the big rewind

sybbelle  asked:

Prompt: Evelyn is tired of seeing Ginny upset over Mike and Amelia, and so mama bear comes out to teach Mike a lesson on screwing his head on straight.

If anything, she’s gotta give Blip credit for keeping the secret for as long as he did. Especially considering how he could barely keep her surprise birthday party from her once, keeping Mike and Amelia on the low is in fact, pretty big for him.

“Wait, rewind.” Evelyn says around a yawn. “Mike and Amelia?”

“Mmhmm.” Blip nods, slipping into bed, a hand being thrown over his eye.

The wheels in Evelyn’s mind turn, trying to understand how that even happened or when or why… “How —”

“Don’t know. All I know is it’s a thing.”

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i saw this on pinterest, and i feel like it’s supposed to be, like, yay republicans will save us from those icky dems, but what it really means is:

“stand back and watch while some unqualified senile perv goes down on big business and rewinds all social and environmental progress in favor of destroying the country ps people of color and homos are evil”

Person: I’m so excited for christmas!! better start counting down to the big day!! 

Me: youtube rewind is coming out in 2 days i am so fking ready i have been waintig a yEar for this fffFUCK IM NOT READY I HAVE NO IDEA WHOSE GOING TO BE IN IT ARE DAN AND PHIL GOING TO BE IN IT?? IS T YLER GOIG NT GO BE IN IT??TROYE>?? t rCONNER???ANY ONE???????