the big ticket festival


The Birth of a Nation is the talk of Sundance — and for good reason

The Birth of a Nation is the big-ticket item at 2016’s Sundance Film Festival, and that’s excellent news. After the movie received a “thunderous” standing ovation, Fox Searchlight bought the worldwide rights to the slave revolt drama for $17.5 million. And certainly, the subject matter here holds enormously powerful potential.

not astro-related, but please read!

if by chance any of you guys live anywhere near jacksonville and happen to be going to the big ticket next month, let me know!! i’ll be going to see my boys (|-/) and if one of the 15 thousand of you happens to be going, it’d be lovely to meet up with some of you.

so message me if you’ll be going or if you’re contemplating it, and i’ll follow you back on my personal so we can make plans to hang out 👽

love, mars xoxo