the biggest question is how i made it on the rail and why people were nice to me

[Baekhyun] First Kiss

Here’s a Baekhyun scenario that’s just in time for the season! :) It’s a little longer than my other scenarios, but I hope you guys like it. ^^

I didn’t get a chance to check this one like I did the others, so I’m sorry for any grammar or punctuation problems.

Enjoy everyone! I’ll try to get another scenario up soon. :3

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“Are you sure that it’s okay for me to be here?” you asked, holding tightly onto your boyfriend’s hand as he weaved his way through the groups of individuals that filled the room.

“Of course it’s okay for you to be here. Why would you even ask that?” he questioned back as he rose his head a bit, trying to find his friends in the sea of people.

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She Will Be Loved (l.h. fic)

Look for the girl with the broken smile


Kelsey’s POV

“I have to tell you both something and you’re not gonna like it,” my dad says walking into the living room where my younger brother, Matty, and I sit, searching for something to watch on TV.

“Whatever it is, it can’t be that bad. We already made it through the divorce,” I say without looking away from the TV and I hear Matty chuckle. Our parents’ divorce was rough. There was a shit ton of fighting and lawyers involved that when it was over, we were actually happy our mom and dad separated.

“True. But you know whatever you say whether we would like it or not, Kelsey is gonna at least pretend to hate it. She hates everything,” Matty says matter-of-factly.

“Shut up. I hate you,” I roll my eyes, purposefully playing into what he just said about me.

“No you don’t. Me and Chad are probably the only two people you actually like. You probably even hate Taylor and she’s your best friend.” Matty laughs. I roll my eyes again but smile. Chad is one of my best friends and also my friends with benefits. Yeah, I have a tiny crush on him. But feelings aren’t part of our arrangement so for now, my feelings are a secret - except from Matty.

“Why do you know so much about me?”

“Because you’re my sister. It’s my job to know. Gotta protect the family, right dad?” Matty looks at our dad but all he does is pinch the bridge of his nose and squeeze his green eyes shut. Talking to Matty and I is never easy. We’re distracted and quite frankly we’re teenagers with terrible attitudes. Matty, even though he’s 17, tries his best to keep his attitude in check. However, I, unlike him, just don’t give a fuck anymore.

“Anyway the band I’m working with for the summer has rudely been pushed out of where they’re staying.”

“Pushed out?” Matty questions. I sink back into the couch and casually browse through my Twitter feed.

“A bigger celebrity needed the house they were supposed to rent so they took the one with the bigger check, anyway the boys need a place to stay.”

“That’s unfortunate. But welcome to L.A.” I mumble. I’ve lived in L.A. my entire life. I was born here and so was Matty. My mom was a famous singer back in the day when she met my dad, who was just starting out with his record company that has become one of the biggest companies in the city. Every summer, the family moves into the beach house in Santa Monica for an epic summer in the sun. This summer is no different.

“They’re staying here. And since we only have two extra beds and you two each have a pull out couch in your rooms, you’ll have to share your rooms.” My dad mumbles the last few words as if to soften the news.

“WHAT! No…How…” Matty stutters. I sit straight up to glare at my father and grit my teeth.

“You don’t even like it when Chad stays over, how are you okay with some boy you don’t even know staying in my room?”

“They’re good guys. I’ve worked with them before,” my dad says calmly trying to sooth my brother and I’s rising frustration.

“Who are they?” Matty spits out.

“5 Seconds of Summer.”

“Wait, Kels, don’t you listen to them?”

I sigh heavily. “I like the one and only EP they have out. But that doesn’t mean I like sharing my room. It’s my room. My personal space.”

“Well get used it. They’ll be here for the entire summer,” my dad says turning and heading towards the front door. “I’ll be back. I’m going to pick them up.”

“Fuck that,” I breathe out.

“Clean your rooms. And clean your attitudes while you’re at it,” Dad shouts as he closes the front door behind him.

“This sucks,” I say falling back into the couch, throwing my hands over my face.

“I hope your guy is the messiest one,” Matty says glancing at me.

I remove my hands from my face to glare at him. “Don’t even put that out into the universe. With my luck, it’ll happen.”

Luke’s POV

Pulling into the driveway of a large, modern white house, I can feel the nerves sinking in. My bandmates - Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood, Michael Clifford - and I are going to be spending the summer in Paul Ryan’s beach house, which means sharing the house with the infamous Kelsey and Matty Ryan. Paul informed us that two of us will be sharing a room with each of them. Unfortunately, I lost the game of Rock Paper Scissors therefore I will be sharing Kelsey’s room. Kelsey - who is 18 - is known to be, well, a bitch. She has a reputation as Paul Ryan’s crazy troublemaker daughter. Matty, from what I’ve heard, is nice but is not one to be messed with. Calum unfortunately will be sharing Matty’s room.

The boys and I follow Paul into the house. It’s silent. We walk in past the living room that is filled with a light brown couch, sitting on top of a white rug. It is positioned in front of a large flat screen TV and fire place. We enter the kitchen that is also entirely white except for the appliances that are silver. The house’s interior is modern, almost futuristic. There are almost no real walls. The walls are all glass to show off the incredible view of the beach.

“Ah, there they are,” Paul utters waving for us to follow him. We walk out onto the porch that has a glass railing, beige and white lawn chairs with a matching umbrella and side table sitting in the center. Paul removes his shoes and heads toward the beach, walking down the wooden stairs that end directly in the sand. Again, the boys and I do the same. The sand feels warm under my feet.

“I just want to warn you, my son, Matty, will be the easy one. He’ll warm up to you boys within a few days,” Paul says casually glancing over his shoulder as he speaks. “It’s my daughter that will give you the toughest time. Don’t give in to her. Eventually she’ll give up and have to be nicer.”

“And how long will that take?” I ask. “Since I’m the one sharing the room with her.”

“It’s different for everyone,” Paul shrugs. I look past Paul and out to the horizon but something catches my eye. A brunette girl in a black bikini is walking out of the water. She shakes her head gracefully and grabs her long hair to squeeze the excess water out. She’s beautiful. Suddenly, a tall guy with shoulder length curly blonde hair wraps his arms around her waist from behind and pulls her back. She smiles and laughs, playfully elbowing him in the chest. As he releases her, a girl with long blonde hair in a dark purple bikini catches up to them. She takes the brunette girl’s hand and they begin walking toward us. Or so I thought. Another tall boy - a boy with brown hair - is standing by the towels which happens to be right where the girls and guy are walking toward.

“Matty, Kelsey,” Paul shouts when we get close to the group of teens. The two brunettes quickly turn to face Paul. I watch as Matty’s face becomes confused and Kelsey’s smile fades, her green eyes losing their happy sparkle. The blonde girl and blonde guy just roll their eyes and turn away.

“Are these the intruders?” Kelsey spits out. I can feel the annoyance in her tone.

Kelsey’s POV

“These are our guests,” Dad says, trying to correct me. I roll my eyes. “This is Calum,” - brown hair with a random blonde highlight and brown eyes, some tattoos - ,“Ashton”, - longish wavy golden brown hair, greenish eyes, crooked smile - , “Michael,” - light blonde/yellowish hair, green eyes, some tattoos and piercings - , “And lastly, Luke,” - blonde quiff, lip ring, blue eyes, and very tall.

“Great. Which one is staying in my room?” Matty questions impatiently. I bite my lip to fight the chuckle I feel bubbling in my throat.

“Calum,” Dad says placing a hand on the brown-eyed boy’s shoulder. Matty huffs but doesn’t say another word.

“What about me? Actually don’t tell me. Let me guess, the one who’s staying in my room is probably the messiest and most annoying one out of all of you,” I flatly guess. “Because that’s just my luck. Am I right?” Ashton begins to open his mouth but I cut him off. “No, I said let me guess. Keep up.” He shuts his mouth. I scan over all four boys again, my eyes landing on the one that I feel suites my description simply by the way he is standing in all black, shoulders slightly hunched. “You,” I say pointing at the blonde with the quiff. “Did I guess correctly?”

“Kelsey-” my dad begins to say. The boy interrupts.

“Yeah,” Luke nods and bites his lip. “I promise I’ll do my best to keep it clean and not bother you.”

“Good,” I say. I grab my beach bag from the sand and begin walking toward the house, Matty, Chad, and Taylor following behind me. I “accidentally” bump into Luke’s shoulder on the way.

“He’s cute,” Taylor whispers, twirling her blonde hair and glancing back.

“Yeah, but he’s a baby,” I laugh. “Did you see how quickly he crumbled?”

“When you make him cry, can I watch?” Chad chuckles, running a hand through his curly blonde locks. I smile up at him and he drops his arm around my shoulder.

“Should we start placing bets how long they’ll last?” Matty chimes in and we all just laugh.

Luke’s POV

“I hate to say this,” Paul says breaking the silent tension Kelsey and Matty left behind, “but I told you they’d be tough.”

My mouth hangs open. What just happened? And how am I gonna make it through two whole months of that? Somehow I know that this first impression is nothing compared to what’s to come.

This is my new fic, let me know if you like it! :) I’m excited about this one!