the big lunch

Polyglot feel #57

When you don’t work on a language for a while and you can literally feel yourself forgetting words and grammar rules one by one

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So I was sitting down at my kitchen table eating pasta when I had this thought.

Tikki’s favorite re-energizing food is cookies

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Plagg is a cheese freak

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(This is my new favorite gif)

But then I realized…

Adrien also really likes baked goods (when he gets them, that is…)

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But that made me think… is their favorite food the same as their other half’s kwami?

Is Marinette’s favorite food

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I hope she does…

The big four sitting at lunch together.

Alya: Hey Marinette, what’s your favorite type of food?

Nino: I could have told you that one.

Adrien: Really? What is it?

Marinette: *honestly unaware of favorite type of food and a little offended that Nino thinks he knows the answer* I honestly don’t know what it is, so please enlighten us, Nino.

Nino: *with a big smile on his face* Cheese.

Adrien: *slightly taken aback at this new development*

MArinette: *Thinking back on her life and slowly realizing he was right.*

Alya: Dude, how do you even know that?

Nino: First of all, she has cheesecake for her birthday cake every year. Second, last year she hosted a big study party with a bunch of kids from our class and she made a pasta dish. While she was cooking Kim asked if she had enough pasta and sauce with her cheese and Marinette just dumped an entire container of parmesan cheese into the pot and said, “Not quite.” So yeah, cheese is her favorite food.

Marinette: *glances down at plate which is literally that exact same recipe with just as much cheese as Nino described from the party*

Alya: I’m a little shocked, but I am mostly impressed.

Plagg in Adrien’s shirt pocket: Marry her.


had the loveliest day with my sister; we went to a little farmers market and got a giant bag of fruit, then to a flower nursery where we ate lunch and explored the plants

Before, January 2015: 190lb(86kg)
After, January 2016: 120lb(54kg)

I took the first picture last January. I hit my highest weight, 225lb, in June 2014 and had been losing slowly since then. I got to 180lb in autumn, but I had been drifting off my low calorie diet. I ate very small portions, mostly lean cuisines and weight watchers. It was hard to stick to, and I gained 10lb over the holidays.

So that January I made a New Years Resolution. I wanted to be healthy. Two ways I could do this were by quitting smoking and changing my diet. I wanted to lose weight, but I didn’t want to feel so deprived. I had grown up vegetarian and already loved fruits and vegetables, so I decided to go vegan in 2015. No more tasteless diet foods, I ate fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and learned how to cook for myself. I always had a big salad for lunch, and I cut out processed foods. I also got a fitbit and made sure I hit my step target most days. I discovered a love of running as well, and I never thought I’d enjoy exercise so much!


If you are making a New Years Resolution to get healthy and lose weight, I recommend a strictly plant based diet. IT CHANGED MY LIFE!! Go vegan in 2016! Plant based diets are beautiful, wonderful, delicious, and I FEEL GREAT! Follow my journey at


Imagine spending christmas with the pack

Everyone helped Emily to cook a big christmas lunch/dinner, where half the food was eaten from the boys snacking. You all talked and pulled crackers (do they do these in US? idk) over the meal. After you had all eaten, you all collapsed in the living room, with full stomachs, where you all exchanged presents. You and the pack had a tradition of watching christmas movies in the evening, whilst you all snacked on christmas sweets/candies.

Keith and Lance have a big fight. At lunch Keith is ranting about it to Pidge who isn’t even pretending to give a shit.

After Keith is done Pidge suddenly bursts into a rap, “come on bro, don’t you know, that I’m a hoe, and you two go, waaaaaay back!”

Keith just comments on how white she is and walks off to his next class. Lance then comes out from under a nearby table.

Pidge: Told you the rap wouldn’t work.

Lance: Yeah, well, maybe if you got on the table and did that dance like you were SUPPOSED to-

Things Tweakers just wouldnt say!
  1. These shards are way too big
  2. man can you just cut it some ? its just too pure
  3. No.
  4. Oh, hey! A cop! Let’s go say hello.
  5. I ate a big lunch today 
  6. my mouth is so full of saliva?
  7. I don’t feel like staying up all night
  8. drugs are really bad for you.
  9. I’ve had too many bowls tonight
  10. It’s 5 o’clock in the morning. It’s WAY too early to smoke
  11. It’s 12:45 a.m. It’s too late to smoke
  12. I’m too high to have sex.
  13. No. I didn’t smoke meth before meeting your parents.
  14. America’s War on Drugs has been totally successful.
  15. Tumblr never heard of it
  16. Methed up ….i hate that blog
  17. Fuck its just a shard leave it on the floor i don’t want to worry about it and im too tired to look for it 
  18. I’m just gonna look for this thing for… three minutes
  19. Its almost time to to go, im gonna put my gear away and get ready now

Short-eared Owl (Asio flammeus) by USFWS Mountain-Prairie
Via Flickr:
It can be hard to keep your eyes open while sitting in the sun after eating a big meadow vole for lunch. Video: Short-eared owl on Seedskadee NWR. Tom Koerner/USFWS

Omg so my boyfriend and I were on our way to have lunch and there was this guy handing out free chocolate in front of the restaurant. And I took a piece and ate it without even thinking about it, even though I knew I was about to have a big lunch! Wtf I’m so happy and proud of myself right now how did that just happen?!


Tuesday 1.17.16

Feeling so good about today. The first week of January sorta slipped by without me committing to make a change, and the second week, I got sick. Now that I’m feeling better I’m so reenergized and ready to make concrete changes.

This morning I got in a smooth 4 miles at the gym followed by PT exercises. I drank enough water. I stuck with all the meals I’d planned. I actually had so much to do at work that I stopped for a big lunch, and then before I knew it, it was 6:30. Time to go.

I walked home in the rain and knew I would be happier with myself in the long run if I sucked it up and made a quick trip to the grocery store. So I did. I got turkey, cheese & lettuce for lunches, along with cucumbers, carrots, hummus, high fiber granola bars, and some kitty food.

I brought all that home and made our lunches for tomorrow, fed the kittehs, and then finally heated up some leftover cottage pie for dinner. It’s been a long and busy day, but rewarding and happy.

I started the day by reading a quote – I believe on @nofearinfailure’s blog – about creating discipline rather than relying on motivation. That stuck with me so much throughout the day. Motivation is easy and often fleeting, but discipline can be controlled and fostered and learned. Thanks for that little nugget of wisdom Katie!