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i wanna get into bts, but i feel like im too old to be stanning them. like i'm 26 and i come from the days of stanning big bang, wonder girls and 2ne1. but also i guess fuck it ill just be an old lady stan? so can you recommend me some of their songs?

yessss!!!!! i live for these asks!!!!!! girl there’s no age to stan talent i’m like 20 and here i am #proud bts trash

i would recommend you start off with their mvs since those are the catchiest songs like

  • blood sweat and tears
  • not today
  • fire
  • dna
  • war of hormone
  • save me
  • dope
  • run
  • i need u
  • boy in luv

buuuut my actual favorite songs are none of those, if you’re into rap i would strongly suggest you check out their cyphers, specially cypher part 3 killer (it’s so SO GOOD) and also agust d’s mixtape (suga from bts) 

if you’re into more soft slow songs i would suggest butterfly, spring day, jin’s solo awake (surprise, it’s my favorite bts song), 2! 3! and serendipity (also 4 o’clock by v & rm)

if you like more hip hop kinda vibes, i would suggest their older stuff like we are bulletproof, no more dream, no, and danger

and their recent album is really good too if you want to listen to something recent, mic drop, pied piper, and gogo are my favorites


here’s our best and most adorable birthday boy, jackson wang 🎂🎈🎉🎉🎉😚💓


Kageyama Tobio for my dearest friend, Seda ♡♡


The Three Sweet Commanders


“You painted a naked woman because you enjoyed looking at her, put a mirror in her hand and you called the painting “Vanity”…“🤳🏾

#Blackout edit because I’m lazy.

I fucking hate “The Iron Giant”

However, I’ve never actually seen “The Iron Giant”, and my hatred has nothing to do with the movie its self.

See, back in the day, some brain-genius at Cartoon Network thought it would be a great idea to show “The Iron Giant”.

All day.

From like 8 in the morning to 10 at night.

And apparently, the higher-ups loved this terrible idea so fucking much, they did it again and again on every holiday they didn’t have specials lined up for. For like three years in a row.

So every time I’d get a day off from school, I’d wake up, turn on the TV to watch cartoons, and BAM. I get a face-full of this CG, Vin Diesel, Superman asshole dying and reincarnating in a Groundhog Day loop until he gave up and laid dormant until the next time Cartoon Network ran out of new things to air when kids where off from school. Watching cartoons was all I had as a kid, and this big, stupid jackass kept coming back to ruin my three-day weekends. I’m sure it’s a good movie, and I would have loved it just like the rest of you, but I can’t disassociate him with the all-day, marathon that kept me from watching the shows I actually wanted to see.

This render of many metal men floating through space represents my endless ire for him. He floats aimlessly though the void of space, the only place that can hold the endless encore presentations early 2000′s Cartoon Network let loose into the world.

Season 7.

The scene opens on the Swan-Jones house. We go into the house. It looks different than before – actually well-lived in now. Books and toys are scattered about and pictures hang on the walls. The camera pans past some of these pictures. There are obvious ones hanging like Emma and Killian’s wedding photos, Emma and David by the Sheriff’s car, but there are new ones, as well. Emma and Hook in the hospital room cradling a small bundle, happy and exhausted grins on their faces. There’s Henry in a graduation robe, flanked by both Emma and Regina. There’s a shot of Regina with a mystery character we haven’t seen together, clearly at their own wedding. There’s even Belle with Gideon, smiling happily. Basically, a few years have passed, and it’s been a good few years.

We hear a squeal, and the scene turns to Emma and Hook preparing a child for bed. Emma’s phone rings, and she learns that there’s a crisis on the docks. Looks like it’s a job for the Sheriff.

“Sure you don’t need backup, love?”

“Please, after the demagorgon last month, this is gonna be a cakewalk. Sure you can handle bedtime?”

“It’ll be a cake walk.”

They kiss, and Emma goes off to save the day. Because she’s Emma Swan, ass-kicker extraordinaire.

We stick with Killian and little Swan-Jones. It’s story time, and the kid holds up a “Once Upon a Time” book. They begin to flip through it, and we realize that this book is different. There are new stories than what we’ve seen.

“Your brother’s been busy, but how about I tell you about a story that isn’t in your brother’s book.”

The kid’s eyes go wide. It’s interested.

“You see, Once Upon a Time, your Aunt Regina…”

And there we go. It’s a new season. The season is literally this story featuring everyone who is coming back. There can be flashbacks within flashbacks. Emma doesn’t die. She’s off kicking ass. We learn that most everyone gets their HEA/HB. If there’s a season after that, it’s another story. The series ends with Hook telling the kid to go to sleep, tomorrow is a big day, after all.

“It’s your Mum’s birthday.”

If we get JMo to come back, the scene cuts to her party at Granny’s. Everyone is there. Henry is wearing a college sweatshirt. Snow and Charming are there. Regina is being her fabulous self with her love interest, who we meet in the story, by her side. Emma, surrounded by her family and friends, blows out the candle. We go full circle.


back in april i impulse decided to make a doujinshi about the abduction of the kazekage but i obviously never finished this cause… you know… impulses…. i did these three pages over night when sudden motivation struck me and never came back dggdshgdhsdgh

the story went like  sasori infiltrates the kazekage building from the roof > dresses up as a suna medic nin > spies on the kazekages routine > puts poison into his tea > the kazekage gets taken to the infirmary > sasori pretends to be a medic nin and gives him an “antidote” (he really just knocks him unconcious) > secretly gets his body out of suna somehow into sasoris workshop > he wakes up at some point and they have a “fight” but the kazekages still paralyzed > and then i wanted to describe how the puppet making procedure works

when he pretends to be a medic nin he meets chiyo and works with her and its just ultra awkward yeah
anyway i probably wont ever finish this thats why i uploaded the stuff ive got so far because i rly like the drawings

*screams* i want a plot where a guy goes on a roadtrip just wandering around the state trying to find meaning of life with his big ass doggo and one day he comes to diner where this shy young woman works and like her boss is always yelling at her and she has abusive boyfriend and her father used to be abusive as well and this guy he is the first man who ever treated her nicely and he just asks her completely out of the blue if she doesn’t want to leave with him and she’s like “why not?” so she takes all of her things and leaves with him. pleaseee!