the biggest bag in the world

Imagine... Dean finding a Victoria’s Secret Bag

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Warnings: language, implied smut

A/N: quick little Dean drabble for you guys! For those of you who have seen NCIS, this was sort of inspired by the way Tony DiNozzo sneaks around when he’s prying into Tim and Ziva’s stuff. Hope you like it!

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I am struggling to recall, but has the current liberal government done anything really... 'good' at all yet...?

Major things the Trudeau government has done that I approve of:

-Welcoming 50,000+ Syrian Refugees

-Proposing and then getting Bill C-16 passed into law ‘The Trans Rights bill’, protecting Trans people in Canada from discrimination.

-Increasing grants for students, and implimenting a rule where you don’t have to pay your student loans until you’re making >$25,000 per year.

-’Unmuzzled’ scientists working for the government.

-Restored the long-form Census.

On most other major issues I’m less impressed. They’ve been a total failure on the Environment and Indigenous Rights. On healthcare they’ve rejected pharmacare and are keeping Harper’s cuts to healthcare transfers. Their tax cut for the middle class does nothing for me. I’m a low income student so Trudeau gives me $0, while the top 10% of the population get the biggest return. They cynically killed their own major promise of electoral reform. On Science they’ve been a mixed bag; getting rid of some of Harper’s war on science and restoring some funding that was cut, while at the same time cutting funding on world renowned climate science facilities, etc. I could go on and on. He’s also refused to condemn Donald Trump in any direct way, as he goes on stripping rights from American citizens.

Justin Trudeau’s time in office can be summed up with a big ‘meh’ for me. They’ve done some good things, but on so many other issues they’ve maintained the Conservatives plans or have blatantly broken their own promises. Its a very cynical kind of politics. Trudeau’s sunny image is mostly maintained by PR & photo-ops at this point.

You can see a full list of What Trudeau has done in office here:

is achievement hunter even real though? They really are like a sitcom cast of characters.

You have:

Geoff, a military journalist turned tech support guy turned internet personality who is drunk 98% of the time and covered in tattoos who’s also probably the biggest softy you’d ever see

Jack, a radio dj turned disney land worker turned, again, internet personality, who, despite his awkwardness and peoples’ inclination to bag on him (IDIOTS) is the kindest and most generous person ever omg

Gavin, a grocery store worker turned cinematographer who is simultaneously the dumbest and smartest person on the planet, who also uprooted his life to move halfway around the world for his job, which includes shows and movies and he and his american girlfriend half a british flag and american flag pillow on their respective sides of their bed okay ugh (cuties)

Michael, an electrician who gave up his entire life on a chance and moved halfway across the US for it and became a movie star like…??? oh and met his now-wife because of it like aww

and Ryan, an every day dad with a veterinarian wife and 2 kids who also happens to be a pseudo psychopath and really super crazy smart about the most random stuff ever??

School-Related Sentence Starters (Part 2)

Part one here: ( x ). Thank you to the anons who sent in suggestions!


  • “Don’t come to school tomorrow.”
  • “Can you come over later to finish this project?”
  • “I’m gonna draw a dick on the board.”
  • “Wow, someone is late again. How surprising.”
  • “Do you ever do your homework?”
  • “Was Alexander the Great gay?”
  • “Don’t spoil World War Two for me!!”
  • “I’d rather sit next to someone who isn’t you.”
  • “Class is almost over…”
  • “Is food the only thing you have in your bag?”
  • “Hey, quit reading and talk to me.”
  • “It looks like a tornado went through your locker.”
  • “Being the new kid is so awkward…”
  • “Are you really going to fight after school?”
  • “I have the biggest crush…”
  • “I can’t find ANY of my pencils.”
  • “If you let me borrow your calculator next period, I’ll give you my firstborn child.”
  • “School spirit is for idiots.”
  • “I slept for three hours last night and I wanna die.”
  • “The Collegeboard is ruining my life.”
  • “You think that’s bad? I had to get up at 4 am for practice.”
  • “I can’t believe I’m in the same class as my sibling.”
  • “Those protection goggles look good on you.”
  • “Sometimes I feel like the janitor is staring at me.”
  • “Sticky notes are the greatest invention of mankind.”
  • “Are those light up Skechers?”
  • “I’m taking all APs, please kill me.”

The Nurse’s Office

  • “I just need a band-aid..”
  • “Okay, so I’m a little more allergic to peanuts than I thought.” 
  • “You have a fever.” 
  • “Ha ha. Look at all the drugs in here.”
  • “It’s broken?”
  • “I really don’t want to get my height checked…”
  • “It’s your fault I got hurt.”
  • “You didn’t have to carry me…”
  • “Why does my weight have to be checked?” 
  • “I’m fine.”
  • “Wow, your face did a really good job catching that ball.”
  • “You don’t look so good.”
  • “Everything hurts and I’m dying.”
  • “Yeah, but you should see the other guy.”
  • “Would it be appropriate to use medical marijuana?”


  • “You brought me lunch?”
  • “Hey, sit with me.”
  • “In your face! I have Lunchables.”
  • “I dare you to eat this.”
  • “I’m sorry that your parents gave you Lunchables and don’t love you.”
  • “Are you going out?”
  • “I heard a cat screeching by the kitchen, so I’ll just skip lunch today.” 
  • “Forget this cafeteria food. Let’s get Starbucks.”
  • “Is that rabbit food?”
  • “I can’t believe they don’t have a vegan option.”
  • “Do you have any idea what’s in that?”
  • “It’s called ‘mystery meat’, and I don’t feel like calling Scooby Doo.”
  • “Sorry, I only eat ass.”
  • “I heard someone is selling ‘special brownies’ out of their locker.”


  • “You ready for the big game?”
  • “You just don’t UNDERSTAND student athletes!”
  • “Gotta get gains.”
  • “If I get lower than a C, then coach won’t let me play.” 
  • “Hey! Pass the ball.”
  • “Do you know how to catch?”
  • “I hope I’m not on the bench this time.”
  • “You’d make a great captain.”
  • “If I have to run laps one more time, I will actually die.”
  • “See my sweatband? I’m dedicated.”
  • “The team is counting on me.”
  • “Don’t be a sore loser.”
  • “Who cares anyway? It’s just a game.”
  • “The coach is such an asshole.”
  • “It’s my fault we lost…”
  • “Try-outs were brutal. I think I need to be in bed for a week.”
  • “Dating a cheerleader is like, my dream.”
  • “That cheerleader is SO hot.” 
  • “Cheerleaders were created for the male gaze.”
  • “Cheerleading is a sport! You think backflips are easy?”
  • “I will shove these pom poms up your ass.”

The Bathroom

  • “It stinks in here.”
  • “Did you hear that the toilet is haunted?”
  • “Come with me! I need to fix my hair.”
  • “I just took a shit and there’s no soap. Let me wipe my hands on you.”
  • “This graffiti has spelling mistakes.”
  • “Why are you crying?”
  • “I’m just in here to smoke.”
  • “Oh my god, are you throwing up?”
  • “Someone peed on the floor.”
  • “There’s toilet paper on your shoe.”
  • “What if someone walks in?”
  • “Yeah, climbing through the bathroom window is a great idea.”
  • “Are you cheating right now?”

The Principal’s Office

  • “I don’t see the ‘pal’ in ‘principal’.”
  • “It wasn’t me!! It was her/him/them!!”
  • “A-am I in trouble?”
  • “Whatever it was, I didn’t do it.”
  • “He/she/they hit me first!”
  • “They’re going to call my parents.”
  • “Look, it was just a prank. It got out of hand.”
  • “You HAVE to help me out of this.”
  • “I’m just here to make copies.”
  • “Ha! I can’t get suspended.”
  • “I hope you get what you deserve.”
  • “Now the POLICE are involved?!”
  • “It was just a few balloons filled with paint…”
  • “You don’t have any proof.”
  • “No, I won’t do it again…maybe…”
Girl Next Door - Part Two

Harry pulled open the door to the small studio in the gym. He knew he would find her there, it’s where she always was. Harry had watched her dance multiple times in the studio, too many times to count. He watched her bruise her knees, twist her ankles, hurt herself, too many times in this studio. But she loved it. She loved how small it was, she loved the smell, she loved the feeling of being in there.

Years later and Harry used the weight room next door, most of the time he would stop, peek in the window and watch her. He would watch as she would move with the music, letting out her anger, her sadness, her energy. He loved watching her dance, it was where she belonged, where she wanted to be, and he knew it.

He was right, she was there, moving her hand on her back, right about her bum, the other to her head as she turned and looked over shoulder, she dropped the move, jumping to the right where he stood, her hands in the air. She stopped, the music still blasting.

“Can we help you?” she asked, walking to her speaker and shutting it off, it was then Harry noticed she wasn’t alone.

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One day I walked into my free period class room and I saw one of the kids from the autistic program at my school and I had some friends in there already so I was like you know what sure I’ll sit next to him he looks nice. So I sat next to him and he was the sweetest little dude in there world. He was older than me but really short and when I sat down he got the biggest smile on his face. Then he got all shy called me pretty and my heart fucking exploded. Then people from around the other tables looked at him and were like “Looks like you’ve got a crush there.” and he get all flustered and he still had a big goofy grin on his face and I couldn’t stop smiling

But that not the best part


GOT7: you’re in pain from period cramps

girl, I know period pain. I used to vomit every time I had a period! but the doctor said that’s unhealthy so now I take meds for that lmfao


Mark would immediately know what was wrong as soon as he saw you swaddled in blankets and whimpering into a pillow. He’d plop on the bed next to you, brushing your hair out of your face and shooting you an empathetic smile. “You ok, Y/N?” he’d ask, and wouldn’t flinch if you threw a pillow at him for asking such a stupid question, instead finding it sort of endearing. He’d do anything you asked if it made you feel better- back rubs, cuddles, not talking for the rest of the week, buying $678 worth of takeout- you name it, he’ll do it. 


Jaebum wouldn’t have much of an outward reaction to finding you whimpering in bed, but he’d figure out the situation pretty quickly, deciding to lie next to you and wrap his arms around you. He’s definitely the type to go out and buy all of your favorite foods and candies and pile them next to you on the bed while he puts on your favorite show. Won’t be offended if you want to be alone, but is also totally down to cuddle with you to help you feel better. If you asked him to buy you tampons or pads, he wouldn’t even flinch. He understands that they’re something you need and he would never be embarrassed about helping his girl


JInyoung would already have an emergency hoard of candy and movies and tampons stashed away somewhere, so when he sees you in pain, he’s prepared for anything. He’d try to comfort you and reassure you that it would all be over soon while holding you until your pain died down a bit. He’d make you drink lots of water and take a painkiller so that you wouldn’t suffer as much, checking up on you every hour or so with a comforting smile on his face. 


At first, Jackson would freak out internally. Not because he’s grossed out by periods or anything, but because he doesn’t know how to go about comforting you. He’d settle for hugging you and telling you he loves you over and over again because in his mind, that makes everything better. If you told him to roll off, he’d do it immediately, cautiously glancing at your face to try and read your mood. He will do whatever you ask him too, ok? He just wants to be able to make you happy and he’s willing to do a lot to reach that end 


Youngjae, too, would freak out because !! his girlfriend is in pain and what does he do about it? He’d ask you if you were ok what u think and if you wanted him to buy anything for you. If you did, he’d sprint to the store so fast and be back in the blink of an eye like damn son. You’d have to ask him to cuddle you if you wanted him to hold you because he’s so lost and unsure of what to do in the situation, but he’s happy as long as he’s helping you feel better. After many months of dealing with your periods, he’ll be the best at cheering you up, but it’s a process


BamBam wouldn’t know how to make you feel better other than distracting you from your period pains good luck bro so when he saw you whimpering on the bed, he’d plop down next to you, wrap an arm around you, and tell you bizarre stories about the members. If he saw you were still wincing, he’d get worried and ask if you needed medication or something and does he need to run to the store?? he will run to the store whether you ask him to or not. Like, he’ll literally run because he’s an airhead and buy you all your favorite foods, advil, some movies, and a stuffed animal. When he gets home, he’s going to throw the bag at you, though, so don’t think he’s sweet just yet


Yugyeom wants to make you feel better, but he also wants to survive the week, so unless you ask him to stick around and talk to you, he’s going to assume you don’t want to see him and will keep a safe distance. He’ll definitely buy you candies and a plushie and present them to you with the biggest, cutest smile in the world, though, because that’s just how he is. If you asked him to cuddle you, he’d rub your back and try to make you laugh in order to take your mind off of your cramps laughing hurts, tho 

By who do the zodiac signs fall in love (boys version)

Aries: With that popular and energetic girl, who knows how to crack stupid jokes and how to have fun. The model with long hair and legs is Aries’s bae

Taurus: With that sweet girl with pretty long hair who learns a lot but when she’s alone with her friends she is so funny and cool, short sexy girl is his type.

Gemini: With that sexy and nerdy girl that never speaks to others, the one with short hair and long sweaters reading books about love ❤️

Cancer: With that innocent girl with a sweet smile and voice , who doesn’t know anything about love, the one with a big heart

Leo: With that noisy girl whit curly hair and natural look, with forms ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and a great mind! The one who speaks her mind and her soul, the “mother” type

Virgo: With that talented girl who listens to music in the back of the classroom, that girl with an authentic smile and beautiful eyes

Libra: With that shy and innocent girl that has a sad smile, that broken girl who needs help and love, the girl with beautiful eyes but with hair blocking the way

Scorpio: With the silent girl in the back of the class that is scribbling something on her notebook, the smart and sexy one who is also shy ,but god, TOO HOT!

Sagittarius: With the adventurous and smart girl with long hair and beautiful body who knows about life and has a lot of dreams to share (also a bed in her van )

Capricorn: With the mysterious and special girl who has a different personality and nobody knows her true self, that confident and good working girl

Aquarius: With that special and different girl who has a smile of an angel and the ideas of a serial killer, the one with short hair and alcohol in her bag

Pisces: With that fighter girl, who has the biggest heart in the world , caring and dreamy, that girl in front of the class screaming about collegiality

the Defective Uzumaki - Ch. 2

You can start from the beginning here on AO3 if you missed it. Brief catch-up: in this AU, Madara and Hashirama have started Konoha as teenagers due to their fathers’ deaths, Izuna is still alive, and Madara and Hashirama formed arranged political alliance marriages with the Uzumaki sisters–Mito and Sakura. Sakura is only a tween when they start their “marriage”, so while the age gap isn’t that big, it is definitely still a marriage in name only.

@yomi-gaeru allowed me to use her art to illustrate this story which is a good thing because this story is completely inspired by her beautiful art. She is amazing! There is a scene which is based on this comic specifically.

@madasakuweek prompt: get away

Ch. 2: Rabbits and Foxes

Madara thought he had been saddled with a timid little rabbit as a wife. It didn’t take long for him to figure out that was wrong.

The only rabbit-like thing about Sakura was her frequent choice of big red hair bow. She quickly became best friends with two cousins of his about her age and the three of them—two dark heads and one pink one—were soon scrambling all over the nascent Konoha and its environs, sometimes joined by other Uchiha girls of varying ages or even Senju ones. Madara treated Sakura with benign neglect. He was often away, performing missions for funding, while the more diplomatic Hashirama attempted to entice other clans to join their new experiment of a ninja village. Even when he was in the village, he generally only saw her at meals and bedtime, when she would talk his ear off about her training and adventures. He generally only half-listened.

Nobody was more surprised than Madara when he began to miss her chatter when he was away on missions.

She was bossy, and she had a temper, but these were faults he shared and probably indulged in more than she did.

Keeping a wife got more aggravating as she got older.

“I think somebody has a crush.” Izuna’s sing-song voice was pitched irritatingly high.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Madara grunted. “Are we ready to head out?”

“Oh come on, at least give her a little wave. It’s adorable.” Izuna gestured with his eyebrows and a slight shift of the head, and Madara glanced at what he had been avoiding looking at: Sakura, practically radiating hearts and rainbows at them.

She squealed when she noticed she had been noticed. “Danna-sama! Izuna-nii-san! Goodbye! Have a good mission!”

The two girls with her giggled. “Madara-sama! Izuna-sama! Have a safe mission!”

The redness in his ears was due to the heat of the day. Not embarrassment.

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The world was going under, but everyone was pretty chill about it, even tho lava was coming out of the ground. My biggest problem was getting a big tray of eggs in a bag without all the eggs falling out as I lifted the bag. My brother told me it was better to put the eggs in a bowl. We were on our way to live on an island. While at the island, we watched a live stream of people all over the world walking around trying to survive.

YAS! I’ve been waiting for one like this. *cracks knuckles* Hope you’re having a good day too, sweetie! 😁

Leo: It wasn’t often Leonardo dared to venture out of the lair while the sun was up but he was feeling particularly needy this day and he knew you had the entire day off so he was going to make the most out of this while he had the chance. It wasn’t easy sneaking away but once he got topside he made his way quickly across the roof tops until he landed on yours with a loud thump. What he saw completely threw him for a loop and turned his green skin several different shades of red. There you were in all your glory, headphones in your ears and eyes closed behind dark tinted sunglasses that kept you from noticing or hearing him tumble upon your roof. You don’t know how long Leo stood there, neither does he. You two have yet to get to this level in your relationship and this wasn’t how Leo expected seeing you exposed. Your eyes opened feeling someone staring at you and you squealed and threw a towel over yourself. Leo then panicked and turned his back muttering apologies and how he should’ve called first. You never got a word in before he scrambled away in embarrassment. After that he didn’t come around for two or three days so you took it upon yourself to march right down to the lair and into his room. The moment he saw you his cheeks flushed. Locking his door you just smiled sweetly, “I don’t mind you looking, Sweetie. But I think now since you got a sneak peek I think it’s only fair to return the favor.” Let’s just say a ‘sneak peek’ wasn’t all you got that night up against his door.

Raph:: You’d think because of his rebellious attitude that he’d be smug as hell, oh hell no. On the day Raphael catches you on the roof in your birthday suit he’s on his way to return some books and movies you had let the brothers borrow a few weeks ago. When he didn’t find you in your room he ventured to the roof and got the eyefull of his life. There you were, laying on your stomach 'pregaming’ for your summer tan. “Shit!” He’d curse while dropping your stuff all over the roof. This sudden commotion causes you to sit right up, giving him a full frontal view. He can’t look away, almost like he’s in a trance. He was a boy after all and you were the first naked person he had seen except from the internet. Once reality settled into his thoughts he freaks out and rushes over to wrap you up in a towel. “No! No, No! You can’t lay out in the sun without clothes on, Y/N. Ya know how many perverts are out here in the city? I don’t want 'em thinkin’ they can look at what’s mine.” He’d growl, growing jealous of the thought of any man or woman’s eyes gawking at your beautiful form. “My eyes only, babe.” After giggling at his jealous rage you’d take him back down to your place so he could show you just who you belong to….several times(just to make sure you got the point).

Donnie:: Poor Donatello, this poor boy can be a fumbling mess when he gets aroused and flustered. You had been with Donnie for a while and things never progressed pass kisses and cuddles, all things you liked but you were ready to take things to the next level. Knowing he’d never make a move because he’s always so busy, your brilliant mind came up with a surefire plan to get his attention. You even enlisted the help of April to keep the other boys distracted while she sends Donnie your way. It took a while but once you heard the familiar thud on the roof you smiled glancing over at Donnie who was wide eyed and as red as Raph’s mask. There you were all sprawled out for his gazing eyes and lord help did he let his eyes wander. You’d call to him with your normal greeting and pat the spot next to you, giggling as he stumbled and fumbled over his words before finally sitting down next to you, forcing his eyes away. “Y-yeah k-know, Y/N, t-too m-many sun rays c-can be bad for y-your skin.” He’d stutter and stumble all over his words. You’d then see your opening, shamelessly you asked for him to apply more sunscreen, which he complies. He’d holding himself together until he gets to your thighs and let’s just say once he gets you inside, he’s hands aren’t the only thing between your legs after that. He can only be pushed so far.

Mikey:: Folks might think Michelangelo would be the most innocent of his brothers because of his lovable child like behavior that gives him this halo of innocence, but don’t be fooled, he’s the biggest kink master of all his brothers because of his natural curiosity and internet. He’d be on his way to see you, video game console in the bag so you two could have a nice laid back day of playing video games, cuddling and eating take out. He’d thrilled for this day but once he lands on your roof to be greeted by you laid back in your chair completely on display for him and the whole world with your arms folded back behind your head making everything visible, something snaps. At first he does blush and so do you. As you go to cover yourself he stops you with a smug smirk. “Don’t cover up on my account, baby.” He’d strut over with a new found confidence you’d never seen before and it only made you blush brighter. Mikey, while highly aroused is no less the gentleman, he asks if your comfortable before he gets closer, of course you’d nod eagerly because aroused Mikey is sexy Mikey. His hands were then on you in seconds. He didn’t care if it was on the roof or not, his mind was 110% on you and you loved every minute of it. Once you FINALLY make it inside you both explore each other. Trial and error, babes. This is the only time(other than video games) that you’d see Mikey striving to be a protectionist. Thank the gods he’s a quick study.

Growing Love -2- Suga

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Growing Love - Suga - Requested by @mxrxxsxh 💜

Parts: Masterlist |01| |02| 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 | 10 |

Pairing: Suga x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Romance

Word count; 3.152

Synopsis: Marrying someone you didn’t know was something you never thought you’d do but as you didn’t want to defy your parents you decided to do it and when you met Min Yoongi you felt you made the right decision as you both agreed that love needed to grow.

When he placed his lips against yours, you felt a warm tingle go through your body, you actually liked his kiss but he pulled back way too soon and you couldn’t help but look disappointed, he was smirking as if he knew exactly what you were thinking but there was no time to say something as you had to hurry. Yoongi grabbed your hand and pulled you along with him and you managed to keep a straight face when you faced your parents and after they hugged you, they send you off on your honeymoon. It went all so fast but it was the only way to confuse the fans, you had to change your clothes at the airport, which was ridiculous because the second you entered Incheon airport, all eyes were on you and it was really frustrating but at least there was security.

“You should change,” Yoongi said apologetic and you just nodded and took the bag from him and walked into the bathroom, you had the biggest trouble getting out of the dress and you couldn’t be more grateful to an ahjumma who offered to help with the little buttons on the back. She gave you the privacy and kept others out, so you could change while using a bit more room and when you opened the bag, you were slightly surprised to see the sweats and the simple shirt, he even had packed your Vans, how in the world did he know this was the way you liked to travel? Your mother didn’t even know this and when you found the sunglasses you couldn’t be more thankful because you had spotted the paparazzi and this would definitely throw them off. After you got changed you thanked the Ahjumma a second time and even gave her a little present before running to a waiting Yoongi.

“Wow, I almost didn’t recognize you.”

“Well, you picked this out so.”

“I know, you’re wearing my clothes, at least the shirt is mine,” he smirked and threw his arm around your shoulder and steered you in the right direction and as you got to the check in paparazzi were yelling and clicking away, you even pulled the cap lower, just to hide your face and Yoongi tried to shelter you, without much success but the thought was what counted and you couldn’t be happier when you had checked in and was walking through security. “I’m sorry about that.” you shrugged because let’s face it, this was out of his control and you really should get used to it. “It’s okay but can we get something to eat now?”

“Of course, what do you want?”

“Let’s get some ramen.”


“Yeah, I like ramen.” that made him smile for some reason and together you walked into a store to buy them and when he directed you to the first class lounge, you could tell he had been here before. “I will make your ramen.”

“That’s really not necessary.” you took the cup ramen from him and made them yourself and the only thing he did was stare at you but there was no judgment but only admiration and together you ate the ramen, the silence wasn’t awkward. “So we’re going to Hawaii?” you couldn’t help but ask and he nodded excitingly “I really wanted to take you there, I hope you don’t mind.”

“Are you crazy, I’ve never been to Hawaii before, so I’m actually really excited!”

“Thank God because I had to choose between Hawaii and America.”

“Well as much as I love America, I do prefer Hawaii, I can use some relax time.” you smiled whilst throwing away the ramen. “Do you know how to say hi in Hawaii?” of course you knew this but he sounded so enthusiastic that you shook your head. “Ah it’s really easy, you just have to put your fingers like this.” he actually grabbed your right hand and adjusted them for you, which was the cutest thing ever. “And when you’re done you just have to say “aloha.” and that’s how you say hi in Hawaii.”

“Really?! Thank you for showing me.” you couldn’t resist as you kissed him on the cheek and when you saw his shocked expression you almost apologized but she actually smiled and locked his eyes with yours and before you could sit back he pulled you closer and kissed you gently and this time the kiss lasted longer but he kept it light as he wasn’t using his tongue, this probably because he didn’t want to freak you out. His lips were soft against yours and without knowing it your hands went around his neck and when you pulled him closer he pulled away and pressed a kiss to your nose. “We can’t do this here.” he reached up to remove your arms gently and sat back, breathing heavily. You were also catching your breath and you couldn’t be happier about the chemistry you were sharing, this could be promising because a relationship or marriage without any chemistry is not something you wanted.

“So do you want to know, what I planned for when we arrive?”


“First off, we’re going to buy Hawaiian shirts and we need to do a bit of grocery shopping, as I rented a cabin, that looks out over the ocean. Then we are going to have a peaceful evening because we’re bound to be jetlagged.”

“Okay I like that and what are we doing the next day?”

“Are you afraid of sharks?”

“Well, I can’t say I’m a big fan of them, why?”

“Let’s look at it as a trust exercise but we are going to swim with sharks.”

“Sorry, what did you just say?” you didn’t want to sound like a whimp but you suffered from “Selachophobia”, which was a severe fear of sharks and you just couldn’t get excited about this plan, your face must’ve betrayed you because he looked worried. “Why are you turning white?”

“I downplayed my affection towards sharks a bit but I have Selachophobia, which means I have a severe fear of sharks, so I’m not sure if it’s a good idea.”

“No this is a good thing because this way you will learn that you can trust me and maybe get over your fear. I mean we will be safe in a cage, they really can’t reach us.”

“But what if, the shark does get in and you can’t tell me, that doesn’t happen because I’ve seen video’s.”

“I’m sure it’s safe, I did it before and nothing happened so just trust me okay?” you took a deep breath and just nodded but in your mind you were already trying to make excuses to get out of it but then again you didn’t want to disappoint him as he probably did his best to put the honeymoon together. The flight was getting called and together you walked to the gate and when you finally were up in the sky, you felt like you could breathe again and you could use this time to study a bit and as you took all the things you needed, Yoongi stopped you for a second.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m studying, why?”

“Wait you really brought homework with you on our honeymoon.” you nodded hesitantly because he made it sound as if you were crazy but he apparently didn’t understand how difficult it was to become a doctor and you really needed to study every single day. “I need to study.”

“Not on this honeymoon.” he actually took away your homework and put it back in your bag, it was something you didn’t expect. “Yah, you can’t do that, it’s not like we can do something else right now.” that’s when he pulled out his laptop and as he opened a file, you were surprised by a number of movies and you couldn’t help but see a few movies that were definitely not meant for others to see. “We’re going to watch movies together, you should relax on this trip.”

“You don’t even know what kind of movies I like.”

“That’s why I have so much. I asked Taehyung what kind of movies women would like and he gave me a bunch of options together with Jin, so I think I’m safe.” you scanned through the list and there were a few good options. There was one movie that you really liked but it was an action movie. “Well if you are forcing me to watch a movie then I would like to see “Need for Speed” you knew it was a bad movie but then again you couldn’t help but love it, you know you had surprised him with your choice but he didn’t say anything but just handed you one side of the earbuds and as he started the movie, a flight attendant offered you some champagne, to celebrate that you were married, this was probably the perks of flying first class. You made yourself comfortable as far as you could and focused on the movie but it didn’t take you long to feel sleepy and Yoongi was playing with your hair absentmindedly, which was really good and you tried to make a deal with yourself for staying awake but a few hours later Yoongi kissed your forehead to wake you up and you were lying with your head on his chest, which definitely meant you had lost your fight.

“We arrived.” he got up and took your hand in his so he could pull you with him and as you got off the plane you were greeted with a lei, which was really beautiful and it brought the cute side of Yoongi out as he was all over the place with his “Aloha.” it was really cute and you completely forgot about the fact that he took away your work because you know he had a point and you should really just enjoy this week and as you collected your suitcase he was talking to the driver, who would take you to the cabin. “Y/n, are you ready?” he called over his shoulder and you quickly joined them and as you enjoyed the landscape whilst driving to the cabin, you couldn’t help but notice that Yoongi was sitting against you, he was also playing with your fingers, which was kind of distracting but you felt happy that he felt comfortable enough to do things like that, he wasn’t afraid of skinship, which was important because you loved skinship.

The sun was already setting when you finally arrived at the cabin and Yoongi kept surprising you as it was a cozy cabin, nothing too big or too small and there was a pool, which you liked, you were an early riser and you always loved to swim in the morning, so this would be amazing, that is until you got inside the cabin because there was a slight problem, there was only one bedroom, which meant, one bed.

“I know what you’re thinking but eventually we have to sleep together, so this is just to adjust and don’t worry I won’t try anything not until you’re ready, so please don’t freak out about it.” It was cute that he was worried about your reaction and to be completely honest you were just a little nervous but that was it, you actually didn’t mind sleeping with him in the same bed because you were already crazy about his scent and his body warmth, so this wouldn’t be a big problem. “I’m not worried, just don’t try anything crazy because I will kick you out of the bed.” you smiled mischievously which made him chuckle and out of nowhere he tapped your butt. He startled himself with this because he immediately started to apologize but you shut him up real fast by putting your hand in front of his mouth. “Really don’t apologize, I don’t mind it.” you left him with that and you quickly started to unpack your stuff, you even changed into shorts and a shirt because it was really warm. “When are we going to buy groceries?”

“Well we’re not, somebody already took care of that and he even bought us Hawaiian shirts.” he pointed at the table and sure enough there were two shirts that looked alike and you couldn’t help but feel all giddy when you saw it were couple shirts. “Well, do you want to go swim?”

“I’m actually quite tired, so if you don’t mind, I really could use some sleep.” you felt a bit disappointed but nodded anyway. “Okay, just get some sleep then.” you gave him a kiss on his cheek but before you could walk away he pulled you back and pressed his lips firmly against yours and this was the first time he touched your lips with his tongue and you couldn’t help but open up for him and as he held you tightly against his body, he also deepened the kiss as one of his hands went into your hair, without realizing you quietly moaned into his mouth when he gently tugged at your hair, which made his body react and if you hadn’t made a deal about having sex, you don;t think you would have resisted him but after a while he let you go and gave you a little peck before he disappeared into the bedroom. You followed him but only to get your bikini so you could swim and enjoy the evening sun and as you changed your clothes in the bathroom you decided not to shock him too much and you actually pulled a sundress over your head before walking towards the pool, you felt his eyes follow you but you didn’t pay attention to it and as soon you reached the pool you dived in and swum a few laps, when you suddenly thought about dinner and that’s when you decided to cook for the both of you and as you were handling the barbecue you suddenly felt were pulled in a back hug but because you were wearing nothing more than a bikini it felt like your body suddenly was on fire but you tried to hide it, as it was fruitless right now.

“Are you awake?”

“No, I’m still dreaming.”

“Really, what kind of scene is this?”

“You don’t want to know.”


“It’s a bit sexy.”

“Really, well then continue please.” you smiled as you turned around in his arms. “Are you hungry?” he locked his eyes with your and nodded. “I’m famished woman.” you chuckled and pointed at the meat on the barbecue and he understood what you wanted, he started to help by placing everything you needed on the table, he even cooked the rice and to both of your surprise, you worked really well together and as you were enjoying the food, the sun had finally set, which meant you could enjoy the stars in the sky and as you had cleaned the table, you went out into the field and just laid down to watch the stars and it was amazing how many there were, you didn’t even notice Yoongi lying down next to you. “Beautiful isn’t it.” you quickly turned your face and wondered when he arrived but the only thing that was really beautiful right now was Yoongi himself, the way the light fell on his face, it was as if he was from some fictional word but you weren’t going to tell him that. “It really is.” you smiled, which he returned, he even took your hand into his and pulled you closer, when he suddenly hovered above you and as he studied your face you couldn;t resist him any longer and you pressed your lips against his and as you were exploring the kiss you never once felt the need to stop and move away from him.

“Let’s go to bed,” he whispered this to your lips and for a second you were afraid he wasn’t going to keep his promise but as he led you into the room he gave you some privacy to change your clothes and this was going to be interesting as you only slept in an oversized shirt and underwear, you weren’t planning on changing that habit, so you were really curious about how he would respond but before he got the chance for that you were already under the blankets but he was the biggest surprise because he entered the room in only his boxers and you know your eyes grew big because it was quite revealing. “You like what you see?” he asked cheekily and you couldn’t help but hide your face under the blankets but he quickly pulled them off and you saw the appreciation when he saw you weren’t wearing much either and the fact that he was checking you out, made you all tingly. He pulled the blankets back and crawled under them and as you half expected him to move his back towards you, he made sure he was facing you.

His arms went around your waist and gently he pulled you closer until you were at kissing distance, which he took advantage off but this time he didn’t put much strength behind it, which drove you even crazier because there were so many sides to him and you were curious to see what treats you hadn’t encountered but for the time being, you were pleased enough with him just kissing you like this. You started to feel sleepy when he finally pulled back and started to play with your hair and as you closed your eyes, you couldn’t remember if you ever had been happier than you were now.

The next morning, you woke up because someone was smothering you but it wasn’t uncomfortable and as you opened your eyes you looked straight into Yoongi’s face and this really did your heart melt because he was so peaceful, which made you feel good because this probably meant that he felt comfortable with you and you had a feeling that this arranged marriage wasn’t such a bad thing after all and as you were enjoying the view you suddenly remembered what you were going to do today and that’s when the nerves kicked in because you really didn’t want to swim with sharks and as you felt a panic attack rise, you decided the best way to get rid of it was by taking a cold shower and as you stepped under the shower, you instantly started to feel more relaxed and as you were mindlessly brushing your teeth after showering, the door suddenly opened, showing a disheveled Yoongi. “Good morning.” he just mumbled something unintelligent and you just had to chuckle at this because he definitely wasn’t a morning person and as you walked out to give him his privacy he stopped you for a second.

“You’re beautiful, please make me breakfast.”

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cadito-7  asked:

Do you subscribe to the theory that Syrio Forel IS Hagar? The Faceless man?

Thanks for the question, @caditopotter​​!

Well, PQ already gave you a pretty great answer, and I agree with the thematic and genre notes in his sacrifice, but, I’d like to elaborate that, logistically speaking, the timelines don’t mesh up well:

I got thirty this time, men and boys all bound for the Wall, and don’t be thinking they’re like that bastard brother o’ yours. Lord Eddard gave me pick o’ the dungeons, and I didn’t find no little lordlings down there.

“Rugen was here when need be, my lord. That must be said. The black cells are little used. Before your lordship’s little brother was sent down, we had Grand Maester Pycelle for a time, and before him Lord Stark the traitor. There were three others, common men, but Lord Stark gave them to the Night’s Watch. I did not think it good to free those three, but the papers were in proper order. I made note of that in a report as well, you may be certain of it.”

So, Jaqen H'ghar was already in the black cells while Ned was still alive and Syrio was teaching Arya. And, keep in mind, the black cells seem to be used for the absolute worst of criminals, seeing how Rennifer Longwaters speaks of them being “little used”, Cersei thinks of how they were not “not oft been occupied in recent years”, Varys’ speech about the progressively more unpleasant dungeon levels and the fact that Rorge and Biter were Jaqen’s company. So it’s not a case where Syrio took a random or innocent man’s identity, Jaqen himself did something to warrant the black cells.

There’s also the logistics of the Lannister forces killing off all the Stark loyalists in King’s Landing, yet Syrio was able to escape from Meryn Trant, despite a broken wooden sword and Meryn having steel, somehow get through the dungeons and turn into Jaqen… it just strikes me easier to go with Occam’s Razor and consider Syrio dead.

Though, there are other reasons beyond Occam’s Razor to assume Syrio died in that final struggle.

First off, characterization:

Syrio Forel stepped between them, tapping his wooden sword lightly against his boot. “You will be stopping there. Are you men or dogs that you would threaten a child?”

“Syrio, run,” she screamed.

“The first sword of Braavos does not run,” he sang as Ser Meryn slashed at him.

This is not a man who would run away from protecting a child just to save himself, nor ignore an injustice when he is capable of combating against it. Basic text already rules out those possibilities from Syrio’s own lips.

Second off, how it pertains to Arya’s journey. One of the biggest themes of her character arc is how to serve justice in a world teeming full of casual and brutal injustices. Her second chapter alone has her ruminate on the sheer injustice of Lady and her friend Mycah’s deaths:

They’d let the queen kill Lady, that was horrible enough, but then the Hound found Mycah. Jeyne Poole had told Arya that he’d cut him up in so many pieces that they’d given him back to the butcher in a bag, and at first the poor man had thought it was a pig they’d slaughtered. And no one had raised a voice or drawn a blade or anything, not Harwin who always talked so bold, or Alyn who was going to be a knight, or Jory who was captain of the guard. Not even her father.

There’s a dearth of justice in Westeros and even Arya has to reflect that friends and loved ones she was close to were willing to casually let the injustices of those deaths go because to outcry against them was too inconvenient or they didn’t care enough to do so. But, through Syrio, she sees a person willing to stand up and hold his ground against the (likely to follow) abuse of innocents.

And it pays off, considering Arya leaves King’s Landing. Justice exists and, from there, Arya has been alive to commit to meting it when she is able to.

Plus, all of Arya’s mentors seem to die on her, from the literal of Yoren and Beric (multiple times!) to the metaphorical (Jaqen and the Hound.) I don’t think Syrio himself would be able to escape this pattern, seeing how the others didn’t.

Third off, how it pertains to ASoIaF because Syrio’s death is a case that supports the reading that ASoIaF is not grimdark and one of its greater themes.

One of the main theses, if not the thesis, of ASoIaF is that you must hold against the darkness and cold winds in both the magical and political realms. You must stand up against atrocities and monsters, even though you may not be rewarded for it, because there is always a choice and a right one and people must make them to combat the world’s horrors and injustices .

ASoIaF absolutely has its share of last stands, existential victories and people stubbornly trying to hold onto their convictions in the face of the abyss. To hold firm to their ideals and fight back against abuse, dehumanization and cruelty. Syrio made the right choice and spent the last of his life defending an innocent child from being abused by Lannister soldiers… and gave Arya a chance to live.

It matters that Syrio gave his life to let Arya escape, not that he got killed by Meryn Trant.

Hope this satisfies!

Beach Watch

Title: Beach Watch

Characters: Dean and Reader

Word Count: 1,060

Warning: Just some much needed fluff

A/N: This is for @uttertrash–butlikecutetrash and for everyone else who wants some fluffy Dean. Summer can’t come soon enough! Enjoy!!

“Dean! Come on! We didn’t go all this way for you to mope in the car.”

When Dean didn’t get out you went to his side, opened the door, and tried to drag him out.

“Come on dude. You’re gonna love it!”

“Yeah, I doubt it. Just gonna get sand everywhere.”

“Yeah,” you laughed turning towards the water and squinting your eyes in the sun. “Take off your shoes and enjoy the beach!”

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anonymous asked:

Can you do an angsty fic based off the song "Dancing on My Own" by Calum Scott pa-leeeaaasseee! I'm in a very angsty mood right now and need this. Cheers! xo

i have been watching old niall interviews from after he released this town and in one of them he said after writing this town he had kind of a funk and like the next 30 songs he wrote were “absolute crap”. how do you think he would act coming home from the studio to his missus during that time? small drabble maybe please!

So I joined these.  The second one isn’t exact but I felt it fit here.  Enjoy the pain y’all.

“Willie…ya wanna go out tonight?”

“Um…suuuuuuure.”  Willie answered in a slight state of shock.  

I couldn’t blame him.  It usually wasn’t my idea to hit the clubs.  Not lately anyway.  I had an album to write and record.  I’d promised it would be out by spring, summer at the latest.  And when I’d released “This Town” I really thought I could meet that deadline.

But nothing I’d written since “This Town” was worth the paper it was written on.  I couldn’t put together a coherent though no matter what I did.  The last 30 songs had to be the worst shit I’d ever egotistically called music.

I needed a release.  The pressure I was putting on myself was stifling.  I couldn’t think.  I couldn’t write.  And worst of all, I couldn’t feel.

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Title: Touch the Butts Hobbit Edition— Shield

 Summary: You were a simple office worker, until a twist of fate sends you tumbling into Middle Earth and into the Company of Thorin Oakenshield.  You don’t know what to expect, you don’t know if you will survive, but you have this feeling that there is a great love story in the making.  But who will be the one you are destined to be with?  Make your choice and Touch the Butts.  

 Warnings: Danger. Violence. Mild Injury. Language. Shit goes down.

 Start at the Beginning

Originally posted by tolkiencraft

If someone had asked you, and you had to answer honestly or die, you would admit…you had favorites among the dwarves, but favorites in different ways.  

If you were looking at your favorites through the eyes of family, then it would be Balin, Oin, and Dori.  The three of them had become a mixture of grandfather (because of the white hair), father, and weird uncle all at once.  Anytime you needed comfort, or someone to talk to, they were always there…well…except for Oin.  You couldn’t really talk to him as his hearing seemed to get worse as the travels went along.  The highlight of misunderstanding was when you were complaining about Thorin looking at you like you had a fifth head and you had said ‘I’m trying my best’, which had been apparently transformed to ‘I like my breasts’.  

Damn Oin.

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Foxes & Hounds - Chapter 1

Hello, everyone!
This is a fic won in the STH auction by @the-vorkosigan. I had the most wonderful time writing this and am really excited to have written a buddy cop AU, something I had never attempted before. I hope you have fun reading this!

Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Ao3 link

Steve pulled out his flip phone as he walked out of the terminal into the bustling mess of the reception area. The reception was always a jumble with his Neolithic piece of tech, but Steve wasn’t usually a guy who liked to throw things of the past while they still held value.

Usually was a point to stress, especially at present, as Steve stepped into the familiar air of New York - a piece of the past he had abandoned five years ago.

He skimmed through the messages on his phone, sighing exasperatedly as he read the 13 messages from Bucky and Sam together in various degrees of snarky concern. He was reading the 12th message when the screen changed and a flashing name of Nick Fury came on.

“Rogers,” Steve said as he took the call, keeping his voice deliberately light and moving onto the curb to hail a cab, “I’m here, sir. Will be there in an hour.”

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playing house | 7

Originally posted by gotjhope

member: hoseok x reader
word count: 1,775
warnings: hoseok is only in this for like, a millisecond

summary: it’s not like you’re hard pressed for cash, but there is that spring break trip you need to save up for, so why not grab your best friend and pretend to be a couple for some research study? what could possibly go wrong?

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Figured You Out

A/N: I’m never quite sure if songs take me to the right places when I’m writing, but I don’t think this was a bad place for this song to take me. Good thing it’s smut appreciation day.

Request:  Okay is there anyway you could maybe do a song fic for me? A Sam one (or Jared maybe? Up to you- whichever you think fits better) to Figured You Out by Nickelback?

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1,016

Warnings: Oral (male and female receiving) 

(Gif not mine)

It had been a month. A very long, very stressful month. It had been hunt after hunt after hunt, and you were beat. You dreamed for a week off but that of course was only a dream. You and the boys had just finished a rugarou hunt, and had just gotten back to the motel when Dean was telling you and Sam about some weird deaths taking place in Oklahoma, and that you’d leave in the morning.

“I can’t, Dean.” you tried. He just looked at you, like something was wrong with you.

“Can’t what?” he sneered.

“I mean I can’t. I’m not wired like you and Sam, I need a break.” You sat down at the foot of one of the beds to yank your boots off.

“Well this isn’t a day job at the Gas n’ Sip sweetheart-” Dean stood up, making his way towards the door to go get dinner- “you can’t just request off.”

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