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hello~ i watched all of yuri on ice in a night & already having withdrawals b/c i need s2 like yesterday :"( i need some vikturi fanfic to get me thru it, i ship them so hard, do you have a tag for it b/c there's so much fanfic for the ship and i wouldn't know where to start + your taste in fanfic is always the best, so please help <3

Hii! Aww, I feel your pain! D: 

Unfortunately, I don’t really have a Victuuri rec tag because I try to keep this blog 99% Destiel and SPN, especially when it comes to fics. However I’ve read plenty of Victuuri fic, so I can maybe share some of my faves with you? As a starter kit, lol! 

You didn’t mention what you’re looking for though? Fluff? Angst? Smut? Long? Short? A little bit of everything? I’ll just go with a little bit of everything, and you can read the tags and summaries and pick what you want? :p 

(Only finished stories, because I’m paranoid when it comes to WIPs, lol!)

❄ From The Moon [4,8k, canon!verse]
‘That one time Victor finds out why Yuuri has never let him inside his bedroom because… Well, we all know why.’

Literally the first Yuri On Ice fic I’ve read, as far as I can remember. By now a lot of people have written the missing scene about Victor possibly finding Yuuri’s posters, but I still really adore this one. Great take on it, very in character, must read!


❄ Maelstrom [4,3k, Time Loop AU]
‘Victor Nikiforov is poised to win gold in his fifth consecutive Grand Prix Final. He has the world at his feet, is unparalleled in the sport–right up until a snowstorm blows into Sochi, and he finds himself repeating the same day over and over and over. He stumbles over Yuuri Katsuki, and everything changes.’

Fics that include messing with time are usually not the first ones I pick, because they tend to confuse what few brain cells I have. But damn, this one was seriously wonderful, so easy to read. It has some humor, some angst, some fluff, some smut, but it’s all balanced out very well! I’d definitely say give it a go!

Unwritten [34k, Soulmate AU, canon divergence]
‘Soulmates AU where whatever you write on your own skin appears on your soulmate, but when there is a language barrier, meeting becomes just a little more difficult than it should be.’

Everyone knows that I am a total sucker for soulmate AUs, so unsurprisingly I absolutely loved this one. Does loosely follow canon verse (they’re both ice skaters), but with a soulmate twist. Neat!


❄ All The World’s a Stage [112k, AU, actor!Victor/ice skater!Yuuri]
‘Everyone has a guilty pleasure. For Yuuri, it just happens to be romance movies starring famous heartthrob Victor Nikiforov.’

This one was simply adorable. In which professional ice skater Yuuri teaches famous actor Victor how to figure skate because that’s what his upcoming movie will be about. Do I need to mention that they fall in love along the way?

❄ Katsuki_fc Wrote [12k, canon!verse]
‘Just because Yuuri isn’t big on social media, doesn’t mean his fans aren’t.’

Plenty of social media centered fic in the yoi fandom, but this is a total gem! The story of Yuuri and Victor as seen through the eyes of Yuuri’s fans. 

❄ Souls Bond, Hearts Follow [12k, Soulmate AU, canon divergence]
‘In a world where soulmates are individuals connected on a spiritual level, able to communicate with variable degrees of empathy or telepathy, there is an appropriate time and rhythm for everything, even for a soulbond.
Yuuri knows this. Viktor will learn.’

Another soulmate AU, because hey, it’s me you’re asking. I have nothing other to say than; just read it.


❄ Russian For Dummies [2,4k, College AU]
‘"Are you a beginner?“ 

Viktor was not a beginner. Viktor was the TA supposedly in charge of this study session. Viktor spoke Russian. Viktor was Russian.


Looking for something short, cute, and hilarious to read? This fic is for you. OR the fic that properly displays what idiotic stuff Victor EXTRA Nikiforov would probably do to get to Katsuki Yuuri, no matter the AU. 


❄ Your Biggest Fan [8.5k, canon divergence]
‘By chance, Viktor caught sight of one of Yuuri’s competitions and quickly fell head over heels in love with the Japanese figure skater.’

Because who doesn’t need a fic where they both fanboy over each other, it’s plausible, and this fic warmed the cockles of my undead heart!

❄ Victuuri: Wedding planner and florist AU [AU, ongoing series of fluffy one shots]
‘An Alternate Universe in which Victor Nikiforov is a renown wedding planner, and Yuuri Katsuki is a florist running his family’s little flower shop.’

Fluff is the reason I breathe, we’re all aware at this point, and this is just so sweet and fluffy and amazing, I recommend reading the entire series if you’re into AUs at all. 

❄ Warm [2,2k, canon!verse]
‘Russia’s cold, Yuuri can’t sleep, and Victor is always careful to keep his door open for anyone in need of a touch of help.’

Sweetness overload, everyone needs this in their life. I’m just saying. 


And last but not least:

❄ Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches [197k, canon divergence]
‘Of all the rivalries in the world of sports over the years, perhaps none has become so legendary as that of Russian figure skater Viktor Nikiforov and his rival, Japanese Yuuri Katsuki.

A single event changes the course of Yuuri’s life, throwing him into a bitter rivalry with Viktor Nikiforov that spans across his entire skating career. But as the years go on, rivalry and hatred begin to develop into something very different and Yuuri doesn’t seem to be able to stay away, no matter how hard he tries.

Hatred and love are two sides of the same coin and even though everything changes, some things are still meant to be.’

So every ship has that one fanfiction that basically the entire fandom has read, or at least has heard of. For Victuuri, this is that fic. And it’s hella long, so for me, the person with the attention span of the average goldfish, I have to give this fic some huge kudos because I actually finished it within 48 hours, even though I usually don’t even dare to read a fic that long. 

I’m not gonna lie, there is angst, a lot of it. In fact, this fic is probably the mayor of a town called ‘Angst’. Regardless, it’s very compelling, the author put a lot of thought into the fic, and the soundtrack as well, picking wonderful songs for all of Yuuri’s and Victor’s programs, and working it into the main plot with a lot of meaning. The ending will satisfy you, and as a bonus there will be a companion piece from Victor’s POV to fill in any minor blanks that might be left after reading this story. 

Hope there’s something in there for you, have fun! x 

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It was a genuine question lol you didn't have to be that bitchy in answering

If you’re really going to ask me why I drew poc Sirius Black when ‘he’s from an old English family’ so it isn’t possible for him to be poc but not question the logic of the hp universe having dwarves and flying broomsticks and dragons then I take back what I said about you being really fucking dumb. Replace it with me saying you’re actually the biggest idiot in this universe and may god help you.

EXO reaction to their friend (the reader) confessing after they get a scholarship overseas but the EXO member already has a girlfriend

We hope you like it <3 


As soon as you found out you had gotten a scholarship overseas you had to tell your best friend Xiumin who you had liked as more than a friend for a while now and today was the perfect time to tell him you liked him more than a friend as if everything went wrong you were leaving anyway. 

 You arrived at his dorm and quickly told him your news 

Sooo Minseok I have a really big surprise to tell you well 2 surprises actually!

Ok, well go ahead

Well first I got accepted into the university in America I was telling you about! I’m leaving in a couple of days!

Oh really? When did this happen?” he said kind of sadly 

I just found out this morning!” You paused “Aren’t you happy for me?” 

No I am! I just I’ll miss you a lot” 

I’ll miss you too but this is my future and it’s gonna be great!” 

Yeah I guess, so what’s the second thing you wanted to tell me?


Just as you said that the dorms front door opened and a girl walked through the door and KISSED Xiumin!! You stood there awkwardly as they kissed when Xiumin finally broke the kiss

Sorry Y/N this is my girlfriend G/F/N

Oh” was all you could say 

So anyway what did you want to say?” 

It doesn’t matter now don’t worry” You said defeated

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When you told Luhan you had gotten your scholarship overseas he seemed genuinely happy for you, he was so excited for you! He helped you pack and everything, you felt sad about how excited he was about basically getting rid of you when you loved him. He drove you to the airport on the day you were leaving and just before you had to go to security you decided to tell him 

Lu there’s something I have to tell you and I know this isn’t great timing and stuff but I have to tell you before I go” 

OK Y/N what is it?” 

I love you Luhan more than a friend and I had to get it off my chest” 

He looked down at you with you head looking down at the floor 

I’m sorry Y/N, I hope you didn’t misunderstand our relationship but I only see you as a friend and also…” He paused 

Yeah” you coaxed him him

I have a girlfriend” 

Those 4 words shattered your heart to pieces 

I’m sorry Y/N” 

No, no it’s fine, I should have guessed that you didn’t like me back anyway I better go now, bye Luhan

You turned and walked away as Luhan called your name but you kept walking forward.

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When you found out you got accepted into the university of your dreams on a FULL SCHOLARSHIP you got hella excited and told your best friend/crush Kris immediately and as soon as you told him you could see his face fall in sadness, he also loved you back but he tried to get over it by getting a girlfriend that you didn’t know about so when you had a dinner to celebrate your achievement you were a bit shocked when Yifan walked in with a lady,

So Kris, who is this?” You questioned him motioning towards the woman by his side

Oh,I almost forgot, this is my girlfriend G/F/N

“You have a girlfriend and didn’t even tell your best friend?” 

No, I didn’t Y/N because you were too busy with getting the scholarship to even hang out with me” 

The argument quickly escalated with you finishing it off, 

and to think, I actually loved you” 

He quickly realised he had been an idiot and he ran out to find you to apologise and tell you how he felt but you were no where to be seen and he then realised he had made the biggest mistake of his life knowing he wouldn’t see you again for years.

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You had found out a couple days ago to that you had received a scholarship to one of the most prestigious universities in the world and you invited Suho over to tell him your wonderful news, he asked if he could bring a friend along and you accepted thinking it would be one of his members but when they arrived you opened the door to see Suho and a woman, he introduced her to you as his girlfriend and you died a little inside as you have had a crush on Suho for a long time and now finding out he had a girlfriend wanted to make you cry a little but you held it in as you told him your news and they both seemed so happy for you although when Suho thought you weren’t looking you saw a hint of sadness in his eyes. They hung out at your house for a couple of hours until they decided it was time to leave. As soon as you closed the for behind them you burst into tears thinking about how the man you loved was never gonna be the man you end up with.

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As soon as you told your best friend Lay that you had been accepted into an overseas university he got really confused as he didn’t even realise you applied even though you had told him multiple times. He also didn’t realise you had a massive crush on him even though it was pretty obvious, you decided to tell him after you told him about the scholarship 

So I like you, a lot

I like you a lot too” 

More as a friend Yixing” 

I have a girlfriend Y/N sorry.” he said as he pulled his ‘girlfriend’ close

Yixing that’s Baekhyun…” 

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You gave your best friend Baekhyun the letter about you getting a scholarship to an overseas university and he was looking over it with his girlfriend who was also your friend, she seemed really happy for you while Baekhyun seemed more reserved which was unusual for him, 

So are you guys happy for me?” 

Of course we are Y/N!!” G/F/N told you, Baekhyun just hummed in agreement, you and hum had been best friends for a while and you had started to develop feelings for him which was stupid because he was already in a committed relationship. His girlfriend had to leave to go to work and you thought this was a good time to tell Baekhyun about your feelings as you’re leaving soon, 

So Baek, I have something to tell you

“What is it Y/N? Are you ok?”

Yeah, it’s just I’ve liked you for the longest time now, not just as a friend but as someone I love. I love you Baekhyun” You rapidly left his house after realising you might have just embarrassed yourself.

He was speechless.

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When you told Chen about your Scholarship he was really happy for you and so was his girlfriend. You had a big crush on Chen and seeing him so happy with his girlfriend was bittersweet to you. On one had he was really happy but on the other it was with another girl. As you were packing to go to University he came to help you and wish you luck

Y/N please don’t forget about me ok?

How could I forget about you? You’re my best friend and… I lo- I love you

Y/N, now’s not a good time ok?

Yeah, I know

I mean I have a girlfriend and you’re leaving.

I know

Maybe in a couple years when you come back maybe we can do something ok?

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Chanyeol was shocked that you got the scholarship, not that he doesn’t think you’re smart or anything but that you applied for a university in another country. He was going to miss you so much but he had his girlfriend’s shoulder to cry on so the pain of losing his best friend wasn’t unbearable. He offered to drive you to the airport which you definitely didn’t pass up as you got closer to the airport you finally realised just how much you were leaving behind and realised that you in love with Chanyeol. You started to cry as you neared the airport so when you go to the airport he pulled you in for a hug

Listen Y/N I know this is tough but you can do it ok? I believe in you!

I know but I’m leaving so much behind and so many things unsaid

Like what?

You waited a bit before answering him “Well, I love you, more than a friend” 

Just as so you said that you heard the intercom saying that it was the last chance to check in for your flight so you left him there but heard him shout

I love you too Y/N

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D.O decided to throw you a party after finding out about your scholarship he was so proud of you and wanted to celebrate your achievement. Kyungsoo said he had something to tell you too and you were kinda hoping that it would be that he loved you, you’ve loved him for a while but had been too worried to tell him. 

So Kyungsoo, you wanted to tell me something” 

Yeah, I um, I, I got a girlfriend

A girlfriend?” You asked as all of your hopes and dreams were crushed 

Yeah, I had to tell you, we wanted to keep it a secret but your my best friend so I had to tell you” 

I’m glad you did tell me so now I won’t make a fool out of myself” 


I was gonna tell you I liked you but I dodged a bullet there” 

You walked away as he fell silent.

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Cries as he realises he lost you in more ways than one by telling you he had a girlfriend

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After you told him about the scholarship and the fact that you liked hum he’d be hurt. He’d be hurt that you were leaving him and hurt by the fact that you were hurt. You liked him but he has a girlfriend which broke you inside and seeing you hurt like this wasn’t nice for him but he knew that your future was important so he got over the fact that you were leaving and made himself feel better by saying that you don’t need a relationship in the midst of studying.

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You were his best friend and he wasn’t sure why he was upset that you gotten a scholarship to such an amazing university. Maybe it was because you were going half away across the globe and you might forget about him and replace him with a new best friend or maybe it was because you might get a boyfriend and that made him angry. He confronted you before you left about how you can’t replace him ad he told you that you two should face time every night, which made his girlfriend who was standing right next to you two jealous. Before they started dating people had been suspecting that you and Sehun had been an item but you both always declined it which broke your heart because you really liked him. There was a send off party for when your taxi arrived which Sehun and his girlfriend were apart of so as you were driving away you shouted out the window “I LOVE YOU SEHUN LIKE A LOT

He just stared at the car confused, confused as to why you shouted it put of a car window, confused as to why you didn’t say it sooner and confused as to why you were still leaving when you two could have been together.

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We hope you like it, it took us like almost 4 hours to do <3 




Smoulder Chapter 31

Summary: In which the readers perceptions are turned on their heads, LB and Chat have to make a tough decision, and Marichat sappiness is a thing!

Read on AO3 / FF.NET

Smoulder Chapter 31

“You…know me?”

Ladybug’s hands flew to her lips far too late. The damage had been done, and now not only did she know Louis was Volpino, but Louis knew that she knew too.

Panic attack in three, two, one-

Louis stepped closer to her, dark eyes frantically scanning her facial features for something he recognised. Behind her hands, Ladybug scrunched her lips together, frozen in fear.

“Louis, I err- well- err,” Chat stammered rubbing the back of his head with a nervous chuckle, “this is paw-kward.”

Louis immediately whirled around, light cotton t-shirt flapping wildly with the wind.

“Wait, you know me too?!” he cried, somewhere between amazed and befuddled. “Does that mean you both know each other? How fateful!”

Ladybug groaned, her hands moving from her lips to her forehead.

“Great, Chat! Now he knows we both know him!” she cried, throwing her arms up into the air. Honestly what was the point of secret identities? Why didn’t she just broadcast her address to the whole of Paris?! Why, Ladybug wondered in despair, did Master Fu choose two of the biggest idiots in the universe to wield unimaginable power?

“Um, pardon me,” Louis replied, gazing at his Kwami in confusion, “but I do believe this was the point? That we know our secret identities as a precaution? I’m unsure why this is a bad thing.”

There was a sharp inhale. Ladybug was unsure if it was from herself or Chat. Silence built between the three of them, and Ladybug bit her lip in agitation. How could she even begin to tell Louis how very wrong this was?

Instead she settled with turning on the fox Kwami.

“Didn’t you tell him the rules? You know, how we’re not supposed to know each other’s identities? No one must know? Remember that old mantra?” she frowned, back muscles so tense that she was sure they would have simply shattered under the pressure, were it not for her super-powered state.

Before her mind could combust, she felt Chat’s hand rest against her shoulder blades in reassurance. She sighed, relaxing a little into the touch, and allowed herself a moment to revel in how well he knew her. However, she couldn’t ignore the slight tremor of his fingers as they skimmed past her spine and back down to his side, knowing he was thinking the same thing.

How could they fix this?

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So we could have had a Nakamura v Miz feud but because of the ShakeDown we well got to see why no one cares about Dolph Ziggler’s stand up comedy side-job.

I mean yeah I got that he was trying to mock Nakamura’s character being inspired by Michael Jackson but his delivery was so horrible that it literally garnered little reaction.

Side topic, not every wrestler needs to talk on a mic I mean look at the almost non-existent Universal Champion Brock Lesnar. Shinsuke Nakamura’s biggest strengh is his body language. His english is improving a bit but I’m worried about stupid idiot fans -who would wind up on The List- dropping out on him because of that

Friends after all - Dean Winchester x Reader - Chapter 27 (Fake boyfriend/Neighbour AU)

Title: Friends after all

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam Winchester x Reader, Dean Winchester x Lisa Braeden

Word count: 6,728

Warnings: Angst

Summary: AU. Dean Winchester. Mechanic. Neighbour. Best friend. Single father. And fake boyfriend? You babysit his daughter. You’ve known him for years and you’ve been really close. Everything will be put to test though when your sister’s wedding approaches and he has the brilliant idea of pretending to be your boyfriend. Nobody would have ever thought of the result. Certainly not you.

Not gonna give a long description. Dean hurts the Reade once more, but this time can she really forgive him? Also, Sam asks a question that leaves her speechless to say the least. See the end to understand what I mean.

Read: Part 1 l Part 2 l Part 3 l Part 4 l Part 5 l Part 6 l Part 7 l Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 l Part 11 l Part 12 l Part 13 l Part 14 l Part 15 l Part 16 l Part 17 l Part 18 l Part 19 l Part 20 l Part 21 l Part 22 l Part 23 l Part 24 l Part 25 l Part 26

Days passed by without an incident. You wished you could say. What good would come from living in the same house as Dean and Lisa? Oh and let’s not forget with Sam as well and of course his parents to make it all the more better. Note the sarcasm.

At this point you didn’t know how to feel anymore. Not only about the fact that Sam was being pretty much perfect to you (when was he not?) but the fact that all that was just making you love him more and more. And it scared you considering how those simple words he had said the first day wouldn’t stop swimming through your mind. But as if your own thoughts were not enough of a torment there was Dean and Lisa acting all sweet, and couply and just so home-y. Like a family already forming and it hurt you so deeply. You knew you should be happy about him, in a sort of way, but seeing him move on so fast was unbearable. Maybe at this point you could realize what he felt when he saw you and Sam together.

But for you it was so much worse. He and Lisa were perfect for each other it was obvious and when they talked of the past you just wanted to crawl under a hole. They didn’t do it on purpose you knew it, at least Lisa, but they had known each other way before Dean even knew you existed and it bothered you how she still had a part of Dean’s life you’d only heard of but played no real part in. You knew you were being selfish but you just hoped and wished that you were, along with Mary, one of the most important people in his life that changed it radically with their appearance. It seemed that you were not all that important after all.

And it hurt as hell watching her and Mary act like mother and daughter. Of course she wasn’t her mother, neither were you actually, but you had taken care of her since she was a baby and that because you wanted to and you loved her. You were the one staying up till late at night when she was toothing, along with Dean of course, you were the one to change her diapers because no matter how much Dean tried to he failed at it. You were the one there on her first birthday with Dean, on her first steps, her first words. It felt as if Lisa was stealing a part of your life, of your soul and heart, you always thought you could hang onto when things got to hard for you to take. But now you no longer had it. No matter what Dean, or even her, said of nothing changing and you still being in your rightful place that was certainly not the case.

Lisa was slowly but surely taking over your place not only in his heart but in his life as well. You soon knew he’d have forgotten all about you and you’d become a good friend and once babysitter of his daughter. Nothing more. And God forbid it but you knew there’d come one day Mary would call her mom instead of you. Because yes she would have become that and you? You would be all forgotten.

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You Sexualize Me Like A Young Thing Would (& I Think I Like It)

Fandom: Make It Right the series
Pairing: Ohm/Toey
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Underage, Real Person Slash
Language: English

Summary: Training puppy is fun, Toey knows it first hand. Or an alternative universe of the Framebook scene from MiR 1x08, Ohm showed up unexpectedly at Toey’s dorm, things got nasty following Dr. Toey’s instructions. The title is from Alanis Morissette’s Hands Clean.

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“Do you love Cas?” Sam asks one day, blurting it out after dealing with their shit for far too long.

Dean looks away from the television and frowns at him, “Huh?”

Sam takes a deep breath in, waiting for the inevitable of Dean to yell at him, “Do you love Cas?”

Surprisingly, Dean doesn’t shout, in fact he looks at Sam like he’s the biggest idiot in the universe, “Course I do, it’s Cas,” Dean shrugs, “He’s family.”

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                                 I’M THE GODDAMN BEST !

        basically songs rodimus should kick ass to or play too loudly on the lost light’s bridge.
               alternatively: songs that probably make megatron & ultra magnus angry


                i.  the walker - fitz & the tantrums
                ii.  thiskidsnotalright - awolnation
                iii.  american idiot - green day
                iv.  come & get it - the unknown
                v.  i’m so sorry - imagine dragons
                vi.  cops on our tail - the raveonettes
                vii.  bleed it out - linkin park
                viii.  smells like teen spirit - nirvana
                ix.  ain’t no rest for the wicked - cage the elephant
                x.  loser - beck
                xi.  come together - spiralmouth
                xii.  short change hero - the heavy

                                                                       LISTEN.  CREDIT.

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How are the Nordics when they get the sniffles?

aph sweden: sweden just gets really lethargic when he has a cold, silently shuffling around the house and making lots of tea. The thing that makes him feel the most better is snuggles with finland, though.

aph finland: finland’s pretty tough; even germs are too afraid of him to even think of attacking. The most he ever gets is a slight sniffle, and if that’s the case, he just keeps going through his normal routine but in a slightly cloudier mood then normal, and then sleeps it off.

aph iceland: Iceland mopes when he has a cold. He crawls over to denmark or norway, resting his head on them and nuzzling sadly into their lap. He spends most of the time asleep, sprawled over one or both of them.

aph norway: he’s super grumpy when he has a cold. He snaps at the people who try to help, and tries to deal with it by himself. Denmark will ignore the bitching, and will keep insisting on taking care of him until he relents, melting into a soft sleep in his arms.

aph denmark: here’s the thing with denmark: he’s the biggest idiot in the universe; if he’s actually, seriously sick, he’ll cover it up, pretending he’s fine until he gets so sick he can’t even walk. If he just has a little cold, however, he’ll milk it for all it’s worth, whimpering and giving norway big tearful puppy eyes until he comes and takes care of him, feeding him soup and reading him bedtime stories.

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What do you think would've happened if Tony didn't erase Steve memory? Like what would Steve have done after he called them out? I've had that question for days and ugh I can't, I need to know someone's opinion, thank you

Well, first of all, I think Tony would make the choice every time to wipe Steve’s mind. It’s either that or entirely incapacitate him while the Illuminati do their thing. Because for Tony it’s 1 life–even if that’s STEVE’S life–versus a literally infinite amount of lives. Because it’s not just the world he’s trying to save, or the universe, but EVERY UNIVERSE EVER. And since Tony is, deep down, a utilitarian, that’s a choice he’s going to make every time. And wiping Steve’s mind was absolutely the best scenario in Tony’s mind, because it gave him a chance to let Steve build something. Remember, Tony’s an engineer. What is the greatest thing you can do, in his mind? Build something. The greatest gift he can give you? The opportunity to build something. Wiping Steve’s mind gave Tony the chance to give Steve something to build. It was the greatest kindness he could do. It’s either mind wipe and build something with Steve, or incapacitate Steve indefinitely while the Illuminati worked. No contest, for Tony.

BUUUTTTTTTT if he didn’t, I think Strange would have wiped BOTH their minds. Like immediately. Like I guaran-fucking-tee you that Reed, T’Challa, Namor, Black Bolt, and Strange all have discussed the “Tony Stark” contingency. In fact, I GUARANTEE YOU they had a meeting THE MINUTE STEVE JOINED THE TEAM.

“Okay so Steve’s on the Illuminati now.”


“So what are we going to do about this.”

“About Steve?”

“No, idiot: about Tony.”

EEEVERRYOOONEEEEEE IN THE MUUUULTTIIIVVERRSEEE knows Tony’s One Great Weakness. The biggest fight in the superhero universe, the CIVIL WAR between superheroes, was between Steve and Tony. EVERYONE GETS IT. So I guarantee you if Tony was reclacitrant, if Tony sided with Steve, Strange would have been ready for it and ready to wipe Tony’s memory in the same fell swoop.

And even more than that: I guarantee Tony knew that.

I mean, the dialogue vaguely makes it seem like T’Challa was the hold-out, but he was a fake-out hold-out.

And of course, if you look at the framing on the page, Tony is the last one Steve turns to. Tony’s the final nail.

And Tony is the one the Illuminati are waiting on. IMHO, this is because they were 1000% ready to wipe Tony too. They were waiting for Tony to give the go-ahead, and if he didn’t… yeah, bye bye Tony’s memories. Which is why Tony specifically says “I’ll find some way to make this right.” 1, that’s about giving Steve the gift of Avengers World, of something great to build, 

but 2, Tony’s staying with the Illuminati because he THINKS he can be the bastion of truth and justice for Steve. Speak for Steve without being quite as “unreasonable” as Steve. Tony stays for the sake of Steve, so Steve’s morality WILL have a voice. We get a glimpse of that as the Illuminati collapse into the cabal and do the unspeakable:

Tony always believed in Steve

He thought Steve was RIGHT.

Which, once again: why the Illuminati were absolutely ready to wipe Tony if he wasn’t going to go along with it. Which is why Tony did: so he could stay on the inside, so he could work towards a solution Steve would be proud of, in the end. And so Steve would at least, if everything burned around them, have had the chance to build something before it all ended.

Um… Yeah, I was mostly going to respond jokingly to this ask but then uh. Steve/Tony happened. SHOCKING.

ETA: This doesn’t even really answer your question, I’m sorry DXX. Ummmm, like: so imagine if they did wipe BOTH their minds, both Steve and Tony’s: can you imagine the fucking warpath the two of them would have gone on when one or both remembered? What fucking FIRE and FURY those two would have reigned down on the Illuminati, together? 

Blinking groggily, Jared woke up to find himself staring at the unfamiliar ceiling above him.  He went to sit up, but the moment he did he felt his stomach lurch and he slowly sunk back down, hoping not to upchuck the vile contents of his stomach.  It was then that he also could feel the throbbing headache directly behind his eyelids and he groaned out loud, bringing his hands to cover his face.

Damn, last night was a bad idea.  

He had known the moment Chad showed up at his door, Misha, Mike, and Tom behind him, that this night was not going to end well.  But never one that was good at saying no to friends, Jared reluctantly tagged along and maybe got a little too into the night’s festivities.  

It started off as one innocent beer, which rather quickly turned to two.  Somewhere down the road a round of shots got passed around the table and everyone knew the saying:

Beer before liquor, never sicker.  

And holy shit, was Jared sick.  He could feel his heartbeat in his head and his stomach trying to empty itself through his throat and he was not okay and needed to get to a bathroom immediately.  Scrambling to his feet he ran as quickly as he could in his sickly state, side-stepping Misha’s passed-out body on the floor and a spilled back of Cheetos.  

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