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TFA-Introduced Characters by Screen Time
  1. Rey - 42 min 30 sec
  2. Finn - 30 min
  3. Kylo Ren - 19 min 15 sec
  4. BB-8 - 10 min 15 sec
  5. Poe Dameron - 8 min 45 sec
  6. Maz Kanata - 3 min 30 sec
  7. General Hux - 3 min 15 sec
  8. Snoke - 2 min
  9. Phasma - 1 min 45 sec
  10. Lor San Tekka - 1 min 45 sec



Title: Bugs Bunny’s Adventures

Series: Whitman Story Hour Series 802

Characters: Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, Petunia Pig, Cicero Pig, Three Bears, Big Bad Wolf

Creators: No Creators Listed

Year: 1948 Warner Bros Cartoons Inc

Publisher(s): Whitman Publishing Company, (Western Publishing)

1) Bugs Bunny’s Balloon Ride - 14 pages
2) Bug’s Bunny’s Headache - 6 pages 
3) Porky Meets The Three Bears - 12 pages 

Good/Bad: The art is awesome. The stories are great. This is a nice book.

Two days before Halloween, excited about trick-or-treating and her kickass Freddy Krueger costume, Max walks home from school with a pumpkin balanced in her arms, so heavy she had to leave her skateboard in her locker.

Carved in Miss. Kennedy’s period four English class, Max’s jack-o-lantern, with its crooked smile and grinning eyes, is a likeness of Dustin. They had done that on purpose, of course, each friend opting to attempt bringing another to life on the fleshy orange canvas. Lucas had chosen Will and Mike, despite their teasing groans, had picked El. 

As she rounds the corner onto her street, Max wishes that she could leave her pumpkin out on the porch. Stick a candle in it to be lit on Halloween while someone answers the door to hand out candy for all the eager kids who pass through this neighbourhood. 

But that’ll never happen. 

So, instead, her plan is to smuggle “Dust-kin” upstairs and bring him over to Mike’s the next evening so that he can have a place of honour on the Wheelers’ porch

But that’ll never happen either.

Because Billy’s sitting on the front steps, a cigarette dangling from his bruised lip (Max isn’t sure where or when that happened and she doesn’t really care) and an empty bottle of whiskey beside him.


Sometimes, when she’s lucky, Billy just lets her pass by without a word. She counts each day he ignores her to be a blessing. Today isn’t one of those days.

Max has almost passed him, practically stepping over him as he stares out gloomily down the street. But just as her hand reaches for the door, just before she’s able to run inside, bound up the stairs, and lock herself safely in her bedroom, a heavy hand comes down on her shoulder and wheels her around.

Swallowing heavily, Max sets her face into a mask of defiance. Billy always picks on her more when she’s frightened. 

“Bringing that shit inside?” he asks, gesturing towards the pumpkin. His voice is low and a sour smell lingers on his breath, choking Max. 

“So what?” she hisses back. Billy chuckles dangerously, tossing aside his cigarette, letting it burn out on the porch. 

“Let’s see it then,” he insists, pressing her closer against the wall. 

Max shakes her head. “No.” A fatal mistake. 

Anger flashes across Billy’s features and in one quick movement, he’s taken the pumpkin out of her hands and twirled it around to see his face. A disgusted laugh leaves his lips.

“Fucking ugly. Just like you.” 

“Give it back,” Max raises her voice, reaching forward, but Billy shoves her backwards, a devilish expression darkening his face.

“Go get it.” 

Before she can react, he throws the pumpkin down the porch and Max watches, a cry on her lips, as it smashes down the steps, breaking into pieces. 

“Fuck you!” she yells at Billy, hurriedly ducking inside the house before he can react, racing upstairs and wiping hot tears from her cheeks. 

Buried under her covers, she can hear him come inside several minutes later, hear him kicking things around downstairs. She knows it’s not safe to be in this house. Waiting a few moments longer, Max reaches for the phone on her bedside table and dials a familiar number. 

After three rings, she hears just the voice she had been hoping for on the other end. 

“Hey Steve,” she whispers into the receiver, careful to keep her voice low, listening just in case Billy picks up the phone downstairs as he sometimes does. “Can you come pick me up at the usual place?” 

“Sure thing, Max.” He sounds concerned, “You okay? Want me to call the Chief?” 

“No,” she assures him, “I’m fine. Just…I need to get away.” 

After a few more brief words, Max hangs up and rifles through her drawers for a fresh hoodie. Then, as silently as she can, slides open her bedroom window and pulls herself onto the sturdy branches of the old oak that stands outside her window, a friend who’s helped her in multiple escapes from this hellhole she’s forced to call home. 

Maybe, she thinks as she expertly descends the branches of the tree, I’ll ask Steve if we can pick up a few more pumpkins to carve.

thunderbolt50  asked:

Who is the second in command of Autobots?

Assuming you’re asking about G1, it tends to vary. The original bios written by Bob Budiansky identified Jazz as Optimus Prime’s “indispensable right-hand man,” and the cartoon’s pilot mini-series went along with that; he was in charge of organizing the Autobots for missions, and he and Prowl were depicted as Optimus’s two go-to-guys with whom he would discuss and formulate strategy (including a deleted scene from episode 1), as in this scene where Hound presents his plan to the “big three.”

That didn’t really translate to the ongoing series, though; in it, no one ‘bot ever seemed to take charge when Optimus Prime was out of action, with notable instances of temporary leaders including Huffer in “Divide and Conquer” and Ironhide in “A Prime Problem.” Ultra Magnus, meanwhile, was Rodimus Prime’s second in command, and he kept the job when Optimus came back to life, taking charge of Cybertron while Prime went to Nebulos in “The Rebirth.”

Jazz didn’t get much of a look in the Marvel Comics, in which Prowl was usually Optimus Prime’s second - he led the first mission on Earth, and assumed command when Optimus was captured by the Decepticons. Though injuries knocked him out of the US series for most of its run after the first year, the UK comic kept him around and told a bunch more stories when him in a high command position, including one where he and Jazz were the leading figures in a disagreement that split the Autobots into two camps. By the time he was back in action in the US comic, though, he was dismayed when Optimus Prime died and actually appointed GRIMLOCK leader of the Autobots, instead of him. Prowl served as Grimlock’s second, and hated every friggin’ minute of it.

Currently, in IDW continuity, it’s probably Arcee. She was described as the “defacto leader” of the Autobots on Earth several times when Optimus was off doing other things, and none of the other usual suspects are in a position to take the job right now.

Bullying is a big theme in the series. It holds three big outcomes and are represented through three characters: Tom Riddle aka Voldemort, Severus Snape, and Harry Potter. The outcome as follows: evil, grey, good. Showing how bullying affects a person, it can make them crave power to never feel weak, make them a bully, or make them know it’s not worth doing to anyone else. BUT, had the Ministry kept better tabs on children with magic, perhaps these characters would’ve had better homes as kids.

Nothing to Worry About (13 Reasons Why Jeff Prom Series Part Three)

Description: It’s the big night, and you’re still searching for Jeff’s attention.

AN: Prom is Saturday for me, so I got excited and kind of inspired. Sorry this is so short!

This is part three of my Jeff Prom Series. You can find the others on my masterlist here.

“Honey, you look great!” your mom said as you came down the stairs.

“Thanks, mom,” you blushed.

“I want you to be safe tonight.”

“I know,” you rolled your eyes. “Jeff will be with me the entire time. Don’t worry.”

“Just…please don’t do anything stupid,” she sighed.

“I promise I won’t,” you said just as the doorbell rang. “I’ll get it!” You smiled as you walked to the door. You opened it and smiled at Jeff as he smiled at you. “You look amazing,” you smiled.

“You look beautiful,” he grinned back. “If we want to grab something to eat, we better go now.”

“Pictures first!” your mom yelled as she grabbed her phone. “Your mom said it was essential, and I agree,” she said to Jeff as you both laughed. You posed for her and smiled when she finally said she was done. “Be safe! Please please please!”

“You have nothing to worry about,” Jeff smiled at her. “I’ll make sure she’s okay.”

“Thank you, Jeff,” she smiled.

You both finally left your house and got in his car. “I made a playlist,” he mumbled as he pulled out his phone. “I asked Tony for suggestions, and I’ve been working on it for weeks.”

“You are the sweetest. I had no idea!”

“Even when I kept asking to look at your phone? You didn’t think that was weird?” he laughed.

“I thought you were taking selfies or something,” you giggled.

“Well, that too.”

He shuffled the playlist as he drove. You expected him to pull into the parking lot at Rosie’s, where you always go but were surprised when he went straight at the intersection instead. “We’re not going to Rosie’s?”

“Clay said he and Hannah were meeting at a new place, and he asked if we would go too…if that’s okay.”

“It’s great,” you smiled. You just hoped Jeff’s entire night wouldn’t be about Clay and Hannah. Sure, you wanted both of them to be happy, and anyone could see that they would find happiness in being together, but you also wanted to have fun and be happy with Jeff. Especially with baseball playoffs in full swing, you hadn’t had alone time with Jeff since your coffee date at Monet’s. “He doesn’t need us to be a buffer the entire time, right?” you whispered.

“I-I thought you wanted to help them.”

“I do, but I also want to be with you and dance with you and kiss you.”

“Let’s have dinner with them, then the rest of the night I’m yours. That sound okay?”

“Sounds perfect.”
7 Reasons Tom Holland’s Spider-Man MUST DIE (And 8 Reasons He Won’t)
Spider-Man is one of the most successful, interesting and awesome characters on-screen today. And that is exactly why he should die.

I’m struggling to remember an article by CBR which has been worse than this one. 

Let’s go through this point by point.

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Fall Out pt. 3

Word Count: 1,604

Pairing: Reader X Jiyong

Parts: one, two, four

Maybe a part four? Probably.

(You were all so patient. Thank you so much! I’ve been busy working now that it’s the holiday season and I’m in retail. I also have school which is why some of the requests have not moved from my ask box. I promise those will get done too. Anyway I hope this met everyone’s expectations!)

P.s— Tsuzuku from the band Mejibray made an appearance in here too \m/

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Orange is the New Black? More like Piper is the New Larry...
Call The Midwife: The origins of the hit British drama

At the BFI/Radio Times festival recently, Call the Midwife (which won the Best Period Drama category in the opening vote) was voted Best Drama of the 21st Century, beating The Night Manager (Contemporary), Merlin (Sci-fi), The Bridge (Foreign Language), The West Wing (US) and Happy Valley (Crime).

We found out the origins of this warm yet hard hitting slice of true-to-life storytelling at the panel discussion held earlier in the weekend, hosted by Radio 4’s Jane Garvey (left) with (l-r) executive producer Dame Pippa Harris, producer Ann Tricklebank, creator & writer Heidi Thomas and actor Stephen McGann (Dr.Turner).

How did they come up with the idea?

Sent the memoirs by author Jennifer Worth, Pippa, Ann and Heidi batted a few ideas about, eventually deciding against a film and heading for television, and the BBC. It took four years to get off the ground – not a long time in this world.

“Reading the book, I thought “I might be able to do something with this”. There was a heart and soul to the material.” – Heidi.

Heidi knew she could make something out of the original body of work

Covering the grubby, gruesome business end of childbirth, it’s an awful lot of gynaecology to present and the panel expressed surprised at the 8pm Sunday evening slot. But this important, sensitive content gets the biggest audience, with a wide demographic watching and talking about it.

“We’re all adults, we can cope with a lot more than the suits think we can.”

So where to begin?

Heidi’s research through archive and interviews is impeccable – and what she writes goes out on the telly; the Beeb doesn’t interfere. The team sought people with contemporary knowledge and then dug in the past for people alive at that time.

The team behind the hit show give us the low down

Many of the characters were Jennifer’s creations, but from series 3 they’re pretty much fictional, blended with elements of real people. Dr Turner is completely fictional. There’s a smidgen of the real Jenny in there – she was actually only in Poplar for 6 months.

“I knew that I would want to watch it. Watching Twitter being made to care about other people making other people’s lives better.” – Pippa.

Fusing fact into fiction:

The production team were aware it could become too saccharine, too cosy and trite. So there were no holds barred when it came to traumatic storylines that reflected the issues of the era – with some still resonating today.

“Every day I go to bed wiser but also sadder. The nuns were not liberal but they’were not judgmental. The place they were in determined how and why they treated people with respect.”- Heidi

The Thalidomide storyline made those involved in the show realise what they achieved. “We  made visible a generation of children who’d become invisible.” The family of Susan Mullacks with be on a journey for a long time as the series continues to follow her story.

The team embraced difficult issues to educate and inform

They all learned a great deal when dealing with FGM (Female Genital Mutilation).

“We take people behind doors that have not been open to them before … delicate balance between being informative whilst acknowledging that it’s normal in some cultures … Painting a richer picture, not making any judgements.”

A wonderful midwife called Terri advised during the forceps delivery – she was underneath the table, and grabbed the forceps, pulling “like Billy-ho” according to McGann. It’s an “incredible, feral, enlightening world, full of physicality” and he was given carte blanche to get his foot up against the table and give it everything he had to make it as realistic as possible.

Stephen McGann recalled the physicality of the forceps delilvery

Then we had the physical comedy of Nurse Barbara trying out her diaphragm.

Says Heidi: “We strive for a balance between light and shade and knew Barbara had a physicality that would work. We had to have a good and bad side to contraception. Women had children they didn’t want. We’re blessed to be born when we were – young people have no idea how much they take for granted.”

As in, when the pill was introduced in 1961, your GP couldn’t prescribe it unless you could prove you were getting married. It took until 1967 for the pill to be available to all and even then, GPs were slow to embrace it. So it fell to family planning clinics in 1974 to truly make it universally available to single women. And those dangerous back street abortions were finally no longer needed.

“Our job is to entertain and tell stories but we also want to support the people we tell stories about.”

And they do so through the eyes of characters we can all empathise with.

Are we near the end of the Call The Midwife journey?

Thankfully, that’s a big fat NO. There are three more series already commissioned and with the story moving on one year at a time, there’s lots of freedom for characters to leave and return – and having babies isn’t going out of fashion anytime soon, is it?

“You never become immune to stories about people you care about.”

If I were to ever make an Animorphs tv show, I would probably attribute a lot of Visser Three scenes to someone like… Chapman or Tom instead.

And have Visser Three (in my head played by Idris Elba) appear much more rarely, and have him be much more intimidating. Like when he’s in an episode you know Shit Is Going Down.

I think one of the big problems the series had was that Visser Three was used so often (and out-smarted so often) that he became a bit of a joke at times

But if a show used him rarely, and have the episodes with him be the ones where the Animorphs come closest to losing, then he’ll be properly intimidating as a villain

oooohhhh mister sharp *alek swooning*

i need to finish goliath but first i drew some deryn because holy crap i love her sooooo much also i imagine that she sounds like olivia morgan. So…yeah middie verbjectives reporting for duty in the leviathan fandom

Title: The Ballad of the Phoenix
Summery: This is a poem (based on “The Rains of Castamere”) that I started a while ago. It was supposed to go through all three seasons, basically documenting the big events that happen throughout the series like the Siege of th Northern Water Tribe, the events of “The Crossroads of Destiny,” “The Day of Black Sun,” and “Sozin’s comet, but I never really got that far. So I’m just going to go ahead and post the introductory verses anyway. Maybe I’ll post more verses for it in the future, maybe not. Who knows? 
Characters: Ozai, Zuko, Aang, Katara, Sokka
Links: AO3 || 

My apologies for the last four lines, which I think are really lackluster compared to the rest of the poem. I couldn’t think of anything that worked quite to my liking. 

And who are you, the phoenix cried,
to hold your head so high?
Only a fool and a summer child,
whose fateful end is nigh.
Your words are bold, your deeds untold, 
the fire’s will defied,  
But when the Comet comes again,
you’ll face my wrath in kind.
And so he’d boast, and so he’d boast, 
that king of ash and fear. 
But now he harps this elegy,
with not a soul to hear.
Yes, now he harps this elegy,
with not a soul to hear.

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Iwa-senpai's Fanfiction Recommendation List!

I have gotten a few requests on my Instagram (iwaizumi_hajime) on what some of my favorite fanfictions are, so I figured that I would post them here on my tumblr! I have fanfiction from three series; Haikyuu, Diamond no Ace, and Big Windup. I love getting recommendations from everyone, too, so if you don’t see something on my list, don’t be shy to tell me so that I can read it :)

Disclaimer: I may or may not edit this in the future, so keep your eyes out for more!

** = definite favorite, 10/10 would recommend!

this is really long and obnoxious, I apologize for being obsessed.

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