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lmao henrik is trending all night and not one tarjei post from last night in sight. fuck this fandom tbh

henrik holm: talks about how much he has learned in the past year, about how he didn’t want to portray a stereotypically mentally ill person cause he knows you must show respect for the ones you portray, talks about how comfortable he was portraying an lgbt+ character together with tarjei because they trust each other completely, shows nothing but love and respect and gratefulness for the makers of the show, his co-stars AND us, the viewers

you: honestly FUCK yall for talking about henrik!!!! why dont u just admit you’re tarjeiphobic :) u monster
Collapse of Aztec society linked to catastrophic salmonella outbreak
DNA of 500-year-old bacteria is first direct evidence of an epidemic — one of humanity's deadliest — that occurred after Spanish conquest.

One of the worst epidemics in human history, a sixteenth-century pestilence that devastated Mexico’s native population, may have been caused by a deadly form of salmonella from Europe, a pair of studies suggest.

In one study, researchers say they have recovered DNA of the stomach bacterium from burials in Mexico linked to a 1540s epidemic that killed up to 80% of the country’s native inhabitants. The team reports its findings in a preprint posted on the bioRxiv server on 8 February1.

This is potentially the first genetic evidence of the pathogen that caused the massive decline in native populations after European colonization, says Hannes Schroeder, an ancient-DNA researcher at the Natural History Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen who was not involved in the work. “It’s a super-cool study.”

Dead bodies and ditches

In 1519, when forces led by Spanish conquistador Hernando Cortés arrived in Mexico, the native population was estimated at about 25 million. A century later, after a Spanish victory and a series of epidemics, numbers had plunged to around 1 million.

The largest of these disease outbreaks were known as cocoliztli (from the word for ‘pestilence’ in Nahuatl, the Aztec language). Two major cocoliztli, beginning in 1545 and 1576, killed an estimated 7 million to 18 million people living in Mexico’s highland regions.

“In the cities and large towns, big ditches were dug, and from morning to sunset the priests did nothing else but carry the dead bodies and throw them into the ditches,” noted a Franciscan historian who witnessed the 1576 outbreak.

There has been little consensus on the cause of cocoliztli — although measles, smallpox and typhus have all been mooted. In 2002, researchers at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) in Mexico City proposed that a viral haemorrhagic fever, exacerbated by a catastrophic drought, was behind the carnage2. They compared the magnitude of the 1545 outbreak to that of the Black Death in fourteenth-century Europe.

Bacterial genomics

In an attempt to settle the question, a team led by evolutionary geneticist Johannes Krause at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History in Jena, Germany, extracted and sequenced DNA from the teeth of 29 people buried in the Oaxacan highlands of southern Mexico. All but five were linked to a cocoliztli that researchers think ran from 1545 to 1550.

Ancient bacterial DNA recovered from several of the people matched that of Salmonella, based on comparisons with a database of more than 2,700 modern bacterial genomes.

Further sequencing of short, damaged DNA fragments from the remains allowed the team to reconstruct two genomes of a Salmonella enterica strain known as Paratyphi C. Today, this bacterium causes enteric fever, a typhus-like illness, that occurs mostly in developing countries. If left untreated, it kills 10–15% of infected people.

It’s perfectly reasonable that the bacterium could have caused this epidemic, says Schroeder. “They make a really good case.” But María Ávila-Arcos, an evolutionary geneticist at UNAM, isn’t convinced. She notes that some people suggest that a virus caused the cocoliztli, and that wouldn’t have been picked up by the team’s method.

The question of origin

Krause and his colleagues’ proposal is helped by another study posted on bioRxiv last week, which raises the possibility that Salmonella Paratyphi C arrived in Mexico from Europe3.

A team led by Mark Achtman, a microbiologist at the University of Warwick in Coventry, UK, collected and sequenced the genome of the bacterial strain from the remains of a young woman buried around 1200 in a cemetery in Trondheim, Norway. It is the earliest evidence for the now-rare Salmonella strain, and proof that it was circulating in Europe, according to the study. (Both teams declined to comment on their research because their papers have been submitted to a peer-reviewed journal.)

“Really, what we’d like to do is look at both strains together,” says Hendrik Poinar, an evolutionary biologist at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada. And if more ancient genomes can be collected from Europe and the Americas, it should be possible to find out more conclusively whether deadly pathogens such as Salmonella arrived in the New World from Europe.

The existence of Salmonella Paratyphi C in Norway 300 years before it appeared in Mexico doesn’t prove that Europeans spread enteric fever to native Mexicans, says Schroeder, but that hypothesis is reasonable. A small percentage of people infected with Salmonella Paratyphi C carry the bacterium without falling ill, so apparently healthy Spaniards could have infected Mexicans who lacked natural resistance.

Paratyphi C is transmitted through faecal material, and a collapse of social order during the Spanish conquest might have led to the poor sanitary conditions that are ripe for Salmonella spread, Krause and his team note in the paper.

Krause’s study offers a blueprint for identifying the pathogens behind ancient outbreaks, says Schroeder. His own team plans to look for ancient pathogens in Caribbean burial sites that seem to be linked to catastrophic outbreaks, and that were established after the Europeans arrived. “The idea that some of them might have been caused by Salmonella is now a distinct possibility,” he says.

Naming issues with the Russian Leather Waxcap:

Okay, so, illustrated above is a mushroom that is common EVERY YEAR in our redwood forests throughout CA, and with other trees farther north.

It is called Camarophyllus russocoriaceus by almost everyone, and that name is good in the sense that everyone understands what you’re talking about: a small, waxy-cap like fungus, white overall sometimes with pink or yellow tones, and a strong odor of cedar.

However, that name originally refers to a European fungus, and as in so many cases, the name probably should not be applied to our entity in Western North America. 

Here’s the kicker, though: we already have a name for this. That’s right. A western North American collection of a mushroom matching this description was described as Hygrophorus lawrencei by Hesler and Smith way back when. So we are unnecessarily using a European name! Goddammit! Basically, my point is that the community of fungal enthusiasts has been somewhere between lazy/apathetic towards and understandably daunted/overwhelmed by the mass of names that could potentially refer to our North American species in cases where we’ve been using European names.

So I say - hit the books! Resurrect old names! Those with (Western) North American type collections should be used until proven otherwise. 

Oh, PS - these things aren’t really in either Hygrophorus, Hygrocybe, or Camarophyllus anymore. They’ve been shown to be in Cuphophyllus, but not transferred.

So, yeah, if you want to give an old-time mushroom taxonomist a migraine, walk up to them with this mushroom and mention that you’ve got a very typical collection of Cuphophyllus lawrencei. Sure to draw some stares/angry looks.

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How the fuck did you accidentally punch your teacher

okay so like, the school im at is a huge school. not in terms of size but like, its basically every grade packed into a small building and ive been here pretty much all of my life (lowkey awful place tho i am SO glad to b transferring finally) and ever since kindergarten this one teacher would always threaten to send bad kids to the “dungeon”. she would always tell stories about it and, being very young, we were pretty scared of it. She has a tradition where the oldest students, once theyve finally suffered through the hellscape of that school, will get a blindfolded tour of the dungeon on the last day (we arent allowed to tell the younger kids about what its like). I, naturally, was fucking pumped. this is the thing that every kid DREAMS of getting to do and it was finally my year. so we get blindfolded and she loops us through the halls before eventually getting to the entrance (its a REALLY small tunnel, you have to crawl) and it leads into this small, dark room (pitch black with our blindfolds). theres stuff hanging from the ceiling and things covering the floor and walls, but she also gets teachers to reach out and touch you and rattle things and stuff. there would be bowls of stuff like orbees or whatever to be pretend guts and all that jazz and we were constantly bumping into eachother and stuff because of just how small the room is, so naturally some of the people i was with were screaming. I, on the other hand just NEEDED the full experience, so im touching EVERYTHING. at would point i held hands with someone trying to touch my shoulder, and i found a rubber chicken hanging from the roof, but basically im swinging my arms around kind of wildly (the tour is short, i needed to find Everything okay) and on the way out i manage to just slightly branch off from the rest of the group and whip my arms out in front of me trying to touch stuff, and i just happen to sock someone whos standing in front of me (it was a hard hit, i was in a rush). i pretty quickly realized that it was someone supposed to be a “kid”, and as i try to step further i just hear the very out of character and disappointed voice of my teacher saying “your group is that way, ______” and directing me out. and thats why i punched my teacher. 

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I'm writing a story about a blind girl who's currently lost in the woods with a few other people. She has a seeing-eye dog and can still see light changes. What are some things I should keep in mind to make her experience realistic and unoffensive?


So there’s definitely a couple of things that come to mind. Firstly, since she’s in the woods, she may regret only having her dog on her instead of a cane. I don’t know a whole lot about methods that guy dogs use, but in the outdoors, because it’s not a flat continuous surface and is always changing, it would likely be much harder for a dog to alert her of every single tree root and dip or slight bump in the ground, where as her cane could’ve told her all of that and more. In fact, depending on the circumstances if she knew she was going to be moving around outdoors or traveling far away and had time to pack, she may actually have chosen to bring a collapsible emergency cane with her that she may find more useful in uneven terrain like that. I would definitely look for guy dog users to consult about methods they use to travel outdoors. I’m inviting anybody who may know anything about this to comment in the notes of this post.

Secondly, if it’s daytime, she may actually have a better sense of direction in the woods than her sighted friends. If she has a guide dog, she’s likely received at least a reasonable amount of training in orientation and mobility and was likely taught cardinal direction. Cardinal directions are things like north, south, east, and west, and it’s very effective for many blind people. You use the direction of the sun to determine what direction you’re facing. But you have to know what time of day it is, because the sun will be in a different place during different times of the day so it will change how you will orient in relation to the sun. So this likely won’t work if they don’t have any phones or watches or any idea what the general time of day is, and definitely won’t quite work at night. But during the day it is incredibly useful and can help you figure out how to generally get back in the direction you came. Although this also depends on exactly how thick the woods are, because if the trees are in full bloom and it’s hard to feel the warmth of the sun, it may be hard to figure out where the sun is.

Thirdly, again if she’s having trouble getting enough information from her dog, she may choose to use cited guide, which is essentially when a blind person will take the elbow of a cited companion and keep just a half step behind. A very independent blind person won’t use this method often, but there are circumstances in which it is the most efficient and useful technique especially if you need to get somewhere quick. That way she can use her friend to gain information about what is coming ahead, such as possible branches that are low enough to warrant ducking or climbing over, roots, dips in the ground, big mud puddle’s, etc. Again her dog can pick out major things like big ditches and can probably work around puddles and may have signals for roots, but she may find some verbal notice for smaller things to be useful.

Also, again if she has had a reasonable amount of training in orientation and mobility, her ears can give her a lot of information about what’s around her. She can probably gauge a general idea of how dense the trees are around her or if it’s really open, will likely be able to tell if she’s really close to a tree, and you can even often tell when the branches above you are really dense if they are low down. So for instants, she likely will have difficulty noticing if there is one really low branch above her until she’s right up under it or almost right in front of it if it’s shorter than she is, and if the tops of the branches above are really high like 20 to 30 feet she certainly isn’t likely to be able to notice that, but if there happens to be a particular patch where the branches a really thick only a couple of feet above her she will likely be able to hear the change in the openness around her. When I was in training, there was this one patch of sidewalk on the way to the Royal Farms that had a bunch of trees on either side with a really thick patches of leaves and branches only a foot or so above and sometimes really low, and I can always tell as soon as I stepped foot past the threshold of the tiny tree tunnel. I learned to recognize the sound of trees thickly packed above my head and could tell that I was underneath of them, and many other blind people who have had orientation and mobility training will be able to distinguish this as well.

Hopefully this is a helpful start! Let me know if you have any other specific questions about any other aspect of the traveling-in-the-Woods experience. I can’t think of anything else off the top of my head, but if you wind up having some particular question about camping or whatever, I may be able to help!


I think Dragon Cry is going to take place post-avatar arc, pre-Alvarez war arc.

It’s makes Natsu’s heart’s conflict about being a dragon or demon more meaningful.

Natsu has his bandaged arm in all the promo art.

Could explain why Natsu and Lucy never had a big talk about him ditching for a year. Because we get it in the movie.

Reasons why Leo and Lance are the same person

•Has a big robot friend
•Ditched school to go on an adventure
•Used as comic relief
•Miss their moms
•Uses humor to hide the pain
•Thinks that they’re the Seventh Wheel™ (wrongly)
•Flirts too much
•Doesn’t recognize their importance
•Thinks that they don’t fight well when they really do???
•Smart and good at making plans
•Just needs a hug
•Sinnamon roll

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What do you think college scullys style would be? I'm obsessed with her style lol

i have two like wildly different college scully style ideas. both of which are self-indulgent and probably one of which is a product of me #projecting on here but!!! here they are

punk!scully: this is somewhat canon. she was a latent grunge/British pop-punk child and wore her cross tight around her neck like a choker. absolutely had a leather jacket + many flannels. everything was too big for her including her doc martens. she didn’t paint her nails because she didn’t want anything chipping while she perfected the dissection of a sheep’s brain. she wears her hair short or else long and in a braid that she only re-does when it’s necessary. she drinks her coffee black and has a “stem students do it better” pin on her backpack.

alternative/Med-school scully: okay, so i’m like willing to die for the idea that rebel/punk scully is canon in any universe, at least for a while, but i can also see her settling down in Med-school. probably ditched the big ripped t-shirts for soft sweaters that hung down to her thighs with a collared shirt underneath. think pilot!scully in her wire-rimmed glasses + big t-shirt + socks. she’s never embraced her shortness, but she traded her stacked boots for something more sensible. cut her hair in an imitation of her mother’s classic bob, but let it fall out of a ponytail and into her face while she’s concentrating. she acquires a small supply of blazers and slacks, but prefers her sweaters + jeans. she keeps her ramones records.

Your dog bites me? I'll uncover your illegal operation.

(warning: long story)

This happened when I was 19, so about 5 years ago.

I was walking home from a friend’s house one morning and had my headphones in. He lived a bit out of town (we lived in a small town of 4,000 people).

As I was walking, I turned the corner to get onto the main road. I had a big ditch to the left of me, and a row of rundown houses to the right.

Then I see two dogs running towards me. I’m used to dogs running around here and looking for treats or to get pet.

Anyways, one dog quits running while the other, a boxer breed, runs towards me, he bites my ankle. He latches down f*cking hard. I scream out in pain, he drags me down into the ditch.

I fall on my back, look up and see this dog dive at my face. I kick him in the face, and jump up. There is a car honking at me that is trying to get me to get in.

I crawl up the ditch, dog bites my leg again. Kick it, then get to the car. Dog jumps up at me, I block it with my arm.

Now I have one bloody leg and one scratched up arm that is bleeding profusely.

I get into the car and land in the lap of two women.

I’m apologizing asking to be taken to the hospital. I’m a f*cking mess. One woman says my name and says we were classmates. I apologize that I don’t recognize her. They are coming home from church. I jumped into a car of Jehovah Witnesses.

The driver says he’s going to drive slowly past the place. We see the boxer dog run up to a house, a woman looking outside, checking to see if the coast is clear, and lets him inside.


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How many followers do you have

i didn’t see the deer. or rather, i saw the deer. 
i definitely saw the deer. 
i just didn’t see it fast enough.

i don’t know why they don’t move until it’s too late i mean, they’re so fast when they’re darting around but stick a couple headlights in their face and suddenly they’re statues. 
except statues don’t splatter all over your windshield. 

i wish i’d seen the deer in time. 

as i dragged myself out of the now broken windows, i wished more than anything that i’d seen the deer on time. ignoring the cuts on my hands, i stumbled onto the road. it only took one glance back at my car to know that i wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon. the moon shone on the sides, reflecting deep scratches that would no doubt look worse in better lighting. the back wheel still spun, slowly, as if it was still headed home. 
i crossed the road, looking for any sign of life and was greeted with nothing but woodland. 

it was then that i saw the deer, laying clear on the opposite side of the road from where it had led me to end up. it’s eyes shone brightly, almost as if it were filled with life rather than being glazed over with death. it’s neck had been snapped, leaving its head at an unsettling unnatural angle. as i moved closer i saw a long white stripe running down it’s side, spotted with blood. 

suddenly i saw something dart past me to my left. i whirled around, only to be greeted by the empty road. the trees buzzed, teeming with however many insects that called them home. i glanced back at the deer, wondering how i was going to make it back to civilization, let alone my house. 

another burst of movement caught my eye, this time to my right. i spun all the way around, but again, nothing. it was then that i noticed that there was still somebody in my car. 

i felt my eyes narrow with confusion. i was the only one in that car i was sure of that. i hurried back across the road, dreading what i would find. but i couldn’t possibly have been ready for what i saw. 

there, in the drivers seat, was a broken mangled body. his eyes shone brightly, almost as if it were filled with life rather than being glazed over with death. his neck had been snapped, leaving his head at an unsettling unnatural angle. 

it was me. 

it was then that i noticed the lack of pain. i had just veered off the side of a road, straight into a ditch big enough to swallow the front of my car. 

i should have been hurt.
so why wasn’t i hurting?

wide eyed, i looked down at my hands. it was too dark to tell blood from dirt. i brought them closer and moonlight made them glitter, revealing the little bits of glass now embedded in my skin. it should have stung. 

and yet i felt nothing. 

looking back at the car, i moved to take a step forward when i saw movement flit once more across the corner of my eye. i followed it and this time i saw what it was. a deer, eyes shining brightly, too brightly. terror filled me, cold and hot at the same time. i wanted to run, as fast as i possibly could, but for whatever reason i stood there, transfixed on the two points of light in front of me. 

was this why they became the statues they did? 

was this what they saw.

i waited for it to come to me, but without warning it turned and ran, and as it darted away i caught a glimpse of white

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Sorry but... your art needs some serious improvement all im doing is telling you harsh criticism and that is try use less bright colors and make yellow pearlsThing on her shoulder less big and more pointy and ditch the big eyes (now big eyes are not a bad thing if done right) but try smaller eyes and definitely study on body anamaty and from your age you are definitely a late bloomer especially if you plan making art your major im also 14 but i definitely have much more experience by comparison.

Um ok…. thanks, but I’m fine with what I’m doing and will improve and learn better as I go into high school and I am the same age as you too, thank you for your criticism, but I’m fine for now and I like the bright colors I use, they are just my thing and I usually stick with it

Science Fair part 9

Originally posted by sophie-in-the-tardis

Bucky high school AU request, where he and the Avengers are basically the popular crowd but not arseholes and the Reader is kind of nerdy and just keeps to herself and her small group of friends but catches his eye? xxx - anon

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A/N- Sorry I’ve been a bit inactive but I’ve been sick as I’m sure most of you know. It feels like ages since I posted a part to this and I hate to keep you lovely people waiting so I made myself stop wallowing in self pity and actually write something. Hope you guys like it!

Part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8

Your hand was practically shaking as you walked into school, you pressed up against Bucky’s right side and his hand was firmly in yours. “You can still back out of this if you want,” Bucky whispered to you as you walked through the gates and up to the building.

“No,” you shook your head and squeezed his hand tighter, “I want to do this.”

Any overwhelming anxiety you had been feeling was worth it to see Bucky’s brilliant smile at your words, it was enough to give you a small confidence boost as you went inside the building to your locker like always. You had put a little extra effort into how you looked today knowing that everyone’s eyes would be on you and you didn’t want to be subjected to any more negative attention. In the holidays you and Bucky had decided to go public with your relationship, you had realised that the secrecy would only further add to and aggravate your issue and neither of you were willing to sacrifice each other again.

As you moved through the halls it seemed like most people instantly clocked you. Or more accurately, clocked bucky, saw he was holding hands, saw you. It was nerve wrecking. Most people didn’t seem all too fussed if you were honest. From what you could tell the general census was surprise, there were a few jealous glares and mean stares from the usual bitches but apart from that nobody else was concerned.

“That wasn’t so bad,” you commented though your voice shook a little bit and grabbed your books out of your locker.

Bucky gave you a soft smile, “No,” he agreed and the bell rang, “I’ve gotta get to class, I’ll see you at break?”

You nodded and Bucky smiled once more, leaned over to give you a quick kiss then jogged off to his lesson. You blushed furiously when you noticed a few people had been watching and had something akin to astonishment on their faces as you silently made your way through the halls to your class.

“Somebody’s the talk of the school,” Florence slid up next to you in English class with a sly grin on her face.

“What?” you balked.

Florence had  a cheshire cat grin on her face, “I heard from somebody who heard from somebody else that Mr. James Barnes was seen with a new girl in the hall of E building making out against the wall, practically dry humping.”

Your eyes widened, before you could input Florence kept talking.

“I was about to find him and kill him, then I heard someone say that they’d never even seen this girl before, which was when I realised they must have been talking about you,” she smirked evilly.

You rolled your eyes and shoved her shoulder, “Flo,” you whined.

Florence laughed, “So, really? Dry humping? In public no less!”

“We were not dry humping. Bucky just kissed me, very quickly, in the hallway. You know how rumours are.”

She chuckled and nodded, “I know, I know. By the end of the day the story will probably that you gave him a blow job.”

Your face went bright red, “Florence!” you yelled indignantly and Florence only cackled in response.

“Are you Y/N?” someone came up to you between your lessons.

You squinted at them and nodded slowly, “Yes. Why?”

“Are you the one dating Bucky Barnes?” the guy with her asked.

“Um, yeah.”

The two of them stared at you without saying anything, you were certain any moment they would start making ‘ooh’ sounds as if they were seeing some kind of exotic animal at the zoo. Your eyes darted around and you began to shuffle backwards, “Okay, nice meeting you,” you nodded at them awkwardly then quickly spun on your heel and sped away.

“Hey babe,” Bucky greeted when you met up with him at break.

“Hi,” you smiled and breathed a small sigh of relief when you saw him.

“What’s up?” he asked.

“Nothing, just people looking at me like I’m in a zoo,” you waved off his concern.

Bucky only frowned further, “Is anyone being mean?”

You shook your head, “No,” that wasn’t a lie, “It’s just more attention than I would like, but I knew this would happen when we agreed to do this so I’m fine.”

He nodded, “Okay, but tell me if anyone does. I can get Clint and Natasha to beat them up and come up with a legitimate reason that won’t get either of them expelled for fighting,” he told you conspiratorially.

You laughed, “I don’t doubt that.”

“So, you and Bucky?” the guy who sat next to you in maths piped up half way through the lesson.

You paused your pen above the paper then continued writing, “Yup.”

He hummed and slouched back in his chair as if he was pondering a big life question, “That strangely, fits,” he settled on after a few minutes.

You glanced up at him, “Thanks,” you gave him a small but genuine smile.

Just as you went back to the work he spoke up again, “So, like, how far have you gone?”

“Robert,” you groaned in annoyance, this was going to be a long lesson.

“Y/N,” Natasha called you as you walked past the Avengers table in the canteen at lunch.

You stopped in your tracks and spun to face her, most of the other Avengers had also stopped their conversation to look over at you. “Yeah?”

“Come on, sit. You’re dating our resident broody guy, that gives you the right to sit with us cooler people. Sorry you got saddled with Barnes,” she looked at you in faux sympathy.

You looked over and saw Bucky sitting on the other side of the table and made eye contact with him, his eyes looked hopeful but you could also tell he understood if you declines. Looking around you saw that lots of the other tables were half tuned in to what was happening at the Avengers table. “Thanks, but I don’t want to ditch me friends,” you declined.

“They can sit here too!” Tony interjected loudly, “But they’re hot right?”

“THey can sit here either way,” Sam cut in over Tony.

Bruce nodded from where he sat next to Bucky, “We don’t mind, I’m sure your friends won’t either.”

You licked your lips and gave in with a sigh, “Alright, I’ll go get them.”

They all cheered triumphantly as you trekked over to the other side of the canteen to your usual spot, “Hey, girls,” you greeted.

“Hi,” they gave you a big smile each, “Ditching us for your boyfriend I presume?” Clarisse teased.

You shook your head, “Nope,” you popped the p, “Because they’ve invited all of us over to their table.”

They gaped at you, “No way,” Florence broke the silence.

“Yes, way. C’mon, bring your lunch.”

“Don’t have to tell me twice,” Clarisse quickly got up and practically sped over to the avengers table.

You were sat on Bucky’s right, next to you sat Florence who was talking animatedly with Bruce about some science thing that you couldn’t keep up with and Clarisse was in a heated debate with Sam and Tony over how to pronounce bologna.

“You doing okay?” Bucky asked you, his arm slung over your shoulder.

You nodded, “Yeah,” you smiled, you were actually calm for a change. For so long you had rolled your eyes at the Avengers but now you could see they were all pretty nice and friendly people, it was no wonder they were all so popular. You actually felt comfortable sitting at the table and it seemed the news of you and Bucky had already died down, you could get used to this.  

“Good,” Bucky smiled and kissed you sweetly.

“Get a room,” Clint threw a piece of bread at the two of you with a look of disgust on his face. You smirked and picked up the piece of bread and threw it back at him hard, it hit him in the face and he let out a startled squeak.

In retaliation he threw another piece of bread at you but his aim was off and he ended up hitting Tony in the back of the neck instead. Soon enough, everyone on the table was chucking bits of food they could hold in their hands at each other and you laughed as you tried to dodge the food that was being thrown about the table, even tossing a few pieces of broken up crackers yourself until a teacher intervened and told you to break it up.

Bucky walked you home, your hands held tightly together and your fingers interlocked. “I’m glad we decided to do that,” you spoke up.

“Are you?” Bucky sounded relieved.

You nodded, “Yeah. I’m not so nervous about it all anymore, it turned out way better than I was expecting.”

“Honestly? Me too.”

“You thought it would go bad?” you raised an eyebrow.

Bucky shrugged, “I wasn’t sure. I didn’t think it would all come out so smoothly though, I thought there would be some kind of negative spin on it,” he thought aloud.

You huffed a laugh, “It’s only been a day, Buck, don’t get too ahead of yourself,” you cautioned as you approached your street. You didn’t want to think about it but there was still time for people to reveal their true thoughts, either way after today you could say that you were ready for whatever they threw at you.

“I guess,” he agreed reluctantly, not wanting to think about that either. He didn’t know how anyone could have any kind of negative thought towards you but he supposed he was a bit biased in that opinion.

He walked you up to your front door and leaned down to kiss you softly, you stood on your tiptoes and threaded your fingers through his hair. Bucky lightly grazed his teeth over your lower lip teasingly before he pulled away and you glared at him half heartedly to which he only laughed, “i’ll see you tomorrow, doll,” he winked and you watched his retreating form saunter down the street and out of sight.


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