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BTS In Bed Part II (Based on Their Lilith and Eros Signs) - Maknae Line

warning: mature content ahead

Part I one can be found here!

As an introduction, Lilith and Eros are two key placements to look at when trying to explore someone’s sexuality through astrology. Black Moon Lilith illuminates the dark side of your sexuality, and reveals one’s desires, fantasies, and kinks. Eros is an asteroid that encompasses one’s deepest passions and wants.

Jimin - Pisces Eros, Cancer Lilith

  • both of these placements, along others in his chart, indicate a lover who places a lot of value on having an emotional connection with his partner
  • the way into his pants is through his heart
  • first let’s explore his pisces eros
  • a very sensual placement
  • more than any of sign, eros in pisces is looking for not only a partner but a soulmate
  • for them sex is another way to become closer with their partner; a binding of two souls
  • craves intimacy and romance
  • the phrase they want to hear the most is “i love you
  • love tender touches, roaming kisses, whispered sweet words
  • body worship
  • eye contact, hand holding
  • all the cheesiness
  • need a romantic atmosphere to get in the mood
  • a giver
  • gains pleasure from pleasuring his partner
  • feels most comfortable with someone vocal who expresses their pleasure
  • “does that feel good baby? tell daddy how much you like it”
  • they have wild imaginations and many sexual fantasies
  • open to trying anything in bed
  • he’d have a new toy or idea to try out every night
  • they go out of their way to please and are adaptable to different partners
  • so i can see him being a dom, sub, and everything in between
  • that doesn’t mean they don’t have their preferences though, which in his case i believe is a dominant role
  • pisces often play the role of the care taker which reinforces my idea of him being open to the daddy kink
  • i believe his pisces eros in combination with his scorpio venus and mars make him an extremely intense and passionate partner
  • i’m sweating thinking about
  • now onto his cancer lilith
  • cancers are the sensitive souls of the zodiac
  • those with a lilith in cancer often ensnare their partners with a facade of innocence 
  • that hides their inner wickedness
  • they’re very emotional and vulnerable lovers 
  • that often struggle with insecurities and a fear of abandonment
  • so someone who reassures and praises him frequently would increase his sexual and overall confidence
  • has a lot of love in him and is very affection
  • sees sex as an art and is very skilled at it

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Taehyung - Aries Eros, Cancer Lilith

  • these placements, plus his aquarius venus, make for an adventurous and wild lover

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The Impossible Year

This is my  PJO BigBang collab with @bananannabeth~ Ashlee this was such a fun and great way to become closer with you and I’m so glad that we could do this together. I’m so happy about the outcome and I couldn’t have done this without your amazing writing! Please go read Ash’s fic

Thank you so much to @pjohoobigbang for hosting this! I’m so happy to have been apart of it!! <3<3 (mari you’re a goddess, thank you so much for this oppurtunity!!)

title: Pull The Trigger
pairing: Spideypool
rating: M
word count: 4+k
warnings: Identity Reveal, Self-Hatred, Suicidal Ideation, Gun Violence, Major Character Death, Not A Happy Ending, more warnings applied on AO3

Wade cleared his throat, to fight back the growl threatening to erupt, “So, if it’s alright with you, could I, uhm, walk ya home?”

“I think we’re at that step,” the smile grew larger. “In fact-.”

Spidey reached for the still rolled mask.

Deadpool stopped breathing.

Petey stood taller, with shining teeth and dimples deep. The sun’s setting rays made the boy’s skin glow, and his eyes were warm.

Warm and brown, and then Wade noticed the equally brown, but sweaty hair, curling endearingly around big ears, which swept over the nape of a long neck.

The most beautiful thing about Petey though, was absolutely the unguarded look of pure trust. “Wade Wilson, it’s nice to officially meet you.”

He held out a gloveless hand (when did that happen), “My name is Peter Parker.”

Deadpool’s resolve strengthened.

Wade wanted to cry.

He stretched his lips in, hopefully, a sincere smile to match, and ripped off his mask before even really thinking about it, and took the proffered hand.

Petey’s expression never faltered; in fact, the new face may have even brightened.

Yeaaaah,” Wade breathed out, in almost reverence. “I knew you were worth it.”


Which can be read here, if you’re so inclined to have your heart crushed, as surely our main duo’s will be by the end of my Big Bang fic (for @spideypoolfanfic). This was a wild ride of writing, lemma tell ya, so I hope you all enjoy to suffer! I sure know @queensanna, my beautiful beta, certainly did!


@ofhealinglove You don’t know me and I don’t know you well, but I know you like MadaSaku and life can suck, but MadaSaku always makes things better for me. Story is inspired by the folktale of the Lindworm. I hope you like it.

Once upon a time a queen fell into despair after many years of being unable to carry a child. Her kingdom was without an heir and her home devoid of sweet children. She was weeping in the garden when an old woman approached her, asking about her tears. When the queen told the old woman it was because she was barren the old woman held out a pair of pruning sheers.

“Go into your garden and you will find one red rose and one white rose. If you eat the white rose you will bear a girl, the red rose will give you a son, but be warned, you must only eat one of these roses, to devour both would be unwise.”

“The queen does as the old woman instructs and finds the roses in her garden. Thinking it over, the queen plucks the red rose and eats it, thinking of her future son. But then her heart begins to long for a daughter, and before she can remember the old woman’s warning, she devours the white rose as well.

“Nine months pass and soon comes the time for the queen to deliver her child. Heavy with child, she labors for many hours before she is able to push her child free, but a babe does not greet the midwives. With a roar like that of a fire’s, a lindworm slithers from her room and snakes out the window in wings of long leather. Following the worm, the queen discharges a healthy human boy, wailing in crying. The queen swears her midwives to secrecy and all is well in the land for seventeen and a half odd years.

But then the noble prince grows up and is taken with the heart for adventure of the most rewarding kind. He wishes to find a wife to make his heart sing. With his father’s blessing, he prepares to depart on such a journey when on the road the mighty dragon blocks their path. With the words of moral men the dragon demands a bride as is his birthright. The prince tries three more times, and the same even occurs. Bringing this news home, the queen finally breaks down and reveals her treachery. Yes, the monster is truly her son, and her first born. The young son may not marry until the eldest is taken with a bride.

The king sends for princess of far off kingdoms to please his worm son, but one after the other, they are eaten by the monster on their wedding night. Distraught and in a panic as to what they can do with their son, the king and queen begin kidnapping girls from nearby villages to wed to their son, praying one will break the curse and satisfy his desires.

“And that’s how I ended up here, isn’t it?” Sakura asked with a wicked smirk.

Staring wide eyed, the chancellor gaped openly for a good solid minute before recovering. Pushing his glasses up, the dark haired man squeaked. “Rumors being what they are, there is always exaggeration to be found-“

“Cut the bull, Iruka, I don’t buy it.  Get to the point of what you wanted to say earlier.”

Iruka, to his credit, looked ashamed. “Beg your pardon, but I suspect the allure of marrying into royalty would not move you to give yourself over. I’m sorry, but you are the only one of our staff that does not have a father to speak for her. You’ve been with us only a month, but you’ve never had post or visitors and you don’t go into town. You won’t be…missed.”

Sakura frowned, crossing her arms over her chest and staring out to the side at the gardens she was tending. Her hands were dirty, and her dress was little more than rags fit for working in. She hadn’t tried to look nice in her new office of employment, in fact, she had purposely tied up her hair and kept it wrapped under and scarf so that no one would see it and remember her for it. She liked to remain unnoticed and be the person people forgot about first. It made travel from one place to another easy. 

At least, that’s how she felt when she was working on jobs. When she was freelancing, she was a whole other story.

“Do I have a choice in any of this, or are you going to seize me in the night and drag me gagged and bound before his highness?”

Iruka stuttered. “I-I am so sorry, my good lady. Isn’t there anything you might want? To live as a princess for even a day is more than some girls can hope for.”

“Ah,” Sakura mused, exaggerating the tapping of her chin in thought. “But it is only for one day. To live for one more day, what would I trade for that?”

Iruka looked off to the side and Sakura followed his line of sight to the guards who patrolled back and forth on shifts that rotated ever four to six hours. Poor Iruka, to be the man who strong-arms the girls into this deadly fate.

“I guess there are some things I want. If the king will give these to me, I will consent and marry his worm of a son without complaint.”

“You will?” Iruka’s eyes were almost as wide as when she first recounted the story that had been so closely guarded. Not even the kitchen staff could speak or hear of it, and the kitchen staff knew nearly everything. “W-w-whatever you want, it is yours, the king will surly grant you your wish.”

Sakura held up three fingers. “First, I want seven dresses, each one a half a size larger than the last so that I might wear them all at once. These are the dresses I will wear on my wedding night so I can’t marry him until then. Secondly, on the night of our wedding, in the room where bride and groom consummate their vows, I want a copper basin filled with milk from a cow that is without spot or blemish.”

“Those are…” he struggled to find the words, “odd requests if ever I’ve heard them. What is the third thing you ask for?”

Sakura smiled, cheekily. “I’ll let the king know that myself, since it depends on how the night goes. Once my dresses are made, let me know and I will come for the prince, until then, leave me to work in the garden.”

“You don’t want a room fit for a princess?”

Sakura snorted, turning her back on Iruka and picking up the ho she had been using. In a simple move, she swung the ho out and buried its metal into the dirt. The lines in her back stood out, betraying the secret strength that coiled under her skin. She was a delicate looking creature, but Iruka suspected there was more to her than such a fragile frame. No one else thought to look twice at her, including him, but now he thought better of it. She was a tricky woman, one that set him off balance, and one he was all the better leaving to her own devices.

“I will leave you to your work then, my good lady,” he said with a nod, turning to let the king and queen know of his good news.

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When You Least Expect It | 01

Warnings: lil’ angsty

Word count: 8599

A/N: Okay this is my first attempt at a multi-part fic rather than a one-shot, I’ve never written anything this long and I’m so nervous!!! It’s gonna be quite the slow burn, so if you want some quick rump and pump, I’m afraid this one isn’t for you. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy!

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The day you first saw him would forever be etched into your mind. 

A nondescript, mid-May afternoon; a day heavy with the unmet expectations of those who’d been hopeful for a glimpse of spring sunshine. It had been raining, and you’d been occupying a deck-chair perched on the front doorstep to your house, precariously balanced between the safety of your shelter and the torrential downpour drenching everything outside it. Gameboy Color in hand, you rocked excitedly from side to side in your seat as you anticipated the successful capture of a Ponyta - you’d been after that damn Pokemon for so long. Horses were your thing, see.

And that’s when you saw him. In the midst of that pivotal moment. Instead of witnessing the culmination of your capture, your attention had been snatched away by a loud, jubilant screech. Curious, then, because the disconcerting noise had originated from the direction of the house that had stood vacant for several months, your Gameboy fell your chair, forgotten. And your little legs had stretched as far as they could manage in order to glimpse the goings-on in next-door’s garden. From your vantage point, you were able to see a sodden mess of dark brown hair bouncing about the perimeter. And, shortly after, the much taller figure of what you presumed to be the child’s mother giving chase, exhorting for the boy to halt his troublesome frollicking.

“Taehyung-ah! Get inside, now! I’ve got enough to do without drying you off being added to the list!” she’d yelled, though the mirth in her voice was unmistakeable.

Ten years old and already rather the bold little thing - still relatively unfiltered - you’d cupped your hands to your mouth and shouted over the pelt of the rain. “Hey, kid! Listen to your mother! You’ll catch a cold!”

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THIS page encapsulates all the insanity about Wanda and Vision and their kids.

Understand this, EVERYTHING mentioned here actually HAPPENED.

Yes, they had a double-wedding with a tree spirit animating a dead corpse and some Vietnamese superhero.

Yes, Billy is the (maybe)-reincarnation of their original son (who was conceived with demon magic because Vision in the comics is sterile).

Also Billy has a twin brother called Tommy who got forgotten but yeah, TWO spirit-sons.

Yes their spirit-son is gay and engaged to be married to an alien space-prince.

Everything I’ve written above is actual Marvel comics canon. Look it up.

And people are shocked that Wanda and Vision are a couple to begin with in the MCU?

Friends, if even a fraction of their history gets translated to the big screen, it’s gonna be a wild ride.

Top Bugs Bunny Cartoons (in chronological order)

This week is the 75th anniversary of America’s greatest cartoon character, Bugs Bunny. Here is a list of some of my favorite cartoons with the famous wasacally wabbit. 

A Wild Hare (1940)

Elmer’s Pet Rabbit (1941)

Wabbit Twouble (1941)

The Wabbit Who Came To Supper (1942)

Wackiki Wabbit (1943)

A Corny Concerto (1943)

Super Rabbit (1943)

Little Red Riding Rabbit (1944)

Bugs Bunny And The Three Bears (1944)

The Old Grey Hare (1944)

Hare Force (1944)

Hare Tonic (1945)

Hare Conditioned (1946)

Baseball Bugs (1946)

The Big Snooze (1946)

Hair Raising Hare (1946)

A Hare Grows In Manhattan (1947)

Easter Yeggs (1947)

Slick Hare (1947)

Gorilla My Dreams (1948)

Bugs Bunny Rides Again (1948)

Rabbit Punch (1948)

Long-Haired Hare (1949)

High Diving Hare (1949)

What’s Up Doc (1950)

Rabbit Of Seville (1950)

Bunker Hill Bunny (1950)

Rabbit Fire (1951)

Rabbit Seasoning (1952)

Bully For Bugs (1953)

What’s Opera Doc (1957)

Shishkabugs (1962)

Fantastic Artwork of Walt Disney World Attraction & Transportation Cars, Trains, and Boats

Artwork: copyright Chris Buchholz

God protect those poor souls that are going to watch episode 36 of HxH for the first time on Toonami tonight..they are in for a wild ride

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Hey! Can you list your top 10 favorite Tomlinshaw fics please

Hi anon, thank you for the ask! I sure can, although I recommend reading ALL the Tomlinshaw. It’s also impossible to choose just 10 because there are so many great ones so I’ve gone with the first 8 that sprung to mind for me and then a shout out to a few newer Tomlinshaw writers. There are undoubtedly fics and authors I love that aren’t on this list, which I’ve cobbled together pretty quickly, so I’m sorry if I’ve missed you out. Basically anyone writing Tomlinshaw should keep at it because we can never have enough Tomlinshaw :D

Full rec list below the cut.

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Supercorp - The places we’ve come from, and the places we’ve yet to go

Originally posted by supercorpshipper

Request: Can you do Supercorp fic? 😃 Anything…..

a/n: anything…?! ANYTHING!!!?? man when you have that much freedom it seems like it’s harder to figure out what you wanna do. I was mulling this over at work and I guess this is what I came up with, figured I should just roll with it. In the fun of it all I thought up some really fun heartcanons that I never really imagined before and I just had to stuff them all in here

As always, keep those prompts and requests coming, I love seeing what you creative people come up with! Hopefully I write something that makes y’all smile, laugh, makes your day, whatever have you. Thank you all for reading, whether you’ve dropped by once or you’ve stuck around a long time, I really do appreciate all of your feedback! :D

- - - - -

It was an arrangement that benefited all parties; Lena most certainly didn’t want to have to meet the family with still shaky legs and stolen of all her breath, and Kara felt like she missed the thrill of driving maniacally down an old dirt road. It offered a certain freedom that was so unique to itself that even flying in the city couldn’t touch it.

For all her seeming naivety and innocence, Kara was an absolute speed demon. Lena figured some of that might have had to do with her powers, but a lot of it might have had to do with Kara’s equally wild adrenaline chasing, motorcycle riding big sister. She herself had learned that Kara was a bit of a sucker for a nice bike and a lot of CC.

Not entirely surprised, but still rather wary of the habits she might have to indulge in the future when dealing with her girlfriend, Lena had to put her foot down somewhere, and there was plenty of: no, Kara, I will not ride on the back of a motorcycle with you to Midvale. And there was also a lot of pouting on Kara’s part, but for all the unstoppable forces and immovable objects paradoxes, Lena won out in the end.

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The Heart of the Matter

It’s finally here!!!! So this is my big bang fic that I’ve been working on since July. It’s around 50k words and it’s 22 chapters with a prologue. My beta, Tasha @yourfriendlyblogstalker is the real mvp for dealing with my shit. All the chapters have now been complete and uploaded. All of them are below which brings me to my ao3 account. I also have it up on Hope you all enjoy it! 

Growing up in a small New York hamlet, Percy has heard the many tales and legends of his town. The most infamous one being the mermaids of Mohegan Lake. Everyone as a kid always goes in search of them, Percy and his friends included. One day, he does meet a mermaid named Annabeth, who he quickly becomes friends with. They have a romantic relationship in their teens but have a fallout when Percy leaves the town for college. Years later, Olympus Electric, one of the leading companies in the world places a factory in the little town. Slowly over time, the company dumps its waste into the Lake, gradually poisoning the water and all who live under the surface. On a visit back home, Percy meets Annabeth again. Hoping she can re-kindle her friendship and quell her jealousy of his girlfriend Rachel, she begs Percy to help save her home from destruction. Racing against time, and going up against one of the biggest companies in the world, Percy, Annabeth and his friends are desperate to find a solution without revealing who she really is to the world. 

Ships: Percy/Annabeth, Percy/Rachel, Piper/Jason
Genre: Fantasy/action/drama/romance
Rating: T
Warnings: some language, mild violence
World: AU  

Title is from Don Henley’s song The Heart of the Matter


Hope you enjoy it! I had so much fun writing it! 

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drunk Shisui headcanons?

Shisui Uchiha

•He’s not big on drinking tbh, but when he does, it’s wild ride. Alcohol doesn’t hit Shisui in a gradual way and that’s what’s so startling. He’ll take a drink and be fine, but the next swig and he’s fucking gone

•Soooo fucking loud. Does not shut the fuck up no matter how many times you tell him to chill

•He has trouble walking, looks like he has no coordination at all. You think he’s about to trip and fall but he never does. And if he does, he always catches himself, somehow he manages to keep his balance. He’s a like a damn cat he’ll land graceful af and no one understands how or why

•Overall he’s pretty exuberant when drunk and if he’s not too loud or too overbearing, he’s fun to be around. But it’s only when he’s like just getting drunk. The longer he drinks the riskier it gets

•He gets a little aggressive depending on how much he’s been drinking. Will start a bar fight if prompted. Don’t test him

•He can still hold decent conversations but his words tend to slur the longer he talks. Like he’ll be trying to tell you a funny story (that’s not funny at all by the way) and you’ll hear the first sentence but absolutely nothing else

•Okay but there are the rare times alcohol hits Shisui in a way where he just knocks out. He’ll slowly start getting sleepy and he’ll “lie down to recuperate” but the second he puts his head down he’s out like a light

•Such an enabler. Encourages everyone to keep drinking whenever possible

•He tends to disappear and everyone freaks out like ‘omg where the hell is Shisui???’ He somehow finds his way home every time though. You’d find him sleeping on the kitchen floor the next morning. He also never throws up? No matter how much he drinks? Takes the alcohol like a champ I guess