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Zootopia fanfiction Take A Stand: Star of Ceartais-Ch.28 What becomes of the brokenhearted?

(AN/Hey folks it’s garouge/ crewefox here with another chapter. Sorry for the late upload, my laptop has been on fritz, anyway thank you to everyone who liked, reviewed, reblogged, faved and followed the last chapter and a big thanks to alexboehm for writing the Kion/Jasiri part of this chapter. so without further ado let’s get cracking with this chapter…)

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Chapter 28- What becomes of the Broken Hearted?

Judy Wilde had always been a light sleeper, she attributed it to growing up with hundreds of siblings and having to get up early to do chores on the family farm. So as soon the sound of someone rustling in the kitchen reached her ears she was instantly awake, her amethyst eyes were open and her ears shot up, she focused hearing and could hear someone moving in the kitchen down the hall. She climbed out of bed and got her tranq pistol out of the bedside draw while whispering “Nick.” But her husband was still sound asleep, she quietly tread to his side of the bed and shook his shoulder before quietly commanding “Nick, wake up!”

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Have you taken Thalia to see New Rome? How does she feel about the Romans?

percy: honestly, i thought she’d be more angry.
jason: gods, no. she knocked someone out, that was bad enough.
percy: uh-huh. jason, if someone threw a brick at tyson
nico:  — or hazel
jason: …point taken.


kate mckinnon + live action film credits

so there was a post floating around a while ago about ngozi saying during a stream or something that holster knew about Bitty’s crush on jack and thought jack was leading Bitty on and was a little annoyed with him about that and I just

I really want a fic where him drunkenly and stupidly calling jack out on it at the end of year 2 is the catalyst for Jack’s “oh” moment

Not his father quoting Gretzky at the last possible moment, but adam birkholtz, drunk on his trademark svedka & pepsi, going on a tirade about the Cruel Sheep Empire that briefly turns into almost incoherent rambling about being cognizant of Bitty’s feelings and not giving him false hope, and then turns into nothing but retching sounds because holster’s throwing up in the bushes because, really, svedka and Pepsi?? is a terrible combo????