the big plate

You know sometimes your body won´t be in the game even though your head will be. And that is okay because not all days can be ideal and perfect. So don´t feel frustrated when your mind is set to weight loss but your body craves chocolate or a big plate of pasta. Eat that damn food. Because your body knows what it needs. Eat it without regrets knowing that soon your body and mind will align again and that it is more than okay to nurture your body AND mind, too. Work on yourself but do not forget to enjoy life along the way.

btw the correct metaphor for math is that it’s a big plate of spaghetti. most of the noodles are so tangled and buried in there that there’s no clear path to them, and people keep eating the same spaghetti noodle from different ends and then accidentally kissing.

Apparently Tamaki has a crush on me……in my dream LMAO

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what's your favorite type of fruit sauce?


It'll Never be the Same

(Part Nine to Shocking Sensations)

Summary: The night after Sam and Dean help Y/N break the curse things are back to normal. She isn’t having orgasms anymore, she’s no longer on death’s door. What she does have is a big mess on her plate: both brothers have feelings for her, and she doesn’t know what to do. 

 Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Reader

 Pairing: Sam x Reader x Dean (no Wincest) 

 Warnings: Sexual content, oral sex (male receiving), slight self hate, some angst. 

 Rated M 

 Word Count: 3,549

 Catch up here!

 Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six Part Seven Part Eight  Part Ten

 A/N: So here y'all go after so many months of waiting I finally finished part nine. So I’m considering either just continuing the story on this, or making a whole new series. Let me know what you guys think!

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Imagine surprise tickling Dave Franco.

There were times when you would try to contain your urges but this was one of the times that you didn’t. Your co-star Dave was signing autographs for some fans when you saw him, back turned towards you. It was too hard to resist, and you couldn’t help yourself…

You went up behind him, fingers at the ready by his side, and started to tickle his ribs where you knew he had been the most ticklish. Nights of drunk truth or dare had helped you to learn a lot about Dave, and you kept each piece of information for future reference.

At first Dave yelped and tried to get you away, but then the giggles, smiles and laughter really started and you didn’t let up until he was almost incapacitated and close to falling on the floor. “Gotcha, Franco.” You grinned, helping him up onto his feet.

“Don’t forget that I know your tickle spot too.” Dave threatened. Your eyes went as big as dinner plates as he took the opportunity to start tickling your own ticklish spot, acting like children as the cameras flashed and caught it all.

lads i just made a large pot of spaghetti, reblog to have a big plate of spaghetti launched through your window, killing you instantly

Things that make me so happy I could cry right now

- Dad and I have barely stopped talking since he got out here
- my apartment is clean af
- Dad told me he was really impressed with me and proud of me
- Dad said Hubs and I have a really good, communicative relationship
- I got to have dinner with Noriko tonight and hold her youngest, who was passed out after a big plate of spaghetti
- I showed Dad my town
- I read text messages from sweet people even though I’m a goober who doesn’t respond all the time
- my dad is here, even if he’s jet-lagged in the hotel haha. Just having him nearby is so great.

Imagine Your Otp!

>Person A is the kinda evil, cruel, and/ or dominant type, whilst B is the kind, nice and fun type, so A always finds it super attractive when B shows dominance and assertiveness towards someone else.

>Person B setting up mistletoe all around the house to surprise A, but instead of soft, passionate kisses, Person A uses the opportunities to engage in hot and messy make outs with B.

>Person A subconsciously putting their arm around B whenever they pass any ally ways or suspicious areas.

>Person A and B deciding to share a single, big bowl/ plate of food at dinner time instead of eating separate.

>Person B stealing the cherry from Person A’s milkshake.

>Person A making subtle, kinky hints/ ideas to Person B on Valentines day that never end up playing out for whatever reason.

>Person A and B getting snowed in a week before Christmas, and B decides to lighten the mood by singing a variation of Holiday songs, much to Person A’s slight displeasure.

>Person B attempting to prank A on April Fools Day by stating that they’re breaking up with them, but unfortunately for B, the calendar was still changed to a month back for April Fools preparations, and so they end up in an awkward argument/ conversation with A after stating it was a prank for April Fools and A says it was still March.

>Person A and B always sleeping close to each other every night, and so when A wakes up to find B missing, they have a mini panic attack before realizing B was sleeping on the floor.

Ahead in the Back

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Part six begins!

blanket warnings for drug use and sexual content

Vintage kitchen clutter

These are some random conversions that I did a long time ago. I just completely forgot about them… :p

What you get:

  • Nemestaya Sunday basin  (recolors by Evergreen)
  • Wallsims deco plate  (recolors by Evergreen)
  • Kativip Stalker kettle  (recolors by Evergreen)
  • Cassandre round plate small (recolors by me and PaisleyAvenue)
  • Cassandre round plate big  (recolors by me and PaisleyAvenue)

You need to grab the mesh for the plates here!

Here you can see how you can put the meatgrinder on table, be sure to use “bb.moveobjects on”, use shift+9 or 0 to move it up and down.

Credit: Kativip, Wallsims, Nemestaya, Cassandre, @loree-sims4, Evergreen, @paisleyavenueredux

Happy decorating!
Download (simfileshare)

look, i love kravitz, and i love taako, and i love taakitz, but not everything is about taakitz. not every single one of taako’s interactions need to be looked at through that lens, and ditto kravitz’s actions. they went on one date and they have some p big things on their plates!!! let those boys live.