the big five two

She ran her fingers over the delicate stitching on the fabric. The gold thread shone in such a brilliant way that her eyes began to water. Off in the corner of her room she heard the sound of her kwami stirring.

“Marinette?” her soft voice called from her little bed.

Marinette didn’t say a word. She stared blankly down at the fabric as she read the embroidered words over and over again.

Baby Brother

Baby Brother

Baby Brother

How those words burned into her eyes.

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important background action there

Nineteen Eighty Four

It is 2016 they call

But all I hear is 1984

Two plus two is five not four

Is it?

Big Brother says so.

Safe spaces

Censored words

The language police,

Here to take out verbs

No curse words!


Double think

Forgoing reason for righteous

We keep going

Well it might just…


Mobs of social justice warriors

Taking sharpies to thesaurus

So what if its vulgar or coarse

I need not your recourse.

Words have a purpose

They are here to serve us

I think…

Therefore I am not,

Politically correct…

  • Kise: I'm gonna get my pilot's license! I've already got a driver's license, and a cosmetology license – that's two of the big five licenses!
  • Midorima: The big five licenses?
  • Kuroko: Driver's license
  • Kise: Cosmetology license
  • Kagami: Pilot's license
  • Aomine: Fishing license
  • Akashi: And license to kill! I can't wait to get that one.

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Five Things You’ll Find in My Bag

  1. a sociological book probably lmao
  2. if not that then a terry mcmillan novel
  3. at the very least three (3) water bottles
  4. pumpkin spice hand sanitizer
  5. too many empty mike and ike boxes to count

Five Things in My Bedroom

  1. two big wooden shelves full of superhero statues and figures
  2. a gigantic plastic shelf with like four shelves full of comics and records
  3. globe
  4. jar of earplugs
  5. a pic of me and stan lee from…..let’s just say pre-hormones

Five Things I’ve Wanted to Do in Life

  1. get facial feminization surgery
  2. do drag
  3. become a therapist and help young gays and lgbts
  4. turn the field of journalism on its head
  5. move into a big loft/house/private commune w/ all my friends

Five Things that Make Me Happy

  1. my friends
  2. my family
  3. my church lgbt group
  4. trans girls
  5. dogs

Five Things I’m Currently Into

  1. the sopranos
  2. six feet under
  3. jersey shore music
  4. arrow
  5. injustice the game

Five Things on My To-Do List

  1. chloe sevigny filmography
  2. listen 2 rolling stone 500 best albums list
  3. get laser hair removal
  4. buy clothes for my cosplays
  5. love life!

Five Things People May Not Know About Me

  1. i got banned for life from deviant art @ like…..13
  2. i was in boy scouts for……..too long (and was most likely the only girl in my troop lmao……a covert operative……)
  3. i was voted most polite in my 8th grade yearbook
  4. i have a beagle named tara
  5. oh heres another great genderfuck memory i took swimming lessons for 9 years lmao i loved them but they did wonders for my dysphoria

There’s something so immensely satisfying about collecting a big series.

<my collection of the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich>

Triptych ; Chapter Twenty

HERE WE ARE…. THE BIG TWO ZERO…. TWO TENS, FOUR FIVES– TWENTY. I really hope you all enjoy this chapter! I will be trying my best to clear up the time frames as well as add in more action! Like every chapter,  it’s based off of THIS POST! The other chapters are listed below!



You tried kicked and hitting the man who had you in his grasp, but just couldn’t land a good enough hit. It wasn’t working, and you were just wasting your strength. Finally you gave up, whining silently and trying to get someone’s attention, but it was no use.

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Roses - One Shot

Requested? Yes: So it’s Valentine’s Day and Simon takes you to this fancy restaurant and in the end you walk on the beach and there’s rose petals everywhere and just add like cute fluff everywhere - via anon

Word Count: 807

Requests: closed af, 7 pending

Warnings: none :)

‘Baby, you’ll look perfect in anything, now let’s go!’ Simon called from the front door downstairs whilst you were still touching up your makeup in the bathroom of your master bedroom. Today was yours and Simon’s five year anniversary together, which was quite a big deal. 

Simon had organised to take the two of you out to a nice restaurant, but it was’t going to be only you two. Five years was a big deal for you and all your friends, so at first your closest friends kind invited themselves to come with you, and then it turned into a big event. 

You all reserved a very fancy restaurant, and everyone was to be dressed for a red carpet event. You decided to wear a nice long, black dress with some lace finishing. Your hair was perfectly styled into a messy bun with pearls by your hairdresser, and you did your own makeup because you felt it was therapeutic.

‘Babe! I’m going to leave - wow,’ He said when you came walking down the stairs. Not to mention, your dress had a little bit of a train which trailed down the stairs behind you. It was a tight dress which hugged your curves; one of Simon’s biggest weaknesses. ‘You look stunning,’ He said, walking over and wrapping his arms around your waist. 

He was looking not so bad himself, dressed in a navy blue suit and a formal black tie. He leaned down to peck your lips quickly, his beautiful blue eyes fluttering shut. A wave of his smell washed over you and made the butterflies erupt in your stomach as if it was your very first kiss all over again. 

‘Let’s go,’ You whispered against his lips and intertwined his fingers with yours, heading out of your house. 

The event was crowded and waiters were walking around, serving mini-sandwiches and glasses of champagne as soon as you entered the restaurant. You were also greeted by some of your best friends and took some nice selfies together for your snapchat story. The restaurant even had it’s own geofilter, customised specially for this occasion. A little cartoon of you and Simon dressed in the clothes you were wearing today would show up on the picture, with a text next to it reading ‘Happy 5th Anniversary!’ 

Then you followed Simon over to your round table and were greeted by his friends. ‘Hey, congratulations,’ Josh and Ethan said when they saw you. You smiled at them and thanked them in return. 

Throughout the evening, you were served little meals which eventually filled you up. The event ended at around ten o’clock in the evening, when you said goodbye to all your friends and several members of your family who were able to make it tonight. 

‘Y-N, can I take you somewhere before we go home?’ Simon asked, holding your hand as you were the last people to walk out of the restaurant. You smiled up at him. 

‘Of course!’ You headed outside, which was already turning dark and walked down a couple of streets until you took a final turn and was greeted by the gorgeous view of the sea at night. The moonlight reflected off of the water. ‘Wow,’ You breathed, taking in the view. 

‘Come on, let’s go.’ Simon smiled down at you, and you quickly pulled your heals off before you both ran in the sand in the direction of the shore. ‘Come here,’ Simon giggled at you and picked you up twirling you in the air happily. ‘Happy 5 year anniversary, darling.’ He smiled up at you. 

‘The best five years of my life,’ You said as he brought your body closer to his, wrapping your legs around his waist and your arms around his neck. 

Simon chuckled softly before leaning in and connecting your lips with his in a warm, passionate kiss. ‘I love you,’ He whispered, pressing your foreheads together after he pulled away. The crater-deep dimples were evident in his cheeks. 

‘I love you more,’ You said. 

Simon shook his head no, and then set you back down in the sand. ‘Here, I want to show you something,’ He said, holding your hand again and bringing you to another part of the beach. 

As you continued on walking, you could see something littering the sandy floor. You squinted your eyes to see what it was, but you couldn’t actually make it out until you were standing right next to it because of the darkness. 

‘What…’ You said, looking at thousands of pink, red and white rose petals littering the sand, the moonlight glistening upon them. The petals were arranged  so that they spelt out some words. 

‘I’ve wanted to ask you this for so long, and I think now it the right time,’ Simon said, pointing at the petals.

They read will you marry me?


There are no accidental meetings between s o u l s

for my favorite lovebug, babs! happy, happy birthday beautiful, may you have an amazing and wonderful day filled with lots of happiness and love. I love you lots, and here’s to you having and celebrating many, many, manyyy more birthdays! thanks for being such a great friend and wonderful human being!

Seeing a lot of Pharmercy shiphate for their HUGE AND INSURMOUNTABLE AGE GAP of five years. Five. 37-32 is five last I checked…. but I’m sure y’all love your Junkrat/Roadhog ship… you know… the one that has a 25 and a 48 year old. That one doesn’t even work with half your age plus 7 because Junkrat is ALMOST HALF HIS AGE. Or Genji/Zenyatta…. which… whatever floats your boat I guess, but that’s still 35/20. 

Why do femslash ships always have to be held to a higher standard? Five years is too big an age gap. Consensual sex between two adults is rape. Gazing lovingly into one another’s eyes with hands held mimicking the previous marriage scene is friendship and a sisterly bond. 

Cara | Epilogue

Previous Chapters: Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four | Chapter Five | Chapter Six | Chapter Seven | Chapter Eight | Chapter Nine | Chapter Ten | Chapter Eleven | Chapter Twelve | Chapter Thirteen | Chapter Fourteen | Chapter Fifteen | Chapter Sixteen | Chapter Seventeen | Chapter Eighteen | Chapter Nineteen | Chapter Twenty | Chapter Twenty One |
Cara Mia (one shot which was the inspiration for this story)

Loki/Cara manips: Collection one | Collection two | Collection three | Collection Four | Collection Five |

AN: Big thank you to evieplease for betaing this whole fic.

AN2: Thanks to everyone who supported me in writing this. Be sure to scroll to the bottom for some humour, and some news!


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Imagine a late night study session with schoolmate!Hoseok

•His eyes would be drooping down and turning a light red color poor baby

•He’d probably get annoyed really easily because who the hell should be studying at three am

•"Babe can you get me another coffee?“

•"You’ve already had four…”

•His head would just kinda lean into your shoulder and he’d let out a big sigh

•"Two plus two is five…right…“

•"Idk probably.”

•Messed up hair

•Too many Trolli Sour GummyWorms

•Around fifty crumpled up papers that never made it to the trash

•A sloppy, half asleep, sweaty make out session

•"Fucking hell we’ve been doing the wrong subject the whole time"

•"No we’re not that’s just another thing we have to add on"

•Husky moans from Hoseok

•Eventually falling asleep at five am and getting up for class at eight am

DAI fic: Perfect

Another little fic about the young Dorian Pavus. Companion to First Fire


“Look at the ducks, Mama!” Dorian pointed out to the pond. There was a whole family of ducks, two big ones, and one, two, three, four, five fuzzy little ones, swimming in a line between their parents.

“I see them,” Mother said, sounding distant.

He looked back over his shoulder, and she was still looking at her book, a small one with a blue leather cover. Her long hair was held out of her face by pearl-and-gold combs, and she was frowning at the book. “Look, Mama,” Dorian said, but she didn’t look up. He raced back up the handful of steps to where she sat under the pavilion. “Just like my duck, see?” He held up his toy. It was a wooden duck, painted bright in green and black and gold, just like the father duck out in the water. His duck sat on a base with wheels and had a cord so he could pull it. “See?” he asked again, nudging her elbow.

“I see, Dorian,” she said, moving her book out of his reach. She looked at the wooden duck and frowned. “Where did you get that?”

“Nurse gave it to me.” He pointed out to the pond again. “Just like those ducks.”

“Hmm,” she said. She put a marker made of lace and gold cord in the book and set it aside, next to the bowl of grapes. “You are getting a good deal too old for such playthings, my boy.”

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