the big guy and rusty

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-precious robot child Orisa developes a huge crush on because Efi hasn’t explained that and her meka are separate things. (in her meka) tries to be a role model for Orisa a la Big Guy and Rusty

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God, you just reminded me of "Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot." Which I completely miss-remembered as Astro Boy thinking Big-O is his father.

im yelling if i didnt google the name id of thought u were jerkin my chain w some like silly nickname but no thats literally what its called,

The Big Guy And Rusty The Boy Robot Second Edition HC by Geof Darrow

The Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot Second Edition HC
Frank Miller (W), Geof Darrow (W/A/Cover), and Dave Stewart ©
On sale Oct 7
FC, 88 pages
HC, 8" x 12"
Front and center, America! Here comes action! Here comes adventure! Here comes The Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot—a roller-coaster ride through the minds of Geof Darrow and Frank Miller, the tag team that set you reeling with their hard-hitting series Hard Boiled! Everything you remember about being thirty-eight years old and watching monster movies is right here, but with all the magnified detail that you always wanted to see.
• Recolored by coloring maestro Dave Stewart!
• Collected in hardcover for the first time ever!
• Includes the DHP special!

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Since the last one was so lovely, could you please write a drabble of Baisemain for Hunk? Whoever is on the receiving end is up to you!! Thank you so much :)

Based on this.

A/N: I’m so sorry this is so late, and I hope you don’t mind a bit of hance since I’m actually exploring the dynamics of this ship. And thanks so much for the prompt!

Baisemain - a kiss on the hand


If Hunk is given the chance to choose between the option of fighting with his bayard or striking his opponents with his fists, he’ll say it depends on the situation.

Because while he isn’t one for ultimate violence, talking his way out is a better resolution than punching through the difficulties that occurred, or even shoot anything with the laser beam his bayard provides. It’s cleaner, calmer, and will cause minimum damage to everything that’s involved.

However, when the other party initiates the move to do the unforgiving, say, hurting his teammates for example;

There would surely be hell to pay.

So, without no mercy at all, those who even lay a finger on them would suffer the consequences, and they’ll remember why he’s chosen as the yellow paladin in the first place.

Right now, though?

Right now, after fighting off the ruthless rogues they had unfortunately cross paths with, Hunk has yet to feel any less calmer from where he’s still sitting on the small stairs -still wearing his suit while the rest of the paladins patch themselves up- once in a while eyeing the blue paladin being assisted by Coran on his own injuries.

Lance has taken most of the hits, laser beams hurtling against him and his lion relentlessly that the armour’s usual shiny white exterior is charcoaled with black smoke. Not only Hunk and Pidge would have to have a look at Blue later, but those rogues has no mercy when they shoot at Lance when he’s helping the innocent civilians back to their homes. He tries to fend off the attack, protecting what he can as he ushers the natives to safety, but he’s been hurt nonetheless; and unfortunately to those rogues, it makes Hunk’s blood boil with a deep hatred the moment Lance hits the ground.

Hunk doesn’t kill them of course, but leaves a few bruises as a reminder to them all.

Hunk watches as Coran carefully finishes the way he binds Lance’s torso, where his armour is littered behind him while the black skintight suit is pulled down to his waist. The young man offers a weak grin as a sign of thanks before the Altean stands up, giving Lance a word or two of advice before he leaves to check up on the princess in her room.

It’s that moment Hunk hauls himself up, ignoring the protests his body makes as he shuffles towards Lance, briefly noticing the way the other paladins make an exit out, before tentatively sitting beside him with a small grunt.

Lance shoots him a smirk. “Getting rusty on the limbs, big guy?”

Hunk let’s out a soft snort. “Being hit by lasers isn’t that fun as most people make it believe. It hurts like hell.”

Lance grazes his bandaged ribs with a hand,  shifting in his seat as he finds a comfortable spot. “You got that right,” Lance huffs. “Those dudes had no mercy at all, couldn’t even given me the chance to get those civilians back to their houses safely.”

With a sweep of his eyes on Lance’s ruffled appearance, Hunk purses his lips together when he notices the way Lance tries to hide a wince. “Are you okay?”

Lance waves the worry away dismissively. “I’m fine. Slightly dusty than usual, but nothing a shower can’t fix.”

Hunk frowns at him. “You sure?”

There must have been something Hunk let’s lose, because Lance looks at him curiously from they’re slightly pressed against each other, where Hunk is able to feel Lance’s knees against his. “Yeah, I’m fine, Hunk.” He chuckles. “No need to worry about me.”

A short burst of laughter manages to escape past his lips. “Not worry about you?” Hunk echoes in amusement, and Lance rolls his eyes while cuffing his arm. “Yeah, sure. That’s a first.”

“Yeah, yeah, because I’m always doing something reckless and making you guys worry and all,” Lance scoffs lightly, but there’s a smile that’s stretching at the corner of his mouth. “But I’m fine, really, just a scratch.”

Hunk pointedly raises his eyebrows at Lance’s bandage. “Right.”

“Think you so clever, huh?” Lance laughs, leaning against Hunk more when he presses his temple against Hunk’s shoulder for a moment. “Well, of course you are, you’re Hunk, one of the smartest people I know, but don’t abuse it to call my ass out.”

Hunk is able to feel the way Lance rests his hand on his thigh, and he takes those agile fingers in his own larger hand; bare skin against smooth material.

There’s this unmistakable silence hanging on top of their heads, it’s rare when it comes to them, since one of them would talk each other’s ear off by whatever that comes to mind; Lance and his big ideas and Hunk with his amazement at every little thing he has learn, wanting to share everything with him.

Without really thinking, Hunk brings their hands up to brush his lips against Lance’s knuckles, hearing the momentary pitched inhale Lance does as his fingers tightens around Hunk’s.

Hunk smiles against his skin. “I’m just glad you’re okay.”

Lance let’s out a gust of breath slowly, as if taking hold of himself, before burying his nose into Hunk’s shoulder.

“Yeah,” he says quietly, voice slightly muffled. “I’m glad you’re okay too.”


A comiXologist recommends (a Dark Horse comic)
Shaolin Cowboy

Over the course of four issues, Geof Darrow’s Shaolin Cowboy plays out not so much of a story as he does one extended scene, a battle portrayed moment by moment, each panel crafted with detail and wit.  As anyone who has seen Darrow’s work in Hardboiled, Big Guy & Rusty the Robot or the other volumes on Shaolin Cowboy knows, he is a masterful artist, but more than just being able to create compelling images, he also a master storyteller.  Each panel in Shaolin Cowboy is a story unto itself, and though the images are static, they are so teeming with detail that they seem to come alive, to teem and writhe with activity, with action, portraying a larger moment within the series itself but also dozens of smaller, self-contained moments.

Despite its vibrancy and its extremes (the extreme detail of the images and, on occasion, extreme gore), Shaolin Cowboy never feels excessive.  Issue two, for example, is 30 panels of the titular character swinging a chainsaw through an army of zombies, and though the blood and viscera flows freely, the feeling of the issue is almost meditative.  It’s a moment that might take up a few seconds of screen time in a film, but her it’s given room to breathe.  By issue four, Darrow moves from larger panoramas of carnage to smaller, more contained panels (as many as 30 on some pages) of one-on-one battle, ratcheting up the tension of each moment.

Shaolin Cowboy is a pop art masterpiece, an enigmatic comic that satisfies on an action/genre level while exploring the full possibilities of the medium by using visual storytelling in imaginative and innovative ways.  It is not so much read as it is experienced, and what an experience it is!

-Harris Smith

Read Shaolin Cowboy on comiXology

With Emerald City Comic Con going on in Seattle, Dark Horse and IDW are rolling out a slew of great announcements this weekend. For instance, Dark Horse announced that Frank Miller and Geof Darrow’s Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot will get the hardcover treatment in October.

Per the press release, the collection will include the original series, plus the recent material that appeared in the relaunch of Dark Horse Presents last year, “surprise extras” and remastered color by Dave Stewart.

Too bad it doesn’t come with a box set of the cartoon series …

Hey zedrin-maybe I did something Megaman related :Y

Her arms are heavily inspired by those of Kraft (MMZ4) while her ponytail comes from Ashe (MMZXA - Not a Zero entry but is the same artist nonetheless) with a little modification. I tried to preserve her proportions while also fitting certain traits within the universe, like the Reploid feet and arm guards for example; what did take time was to adapt the outfit into a more Zero-ish attire while also keeping it recognizable.

It is also the first time in a long… well, time, that I try to do this style again on a more serious mindset. Man, I’m rusty (but there’s no big guy here)… :T

i still have two more images on store to do u kno :y

EDIT Jun/06: Oh forget it heres the second one :y

EDIT Jun/07: She’s got that vibe of a cyber-elf for some reason, maybe it is just me :T    Anyways, heres the third one :D





We are looking to throw together a zine featuring about 32 works of art created specifically for the theme. Original and fan art (crossovers included) accepted as long as it captures the essence of “super teamwork”. 

Examples: Sailor Moon and Starfire (from Teen Titans), Sonic the Hedgehog and Megaman, Voltron x Power Rangers, Bilbo Baggins + Finn from Adventure Time + Steven Universe, Crystal Gems x Pretty Cure, Green Lantern and Danny Phantom, Astroboy + Big Guy and Rusty the Robot Boy + Iron Giant,  Young Justice + X-Men, Spider-Man + Miraculous Ladybug…


  • 350DPI - 600DPI
  • SMALL  5.5 × 8.5 in (140 × 216 mm) or POSTCARD or
  • MEDIUM  8.5 in × 11 in (215.9 mm × 279.4 mm) or A4 or
  • LARGEST  11in × 17in (279mm × 432mm) or TABLOID.

When we receive 32 works (we will not accept more than 2 submissions per person) THEN submissions will close. If you have any more questions let the current team leaders @captainhellarad @evan-bryant and @rapidpunches know!