the big chance

just saw these tags on a larrie’s reblog of some stupid “receipt” that is so far out there I can’t even handle it –

#i’m going to take a big chance and accept this as truth
#because i fucking love it

human beings, this is what one refers to as CONFIRMATION BIAS and it is a cognitive bias. it’s one of the most common cognitive biases AND one of the most dangerous. confirmation bias is a systematic error of inductive reasoning. it prevents a person from taking in new information if it contradicts what they believe to be true, and here is someone making a choice to believe some bullshit because they like the bullshit.

there is a “Meet the Breeds (100+!!!)” dog fair in NYC this weekend and idk if i should go because the tickets are a bit expensive HAHAHA hah haa .…. . BUT DOGS!!!


People on Facebook are really going after and harassing the Ex-Girlfriend of Stephens. People are out here justifying that’s it’s okay to go out on a killing spree because a Black Woman ended the relationship. BLACK MEN are out tweeting saying “she shouldn’t have broken up with him and love makes you do crazy things” no. NO.

SHE IS IN NO WAY RESPONSIBLE FOR HIS MURDERS. If you think so you are scum. If he can go out and murder random people because someone ended a relationship with him there is a big chance he was abusive.

But people are so ready to blame and degrade any and every Black Woman. I’m not here for this. They need to find this man and end this.


Naruto Hip-Hop Crossover [Group 2]

Godaime Hokage, Lady Minaj x Cudi Sarutobi x X Inuzuka x Snoopato of the Wood Release x Young Thugimaru x Eve Haruno x Bust“A” Raikage Rhymes x Godaime Mizukage, Missy Terumī Elliott x 6 Paths of the 6 God x DOOM Uchiha x Chance the Ninja x Cham of the Red Sand x Kinkaku Boi x Ginkaku 3000

[I would prefer that the formatting of the post is kept as it is now. I would also like to be asked before utilizing any of my images. However, because this is the Internet and people don’t respect an artist’s requests, I am probably typing all of this in vain. At the very least credit my work, please. You can find me on Twitter and Instagram if you need to credit me in those realms.]

Group 1: HERE

Artist: dotnova