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I love being friends with you on Spotify because I get to see that you listen to Disney constantly 😂😂😂THE CIRCLE OF LIIIIIIFEE, AND IT MOVES US ALLLL

I NEVER REALIZED YOU COULD SEE WHAT I’VE BEEN LISTENING TO OH MY GOODNESS AND YEAH I HAVE A “FUN” PLAYLIST THAT IS JUST DISNEY AND MUSICALS AND I MAY HAVE SOME OTHER RANDOM SONGS IN THERE (i dont’ think all of them are “fun” songs but like i know how i need to have them classified in order for it to work for me) BUT YES DISNEY IS AMAZING

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Have you taken Thalia to see New Rome? How does she feel about the Romans?

percy: honestly, i thought she’d be more angry.
jason: gods, no. she knocked someone out, that was bad enough.
percy: uh-huh. jason, if someone threw a brick at tyson
nico:  — or hazel
jason: …point taken.


kate mckinnon + live action film credits

I would like for y'all to meet my little 2 week old Irish Wolfhound puppy… Prompto! He’s the runt of the litter and a very sweet boy. He might be smaller than the rest, but he’s a tough guy!

y'all know… louis and eleanor are probably going to get married. like, they’re both in their mid/late twenties and dated — what, four years? — and now they’re back together. hell, louis has a son he has to think about, and a group of sisters he has to help take care of. he isn’t just going to get with anybody, and eleanor has shown her love and support for louis so many times other the years. they’re truly it — they are true love personified, the kind of people you write stories about. i’m so happy for louis and i’m so appreciative of eleanor.


We all make choices. But in the end, our choices make us.

Andrew Ryan: (born Андрей Раяновский) is the founder of Rapture and the owner of Ryan Industries. He is the Chairman of the Rapture City Council, owner and operator of Hephaestus, and one of the most important men in the city. He only appears in person in the Rapture Central Control, but he sends radio communications throughout Jack’s travels.

Track: Dancers on a String

Unofficial Track: The Bloody King