the big medley


Come To my

Come to My Japanese ver.

Love Box

Love Box Japanese ver.


GG BE Japanese ver.

GOTTA TALK TO U   !!!!!!!

GOTTA TALK TO U Japanese ver.


YOU HOOOO!!! Japanese ver.

Let’s Talk About Love - feat. G-Dragon & Taeyang  

Strong Baby  Okay why it doesn’t even have HD!? I am so done-,- So song was made in 2008, and got HD in 2010 -,- Seriously?? Strong Baby HD

Strong Baby Japanese ver.


V.V.I.P. Japanese ver.

I KNOW with IU   bonus I Know - Seungri ft. IU [Fan MV]  

I KNOW with May J.  Japanese ver.


MAGIC Japanese ver.


WHITE LOVE  Japanese ver.

The Feelings Painted In The Sky      MV

WHAT CAN I DO     I want to say that person who made make-up there…really..You could not do better??

WHAT CAN I DO  Japanese ver.

GOTTA TALK TO U (Hard Remix Ver.)  

GOTTA TALK TO U (Hard Remix Ver.) Japanese ver.


Open Window (feat.G-DRAGON)

Next Day  LIVE!!!!!        Next Day MV  

Seungri & Daesung - Big Bang Songs Medley  YES

Only one person

Seungri & Daesung Just Like Big Bang MV  

Gone (Justin Timberlake cover)

Like I Love You (Justin Timberlake cover)  

Why, When, How  

N'sync - Pop  

Sexy Back(Justin Timberlake cover)

lovestoned(Justin Timberlake cover)

“haru haru" 

Seungri singing EYES NOSE LIPS  

Seungri singing KWKKST on R00m $h@re     !!!!!!!!!

Seung-ri singing  omg

Seungri singing GD’s Who You

Big Bang’s SeungRi sings AKB48’s Heavy Rotation  !!!!!!!

Big Bang - Seung ri’s audition ( day by day )  

TOP, YB, & Seung Ri - Pop Ur Collar 

Seungri sing hwangholhan gobaek

seungri - love

Seungri sing 3 Bear   LOL

Snow Flakes [radio]


BigBang Cover Medley

Sirius and Remus and French.

Growing up, being forced to learn French by his mother and father because it was a Black family tradition, Sirius hated French. During family get-togethers, where everyone was speaking French, Sirius would respond in English because he hated French that much.

But then he met Remus. Remus, in his too big sweaters and medley of scars, had a passion for languages. While he couldn’t read them, he knew how to recognize Korean from Japanese and Japanese from Chinese, the difference between Laotian and Thai, etc. He could talk for days about the nuances of language and the value in learning more than one. He would lay on the floor, staring at the ceiling, whispering all the foreign phrases he knew. Sirius still didn’t like French, but Remus did, so he used it on Remus.

“Est-ce que tu as un plan? Je me suis perdu dans tes yeux,” he’d say, looking into Remus’ eyes. Remus would laugh and place a peck on his cheek.

“Tu n'as pas eu mal quand tu es tombé du ciel?” he’d ask, and Remus would laugh again because even though he didn’t understand it, he knew it was cheesy and adorable, just like Sirius.

And late at night, when Remus was overwhelmed with the wolf, Sirius would say “Est-ce que ton père a été un voleur? Parce qu'il a volé les étoiles du ciel pour les mettre dans tes yeux.” Even though Remus didn’t understand, he’d smile and curl up next to Sirius and let his lover murmur to him in French.

Peter would one day ask Remus why he didn’t learn French and Remus would respond, “the mystery of it makes it all the more romantic.” And that was that.

And Sirius, who still didn’t use French in front of his family, but loved the language now because it was his and Remus’. He’d made it good by sharing it with Remus.

And when, years later, Sirius showed up on his doorstep, haggard and worried because He was back, Remus would pull him into a hug and whisper “Je t’aime,” and everything would be okay.


I know you guys are probably tired of seeing my face, but I wanted to upload a couple shots I never got to put in my original cosplay posts in one big genderswapped medley, dating all the way back to fem!Dean. Fem!Benny is still the one I have the most fun wearing, but seriously bloody fem!Sam is never gonna get old (and I apologize that most of my fem!Sam photos are demon blood in nature).

If you’re interested in observing how completely obsessed I am with turning the SPN boys in to girls, it’s all compiled in to one big tag here!

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So at my school we have a year end concert and the seniors get to play a solo in a great big medley and a couple years ago when our cellist was a senior he chose his solo to be Canon in D EXCEPT he played the melody and made us play the bass line



Super Smash Bros. Big Band Medley - Nintendo Special Big Band


Dream Theater - The Big Medley

containing bits from:

In the Flesh?” (Pink Floyd cover)
Carry On Wayward Son” (Kansas cover)Bohemian Rhapsody” (Queen cover)Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’” (Journey cover)Cruise Control” (Dixie Dregs cover)Turn It on Again” (Genesis cover)“  

The big medley: Pink Floyd, Kansas, Queen, Journey, Dixie Dregs and Genesis. completely and totally awesome!!

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The billboards writes a lot about infinite more then others groups I noticed are they popular with the billboards

Yes, dear Anon! I have noticed that too! Really something to be proud isnt it? ;)

Billboard started to pay attention to INFINITE since the release of Be Mine in 2011, where they wrote about 4 boybands who are “forces to be reckoned with on the K-Pop Hot 100 and are beginning to spread their talent across Asia”, and they wrote INFINITE along with their other 3 sunbaes. And so, thats how Billboard started to fall for INFINITE. LOL

In the end of 2012, they awarded INFINITE’s The Chaser as the best KPop song of the year, beating some other huge veteran KPop acts, such as Psy, Bigbang, 2NE1, Beast and more. They wrote: 

“INFINITE’s masterpiece single “The Chaser” takes listeners on a ride the second they start the track. With an introduction packed with forceful vocals, dynamic guitar licks, and dramatic violins, it almost sounds like the track will never find a true direction. But at just 50 seconds, the song evolves into a waterfall of 80s synthesizers (courtesy of super producer Sweetune) with the same vocal energy brought back to the explosive trumpet-driven chorus. The track puts INFINITE and Sweetune truly at the forefront of 2012 proving risk and innovation in K-pop can trump all.”

And then, they started to give updates on INFINITE, and reviews on each of INFINITE’s releases, including solo and unit releases. They wrote a review on INFINITE’s career, and had an exclusive interview session with them, acknowledging INFINITE’s passion in making music, and even wrote how INFINITE has impressed Billboard with their music. They gave a full coverage when INFINITE held their world tour, One Great Step. Not satisfied with just an interview, they had INFINITE performed several songs live (you know, as in: LIVE) in the Billboard studio in NY, being the first K-Pop act to perform their Korean songs live there, showing their acknowledgement of INFINITE’s strong live performances. 

They also reviewed INFINITE’s performance in 2013 MAMA as:

“A testament to how far K-pop boy band INFINITE has come in three years, the septet beat out veteran group Shinwa and big-sellers EXO and SHINee to win the award for Best Male Group. Their performance included 2011 single “BTD,” that wasn’t much of a hit on the charts, but became notable for the way-cool “scorpion dance” – a nod to INFINITE’s early indication of big things. The medley ended with most-recent single “Destiny,” a big hit on the K-Pop Hot 100 with a No. 3 peak, reminding the audience of their current success like four successful U.S. stops on their world tour.”

While INFINITE is not much of a popular act in Korea itself compared to other more trend and hit seller idols (which is probably due to INFINITE’s stubbornness in retaining and reserving their color of music XD), Billboard really shows how INFINITE is one act to be reckoned with. And more than just pursuing after big sales and explosive music show wins and mega awards, I prefer INFINITE to be acknowledged for their quality, just like this. And I cant be even prouder of the boys for making it this far. :)


30 Day Song Challenge Day 15: A song that has been covered by another artist

Rather than just one song, here’s Dream Theater covering In the Flesh by Pink Floyd, Carry On Wayward Son by Kansas, Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’ by Journey, Cruise Control by Dixie Dregs, and Turn It On Again by Genesis, all in one ten-minute track titled, accurately enough, The Big Medley (from the album Change of Seasons).


The finale track to Metroid Cinematica, with a big medley of different themes such as the intro and credits of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.  The full album contains well over an hour of music, with even more on the CD albums though they are currently out of stock.  The digital version can be downloaded on the main page of my site, as well as, iTunes, and more.

It seems like the big theatricality of moments like that are really big and “musical” and very hip-hop at the same time. Do you feel there’s any conceptual connection between these art forms that makes this work?
“I think there is. Hip-hop has always been about showing out. But there is something about the musical and the Broadway musical that is very hip-hop. Broadway is also about showing everything that you got. We’re going to throw everything at this. We have the most expensive lights, and the best orchestra, and the greatest performers and we’re going to throw them all here and make this big medley that feels expensive and feels pristine and flashy. And that’s definitely part of the hip-hop aesthetic as well. It’s all about creating personas that are larger than life, and that’s why we like them, you know.”
—  ‘Hamilton’ Star Daveed Diggs on How Revolutionary New Play Marries Hip-Hop and Broadway (