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AU Moodboard Masterlist

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Supernatural AUs:

Fallen Angel!Jungkook


Zombie apocalypse!AU (Jungkook)

Forest Nymph!Namjoon

Vmin as elves

Taekook + Little mermaid AU

Jungkook as Dorian Gray


Hogwarts AUs:






Greek God AUs:

Jimin as Eros

Yoongi as Hades

Taehyung as Dionysos

AUs inspired by Fanfiction:

Punk!Jungkook inspired by Future hearts

Zombie apocalypse!AU (Jungkook) inspired by Hiraeth

Random AUs:


Late night shenanigans + Jungkook




Tattoo Artist!Jungkook


Pokemon Go! With Jungkook

Dystopian AU! Ft. Namjoon



Shopping trip with Yoongi

Taehyung travelling the world

Bonnie & Clyde (Yoongi Ver.)

Bonnie & Clyde (Jungkook Ver.)

Usually when a birthday or Christmas comes around, Tony leaves all the gift buying to Pepper. Mainly because he has no idea what people like so he just gets them very expensive and flashy gifts. Which doesn’t turn out too well. Though this year, he wanted to help so he was going out with Pepper to do some shopping for the team.

It started off pretty well all things considering. Pepper had to tell him several times “no, that is not good for them” or “Tony? Really? What would they do with that?”. So Tony just ended up following her around, watching what she picked out for everybody. He did ask questions, similar to the ones she told him. He expected her to get tired of him and send him away. But that never happened.

Three hours of shopping later, he was tired from being forced to carry all the bags. Pepper said that since he couldn’t choose the right gifts, he would have to carry the bags. He thought that was fair enough. Though it must have looked pretty strange to an outsider. A billionaire playboy carrying shopping bags and following around a red head woman.

On the way home, Tony couldn’t help but think that he actually had fun today. And he only had Pep to thank for that. He pulled her aside once they got home and gave her a gentle kiss. “Thank you. For this. It was fun,”

She gave him a soft smile in return. “It was, wasn’t it?” 

“We should do it again sometime,”

“We should.” She gave him a grin which made him worry. “But it’s time to get back to work,”

“Aw no, Pep. I don’t wanna,”

She grabbed his hand and pulled him toward the elevator. “You don’t have a choice,”

“Fine, but you should know that I am tired so it won’t end well.”

Her laughter made him smile, and he was once again feeling blessed to have such a woman in his life.