the biggest pieces of glass in the world

Saving Throw


Rating: T

Summary: Ford struggles with his mistakes, what ifs and what could have beens. But luckily he has someone to remind him that accidents happen and things work out in the end. (Set around D,D&MD)

AN: Present for @lockholmes​. It took me a while but it’s finally here ^o^ I hope you like it ♥

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Do you know any fics where either of them have a physical disability or chronic illness (without death). Deafness/blindness is ok too. Thanks 💞💞

Hello! Enjoy:

i can’t use words they don’t say enough by Anonymous:

Summary: Harry enlists at 16 to fight in World War II, leaving behind his family and the love of his life. When the war ends he finds himself back in the small town he called home. Five years has passed, and nothing is the same. His family has moved away and Louis has a daughter. Can they salvage their relationship, or will the effects of the war be too much?

Louis couldn’t believe his eyes, and yet there on the other side of this hunk of wood was Harry Styles, the boy he’d written off as dead years ago.

Word count: 27792

Not Today by Styyyylinson:

Summary: Louis Tomlinson is a high power executive until his accident. Everything in his life changes after that - his way to get around, his boyfriend leaves, and he doesn’t have much that he wants to live for anymore. After a failed attempt to take his life, he asks his parents if he can see a doctor to help him go peacefully instead. After their initial shock wears off, they agree as long as Louis waits six months.

In walks Harry Styles. He had just lost his job, was feeling down on his luck, and has no idea what he’s getting himself into in being an assistant to Louis. He has no knowledge of Louis trying to take his own life, until he overhears his parents talking, and it breaks his heart. Though helping Louis is a pain at times, he wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

Word count: 135506

I’m Wide Awake and So Alive by patdkitten:

Summary: He ignores him, though, pushing himself and Beckham to the end of the aisle and bumps into someone, sending them to the floor with a loud ‘oof’. Too late, Beckham barks a warning before sniffing the injured party, but Louis. Louis freezes.

He knows that lanky frame sprawled on the floor, even though it’s broader and longer than he remembers, and the hair’s longer than he remembers it being. But he knows this person.

And he wants to be anywhere but here, at the end of the canned veggie aisle of his local grocery, staring down at someone from his past, as that someone gets a soothing lick from his dog.

Louis got into a car accident his senior year and wound up permanently in a wheelchair. Instead of telling his high school sweetheart Harry, Louis ran as far from his problems as he could. A few years later, he’s doing better about himself and being in a wheelchair. Until he runs into his high school sweetheart in a rather unorthodox way. Harry’s excited to see him again, but Louis isn’t.

Word count: 5937

You don’t know how lovely you are by sweetkisses:

Summary: "So what are you studying?“ Harry asks.

“Accounting.” Louis says quietly.

“Sweet. I don’t know much about accounting but I do know that it means you must be pretty damn smart.” Harry says nodding his head.

“Thanks.” Louis giggles out and Harry didn’t know it was possible for him to be more beautiful. “What, um, what are you studying?”

“Law.” Harry says and lays his legs out in front of him as he places his hands behind him and tilts his head towards the sun.

“You must be pretty smart if you’re studying law.” Louis mocks with a smirk. Harry didn’t expect the next words to ever come out of his mouth but this boy just does things to him.

“Two smart people make a genius couple.”

or the four times Harry sees the beautiful boy in the wheelchair

Word count: 3251

Perfect by ItIsWhatItIs9194:

Summary: Where Harry is Louis’ submissive and a paraplegic, but they still make things work.

Word count: 2826

Run Until You Feel Your Lungs Bleeding by whisperingwind:

Summary: Harry’s hands tremble, carelessly ripping each of his paintings, one by one, until his studio is littered with not only remnants of his masterpieces, but his despondency. “You don’t love me.” he accuses, tugging on the roots of his hair. “You never loved me. You pity me! And to make it worse, you told everyone that you pity me! You promised you would never…” his voice fades as soon as his cries intensify.

Louis can’t manage to say anything. His eyes wander, gazing over each item that once made Harry happy, and he shakes his head. Harry spent years building the ambiance of his studio and it’s been destroyed in mere minutes, thanks to him. “Harry I…no, that isn’t true. Whatever you think you heard, I swear to god isn’t true. I care about you more than - ”

“Get out!” Harry screams, pointing to the door. His chest heaves with sobs. “You said it doesn’t matter that I can’t walk. You said I’m the most incredible person you’ve ever laid eyes on. Why did you lie to me?”

Or, Harry is an angry, starving artist isolating himself from the rest of society due to his disability. Louis is a pop-star pretending he doesn’t care about anything, but when it comes to Harry, he cares too much.

Word count: 92,499

I Don’t Want To Need You by tothemoonmydear:

Summary: After the car accident that leaves Harry paralyzed from the waist down, the boys of One Direction come together to try and help pick up the pieces. With so much changed, Harry can’t help but question every aspect of his life; including his feelings for his best friend.

Word count: 231421

the whole world, it is sleeping (but my world is you) by thispieceofmind:

Summary: "Louis knows who this boy is. He saw him at the audition, on the chair in line getting interviewed. He’s called Harry, and he’s got the most brilliant voice and the biggest sob story that Louis has ever heard, and what Louis knows is that he doesn’t want it to be a sob story at all. His eyes are a wide, glossy sea glass green, and he can’t see a thing.“

Louis never really knew commitment, never really knew love, until Harry.

Word count: 22494

counting the stars behind the clouds by simplestardust:

Summary: The problem wasn’t that Harry was blind. The problem was Harry himself.

or, in which Louis plays keyboard as part of touring singer Harry’s back-up band, and spends his time stuck between being oblivious and in denial, while Harry just wants to know how many stars there are in the night sky.

Word count: 28660

Love is the Right Place by Chelsea Frew (chelseafrew):

Summary: They met when they were seven and five. Louis was a new kid in a new town and Harry was a blind kid in need of a friend. They hit it off immediately, each of them exactly what the other needed. Over the years, friendship turns to more. Just as their romance blossoms, however, Louis gets an offer which promises fame and fortune far from home. Will they be pulled apart or will their love survive?

Word count: 33100

Exhausted -levihan

Hi!! So this is just a little one shot of an exhausted Levi and hange just being hange lmao I got sloppy it’s ok but Enjoy *this isn’t an AU*

The sun was what woke her as it peered through the window of her quarters . Beams of light cascading into the room telling her it was morning and basically to get the fuck up.

She knew she had a busy day ahead of her. She had a meeting with Erwin about Titans in the wall and her further research with said topic. She also had a lot of paperwork to write and of course her own notes.

She turned her over to face the other figure shoved into the pillows beside her.

Levi slept soundly. Hange felt so bad for him. He was exhausted. Even sustaining the injury he overworked himself saving Eren from his Titan form after they had finally gotten the Female Titan. She heard him come in to her quarters at around three in the morning. He was writing up reports on Eren and about the recent events, working himself to complete exhaustion.

She recalls him collapsing into the bed beside her as he kissed her shoulder and wrapped his arm around her waist as he fell into a deep sleep.

She observed the human with a smile.

What a view she thought.

Half of his face was pressed against the pillow as he took gentle breaths. His bangs fell in front of his sleeping eyes which made her heart swell at the sight. His face was so peaceful. No stoic appearance, no furrowed eyes brows at her and something stupid she was doing. No crinkles on his nose that she loved. His curled eyelashes, a feature she was very jealous, lay still. He looked like a little boy.

She didn’t know it was possible especially in a lifestyle like this for her to find a love like this. One that devours her. She loves every minute of it.

She was mid-daze staring at him for a good five minutes that she got a fright with the sudden outbreak of a voice. Levi’s.

“Staring is rude.” He said trying to sound pissed but that failed due to his croaky morning voice hange fucking adored. She simply smiled and ran her fingers through his bangs as she sighed.

“What are you doing awake clean freak?” She said as she gently pulled at his locks knowing how much he loved when she did. He gave a sigh of content as his lids fluttered open revealing his beautiful orbs that drive her crazy.

“You turned in your sleep and woke me” he said as he leaned up and yawned. Hange now noticed he was shirtless. She also saw the black shading under his eyes.

“Levi” she whispered as she saw him trying to find some sort of strength to get up. He looked at her through his sleepy eyes.

Fuck, that was cute hange thought.

She leaned forward and kissed his forehead and pushed him down with ease.

“Your exhausted, rest” she said as she caressed his cheek. He grunted in defeat.

“Fine. Call me an hour” he said as he groaned and turned over into the wall. What a grump she thought as she just tched at him playing him with his own game.

“No morning kiss, jeese” she said partially sarcastic and partially playful. She swung the covers off her and sat up only to be pulled back down to face Levi as he grabbed her chin and placed a gentle but sleepy kiss. Adorable.

“There now fuck off.” He said as he retreated to the wall.

“Charming.” She said with a giggle. She got up and got changed into her uniform and scanned the room quietly for her glasses. She pounced for them on the desk and gathered all her notes and was on her way for the day.

Four hours later and most of hanges work was done, she had her meeting with Erwin, wrote up her reports and was now in her lab scribbling down sentences in her research notebook totally enthralled.

She jumped at the sudden connection of a hand to her shoulder. She peaked up around the chair to see a pissed off Levi.

“Well look who’s up?” She said as continued to write.

“I told you to wake me in an hour.” He said in a deadpan tone.

“You were exhausted you needed to sleep Levi.” She said as she closed her notebook placing on top of her other random sheets.

She got out of her chair and turned around to her husband noticing an instant change in his appearance from his sleep. She grasped his face in her hands.

“And look at you, your practically glowing from your slumber shortstack!” She said with a laugh. He tched and rolled his eyes but stepped forward into her space as he wrapped his arms around her waist and the small of her back.

“This is a lot of shit coming from someone who never looks after herself. Have you eaten?” He asked sternly.


“I was meant to but I got caught up wi-”

He was dragging her.

“Levi where are we-”

“ to get you food shitty glasses.” She gave the biggest smile as she hugged him from behind as they walked out of her lab.

They took care for each other. They looked out for eachother. They loved eachother. And even though the world was a piece of shit and a constant threat, they had eachother.

Uncle Negan

Request: Can you please do a one shot Negan comes to Alexandria with carl and your pregnant with ricks baby and while ricks out Negan talks to the baby and rick finds out when he comes back and is pissed - @countryfire2 






negan imagine / negan x you / negan x reader

warnings: language

“Did you feel that?” Rick placed both hands on your stomach with anticipation to make sure what he had just felt was real. seconds later, he felt it again. “They’re saying hello with a kick. Not even born yet and they’re already acting like their mother, at least acting how she does when she’s sleeping.” He said playfully, taking your face in his hands and kissing your forehead.

You were 6 months pregnant with Rick’s baby, something he had to convince you to do. You loved him, but you couldn’t deny the thought of a baby in this world scared you every waking moment. But seeing Rick with Judith and Carl warmed your heart to it, and you believed a baby would be good for not only you, but Alexandria. However after Negan’s arrival, you had never questioned your decisions more than now. 

You smiled back at him, “Are you sure you want to do this run alone? You could bring Tara or Aaron with you, you know they don’t mind” He walked over to the dresser grabbing his radio and knife. “No, no. Aaron did his rounds yesterday and Tara is with Judith and Carl. You heard Negan the last time he was here. He’s demanding more and we have to give it to him. I’m not putting more people in danger because of that.” He lightly kissed you before turning for the door. “Say hi to Carl for me when he comes back.”  You stood there for a moment deciding what to do. You look down at your stomach, “Looks like it’s just you and me today, buddy.” 


You sat in the living room reading a book from upstairs. That was the weird thing about Alexandria. You had been on the run for so long, when you came here it was like learning how to live the ‘right’ way all over again. All of a sudden you heard the front gates open, but you knew the only person out was Rick. Negan. You set your book down and slowly made your way out to the porch. 


You heard his voice booming across the town. The man that should’ve made you want to take cover inside the house instead drew you further into the street. 

“Saviors, get your shit done, I’ll do mine.” All at once his followers spread like a disease, leaking into the houses. “Where’s that bastard, Rick? Where the fuck is that fucker.” You saw Negan walk to the opposite door of one of the trucks, dragging something out. 

“It’s not safe for you out here, we don’t want him to see you’re pregnant.” Gabriel whispered, ushering you back into your home before you could see what Negan’s surprise was. 

“Gabriel, what the hell. You know he already knows. I was with the group the night he–”

“If he knew it he would’ve said something in that moment. Maybe it was the fact that it was night, your baggy clothes, a combination. Either way he doesn’t know and I know Rick wants to keep it that way.” What Rick wants. Negan knew little to nothing about you, including the fact that you and Rick were together.

“I can take care of myself in here. You go out and make sure no one causes a scene.” He looked at you concerned, “Really I’ll be fine. He has no reason to come to the house and if he does it won’t be my first time hiding in a closet.” He patted your shoulder and headed out the back door. The worst part about being pregnant was that everyone thought you couldn’t handle yourself anymore and you hated that. Whatever you could do to get people off of your back, you did. You started for the door again, but another kick stopped you. Rick had been through enough the past few weeks and you didn’t want to add to his plate no matter how much you hated it. You grabbed your book and resumed in the same chair as before. 

“Oh Rick, you’d fucking better be in here.” His voice made you drop your book as he pounded on the door. You shot up running for upstairs when you heard him say, “Knock it in.” Halfway down the hallway, the door swung open exposing you to Negan. Too late to hide it now. “I’m no fucking rocket scientist, but I knew Rick did not have an ass like that.” You took a deep breath and slowly turned around to see Negan with his hand on Carl’s shoulder, two Saviors looming behind him. 

“Carl, what the h–”

“Why don’t you excuse us,” he said cutting you off and dismissing the Saviors. “Looks like we have a lot to fucking talk about.” The men walked out, closing the door behind them. “Now how the fuck did I miss this. I know we’ve met before, but this shit? You are fucking HUGE. I have to give you credit. You hid it real fucking well. How many months along are you? 5, 6?” You finally released your eyes from Carl, keeping your calm in the situation. “6. 6 months.” He laughed walking towards you. “Well shit. And the father? Cause Carl here told me his mother is no longer with us.” You looked down, trying to conjure the best answers that would get through this situation as quick and painless as possible. “Well hold on just one fucking second. You? and Rick?” He looked between you and Carl chuckling in disbelief. “Damn. I do not know how you stand that fucking scowl he’s got on his face all the time. I gotta know. Does he look like that during sex? I mean you must fucking know, I went to health class, I know how this shit is done.” He turned to Carl, “Why don’t you go get us something to drink? Looks like I have to properly introduce myself to two people today.” He approached you looking you up and down before holding his arm out motioning to the table in the kitchen. You accepted his invitation, taking a seat in one of the chairs. You heard his footsteps come up behind you as he pulled your chair out slightly, your pregnant belly in full view. He squatted down, his eyes gawking at your stomach. “That is just fucking amazing,” he placed a hand on it, slightly rubbing it. “A baby, in this world? You’ve got some balls.” You body shuddered as his hands massaged your stomach. Carl walked in and froze. 

“Don’t you touch he-”

“Are you really sure you wanna be telling me what to fucking to right now? After everything you’ve fucking done today, are you really fucking sure?” Negan stood up facing Carl, grasping Lucille. Carl handed him a glass of lemonade and started walking towards you, he put an arm in front of him stopping him, “Hold this for me, will you?” Carl locked eyes with you before grabbing Lucille and bringing you your glass. Negan returned to your stomach, hand included. “Now, Uncle Negan is gonna give you some free advice,” You take a deep breath, continuing to keep your cool. “Your father, he is a piece of shit. He’s put me through a lot of fucking trouble trying to keep my people safe. What he doesn’t have, is guts.” You make eye contact with Carl, your look telling him not to make a scene. “But I, I am always going to be around. I will give you the biggest pair of balls you’ve ever seen, cause you are gonna survive in this world, kid. And your dad isn’t going to fucking make that happen, I am.” He looked up at you with his cheeky smile. “Isn’t that right, darlin?” 

“At least buy me dinner first.” You responded coldly. He took a sip of lemonade and stood up looking down on you. “You tell Carl here if he comes around killing any more of my men, I will make sure this angel doesn’t have a fucking father.” He headed for the door grabbing Lucille from Carl, “I’ll be back to check on that little shit you’re cooking up. Don’t go naming ‘em without me.” He laughed and walked out of the house, leaving you and Carl in silence. 

Carl immediately made the first move, “Look, I didn’t know he was going to come back here. It wasn’t supposed to–”

“Your father can never know.” You interrupt him bluntly. 


You stand up, walking towards him, “Rick can’t know he was here. With me. Talking to the baby. He’ll lose his shit and you know that.” 

You were cut off yet again, this time with Rick bursting through the door. He runs over to you, taking you in his arms. “I saw him walking from the house, what was he doing here, did he hurt you? Carl? Judith?” 

“We’re fine. Judith is still with Tara, Carl came back to check on me and was the one who answered the door, he never saw me.” Rick looked back between Carl and yourself, getting that aggravated look on his face. He slowly backed away from you. “I can’t wait to be an Uncle.”

“What do you-”

“On my way to the house, he said that to me. ‘I can’t wait to be an Uncle.’ Did he touch you? Tell me what he did-”

“Dad it was fine, he barely touched her and they only talked for a few minutes I was here the whole time.” Carl blurted out.  Rick quickly lost his cool and grabbed his knife off of the table before storming out the door again, Carl following close behind after exchanging an apologetic look with you.  

You collapsed on the floor, left alone yet again. How were you going to raise a child in this world? In Negan’s world? If Rick wouldn’t allow it, then Negan won’t allow Rick to be alive. You let out a sigh before taking a sip of lemonade. “Looks like it’s still you and me today, buddy.”

This was a fun request! If you like my writing, check out my main story I’ve been writing (a NeganxLucy/Lucille story) here







and you guys. you guys are the best <3

paleasamoon  asked:

Who's your fave Haikyuu! character? Fave ship? Who has the best hair? Best style? Best voice? Who is the Biggest Nerd in anime in your opinion?

okay so this is one of those asks i wanted to pour in time and effort and my entire soul into so it took a while for me to get to this,, here we go

who’s your favourite haikyuu!! character?

my favourite character of all time in haikyuu!! is, of course, the narcissistic piece of trash, trashykawa or tackykawa like my brilliant url who i have fallen in love with. like honestly,,

how can you not love this bean?



somebody stop me

favourite ship?

staying within the haikyuu!! boundaries, here are the list of ships i cannot get enough of. like honestly if anyone insults these ships somebody is going to lose their head

first of all we have my sejoh babies,, the gayest gays, , too precious and too beautiful of a couple tbh

next, we have in my opinion, one of the most pretty couples to exist, like two adorable kittens ahhhhhhh

last of all, we have the hootest owls in town! that’s right, bokuaka is here to knock you off with angsty fanfics and overall cuteness

not hk!! but here’s an honourable mention for y’all because i love these gays too much like i would be like keep it pG children are watching and at the same time be like gET A ROOM YOU GAYS FFS JUST GET IN THE BED ALREADY

who has the best hair?

straight up tendou looks like a goddamn pineapple all the time and i love it

best style?

tbh always thought that tsukki would have the best style because he’s the type of person who would dress sharply?

best voice?

i love, love, love tsukishima’s voice. honestly his voice is so cool and calming yet critical and discerning? like honestly it is the voice that is somehow charming despite its spite. so a big thanks to kōki uchiyama for doing his voice ah

fun fact: he also voiced another moody, spiteful bean aka russian yuri or yurio

who is the biggest nerd in anime in your opinion?

as in all anime in general? is there a specific genre? anyway from my experience there has been plentifuls of nerds:

but the best, really has to be

Originally posted by squaregiraffes

rei from free!, the ultimate nerd of all nerds, too precious and such a smartass tbh


this fully concludes this wonderful little tour and i really enjoyed doing this! tbh i just am really glad i have an excuse to dump in pictures of my babes and get away with it,, 

thank you for asking!

I’m not in my best state to fall in love with right now. So don’t. I am a broken shattered pieces of glass. Don’t try to fix me because there’s a possibility that I might cut you. I am lost, don’t try to find me because you might lose yourself while finding me. I am a hurricane, don’t try to welcome me because I might pull you in my catastrophy. I will not do good in you. I am miserable, and you being here might makes you miserable too. I am darkness. I don’t want to trap you in my dark world. So do not fall in love with me. Because if you do, that will be the biggest mistake of your life. I will only hurt you. So don’t take a risk on me. I am danger. Don’t go near me.