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Pokémon Center just announced a new campaign of Pikachu wearing Ash’s hat! The goods are to be released on June 24th, 2017. Here’s the line-up:

- 3 clear file set x2 - 700 yen
- Memo pad - 680 yen
- Stick-it notes - 500 yen
- Wood coasters (collection A or B) - 675 yen
- Notebook - 500 yen
- Clip set - 850 yen
- Wooden photo frame - 1 800 yen
- Hand towel - 700 yen
- Towel - 1 000 yen
- Drawstring purse - 600 yen
- Big drawstring purse - 1 000 yen
- Pouch - 1 500 yen
- Coin purse - 1 200 yen
- Isotherm bag - 1 600 yen
- Flat case - 1 600 yen
- Phone case - 3 000 yen
- Mug with wooden box - 1 500 yen
- Pikachu figure collection - 300 yen each

  • Me: “There’s a chance I will be going through a period of unemployment soon, so I should save money.” Also me: “10 pairs of underwear for $35 at Aerie?? How could I resist!!”
  • I went for my Nike+ coach long run this week and it was Not Good. The program is pushing me to run longer and faster but I just don’t have the stamina or willpower or both.
  • But then I went to the park afterwards and bought a smoothie and read in the sun for a while and it made up for it.
  • I’m almost done with Jessica Valenti’s “Sex Object” and it’s fantastic. I love memoirs where I get to see what life is like for someone who has had such completely different experiences than I have with men. Basically anyone who has had more than one long-term relationship, I’m like “wow!! how??? explain!!!”
  • Work is such a weird atmosphere. Usually looking for another job in advertising involves a lot of sneaking around and faking doctor’s appointments, but since everyone is getting laid off at the same time in 6 weeks, we’re all just openly talking about who we’re talking to and leaving in the middle of the day to go to interviews.
  • I’m the lead creative on one of the few clients that still has work for us to do, but it takes up a few hours of my day max. There have been quite a few “let’s all go get drunk at 3:30″ afternoons.
  • I had an interview on Thursday at a big agency (like 600+ people… the biggest place I’ve worked at has been 120) that’s been making great work and growing the past few years and it seems like it could actually be A Thing and I’m excited, even though I hate interviewing so much oh my god.
  • Like, interviewing is literally just a combination of all of the worst things in the world. Talking on the phone, meeting new people, having someone judge you heavily by first impressions, negotiating. Please just give me a large wad of cash and leave me alone.
  • Put that last sentence in my eulogy, thanks.

Streetcars at Wrigley in 1935 by cta web
Via Flickr:
Lined up to carry Cubs fans home during the pennant-winning summer of 1935, Clark-Wentworth streetcars wait end to end, in both directions.

The last car northbound (lower right) is one of the original 600 “Big Pullman” cars purchased in 1908 by the Chicago Railway Company. Ahead of it are three front-entry 1929-model “sedan” cars, famous for their upholstered leather bucket seats. Heading south with a full load is a “sun parlor” car built by the Chicago Surface Lines in 1923.

Tonight is the Cubs 2017 home opener, defending their World Series title against the 2016 NL series rivals LA Dodgers! Going to see the Cubs at Wrigley Field? The CTA Red Line, as always, is the way to go! You can also take the Brown Line to Southport or Belmont and a variety of bus routes, including the 8 Halsted, 22 Clark, 36 Broadway and 152 Addison (which also connects with the Blue Line).

Hurtful Game pt. 2 [V Angst]

Continuation of Hurtful Game pt.1

Genre: It’s a sad christmas gift from me to you. Please still love me.

It would be a lie if he said that he didn’t regret what he had just said to you. It was supposed to be a relief to get you out of his life, but instead, he only felt how his heart kept beating slower, like it needed you to fully work.

He looked after you as you walked out of there before running a hand through his messy hair. Why didn’t he just say what he really wanted to say instead of lying the exact opposite? Why the hell did he say what he said? He didn’t even mean a single word. He didn’t find you bothersome at all. Taehyung enjoyed his times with you. He enjoyed being able to know that you were his and only his. He enjoyed having you in his arms and give you kisses like his life depended on them. He enjoyed every moment with you.

But he was afraid. Afraid of falling in love with you. He was afraid, because he didn’t know what could happen if he made you his girlfriend. If he made it official. He was afraid that you would get hurt.

What he didn’t know was that he hurt you more than anyone ever could, just now. With his harsh words that broke you into million pieces. He didn’t know that until he saw the look on your face and the hurt in your teary eyes. He wanted to take everything back then, he didn’t want to see the painful look on your face ever again. But he didn’t stop you from getting hurt, he let your tears fall, he let his pride take over his feelings and worst of all, he didn’t tell you the truth.

The game was over, and so was his chance to make you his. The game that he once only saw as a pathetic game, was actually a game that made Taehyung realize that no one could ever make him happier than you could. The game made him think about how great he felt just by holding your hand or just by seeing that smile on your face. It could somehow make his tiring and stressful day much better.

All thanks to you.

But now, now that he didn’t know where you were, or what you were doing, or how you were doing, he felt like shít. Not being able to just text you or call you was harder than he thought.

So here he was, standing infront of your door with a pounding heart that made him feel hundred times more nervous than before. What should he say if you opened the door? Were you even going to open the door for him? What if you weren’t at home? Was it really now that he was supposed to hesitate? No, but he couldn’t help but have second thoughts. Taehyung didn’t even know why he drove here in the first place.

The door opened before he could knock and there you were, more gorgeous than ever in a beautiful dress. You looked happy for once, you looked relaxed until you saw him. It made him feel like an idiot for coming there and probably destroying your night. He felt stupid for even coming there after 2 months of not trying to contact you at all.

“Wh-what are you doing here?” you asked him surprised. You really didn’t expect him to come and find you, to be honest, you were sure that he would never come. It was just something you knew after a month of curling into a ball in the corner, waiting and crying. During that time, you felt nothing but hopeless. It wasn’t just an empty feeling, but a heavy one as well.

Knowing that the one you love was with another woman and wasn’t thinking about you hurt more than it should. It broke you.
Because you knew you were once the one he could find love and support at. He could find everything if he only went to you. Because you were ready to give him everything. Everything that you had, everything that you could give, you would give him that.

Hi, Y/N

Your name left his lips like he was afraid of losing you. Which he was, but the problem was, he already lost you.

“What are you doing here?” you asked him again, more confident this time.

“I was just-I was just driving by” he lied. Why didn’t he just say the truth? The truth that he missed you so much that he had to leave practice to come and see you.

“Oh, okay”


“Are you going somewhere?” Taehyung asked.

“Yes, actually my date is here” you answered and gave him a small smile before walking past him and to the car that just parked in front of the house.

Taehyung clenched his fists and turned around to see your date. And he couldn’t help but feel betrayed when he saw Park Jimin stepping out of the car with a big smile on his face. Of course it would be Jimin, of course you were going on a date with Jimin. He knew from the beginning that Jimin liked you, was it maybe the reason why he couldn’t let you go earlier before feelings got involved in the whole thing? Taehyung was afraid that you would fall in love with his best friend instead.

Taehyung? What are you doing here?” Jimin asked when he saw Taehyung behind you.

Without answering his hyung’s question, he did what no one expected him to do, he punched Jimin in the face making Jimin lose his balance and fall back on his car.

“Yah! Taehyung, what the fúck is your problem?!” Jimin yelled and pushed Taehyung away from him. He didn’t want to

“Oh my God, what the hell are you doing?!” you screamed at Taehyung and pushed him away from Jimin when he tried to make another round of punches.

“What does it look like, huh?!” he shouted back at you and grabbed your wrist to stop you from touching Jimin. It hurt him just by seeing you next to him.

Let go of me! What the fúck is wrong with you?! You think you can say whatever you want and then come back like nothing happened? Wasn’t this just a game to you? Why do you care now?!” you snapped at him and tried to pull away. But it was impossible. He had a hard grip around your wrist, but not hard enough so it could hurt you.

Because I lied! I lied! I lied about everything! It wasn’t a game, Y/N-ah. I was so close to develop feelings for you. I was afraid. But I never realized that I already did fall for you. That no matter what I did or said, my feelings would never go away.” Taehyung started and before he said the last sentence, he took a deep breath and looked at your teary eyes.

“Because I’ve already fallen, with my whole heart” he whispered before hugging you tightly.

You kept your arms by your side, not moving an inch. What were you supposed to do? Just forgive him and forget about everything that he has done? Forget about all those nights he had left you and those mornings you have woken up alone, feeling used and helpless?

Was it even possible to forget about those awful moments?

Slowly but surely, you pulled away from him to only look down for a second before looking up at him with so much strength that you haven’t had for so long. It felt great to be sure about what you wanted. It felt great to have your own decisions for once. It felt unreal to actually be able to say what you were going to say next.

“I’m tired of your games. I’m tired of getting hurt because of your games. I’m tired of you seeing me as a toy. I’m tired of you and I think that explains my answer for your confession.”

It hurt.

It really did hurt to say all those things. But you had to. You had to think of yourself, let yourself be happy for once. Not thinking about that it could hurt him too, because you knew it did.

You could see how tears started to form in his eyes. You couldn’t watch him break into parts like you did. You looked at him one last time before turning around and walking away from him. From everything that he put you through.

You walked away, away from his hurtful game.


And for me, I want to say a big thank you for 600 followers!! You guys are really awesome and I love all of you as much as I love chocolate. I love you guys for always supporting me and that you love what I do! Thank you!

And for pt. 2 of Hurtful Game - HOW THE FREAKING HELL?!?! It took me almost 5 days to actually writre this and it’s not even that long. I’m so sorry to those who expected more and a fluffy ending. But this is more realistic and I hope you understand that!

And I want to say an extra thanks to @nohacchi for giving me the idea of the Jimin thing! Thank you love! 

And also, thanks to all my friends, best friends, internet friends for reading and giving me feedbacks! I love you!!!


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anonymous asked:

Maybe a bachelor au drabble about Harry and Louis' wedding day or if you're feeling angsty their first real fight after leaving the show 🙈💕

I’ll do you one better; I’ll combine them.

The story I swore I’d never revisit, and I’m sorry it took me so long to answer because I’m pretty sure this request has been sitting in my inbox since July:

The past six months have been a whirlwind of absolute and utter chaos. It’s been stressful, loud, intense, crazy; Harry wouldn’t change a single thing about it. He’s never been happier a day in his damn life.

He gets to wake up next to Louis, eat dinner with him, hold hands when they’re watching movies, grocery shop, laugh with him, cry with him, love the hell out of him. And so much of it is mundane, but it’s Louis that makes it not feel that way, that makes it feel extraordinary. Harry feels like the first 26 years of life were wasted not being with his boy.

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anonymous asked:

Hey, do you have any tips on digital sketching and fast coloring? because I have the problem that i don't know how to quick color. when i start a drawing i just finish it as a fully colored illustration...

Hmmm I’m not good at explaining, but i can try!

for me it works out the best if i give up on the idea of working “clean”
I mostly work on really big canvases with 300/600 dpi so in the end no one will even NOTICE but me if i worked a bit messier

for example - LOOK HOW MESSY THIS IS and yet no one really sees it

sketches or quick pics for pleasure really dont have to be perfect and its good to go easy on yourself sometimes!
(but i also know how hard it can be to give yourself a break)

AND FOR COLORS! you can try to work with a limited color palette!
idk take 2-5 colors incl. skintones and only use that!

the top palette is for the pic above and the other one is for a pic i just uploaded that i worked on in the same kind of way

do some good old simple flat colors without worrying so much about shadows and stuff! use the lasso tool to fill in stuff loosely! be experimental maybe and mix in some of the greens into the reds or idk! add some contrast to make it go BAM!

and if nothing else helps? put a fucking filter on it and cheat a bit! thats totally okay!!!


even if it doesnt look good in the end… you have learned something from it and thats already reason enough why it was worth it!

i hope that helped a little;;;;

Color Guard Tip #9

To preface, I’m 1 follower away from the big 600. This account has honestly come so much farther than I ever expected, I love you all.

People always tell you “the most important thing is to have fun!” and it gets tiring, I know. Because winning is pretty great. But really, what’s the point of guard if you aren’t enjoying yourself? If your guard members aren’t your best friends/family, are you really getting the full experience. Today, my winter guard had a pretty big loss. But honestly, I barely even thought about it. Today we performed using three days of learning, and I had a brand new weapon I’d never tried. Today I got the applause I’d been missing, I got to show off the sass I hadn’t in a long time. I got to laugh for hours with my best friends and dance at the end.

Color guard is more than winning. Today we lost, but I feel like a winner.


Tigres by Oric1
Via Flickr:
Tigres de Sibérie “Parc des félins” TAMRON SP 150-600mm F/5-6.3 Di VC USD A011