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Tehching Hsieh -

Jump Piece, 1973.


Tehching Hsieh jumped from the second floor window of his house, recording his leap on Super 8 film and through a series of photographs. Hsieh dropped approximately fifteen feet onto a concrete floor, breaking both of his ankles. He subsequently destroyed the film of this singular, unrepeatable act, but its serial photographs remain. At the time, Hsieh was unaware of Bas Jan Ader’s now widely known Fall performances (1970-1971) and Yves Klein’s infamous photomontage Leap into the Void (1960). Klein’s manipulated photograph was a theatrical evocation of momentary freedom. In contrast, Hsieh’s fall is not imbued with the ecstatic possibilities of flight or transcendence, but traumatically resonates – through his life and ours – with the brutal facts of gravity, concrete and splintered bones.

Fairy tales were born in times of trouble, in complicated times - when hope felt lost. I made The Shape of Water as an antidote to cynicism. For it seems to me that when we speak of love - when we believe in love - we do so in a hopeless way. We fear looking naive and even disingenuous. But Love is real - absolutely real - and, like water, it is the most gentle and most powerful force in the Universe. It is free and formless until it pours into its recipient, until we let it in. Our eyes are blind. But our soul is not. It recognizes love in whatever shape it comes to us.
—  Guillermo Del Toro at La Biennale Di Venezia

Just in case the news didn’t reach you yet, Guillermo Del Toro just won the Leone d'Oro at the Venice Film Festival. It is a REALLY prestigious prize!

Press, audience and members of the commitee loved The Shape of Water so much and Guillermo was adorkable as usual when interviewed on television. He almost made me (and my mom) tear up a bit as he talked about the movie and its message.

I am so happy for him, he really deserves it!!!

Can’t wait to see the The Shape of Water myself ~♡


WONDER WORLD - model: Birgit Kos - artist: Bradford White - photography: Mario Testino - fashion editor: Tonne Goodman - hair: Odile Gilbert - makeup: Stéphane Marais -  arts editor: Mark Guiducci - location: Venice, Italy - Vogue August 2017

style gaze: travel in style

featured: Dries Van Noten - Victoria Beckham - Céline - Fendi - Alberta Ferretti - Stella McCartney - Proenza Schouler - Alexander McQueen - Oscar De La Renta - Missoni - JW Anderson


Just few days passed since this art installation was set up, but it’s already an icon in Venice and for the tourists that want to take pictures.

Lorenzo Quinn. Biennale Venezia. Canal Grande.

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YAYOI KUSAMA, Narcissus Garden, Moderna Museet, Stockholm 2016. Narcissus Garden is one of Kusama´s most well-known installations and was first time mounted in 1966 for the Venice Bien­nale. Photo copyright by Scandinavian Collectors 2016.