them deciding that mornings were there for you to be productive– but waking up at 12 in the afternoon was never a problem. S’just that those were saved for tour and filming times, when neither of them wanted the day to start. 

Harry’s still doing a bit more cleaning in the kitchen and puts another mug into the sink when Y/N descends the stairs, her features visibly more awake. “And there she is! Wanna give me a proper kiss now?”

She lets out a breathy laugh, hands latching onto his so she could balance herself on top of his sneaker-clad feet. “I’m feeling croissants and jelly for breakfast, what about you?”

“S’long as you have tha’ warm almond milk drink made with it.”

“Believe that was almond milk from our fridge warmed with … I don’t know, the microwave?”

His brows furrow and he’s truly taken off guard. “Wait, when you made it last week you said you had it ground yourself and heated it on the stovet-”

The taste of his mouth mixes with hers, and she lets go of his hands to rest hers atop of his cheeks, feeling them shift up into a smile.

“F’ya think you can shut me up with a kiss then you’re–”

She does it again, the both of them beginning to laugh this time as he presses his fingertips into the small of her back. “Anne’s coming for lunch today, we need to go to the shops.”

He raises his eyebrows at her sudden news. “Go when I get back?”

She steps down from his feet, and over to the refrigerators dry-erase board. “Sounds like a deal.”

Grocery List:

  • apple juice boxes
  • pretzels
  • black beans
  • cereal (Mini-Wheats)

And at the bottom, in Harry’s scratchy handwriting:

  • condoms

Her body turns, ready to scold her baby of a partner, but he’s already moved past the living room and was ready to leave at the foyer. “Harry! You don’t put condoms on the list for the fridge! What if your mum saw that?”

“Love you!” she hears the door open. “Make my kale smoothie for me?!”

With a sigh, she shakes her head (that, and she was smiling like crazy but who could blame her?). “I never forget.”


IIIIIIII know that H taking a shower and then going for a run kind of makes no sense, but I didn’t have the heart to change it!

Things that are out

Cats who wish to come back in again, the lights, the latest issue, the neighbours who are not at home, the right legs of hokey-cokey beginners, school for Summer, the birds and the bees, the dogs but nobody is quite sure who let them there, undecided juries, last year’s fashions, those whose sexuality is not a secret, Spring flowers, the tide, things that have been categorically excluded, tennis balls, Jacks-in-the-box, great doors and great sides, those who are temporarily unconscious, incorrect estimates, bonfires in the rain, the standing of things that are truly awesome, restaurant patrons, methods of escape, ends.

Momma's Warnings

1. Don’t play that music too loud in the car

I’m a 20 year old African American

2. Don’t wear your hat backwards, or to the side, or anyway except straightforward

Raised by two black retired police officers

3. Don’t sag your pants, don’t wear anything red or blue.

Instead of the birds and the bees, they had to give me like so many black parents have to tell their children rules

4. Don’t wear your hood in public places, or even walking down the street

Guidelines to avoid being the next Mike Brown, the next Eric Gardner

5. Be respectful cordial Call every officer sir or ma'am

Steps to not become the next Trayvon Martin, the next Walter Scott

6. Tell them that you’re getting your wallet out of your pocket BEFORE you reach for your pocket to get your wallet

My father was a highly decorated police sergeant. He served over 25 years for the SJPD. He earned a medal of valor for saving a woman from a flaming car crash while off duty.

7. Follow their every instruction. If they tell you to get out the car do so. If they tell you to come with them do so.

My mother was a corrections officer. Everyday she saw black men, too many black men, shipped to jail. She didn’t want me to become one of them or worse.

8. Don’t resist. Don’t show your anger for knowing you have been solely stopped because of the color of your skin

They assured me that there are many officers that do things the right way. But made sure that I was prepared for the officer that didn’t. The one who would do all he could to make me give him a reason to pull the trigger

9. Don’t give them a reason.

A reason to make me a ghost. A reason to make sure I don’t get home that night. A reason to make their ancestors happy. A reason to make me another nigga dead in the street. A reason to make another black family…never whole again

You be careful Khaneal! Come home okay? Love you

Love you too mom.



I  LOVE original characters i love seeing the creativity of others i really do.   It’s that I’m kinda picky though and love it when ocs stick to basic facts like for example:  two angels cant have a child, they don’t have any private parts.     Lucifer would never do the birds and the bees with a demon he’d rather stab himself then do that.   

Don’t get me wrong. I honestly do love them in fact i even have a few of my own but they barley get love because i don’t know how side blogs work. 

For TLC Ship Weeks

Week two: CressxThorne

Day four: Lucky

Felix Felicis

Summary: Thorne drinks a potion and finds himself being followed by a luck spirit.

Felix Felicis: liquid luck for losers.

> Dosage: Two drops every twelve hours.

> It is recommended that the potion be diluted with water or any non-alcoholic beverage (except lemonade).

> Store in a cool, dry place, and do not, by any means, lick the bottle.

> Do not shake the bottle, spill its contents, or smear it on oneself or others.

> Do not sing back to the luck, if it sings to you.

> Do not speak to the luck.

> Do not get the luck drunk.

> Do not ingest in case of nut allergy.

> Side effects may include: flatulence, hypersensitivity, fainting spells, falling in love, hallucinations, inability to sneeze, death, unhappiness, anger, ability to dance the sattriya, forgetfulness, claustrophobia, unreasonable intense love for cats, bees, birds, mice, rabbits, dogs, and all things furry.

> In case of overdose, cross your fingers and hope you die.

Read it here.

[it would be] by your side. (a Tadahoney fanmix) by speedoflight

[listen here]

a bubbly fanmix for the two budding scientists in San Fransokyo.

tracks: 1. real love - clean bandit (feat. jess glynne) | 2. two hearts - paper route | 3. stall me - panic! at the disco | 4. if i lose myself (acoustic) - onerepublic | 5. fallin’ for you (acoustic) - r5 | 6. honey - magic man | 7. red - taylor swift | 8. my love - the bird and the bee | 9. night owls early birds - foxes | 10. i wouldn’t mind - he is we | 11. every little thing she does is magic (cover) - sleeping at last | 12. please don’t go - barcelona | 13. au revoir - onerepublic

There Was No Thief
  • There Was No Thief
  • Relient K
  • The Bird & The Bee Sides

I guess it’s safe to say you’re never coming back, and I understand why you wouldn’t want to. I guess it’s up to me to find a way to get to you. 

There’s just one last thing that I have to say, as we reflect on the mess of all of this I’ve made. It was cowardice that made me push you away, I was so afraid cause you were so much better than me.

Have you ever wondered if Igneel talked about ‘the birds and the bees’ with Natsu since he’s a human? Idk, Natsu is just so innocent yet tough and manly at the same time and on top of that hot when he’s angry. If not, Igneel should have cause there’s a fight (canon fight) between Lisanna and Lucy and we all know that the shippers have a pervy side, especially us female shippers.
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frembly romondor for my fellow uk peeps not to forget abt our wildlife in the heatwave!!  think abt putting a container water out for foxes, birds, and outdoor cats and the like. old ice cream tubs work fine as do buckets and regular dog or cat bowls. if its deep with steep sides remember to put a stick in it so any lil meeses or bees who fall in can get back out (or if ur me use a spare ramp from ur rat cage lmao) and if u have hedgehog friends in ur area maybe consider a shallower container too so they can reach it… put it in a shady out of the way place and remember to change it every day or so so that u dont get mosquitoes breeding in there and bugging u and ur neighbours to hell. thank u and remember to stay hydrated