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Hi! I've looked all over your blog and noticed you keep mentioning bay leaf as one of your Big Five, but I can't find a solid defintion on what it does/means. Protection, I've discerned that much, but is there anything more specific?

Bay Leaf is actually a favorite of mine because it’s so versatile. There are several kitchen herbs - in particular Basil, Bay, Peppermint, Rosemary, Sage, and Thyme - that have so many uses in magic that they’re practically all-purpose. In fact, in some literature, Rosemary is named as a substitute for any herb that you may not have to hand, the same way white candles can be substituted for any ROYGBIV candle color you lack for a spell.

In my opinion, this is all for the better. That versatility makes it much easier for a witch on a budget to work spells with simple and largely inexpensive ingredients. (Being able to get your witchy herbs in the spice aisle as compared to having to pay by the ounce for rarer substances from a specialty store.)

Protection is definitely one of the primary uses of Bay in magic, but I’ve found it associated with the following as well:

  • Attraction
  • Banishing
  • Blessing (Home and Busines)
  • Clairvoyance
  • Command
  • Dreams
  • Intuition
  • Love
  • Prosperity
  • Purification
  • Sleep
  • Strength
  • Success
  • Warding (against Evil Spirits, Lightning, & Magical Harm)
  • Wishes

For more information on plant-based secular witchery and practical cottage craft, you can pick up my book, Grovedaughter Witchery, or check out my website.

Hope this helps! :)

5 Things

I was tagged by @buckys-fossil to do a thing. Thanks Sam!


  1. Lipstick/gloss
  2. Lip balm 
  3. Old receipts 
  4. Wallet
  5. Phone


  1. 1. Clothes
  2. My lil gold elephant!
  3. Books everywhere
  4. Makeup
  5. Me, majority of the time


  1. Have something I’ve written published
  2. Travel
  3. Live in NYC, even if just for a little bit
  4. Find a career that I’m passionate about
  5. Be more fearless


  1.  Marvel
  2. Marian Hill
  3. What’s Your Number
  4. Tumblr
  5. Moana​


  1. organize my life
  2. that’s it that’s all
  3. oops
  4. i’m a mess
  5. it’s a big task


  1. i’ve never been in a relationship
  2. I’m Puerto Rican and Filipino on my mom’s side
  3. I can bake pretty well
  4. I’ve been writing since elementary school
  5. I’m constantly daydreaming

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Can we sorta kinda talk about how SHINee members themselves probably find Lee Jinki as adorable as he is embarrassing 


She ran her fingers over the delicate stitching on the fabric. The gold thread shone in such a brilliant way that her eyes began to water. Off in the corner of her room she heard the sound of her kwami stirring.

“Marinette?” her soft voice called from her little bed.

Marinette didn’t say a word. She stared blankly down at the fabric as she read the embroidered words over and over again.

Baby Brother

Baby Brother

Baby Brother

How those words burned into her eyes.

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a soft place to land - a mix of gentle showtunes to chill out and relax to

i can’t wait - bright star // i don’t need a roof - big fish // all about her - lift // another part of me - lizard boy: a new musical // hero and leander - myths and hymns // what about love? - the color purple // on the willows - godspell // love song - pippin // portrait of a girl - bare: a pop opera // the next ten minutes - the last five years // give way - dogfight // the secret of happiness - daddy long legs // another life - the bridges of madison county // the human heart - once on this island // prayer - ghost quartet // the crying scene - murder ballad // you’ve got a friend - beautiful: the carole king musical // the guilty ones - spring awakening // gold (a capella) - once: a new musical // a soft place to land - waitress //


Voltron Age Discourse

Only gonna do/say this once.

Keith, Hunk and Lance are officially stated as being in their LATE TEENS

What are the late teens you ask????

Well, every medical source I find says the same thing:

Note that there is a difference between calling someone a teenager, and specifying someone is in their Late Teens.

So yes I get that a lot of people are worried and upset, but factually K-H-L are most likely in the 18-20 or 21 year range. That’s the generally accepted age range for Late Adolescence/Late Teens

SO PLEASE can we stop the shitting on people for Sheith, Shance and Shunk??????? FINALLY???



Miranda Bailey, Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) || Bonnie Bennett, The Vampire Diaries (CW) || Anika Calhoun, Empire (FOX) || Joanne Collins, Heroes Reborn (NBC) || Stephanie Edwards, Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) || Tabitha Galavan, Gotham (ABC) || Daisy Grant, Madam Secretary (CBS) || Rainbow Johnson, Black-ish (ABC) || Annalise Keating, How to Get Away with Murder (ABC) || Cookie Lyon, Empire (FOX) || Bethany Mayfair, Blindspot (NBC) || Abbie Mills, Sleepy Hollow (FOX) || Jenny Mills, Sleepy Hollow (FOX) || Lanie Parish, Castle (ABC) || Sonja Percy, NCIS: New Orleans (CBS) || Margaret Pierce, Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) || Olivia Pope, Scandal (ABC) || Michaela Pratt, How to Get Away with Murder (ABC) || Lucca Quinn, The Good Wife (CBS) || Donna Rosewood, Rosewood (FOX) || Pippy Rosewood, Rosewood (FOX) || Ruby, Black-ish (ABC) || Camille Saroyan, Bones (FOX) || Miranda Shaw, Quantico (ABC) || Hayley Shipton, Castle (ABC) || Loretta Wade, NCIS: New Orleans (CBS) || Iris West, The Flash (CW) || Becky Williams, Empire (FOX) || Zayday Williams, Scream Queens (FOX) || Lara Vega, Minority Report (FOX)


FNAF Theory: The Big Brother Theory

This Theory will draw on evidence from across the 4 FNAF games as well as Sister Location to argue that Purple Guy might be much closer to us as the player than we think. Warning this does contain Spoilers.

If you use my theory to develop any others please give me credit for the parts I contributed.

Perhaps one of the oldest conceived questions of the Franchise is ‘Who is Purple Guy’? Who is the man who killed the children in the establishment that went onto possess the killer animatronics? In the early games both Mike Schmit and Phone Guy came up as possible suspects, mostly because after the release of FNAF 1 they were two of the only characters we could put a name of some sort to. However, we may have been closer to the mark than we first thought. In fact I will argue that Purple Guy has held a key role and appearance in every single FNAF game as well as the confirmed appearance in Sister Location.

Thanks to Sister Location we now know Purple Guy’s true name to be Michael Afton, the son of William Afton the killer. From this people have begun to reanalyse minigames starring Purple Guy in the previous games and drawn the connection that Purple Guy himself is never seen killing children, only dismantling animatronics. The previously named ‘Pink Guy’ is the only one who appears to kill children or appear in minigames where children are killed.

I think it is far to conclude that Pink Guy is in fact William Afton, the true killer, while Michael Afton his son became Purple Guy and later Springtrap.

But there is plenty of evidence to suggest that Michael Afton has made other appearances in the games, namely as Mike Schmit, Fritz Smith, and most importantly, The older brother in FNAF 4.

Mike Schmit and Fritz Smith are the easiest to explain so I will begin with them.

At the end of Sister Location Michael Afton is scooped and is packed with Ennard who wears him as a human skin until the body itself starts to rot, at which point Ennard either ejects himself or is forcefully ejected by the rotting body. Michael Afton falls to the floor apparently dead, as we’d imagined he would be considering what had happened to him and his looks. But somehow Baby seems to bring him back to life, perhaps, as we know that Michael Afton is Baby’s brother she wanted to bring him back to life after everything she and the other animatronics had done to him, but the power ended up bringing him back forever - a little like Captain Jack Harkness from Doctor Who. He just can’t die.

Now think back as to why Mike Schmit and Fritz Smith lost their jobs.

Both are fired after tampering with the animatronics and due to odor. This almost seemed like a funny joke at the end of the first games, and tampering with the animatronics might have been a reference to the custom nights that proceeded the firing. But in reference to what we now know about Purple Guy it is very easy to draw a comparison that these two Night Guards, we play as, might very well be the same person, someone who is giving off a bad odor as if rotting and has a history of tampering with animatronics.

It seems almost obvious that looking back we in fact played as Purple Guy in FNAF 1 and on the final night of FNAF 2.

However, the main focus of this is to prove that the big brother in FNAF 4 is also another appearance of Michael Afton whose history becomes more tragic as we continue.

It was speculated after the release of FNAF 4 that the Crying Child was the son of the killer, after all his house was right next door to the restaurant, he seemed to have close affiliation with the franchise and in Sister Location we discover that the Crying Child’s house and neighbourhood are all shown on the map, as well as CCTV footage of their bedroom and the halls that surround it.
We also wondered if there was also a sister due to the pink and flowery room that also resided in the house.

A girl appears in the game with ginger pigtails and bright green eyes that almost perfectly seems to reflect baby’s appearance.

What we know is canon in FNAF 4 is that the guy in the Foxy Mask is the Crying Child’s older brother, and in Sister Location Michael Afton is Baby’s brother. There is plenty of evidence beginning to arise in the games that suggests that there is a blatant connection between these three.

Now as we remember the Crying Child, it is heavily implied, dies at the end of the game after battling in a comatose nightmare after being bitten by Fredbear, in what I believe to be the Bite of ‘83, but I won’t go too much into that for now. He is placed in Fredbear as a joke by his brother and friends, when the jaws snap shut on his head.

Pink Guy killed children, but we know that both Baby and the Crying Child were killed by the animatronics themselves. Just two children killed by animatronics, from there it would make sense that they could possibly be connected to the man that killed the children possessing the animatronics themselves.

We also know it is heavily implied that the Crying Child went on to possess Fredbear (Golden Freddy) which is where the biggest piece of evidence for the connection comes from.

There are two words we have never solved the mystery behind from the first game. The infamous ‘It’s me’ hallucination which appears in two locations.

It appears when looking at Pirate Cove where Foxy is and while looking at Golden Freddy, and there is one thing that connects these two animatronics. The Crying Child of FNAF 4 and his older brother who wears a Foxy mask.

If this theory is being followed then the only known person Michael Afton has actually been responsible for the death of was his own brother when he was still just a teenager. ‘It’s Me’ could be the hallucinogenic words that echo when Michael Afton himself is reminded that he is a killer even if he never meant to be. Golden Freddy is the most infamous character in the game that only Michael Afton has ever had to face.

Golden Freddy only appears in FNAF 1 and on Night 6 while Fritz Smith is on duty in FNAF 2. Golden Freddy is an animatronic that is very specifically tailored for this one character.

So what we can conclude is that Michael Afton is a man who is the son of a child killer, accidentally caused the death of his younger brother while he was a teenager, his sister also later was killed by an animatronic, he is then sent by his father into the death trap which is Sister Location to free his sister’s spirit only to be killed himself and used as a walking skin suit, brought back from the dead only to be left in a rotting state, forced to face off against the animatronics night after night as he continues to try and free the trapped souls by dismantling the animtronics, only to end up locked inside Springtrap, killed again, trapped behind a wall for 30 years before finally being placed as an attraction in Fazbear’s Fright.

I mean… if I was Michael I’d be looking for my father too, he’s got some serious explaining to do. 

That isn’t to say this theory is faultless or explains everything.

After all Purple Guy appears in FNAF 4 putting someone into a costume, whether this is the same Purple Guy or another place where we trip over and have to re-explain things I don’t know, but the rest of the theory seems to fit.

This theory also doesn’t answer the question: Who is Purple Guy? As there seem to be no clues to his identity in this.


Hey guys I need your help!!

I’ve been thinking of doing this now for a while. A website dedicated to TV shows which I am hoping to launch between now and May. Basically what it would be is a website with previews for new episodes, links to where you can buy them, cast and show descriptions + trivia, news on the show and reviews. This is a long shot but I need as many people who are willing to help out.

I need at least 4 people per TV Show who are committed to writing a review each week (the more people in your group the better because it’s less writing!) I need people to comment on what TV Show they are willing to write for. (I will list the TV Shows that will go on the website down below) Once the website is all organized each person will go into a group chat and there you can collaborate and decide who’s writing what.

Here are some general rules

- Must be able to send in review 24 hours after episode airs (If you know you can’t do your review let your team members know!)

- Must be able to get along with your group members

And that’s all :)

Please comment below what TV Shows you would like to help out on!! Also reblog reblog reblog!!! I want to get the word out!!!!

TV Show List


Grey’s Anatomy

Marvel’s Agents of Shield

Once Upon A Time




Big Bang Theory

Blue Bloods

Criminal Minds ( + Beyond Boarders)


Hawaii Five-0





Brooklyn Nine-Nine


Prison Break

Scream Queens

The X-Files



This is Us



The 100


DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

The Flash






The Walking Dead (and Fear the Walking Dead)


Game of Thrones

Stranger Things

American Horror Story

Daredevil, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones

Mr Robot




important background action there