the bible tv series

[look, all i’m saying is that if the bible wasn’t a sacred text and was a novel or television series instead, people would be screaming about their Peter/Paul headcanons and fic all over the goddamn tumblrsphere]

harrisbug3  asked:

Hey Ross! I'm a big fan of your animations, you, Arin, Zach Hadel, and Chris O Neil are my favorite online animators. I just started animating recently and I love it! I use flash cs3 and I have a cintiq 21 ux. I've been working on something for about 1 year now, I'm thinking about pitching a TV series! I've made a mini bible, consisting of concept art, descriptions, all that stuff, but my question is, I'm 15, am I too young to send these out to people when I don't have that much experience?

I think the real problem is finding a studio that would put the trust into someone in their teens with their money.   Though, technically speaking Axe-Cop is a show and that was written by someone younger than yourself (even though I hear the kid had little involvement with the TV adaption, which is stupid and entirely missing the point of the shows concept)!  I’m not going to discourage you, because the world we live in is bat shit insane.  I make my living talking over video games, that makes sense to nobody.. Not even me.  I never would’ve thought that was something that could happen. 

But hey dude, just maybe try and produce some shorts of your concept and post them online.  It’s a better way to get noticed.  Maybe even consider entering them into some local film festivals. It’ll help build your confidence and skill.