the bill is cork!

denbroughbill  asked:

imagine... stenbrough writing love notes and slipping them into each other’s lockers and meeting after school at their secluded place beyond the trees and bird watch and watch the sunset !

Sydney?? Wth

- Bill leaves the notes in Stans bird books sometimes and Stan finds them like 2 days later
-Bill puts all of stan notes onto a cork board in his room bc he just!! Loves!! This!!! Boi!!!

ask-dwight-fairfield  asked:

Hug Me:, Kiss:, Scarf: share some of those layers boi

All- in- One

Jake rose up from his crouched position on the sandy banks of the disturbingly clear pond, his knees creaking a bit with the effort, Jesus, he felt like he was as old as Bill sometimes, and he corked the bottled he had been filling with silvery water, making sure the lid was on tight and secure, before turning around to put it safely in his jacket, only to discover that it wasn’t where he left it-

Eyes moving upwards from the ground, the culprit was quickly identified. “When did you get so sneaky, Dwight? Didn’t even notice you took it.” Jake spoke in a teasing tone: he didn’t mind that Dwight took his parka (which was way too big on him): he was more interested on how he got it that fast. It couldn’t have been more than 30 seconds at the most. 

At the look of embarrassment of being caught on Dwight’s face, however, Jake simply sighed and sat down next to the parka thief and wrapped his arms around him, pulling him halfway into his lap. “You know what happens to parka snatchers?” Jake leaned in close to whisper to Dwight, who had taken to making like a turtle and retracting his head into his stolen goods.


“They get unrelenting affection-!”

One day in the flight deck...

“Fuel is balanced, captain.”

“Thank you, Herc; now. I came through customs and all I had to declare was a bill from Seville, a Santa from Atlanta, a cork from New York and…”

*radio static*

“Hello, Golf Echo Romeo Tango India, this is Hotel Bravo Echo Romeo Kilo, how are the OJS skygods these days?”


“You’re supposed to say that you copy, Douglas.”

“And I see you haven’t changed a bit, O Sir.”

(small laugh) “N-no, nor have you.”

“Hello, Martin; how are the Swiss chaps treating you these days?”

“Oh, Herc! Oh, it’s fine, just fine… I’m really getting to fly quite a bit, on these enormous planes, and it’s just… exhilarating. I-I miss you all terribly, but…”

“Well, I for one must thank you for opening the position that allows me to stay near the, ah…”

“Woman with whom you are unusually well acquainted?”

“Yes, Douglas, you needn’t rub it in.”

*flight deck door opens*

“Coffees! Herc, is it sugar you take or cream?”

“Just black will be fine, thank you.”

*static* “Hello, Arthur!”

“Skip! I mean, Martin! Old Skip! Er, no, not old, um, used to be Skip but now Douglas is Skip! Hi, old Skip!”

(footsteps approach) “Is that Martin on the radio?”

“Ah, Carolyn. You’re just in time for a happy over-the-airwaves reunion.”

“H-hello, Carolyn. Actually I’ve got to start my pre-landing checks in another moment, I just heard Douglas talking to ATC and thought I would say hello. I-In fact I was thinking, I’ve got a flight to Bristol in a few weeks…”


“Of all places.”

“Yes, all right. What I thought was, Bristol’s actually not terribly far from Fitton, and I thought perhaps I’d hire a car and drop by for a visit, would that be all right?”

“Old skipper, that would be brilliant!”

“Let me check the wall chart and get back to you, Martin, but I think perhaps something can be arranged.”

“All right, just give me a call. Now, I really do need to get started on my landing checks…”

“One moment, Martin; before you go, tell us, how fares… the bobsledding?”

(Martin laughs nervously.)

“A-Actually, Douglas, I was hoping I could ask an enormous favor of you when I visit.”

“Well, I’m certainly open to an exchange of some sort… what, pray tell, is this enormous favor?”

“Er, well, um, ah… I would, ah, very much like to visit some, uh, jewelers, and I thought I might benefit from some advice…”

“Ah. Might you be seeking a particular item from one of these jewelers?”


“Mum, what’s old Skip talking about?”

“Arthur, do you remember when I explained to you about marriage?”

“Yeah, but I think there were an awful lot of bad words in there.”

“I would be happy to help, Martin.”


“Of course. Aside from the obvious advantages of being owed an enormous favor, I’m… something of an expert in picking out engagement rings, and I can hardly deny my former captain the benefits of such knowledge.”

“Thank you, Douglas, thank you so much.”

“Safe landing, First Officer Crieff.