the big than theory

  • Kuroko, in a boxing position: Prepare yourself for what may come.
  • Kagami: Kuroko, do you really think we’re gonna fight?
  • Kuroko: My fists aren't up here because I’m milking a giant invisible cow.

i don’t like that thing in sitcoms where the Relateable Protagonist Man and his Sassy Lady Friend are on and off again for forty eight seasons and every time it is used as a plot arc everyone acts like its a new thing as if the first 12 times it happened didn’t really mean anything and then they eventually get married, call it off, get married, call it off, forever and ever till the show ends (and the show will never end)

”Sheldon and Amy go to the flag con and meet an internet troll that hates fwf” - anonymous

Sheldon tapped furiously at the keyboard of his laptop. He had just uploaded the latest episode of Fun with Flags and was eagerly awaiting feedback until an unwanted message appeared on the screen.  

“He’s done it again Amy”

Amy stepped up behind her boyfriend and read over his shoulder.

“Just ignore it Sheldon” she muttered after reading the hurtful words printed under their video.

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More than one percent of all children born in the United States today have autism. Some people, whom we shall politely refer to as “squealing jackasses” (we have some far more impolite terms ready), blame vaccines for the rise in cases. The real cause of this supposed autism boom is the simple fact that it was first diagnosed in 1943, so we basically only just figured out autism is a thing. We sat down with several high-functioning autistic people and asked them what our readers should know about their condition. Here’s what they said…

6 Things People With Autism Would Like You To Know

yoonjin daily convos #8

jin: where were you that was more important then Mario Kart night?!

yoongi: i was…

jin: *glares* that was a rhetorical question. nothing is more important than Mario Kart night. 

yoongi: come on! it’s just a video game. and i suck at it.

jin: but i don’t. 


So I spent in excess of 30 hours designing this Bob’s Burgers Lego set only to have it rejected by Lego Ideas.

They responded with a message stating that they won’t approve projects related to a lot of different things, the only two possibly related to my project:

Sex, drugs or smoking (Bob’s Burgers does not address these things any more than the Simpsons or The Big Bang Theory - both approved sets by Lego)
Alcohol in any present day situation (Duff Beer! Penny from TBBT is an alcoholic)

Anyway, I’m proud of my product and I hope the internet enjoy it also.