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EXO react to their child being jealous of the new baby

Xiumin: Realizing that his son is disappointed that he can’t do anything with the baby but that she still needs attention, he comes up with a plan. “You know, I think Byullie would really like it if you could make some funny faces for her, too.” They both end up making faces for the new baby as she laughs.

Luhan: His son, usually so energetic, is lethargic and just stays in his room until Luhan takes some time away from his newborn daughter to go play with the little boy. “Hey, buddy - how about you and I go to play in the park, just the two of us and play soccer? Can you show me that cute smile now?”

Kris: When she pouts, Kris pulls her away from the nursery to talk with her, but he laughs when she says that the baby’s boring. “Because he sleeps so much? You know, in a while, he’ll be able to play with you, but for now you have to be gentle - kiss him and love him so he knows what a good big sister he has.”

Suho: The members came over to his house one day to meet the new baby and while they all crow around her playing peek-a-boo, his son starts sulking, so he takes a moment to make sure his little boy is included in the festivities, picking him up. “And here’s the best big brother in the entire world.”

Lay: Noticing his daughter’s bad mood, he’d sit down next to her. “Do you want to try holding your little brother? You have to be careful.” He gently puts the baby in his daughter’s arms, keeping one hand on him and wrapping the other around his little girl. “Look how happy he his to meet his big sister!”

Baekhyun: Wanting to clear the air between his son and the new baby girl, he’d bring the little boy into the nursery to visit. “She looks a lot like you when you were her age. And just between you and me, she’s always trying to imitate your expressions, which means that she already recognizes you.”

Chen: Exhausted from staying up with the baby, during a day when he gets to stay home, he wants to take a nap, but his little girl feels left out, so while the baby is asleep, he and his daughter just lounge on the couch, watching cartoons. “I’m sorry about this, princess. Today, can we be lazy together?”

Chanyeol: When his son comes running to him and crying, he immediately picks him to comfort him and find out what this is about. “When you were a little baby, like your brother is now, you had all our attention all the time. He needs attention now, too. But I promise I will always have time for you.”

D.O: Getting down on his son’s level, he’d speak to him with a sincere smile. “I am so proud of you for your good behavior so that we don’t have to worry about you. You’re getting to be so grown up, so I think you’re ready for the big responsibility of helping me keep mommy and your sister safe. Can you do that?”

Tao: Seeing his daughter actually crying at not getting his attention when she wants it, he hands over the baby to his wife to go talk to her. “Beibei, the baby needs lots of attention because she can’t do anything for herself yet, like you can. Be patient for now - you know mama and I love you.”

Kai: His son is extra clingy with him after the baby arrives, wanting more attention, so he goes along with it, making sure to read him his bedtime story and let him interact with the new baby as much as possible. “Taeoh, do you want to help me feed your little sister after we finish lunch? You can hold the bottle.“

Sehun: Watching you playing with the new baby boy on a playmat in the living room, he feels so happy until he realizes his daughter is making a ‘Sehun face’ sitting near him with a picture book. He pulls her into his lap, hugging her tightly. “You’ll always be able to hold it over his head that you’re the oldest, which means you can do things before he can.”

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Shining: I’ll drink whatever. I’m not picky. Cadance though is pretty sensitive to caffeine so she doesn’t usually drink anything but chamomile or mint teas. However, with the big Hearts and Hooves Day Festival coming up, she gets a little boost from some white or green teas. Between the festival and answering all those letters asking for advice, she’s got her work cut out for her this week.


0:01 Fast In My Car - (Live at iTunes Festival 2013)
3:44 Now - (Live at Radio 1’s Big Weekend, 2013)
8:19 Grow Up - (Live at iTunes Festival 2013)
13:03 Daydreaming - (Live at Celebrity Beach Bowl 2014)
17:41 Interlude: Moving On - (Live at iTunes Festival 2013)
19:24 Ain’t It Fun - (Live at Reading Festival 2014)
24:56 Part II - (Live at Reading Festival 2014)
30:30 Last Hope - (Live at iTunes Festival 2013)
35:47 Still Into You - (Live at Conan O'Brien 2013)
39:16 Anklebiters - (Live at Rockhal, Luxembourg 2013)
41:31 Interlude: Holiday - (Live at iTunes Festival 2013)
42:48 Proof - (Live at Palacio de los Deportes, México 2013)
46:05 Hate To See Your Heart Break - (Live at Billboard Women in Music 2014)
49:49 (One Of Those) Crazy Girls - (Live at Parahoy 2014)
53:34 Interlude: I’m Not Angry Anymore - (Live at iTunes Festival 2013)
54:31 Bonus Track: Escape Route - (Live at Parahoy 2014)

Blueberries  Chapter 3

Thank you all for the kind reviews, here is chapter 3. 

“Well” she laughed, “I’ll be dammed”

Nick couldn’t resist the large smile that appeared on his face, “What? Didn’t think I’d show?” he smirked.

“Nope, not at all” she smiled back

Nick clutched his chest, “I’m offended, I’m one of the best on the force” he leaned over the counter to look her straight in the eyes, “Are you impressed yet?”

“Why should I be? It’s not that hard to ask around for my whereabouts” she smirked.

Both Nick and Judy had forgotten about the fox who was finishing up baking  his pies, he coughed a little to make his appearance know. Judy snapped out of her trace and straightened out the crinkles in her shirt.

“Officer Wilde this is Gideon Grey, my boss” said Judy as Gideon walked forward with an outstretched hand, “Please to meet you Officer”.

It was his store.

“So you own this fine establishment?” said Nick with a hint of sarcasm. Gideon eyes narrowed, “Yes Sir, just opened, of course I couldn’t had done it without the help of Ms. Hopps here” he placed his hand on her shoulder, Nick flinched a little.

Judy looked up at Gideon, “Why don’t you take off? I can close up shop, you have a big day tomorrow with the festival”. Gideon didn’t take his hand off her shoulder, “You sure?” his eyes glanced at Nick suspiciously.

“Of course” she smiled and patted his hand.

It was odd to Nick how calm she was acting around him, I mean it wasn’t uncommon for predator and prey to be interacting with one another. But he had never seen a fox and a rabbit. The jealousy started to rise, making the fur on his neck stand up on end.

Gideon shrugged and walked off, gathering his coat and threw Judy the keys to the store. “Thanks Judy, have a good night” and he walked out.


Nick turned to look at Judy, they were finally alone. She unbuttoned her pink flannel and shrugged it off releasing a pink tank top underneath, she tied the shirt around her waist, letting hit hang. Nick almost needed CPR, studying her curves and shoulders that was now revealing.

“Hungry?” said Judy

“For carrots? No thanks”

She rolled her eyes and walked over to the oven and pulled out a pie. She pushed It down the counter towards him. Nick sat on one of the red stools, inhaling the scent of this beautiful piece of creation.

It’s blueberry

Nick’s mouth watered as she handed him a fork, “Made it myself” said Judy.

Nick quickly dug in, not realizing how fast he was eating. It was crispy, juicy, and the blueberry jam danced in his mouth. He could even taste the sugar, and a hint of cinnamon?

“This is the best thing I have ever eaten” said Nick in between bites.

Judy had her arms crossed, smiling as she watched Nick eat. After he was finished, she took his plate from him. And started cleaning up.

Nick licked his chomps, that pie was heaven on earth. This girl, surprised him every damn time. And he loved it, he loved her. “So, how about the number?”

“I’m sorry sir, we are currently closed, come back tomorrow?”

Nick was flabbergasted, “Wait! No, you promised me your number Carrots!”

“Whoa, Carrots? Is that a new nick name?” she grinned

“Judy, I mean Judy!”

She laughed as she put back on her flannel pink shirt. She washed her hands and packed up the rest of her stuff into a tiny brown satchel that she hung around her shoulders, “Walk me out?” she smiled.

Nick walked behind her as she flicked off the lights in the bakery. They walked out of the front entrance, a light breeze sent a tiny shiver down Judy’s spine as she locked the door to the bakery. She turned to Nick, who was waiting impatiently for the number she had promised.

She shoved her hands in her pockets, “Well, I guess I will see you around” she turned to walk home as Nick grabbed her arm. She expected him to say something like “we had a deal or give me your number” but instead his green eyes were soft.

“You walk home?” with a worried expression on his face, “It’s dark”

Judy was taken aback by his response, “Well yes, how else am I supposed to get home?”

“You don’t have a car?”

Judy just shook her head.

“I’ll drive you home” Nick insisted. He let go of her arm and walked towards his patrol car expecting her to follow, which she did. She stared at the car in shock, it was wicked. She had never seen anything like it, she brushed the outside of the car, here hands lightly touching over the words Police.

The memories flooded back to her then. The reasons why she wanted to become a police officer, why she wanted to serve and to protect. She remembered the day she filled out the ZPD application, but fate had other plans. She pushed those horrid memories aside as a lump in her throat began to form. Nick noticed her reaction towards the car, remembering what she had told him, “I’ve always wanted to be a cop”.

He opened the car door for her, “You like?” she hopped in.

“I love” she smiled. Nick headed to the driver’s seat, buckled in and started the car. She gazed at the inside of the cop car, the inside interior was all brand new, she could just picture herself in it.

“Where to?” said Nick, snapping Judy out of her day dream

“You will be going straight for a while; my house is on the right”

Nick sped down the street as Judy jerked back at his acceleration, his face was too smudge for his own good.

“Ok! Question time” Nick snapped his fingers.

“What?” Judy looked at him confused

“I told you I wanted to get to know you more Judy Hopps, so I’m going to ask you questions and you ask me some, kay?


“How old are you?”

“24, and you?”


Judy shifted in her seat, a tiny smile began to form. “What’s your favorite color?”

“Green and yours?”


“Really? I thought it would be orange, since you know…Carrots”

“Oh hush it Wilde” Judy snapped, Nick loosened his tie with a big smile on his face.

Judy could admit she was enjoying this, enjoying him. Ever since she met him this morning something changed, her heart changed pace whenever he was around, she bit the inside of her cheek as she constantly caught him staring at her. She enjoyed him, she enjoyed him very much.

“What’s your family like?” said Nick

“Well, I have 274 brothers and sisters, so my life is never boring. My parents are carrots farmers, they are known for their crops, especially blueberries. I have so many nieces and nephews, but if I had to choose a favorite it would be Mina because she reminds me of myself”.

She is perfect, literally a heart of gold

“Wow, a lot of siblings, I wish I knew what that was like” Nick smiled

Judy wrapped her hands around her knees, “Tell me about your family”.

“I have a mom, no father, he passed away when I was young and I’m an only child”

Judy eyes lowered, he could tell she felt sad, guilty if you will. “I’m sorry” she whispered

Nick shook his head, “Don’t be, my mom is the greatest, she always taught me to pursue my dreams”.

Which he knew that would lead into Judy’s next question, “Why did you become a cop?”


“I figured you would ask me that sooner or later” he winked

“Well long story short, growing up I always knew I wanted to serve and protect others and to do what’s right. When I was young I was bullied a lot, because in my class I was the only predator, the only fox. They didn’t trust me and one afternoon during recess they put a muzzle on me….” Nick peeked at Judy, her arms still wrapped around her legs, her hands digging into her jeans. “I have never been so terrified in my life and I never wanted that to happen to any other predator, so one day those same kids tried to muzzle a tiny bear by the swing set… so I stepped in. I may have gotten a little beaten up for it, but I knew what I was doing was right and then I knew I wanted to be on the force, so here I am!” he gestured towards his badge on his uniform. Judy’s eyes glowed as she looked at the badge.

“I’m sure the ZPD is lucky to have you” she gleamed.

“They would be even more lucky if they had you on the force as well” Nick knew right when he said that, a wall was put up. Judy turned away from him, eyes sulking to the ground. He didn’t know what had happened to her, but he wanted to know, he wanted to help her. He would.

“Judy, I didn’t mean to-“

“No it’s okay Nick, you did nothing wrong” she smiled weakly up at him.

The Hopps family farm appeared over the dark hills, Nick pulled into the driveway, basking at the giant hill that is probably filled with so many tiny bunnies. He stopped his car, not wanting her to leave. Judy felt the same, she stayed still in her seat, not wanting this night to end.

“Thank you for the ride home” she whispered as she unbuckled her seat belt, Nick opened the car door for her.

He smiled, secretly begging for her not to leave. She looked up at him with her purple eyes, matching the darkness of the night sky.

“Goodnight Nick” she whispered and started walking off. He grabbed onto her hand, sending an electric pulse through both of them.

“Don’t go” he whispered

“I have too, but here I think you have earned this” she reached into her bag and pulled something out handing it over to him. Nick took what seemed to look like a carrot pen.

“A pen…wow….great” he grimaced

She laughed at him, “It’s my number genesis”

Nick looked at her in shock, looking at the pen and all around it, seeing where the number was written, but he saw nothing. She laughed as she walked towards her house

“Wait, how is this your number!?” he yelled at her.

“Figure it out!” she yelled back

What in the hell is this contraption, a pen? She gave me a pen!

Nick then found a button on the side, curious he pushed it and out came a recording of her voice.

“Hello Nicholas Wilde, if you are hearing this that means you are worthy enough to have my number, good for you. Anyways this is my lucky pen, so I don’t just give this to anybody. So keep it close to you on your investigations and It will keep you safe. Oh, and here is my number 101-224-3729”.

Nick was dumbfounded, what a clever bunny.


Judy shut the door behind her, her heart racing as she leaned against it. She thought today would be like any other day, going to the stand, babysit, going to work and then home. She never would have thought she would have met someone.. Nick Wilde.


Those eyes

That smile

That body….

Judy blushed at the thought and quickly shook her head. The phone buzzed in her pocket, she pulled it out and there was a text message from a new number.

“I was just checking to make sure this was actually your number ;)- Nick”

She responded, “Of course it is, it looks like you know how to work my lucky pen, GOLD STAR: D, and no texting while driving Wilde”

“can’t tell me what to do ;)”

All of sudden she felt her legs becoming extremely heavy, she looked down to see five of her sisters latched onto her leg. She smiled as she trudged through the house with them attached. She went into the kitchen where her mother Bonnie Hopps was cooking.

“I’m home” said Judy

Her mother turned to her, as a bunch of little bunnies attacked Judy. “Oh good, just in time for dinner”

Mina, Judy’s favorite niece, not that she would ever tell anyone that, hopped onto Judy’s back, “I missed you auntie” she squealed. Judy laughed and brushed the tiny bunnies’ ears, “And I missed you my sweet Mina”.

“Judy, will you be a dear and fetch some more potatoes from the back of the barn?” asked her mother

“Sure thing”

“And also Judy, did you take your medicine today?”

“Yes Mom..”

Judy started to walk outside as the bunnies slowly detached themselves from her, except for Mina. Mina hung onto Judy’s shoulders as they walked outside together. They were close to the barn when Judy came to a stop, her ears perking up. She took Minas arms and loosened her grip around her shoulders and set her down.

“Mina, go back into the house please” Judy whispered.

Mina clutched to Judy’s leg, “But why?”

“Because I said so, get your bum back inside” she shoved Mina towards the house as the little bunny quickly scampered back. Judy turned around, her ears twitching like crazy, something was wrong. She could hear heavy breathing and something that was digging around behind the barn.

Light on her feet, Judy tipped toed on the side of the barn, pinning her back against the side as she got closer to the back. The heavy breathing was louder now as she peeked behind the barn. The dark figure loomed over their crate of potatoes, panting heavily. Judy noticed something odd about the figure, someone familiar.

“Mr. Greystone?” she whispered.

Mr. Greystone was an old wolf who lived down the road from them, he had been her father’s friend for years. Except this was not Mr. Greystone, he was on all fours, panting heavily as his back was arched. He smelled the air and quickly turned towards Judy, noticing her presence. A deep growled raged in him as drool trickled out of his mouth. Judy watched in horror as the wolf started to come closer.

Judy backed up, “Mr. Greystone, are you alr-“but before she could finish her sentence, the wolf lunged for her throat

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(P.S. Bryon Howard confirmed on twitter that the tan bunny that tells Judy she loves her and waves goodbye at the train station and also in Judy’s picture frame at her apartment is her favorite niece Mina)

Two lonely people meet on Christmas AU

Because Christmas is for family, and for those without it, it becomes nothing but a day to get through.


Growing up, Oliver’s Christmases were always big and festive, parties and presents and endless amounts of food.

These days, December 25th is a little different.

It’s been three years, since this time of year was anything but a lonely reminder of all that he’d lost. All that had been taken, all that had been squandered. Living a lonely life is fine, until those days come around when you’re expected to have someone. When it gets thrown in your face that everyone else seems to have somewhere to go, people to go to.

Except him.

He’s spent the day differently for the last three years. The first year was a drunken haze of bourbon and bad made for TV movies. The second was a day of reflecting on a cold beach, watching the waves come and go, disappearing into the sea only to return every time, unlike the things that mattered.

This year he’s going for something a little more constructive. He saw the ad pinned up on a door a couple of weeks ago, and instantly knew he wanted to do it. The idea of spending Christmas with people even worse off than him, more attractive than it probably should be.

And that’s how Oliver Queen finds himself handing out plates of cheap fried turkey and lumpy gravy at a soup kitchen on Christmas day.

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Happy December 1st!

To celebrate the Christmas season and the much anticipated Jingle Jam, I’ve thrown together these festive Hat Films phone backgrounds. These are free for all to use (but if you do use them please reblog this and let me know in the tags!)

I’d love to do some more festive yog-edits leading up to the big day so if you have any suggestions please let me know, I will do a group background for those who can’t just pick one hat!


Robert Pattinson’s film, The Childhood of a Leader has been selected to compete at the Venice Film Festival in the “Horizons” section, which features “custom-format” works, with a wider view towards new trends in the expressive languages that converge in film. Along with Cannes and Berlin, Venice makes up what is known as “The Big Three” most prestigious film festivals.

The Horizons sidebar, a competitive section that runs parallel, features buzzed-about The Childhood Of A Leader from Deadline 2014 actor-director to watch Brady Corbet and starring Robert Pattinson and Bérénice Bejo. The festival takes place from Sept. 2 - 12th, 2015.