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Every song used in SKAM from season 1-4

Sesong 1

Lana Del Rey – Music to Watch Boys To

TIX/The Pøssy Project – Sjeiken 2015

Lemaitre Ft. Jennie A. – Closer

Ralph Myerz – Think Twice

A-Laget – Kulare Å Pule

Yelle – Je Veux Te Voir

Elsa & Emilie - Run

Ry X – Berlin

Lorde – A Worlds Alone

Selena Gomez – Good for You

Radiohead – Everything in its Right Place

Beastie Boys – Make Some Noise

Spoon – Do You

Young Thug Ft. Birdman – Constantly Hating

O.T. Genasis – Coco Coucheron RemixPeaches – Dick in the Air

Punch! – Hemingway 2016

Alfons – Ganjaman

The Weeknd – Can’t Feel My Face

Peaches Ft. Kim Gordon – Close Up

Kid Astray – Back to the Ordinary

Die Antwoord – I Fink U Freeky

Gabrielle – 5 Fine Frøkner

Sigur Rós – Rembihnútur

Sigur Rós – Varðeldur

Sigur Rós – Yfirborð

Monifah – Touch It

Le Le – Breakfast

Wu-Tang Clan – Shame On a Nigga

Die Antwoord – Baby’s On Fire

London Grammar – Strong

Kelis Ft. Too $hort – Bossy

Karpe Diem – Lett Å Være Rebell I Kjellerleiligheten Din

Imogen Heap – Hide and Seek

Jusin Bieber – Baby

Highasakite – Lover, Where Do You Love?

Die Andtwoord – In Your Face

Jon Hopkins – Abandon Window

Bloodhound Gang – Fire Water Brun

Woodkid – Run Boy Run

Missy Elliot – Get Ur Freak On

Oslo Gospel Choir – Deilig Er Jorden

Michael Jackson – Billie Jean

Karpe Diem – Hvite Menn Som Pusher 50

Art Garfunkel – O Come All Ye Faithfull

Klovner I Kamp – Et Juleevangelium

Massiv Attack – Teardrop

Hoizer – Take Me to Church

Empires -  Hello Lover

Electric Six – Gay Bar

Sesong 2

Carl Louis + Pav – Apogee

Lady Gaga – Bad Romance

Elton John – Circle of Life

Turboneger – City of Satan

Britney Spears – Gimme More

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Why have I not seen this anywhere?!

Okay… So, we know that many of the skeletons have a sense of humor; many of them are infamous for their jokes and pranks. There’s also a lot of speculation that some of them have no shame, especially if it can be used to add amusement (Looking specifically at you, Russ and Stretch)…

With Halloween quickly closing in, we get to see all sorts of spiders, bats, witches, vampires, and anything else we consider Spooky/Scary… Well, I had a thought as I tried to get to sleep last night and I want to know why I have not seen this anywhere in all my time in the fandom.

Imagine them pranking people in stores and outlets that sell Halloween decorations by unclothing themselves and hiding with the plastic skeletons.

Think about it though: person chooses a decoration and brings it home, they place it to the side as they go to put other things away… To hear the tv start itself in the next room… They go to look and the naked skelly is reclining in a chair with a drink from the fridge ‘sup?…. your cable selection is shit…’

Victim drives home with their decoration in the trunk and when they get to their house, the thing opens up and out climbs the skelly 'Thanks for the ride~’ and saunters off down the street.

Victim is still shopping with the skelly half-draped out of the cart… His brother comes running up: 'BROTHER! HAVE YOU NO COMMON DECENCY?! COVER YOURSELF!’ and they proceed to cover/dress the one that is still limp and they apologize that their brother is so lewd… Poor shopper doesn’t want to hurt their feelings and tell them it’s just a decoration… As the limp one still hasn’t reacted, they sigh and say that he must have fallen asleep and heave them up and walk away 'B-but? Ummmmm….. I-I was going to buy that?’

Better yet, they follow a person around the store- victim gets the feeling of being watched but can’t find anyone…. Wasn’t that thing across the room?
Eventually they are positive it’s a weeping angel and stare hard at them while walking backwards with their cart; bumping into everything and trying to not fall as that would break eye contact…

Just a few ideas as I can see this becoming a big thing once everyone starts to think of what they get up to… @tyranttortoise , @icybeanheadcanons , @forgivemeimmasin , @skeletorific , @dreams-of-undertale , @ssskeletonsoffun (There’s so many of you 💖 Can’t think who else to tag at the moment~)

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Originally posted by thepumpkinqueenn

so the warning wasn’t even a spoiler for the album they were literally warning each other to follow their rules and use sns right????? i feel double trolled oh my god what if we were wrong and it’s not even related to the album and suju were just sitting on their phones/computers laughing at us for thinking it was the title???????


I saw this crack theory that Uta was actually a human and I can’t stop thinking about it. Because that really would be the biggest troll of all. Except no one would ever believe him..

imagine the trolls being transformer sized and extremely unprepared for how small and precious the humans are

karkat is the smallest troll, at a measly 16 feet, humans reach his knees, he can pick them up and they snuggle into him to sleep, he cries because he doesn’t know how to cope with being bigger than someone

Tavros is the biggest boy troll, he’s nearly twice Karkat’s size, he is extremely delicate and afraid of brusing their delicte bodies, Dirk dares him to a fight and also all the other boy trolls: first Sollux who is kinda bigger than Karkat, then Equius and Eridan (approximately the same size), then Gamzee who’s a bit shorter than Tavros

and the girls are even bigger, Vriska is the smallest girl and still towers over Tavros, John sits on her head and her heart melts, she’s not sure how to handle this, nothing in her ancestor’s journals prepared her for this

Kanaya is big enough to literally hold Rose in her hands, Rose has to give her a ring that can fit around her own body like an inner tube. Nepeta plays with Jasper and he fits on her claw, so small and precious

then, the big three, the tallest girls; Aradia, Terezi and Feferi, they were not prepared for how small the humans are, Terezi has friends as big as her scalemtes, precious squishy stubbies, Aradia keeps poking them to see if they make a funny noise (then Jade bites her, somehow this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship) and Feferi holds all the humans at once, all of them, she wont stop yelling about how she loves them all