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Aaron Tveit and Laura Osnes presented William Ivey Long with his Lifetime Achievement Award tonight at the Lucille Lortel Awards (x)

Unforgettable Moment~

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Finally man. One life goal complete haha. I’ve finally seen BTS on TV screen in my house. No Youtube. No Livestream. None of that. It was beautiful. My grown 31 year old self was with my mom, pointing out at RM. “there go my fav! that’s my homie!” lol BTS out there doin the thang. ❤

Tell me why my mom made a comment about RM with ‘I can really see you dating someone like him’ lol

I’ve always been a big believer in having someone to lean on at all times. I still believe that but sometimes those people leave, either intentionally or unintentionally. For the most part of my life, I had someone to lean on, someone who was My Person. Someone I trusted a great deal and loved the most. But they left. And that broke me in ways I can’t fully understand yet. But it was horrible and it hurts a great deal to even acknowledge it as of now. And then I met this girl one night while I was stargazing on my apartment’s roof. I wasn’t even aware of the fact that we lived in the same building which isn’t surprising because I’m not big on socializing anyway. We started talking, shared a few cigarettes and talked about the stars and constellations that we tried to find even though we had no clue about any of them.
As our conversation proceeded, she said something that I’ll probably never forget and swear to live by. “Be your own person” she said. And in that moment I realized how wrong and weak it was of me to hand over that power over to someone else. To give away the control of my happiness and my strength over to someone. Something of such importance and I gave it over to people who trashed it beautifully. Never again. That’s a promise I’m making myself today. And I hope I’m never weak enough to break it.
—  movingforward33 

An important distinction between liberals and leftists:

When liberals see the phrase “small government”, they see inevitable chaos, the rich exploiting the poor, and a collapsing population of people in terms of education and prosperity.
When leftists see the phrase “small government”, they argue that private ownership over the means of production isn’t a natural outgrowth of “small government” and they start asking a plethora of questions relating to structures and the nature of capitalism and the state.
Liberals are confined to the bourgeois definitions, to the box that maintains hierarchy and domination, whether they realize it or not.
Leftists unpack that box and think outside of it, actually considering the fact that there’s nothing innate about the labor-capital relationship, that there’s nothing innate about surplus appropriation by a singular and unaccountable entity.

It’s the true distinction between capitalism and socialism, but interestingly enough, for SOME reason, you never hear about that from your average reactionary critic of socialism. Huh.

Sun in the houses

The Sun represents  your self-worth, how you experience life and express your individuality. The house where the Sun is in, will express in which area of life you will shine through, what kind of things will make you feel “complete”.

Sun in the 1st house: “Self respect is everything”.

These people present themselves as strong and confident, but actually they may be self-conscious. They’re concerned of what people think and say about them. However, if their Sun develope well they may become self-assured and prideful. Thus, they shine when they are able to express and being themselves. They love to be in the spotlight and may seem arrogant and attention-seeking at first (or always tbh). They tend to feel attacked easily when people doubt them.

Sun in the 2nd house: “Our possessions posses us".

These people like to feel powerful, and they find power through their possessions and wealth. They shine through what they possess: this is the kind of people that actually buy expensive things because that supposed to make them important. Therefore, their inner-wealth is connected to the tangible world, to what they have. However, these people usually have high self-esteem, even if they find themselves poor. After all, they have a weird and energetic need to make money and gain power.

Sun in the 3rd house: “Power is gained by sharing knowledge, not hoarding it".

People with this placement literally love to talk and share their knowledge! They find power and feel complete through long talks, debates and intellectual efficience. These people tend to feel really proud of their intellectuality and useless facts~ and may have problems with patience and anxiety. Their curiosity is big and they have a way through people.

Sun in the 4th house: “The past is never where you think you left it".

The Sun in the 4th house makes someone who’s focused on the past and is more comfortable among people they’ve known from a long time. Through this house they can expand their life in a are more gregarious way and may be more attached to one land and their wealth. These people shine, feel completed through their loved ones.

Sun in the 5th house: “The creation of beauty is art”.

 Sun in the 5th house is really creative and artsy. This combination makes someone really playful and fun-loving, more focused on enjoying the pleasures of life than actually working to get them. These people shine through games and their creations (such as art, children, etc) and, like Sun in the 1st, feel completed when they can express themselves.

Sun in the 6th house: “A job isn’t just a job. It’s who you are".

These people tend to be diligent and hard working, and prefer to stay away from the spotlight. These people take pride of their work and may have a hard time accepting reviews.  They feel complete when they are busy and are helpful to people. Actually, these people NEED to feel useful.

Sun in the 7th house: “People often say that this or that person has yet not found himself. But the self is not something one finds, it is something one creates".

These people have a rough time getting to know themselves and tend to blend with their loved ones and friends. They’re those friends that mimic other people’s gestures. They find themselves secure when they have someone by their side, and may need actual self-development. In fact, they shine through their relationships and feel complete when they reach harmony.

Sun in the 8th house: “The greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places".

These people feel like there are parts of themselves under the shadows, and will go deeper in their psyche to get to know it. They may have a rough time  keeping away from their limits. Due their powerful and intense nature, they may come off as complicated or even secretive people. They feel completed when they find the truth and are able to self-improve themselves.

Sun in the 9th house: “Travel far enough you meet youself".

They’re the social justice warriors™ of Tumblr. Basically, their main focus is on education, morals, religion and their high ideals. Actually they are proud of their knowledge and they feel completed when they learn about a topic they’re passionate about. They may be intolerant when people don’t agree with them, but well developed this Sun will be tolerant, adventorous and curious. Also they are interested in other countries’ affairs and cultures. :)

Sun in the 10th house:  “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent".

This placement makes people who are really bossy and tend to have a big social life. Their main focus is to climb higher and get respect from other people. They tend to show themselves as authorities and probably they’ll have problems in their work places if they don’t get they’re not the boss there. However, they put a lot of energy on their work so it’s possibly they’ll end being one. These people feel completed when they get a high position in their career/society.

Sun in the 11th house: “It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation".

These people have big hopes and big dreams. They look at life in terms of opportunities, and have a need to be different or outstanding. Their main dream is to make an impact in the world, and they’re fullfilled when they get it. Like Sun in the 9th house, this Sun when well developed will be open-minded and tolerant, while bad developed this Sun will be impatient, arrogant and smartass. 

Sun in the 12th house: “There’s bravery in being soft”.

The Sun in the 12th is kind of drowned in fears. These people are very connected to their subconscious and tend to pass most of their time alone. They might loose their sense of identity when they’re among too much people. Actually, they’re like a chameleon: their personality changes unconsciously depending the person they’re with. People with this placement feel completed when learn and developed their spiritual life.

(Some of the descriptions are based on asks I’ve already answered).

(All the quotes are from Internet).


I had a vivid dream that Bart canonically got a boyfriend on The Simpsons and it was a big deal all over social media… but the thing was that in the show Bart’s boyfriend was a kid in a full-body opossum fursuit and not even Bart knew his real identity. Finally at the end of the season it turned out to be Milhouse, who dramatically unzipped the suit and said “Bart… I’m your opossum boyfriend”

And then they just kept dating but Milhouse STILL kept the opossum fursuit on

I’ve never even watched The Simpsons