the biology of belief

Since white people never understand simple statements unless people of color repeat them ten times, let me say this again: racism is taught. Racism is not a belief pre-determined by biology, neuroanatomy, genetics, or anything else. Racism is how white supremacy manifests. White supremacy is the reason that white people are taught to be racist since childhood, and white supremacy is the reason everyone, including people of color, grow up embedded in a racist environment. White entitlement is maintained by the mechanisms of white supremacy. It propagates through imperialism, modern slavery, police brutality and other forms of state violence, incarceration, and even education. There is no excuse or explanation for racism other than white supremacy - no, working-class white people aren’t racist because of capitalism wreaking havoc on their lives; white women aren’t racist because of patriarchy; white LGBT people aren’t racist because of heternormativity; white disabled and neurodivergent people aren’t racist because of ableism. 

That white supremacist groups are able to appeal to all these classes of white people who are marginalized on some axis is proof of white supremacy - even though these specific groups of white people may face some type of marginalization and even violence, they still align with their race because it affords them a facade of power. And look, this has been the case for hundreds of years. Poor Irish immigrants in the south (USA), who were quite literally seen as the dregs of Southern society, were not only still regarded better than black people, but they themselves celebrated that at least they weren’t grouped with black people. Unions and labor organizations routinely discriminated against black people, against East Asian immigrants, and against Jewish people - in fact, many of them were created to combat the onset of immigrant labor. Plenty of white feminist and white LGBT activists contribute their time to racist and imperialist causes and organizations to “empower” themselves. Similarly, if you’re going to tell me that I should excuse racist white neurodivergent people because “they don’t have the same handle on objective reality and are susceptible to being racist because of that”, not only are you inadvertently exposing your own ableism, but you’re also telling me that neurodivergent people of color don’t matter and that people of color should be “fine” with violence if it’s coming from a white neurodivergent person. 

White neurodivergent people are not racist because of their home circumstances or neurochemical imbalances or developmental dysfunctions or symptoms of mental illness. They are racist because even they are socialized to be racist. White supremacy affords power to even the most marginalized white people because even the most marginalized white people will still gain the benefits of white socialization and will still be regarded as superior to all people of color. Moreover, neurodivergent people of color who may also struggle with cognitive functions and perceptions of objective reality aren’t enacting racist violence. So to say that racism is symptomatic of mental illness is meaningless. 

It is important to view knowledge as sort of a semantic tree - make sure you understand the fundamental principles, ie the trunk and big branches, before you get into the leaves/details. Otherwise there is nothing for them to hang on to.
—  Elon Musk

Dr. Wayne Dyer & Dr. Bruce Lipton have a discussion about “The Biology Of Belief” on the Hay House Radio Stage at the I Can Do It! Las Vegas (Part 1).


‘I Origins’, Mike Cahill (2014)

I’d like to tell you the story of the eyes that changed my world.


Happy birthday to Ernst Haeckel! The German artist, zoologist, and evolutionist was born on this day in 1834. 

A prolific writer and talented artist, Haeckel became one of the most forceful and outspoken advocate for evolutionary ideas in continental Europe. He was also a great popularizer of science, and Haeckel’s lectures and his books—which at the time sold many more copies in many more languages than did Charles Darwin’s own—played a critical role in promoting evolutionary thought to a wide European audience. 

While on a trip in Messina, Sicily, Haeckel first encountered huge aggregations of the marine microorganisms known as radiolarians. Viewed under a microscope, their glassy (silica) skeletons revealed unimaginably intricate, often perfectly symmetrical geometric forms. For Haeckel, who was struggling to reconcile his idealist romanticist beliefs with the seeming reductionism of modern biology, these extraordinarily beautiful creatures provided a way to resolve the conflict. Study of their endless forms provided an outlet for his artistic talents while revealing to him nature’s inner mysteries. 

See more of Ernst Haeckel’s work in the exhibition, Opulent Oceans: Extraordinary Rare Book Selections from the American Museum of Natural History, now on view at the Museum. 

The Art of Getting What You Want By Not Wanting It

Let’s unpack the subject of desire. This is going to be a post about metaphysics with a side of pragmatism. If you’re not down with the woo (as in the woo woo), then I would stop reading because this is going to get very woo. However, there’s also substantial proof that this works and I don’t mean scientific studies, you probably have proof yourself that what you’re about to read actually works… you just don’t think about it in this way.

The Pathways of Desire

Desire has two pathways: one pathway involves the focus on the lack and the other pathway involves the focus on the desire. Here’s what they look like - if we desire something but focus on the lack, we are constantly in a state of despair. I have so many examples of this in my life. Wanting a job, applying for millions and feeling so beat down because none work out. Wanting a partner, dating frogs by the dozen and feeling completely dejected. Wanting to buy a home, getting overbid for a solid year and feeling like it was out of my reach. 

The alternative pathway looks like this: you focus on the desire and move toward it with intent. Examples? You have a desire to change your body for the better. You begin focusing on healthy eating choices, working out, taking meaningful action and suddenly “overnight” you find that you’re in better shape. You want a significant other but put your immediate focus on bettering yourself, you forget the obsession with the other (as if anyone could truly “complete” you) and then when you least expect it - they “magically” appear.  They become a healthy addition to your life, rather than a peg fitting some person-shaped void. I have experienced both of these examples so if you need hard proof - I’m happy to share in detail but you probably have these stories yourself…

The Frequency of Desire

I’m a firm believer in the law of attraction. I believe that like attracts like. I believe that what we think about we bring about. I believe that if you’re putting on an ego front that you’re confident - but secretly you’re insecure - that energy will be apparent. If you have to be the smartest in the room - you’re probably not. (I also believe that any lesson I preach should be one I’ve learned - so please know I have lived this. I find that I learn best not from others’ success but rather, through their relaying success fraught with honest struggle so I teach in that manner.)

Desire is a frequency and those around us can pick it up. In the workplace, it’s pretty transparent. You know who is insecure and constantly concerned about their status. You can sense who is quiet and powerful.  Additionally, social media makes it very easy to see what people desire. Fame! Power! Status! Likes! A Perfect Life! These displays are not inherently wrong however, It’s all an artifice if your frequency of desire does not match your true feelings of yourself.

One example of this? Miserable famous people. I have worked in entertainment a long time and have met people who “have it all!” …and yet don’t. 

My husband often recounts this Jim Carrey quotation to me: 

How is this possible?

I’ll answer with a story.

Oprah (my fave) and Eckhart Tolle did a seminar years ago on his book A New Earth. As part of the seminar, they did a Q&A with people about the book. I’ll never forget this young man from West Hollywood ask a question about how could he possibly find true happiness if he never achieves his dream of becoming a successful actor. Now let’s stop there - do you feel the subtext in his question? Desire: become a successful actor. Focus: “never achieving”. He was already stressed about not making it. 

Tolle responded to the man that what he truly desired was not to be a successful actor but to have more self esteem and more self love. Oprah added that when you become famous all of your character assets or defects are magnified so if you don’t really love yourself to begin with - you’re in for a heck of a ride.

That is where Jim Carrey’s quotation comes in. Happiness is an inside job. You have all the answers you need - you just don’t believe it or you don’t know it.

So Where Do We Go From Here?

Books such as: The Law of Attraction in Action,  Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself and The Biology of Belief discus in detail how this works and how to shift your thinking. (In order of ease of reading - I recommend the first book if you’re new to Law of Attraction, the Biology book if you’re somewhat versed and the Breaking the Habit book if you’re well-versed and want to go deep on crazy techniques.)

Tl;dr - The easiest first step to moving from the pathway of lack to the pathway of healthy desire is… gratitude.

Three Steps.

If you’re reading this on your laptop or cell phone, you’re blessed. Right? You likely live in a first world country, sleep in a secure building with four walls and have food to eat. Most of your problems could probably qualify as #FirstWorldProblems. You are more blessed than millions and yet you don’t view it that way. So, be grateful. Gratitude shifts your experience from lack to purposeful intent. It helps us frame our desires with humility. 

Secondly, work on loving yourself more. Go deep on self care and self esteem. Posting pictures with famous people, articles written about you, Twitter verification or owning a nice handbag does not make you worthy. (Been there.) Loving yourself when no one is around makes you worthy. Surrounding yourself with friends who build you up and can honestly check you on your BS makes you worthy. Cultivating gratitude and being of service to others - when no one knows about it - makes you worthy. 

Lastly, take action… 

This whole post started because last night I was feeling sorry for myself. I gave myself a goal re. writing music and I have felt uninspired and exhausted. I have been reveling in the lack. My husband (i.e. person who can call me on my BS) got sick of it and exclaimed, “Stop beating yourself up. What good does it do?!”

And in that moment, I realized he was right. I didn’t tell him that (c’mon) but I realized it. Well, maybe I realized it a few hours later. The point is - I got stuck in the lack - as we all do. Sometimes it just takes a subtle gut check to remember that all good and all manifestation flows easiest when we are in gratitude, self love and meaningful action.

So, don’t beat yourself up over what you want but don’t have. Love yourself and…

sierraseas  asked:

1. I have this idea bouncing around in my head & I wanted to get a few opinions on it. Okay So Undertale as well as AUs mostly operate under the assumption that humans ether do not have or can not wield magic right? The only exceptions are few stories with it just being there. Like BAM MAGES ARE BACK OR NEVER LEFT! But that's not true or really right? Like my mother is a witch. Well Wiccan but ya she practices The Craft. I grew up with magic being a very real thing (i'll explain that in a min)

Oooh this is interesting! Let’s dissect this. 

We do know that humans are capable of magic in Undertale. In the monster history signs throughout Waterfall, one of them mentioned that it took 7 human mages to erect the barrier and keep the monsters trapped. So yes, humans are entirely possible of magic, but let’s look at the timelines. From the intro, based off the human’s clothes and the choice of weapons, it looks like the monsters moving to Underground, was not a recent event. 

If you take look at the human side, the main human is using a sword and wearing a cape. In the background, there are other humans wielding spears and carrying torches, so this is maybe around the early AD. Some people say it could be the medieval times, but I disagree and I’ll explain why in a minute. So the monsters forced into the Underground and we know what happens, so let’s look at the humans. 

We know that when Frisk falls, it’s around 201X and it’s definitely modern times with its reference to anime, cell phones, and social media. Plus, during the credit scenes, Papyrus and Sans are seen traveling down a highway in their car and bike (?). So do these modern humans have magic? Yes and no.

Here’s my theory. Modern humans have the potential for magic, and for those who have it (like the asker’s mother) it’s very weak compared to the original human mages. Why? There are several historical events that lead to the genocide of many people and it’s entirely possible that the humans who practice magic could be a part of it. During the medieval times, humans had the witch hunt based on religious beliefs like Christianity. Magic was seen as a Pagan form of worship and they were immediately prosecuted. Now, why would humans kill the people that won the war and “saved” their race? Remember, it’s a theory that the barrier was put up early AD. Early AD to medieval times is a long time and people could’ve simply lost appreciation of it since they didn’t live through it or just forgot. A part of the witch hunts were to burn any kind of artifacts that relate to the practice of magic, since it was seen as devil worship. With the burning of these magical books, it started the decline of magic. Because of the push for the belief of one God (crusades, religious persecutions, etc), the practice of magic start to die out. 

Then after the witch hunts, humans had the Scientific Revolution. With new inventions, study of chemistry, physics, biology, psychology, and astronomy,  this weakened the belief of magic and for some, God himself (though that was considered blaspheme and blasphemers were killed or had their lives destroyed like Galileo) But with these scientific advancements, there was no need for magic and the belief of it was considered to be “old fashioned”. 

There are probably many other events throughout history (genocides, persecution of gypsies, the story of magic becoming nothing more than a child’s tale), but all those events weakened human magic. Jumping to modern times, I believe, like you said, that everyone has the potential for magic, but I wouldn’t necessarily say that it’s a block. Yes, that could be a factor, but I think the main reason is that there’s simply no more knowledge of it. For example, I have the potential and the ability to make a pie. I believe that I can bake a pie and that it will be good, but potential and belief aren’t enough. If I don’t know how to bake a pie, then that’s never going to happen, or maybe I would be able to do it, it just won’t be as good (strong) it can be in it’s original form, just like how the very scarce practicers of magic won’t be like the original human mages. 

So yes, all humans are capable of magic, and maybe it can be taught again once the monsters are released, but I doubt that Asgore would allow that to happen, just in case that the humans rise up again and create another barrier. It would be interesting to see how after, thousands of years of decline magic to the point where it’s almost nonexistent, how would the Surface change with that sudden return of magic. 

anonymous asked:

why do the tumblr/twitter racist blacks suddenly try to turn into biology teachers when trying to explain why they have superiour genetics to white people like please...we're the same species darker skin came from hotter places and lighter people come from cold places, no you don't have the genetic memories from your ancestors, no you are not oppressed bitch stop trying to sound like you suddenly have a biology degree lmao

I’d say racial superiority in general, at least the belief that a race IS superior, is rooted in laziness and, obviously, racism. The racists want to have some achievement over the “inferior” race so they have this narrative that without doing anything they themselves are better than the entirety of another race.

i could probably write a whole thesis on how aliens in scifi are so often based in humanity for their appearance, morals, actions, biology, family systems, sexuality, attraction, gender, sex, race, and beliefs, how any divergence from such is considered a joke or a radicality, and how the aliens who are not conventionally human are so often portrayed as evil

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have you heard of the manga dungeon meshi? it's about a typical dungeon crawler rpg world but it's also a cooking manga! it's comedy/adventure and looks at dungeoneering settings in an interesting way - how dungeons come to be (people can study dungeon design at school), the biology of monsters, the societies set up around dungeons, the beliefs taken for granted - orcs being evil, "good" and "bad" magic, for example, both subverted.




haywarde37  asked:

*rolls in with a biology textbook* Contrary to popular belief, most after fifty don't suffer from erectile dysfunctions. Roughly 44% of older men suffer from ED but it's usually linked to obesity and high blood pressure, not age. If a man is healthy and active, he just takes more foreplay to get hard which studies show actually increases pleasure. :)

Shoutout to our local sexologist for keepin smut realistic we love you 💖

Thoughts are an important part of our inner wisdom. And they are powerful. A thought held long enough and repeated often enough becomes a belief. A belief then becomes our biology. Beliefs are energetic forces that create the physical basis for our individual lives and our health.
—  Dr. Christiane Northrup
Science is the key to our future, and if you don’t believe in science then you’re holding everybody back. And that’s fine if you, as an adult, want to run around pretending or claiming that you don’t believe in evolution, but if we educate a generation of people who don’t believe in science, that’s a recipe for disaster. We talk about the Internet. That comes from science. Weather forecasting. That comes from science. The main idea in all of biology is evolution. To not teach it to our young people is wrong.
—  Bill Nye

”It’s people like you that make people not take trans seriously, you’re not a fucking wolf or any shit like that, you are a human. If you wanna be some made up shit, then cool. But don’t go telling people like if it’s normal, cause it’s the most stupid shit that I have ever heard. I wish people that thought they we’re something else then human would shut the fuck up. If your an animal then live like one and go into the wild and never come back. It would make a lot of people happy” -my-unicorn-baby

Really? Because, in my experience, everyone who has knows I am otherkin and knows I am transgender takes me just as seriously as any non-kin, cisgender individual. They certainly don’t seem to take the non-kin transgender individuals around me any differently, either.

No, you know who’s part of the problem? People like you.

People who propagate these ridiculous ideas that a) human beings aren’t animals, which literally goes against our species’ classification and basic biology, b) that spiritual beliefs, something that has existed in our culture for almost as long as our existence, are somehow not “normal” and c) that opinions that don’t inherently involve gender identity somehow, in someway, equate to and harm gender identity. Well, whether you claim to be trans or cis, I hate to be the one to tell you that there is quite a lot more to gender identity than opinions. A lot more. And if someone believes in reincarnation, or souls, or god, well, that’s not making “people not take trans seriously,” as you so eloquently put. That’s someone living their life and holding their beliefs and really not doing much else in this context.


3 away from bingo. Alas!

PSA: Trans women are WOMEN. Trans men are MEN.

If your ‘feminism’ denies this or tries to force trans men and women about of their spaces, then fuck off and re-evaluate your feminism.

Literally fight me I am a Biology/Neuropsychology student and if you don’t got shit to back up your bullshit claims, then go find a library and study up on Biology and Sexology. Then maybe you’ll see why your beliefs are bullshit.


Bruce Lipton - ‘The Power Of Consciousness’ - Interview by Iain McNay

Bruce is a cellular biologist who is the author of “The Biology Of Belief” and “Spontaneous Evolution”. He talks about his life, his work, and how he sees the predicament of the human race.