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Hey. This might sound REALLY silly but I've always wanted to write my own tv show. Even though I know theres a 6% chance of that happening I just wanted to get your advice on how I should go about it. Like I already have a good idea on what its about and I know who the main characters are. But I'm not really sure how to actually start writing it.

I’ve no idea where to start with this one, so I’m going to throw you the best links I can find. Good luck!

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Hey Ross! I'm a big fan of your animations, you, Arin, Zach Hadel, and Chris O Neil are my favorite online animators. I just started animating recently and I love it! I use flash cs3 and I have a cintiq 21 ux. I've been working on something for about 1 year now, I'm thinking about pitching a TV series! I've made a mini bible, consisting of concept art, descriptions, all that stuff, but my question is, I'm 15, am I too young to send these out to people when I don't have that much experience?

I think the real problem is finding a studio that would put the trust into someone in their teens with their money.   Though, technically speaking Axe-Cop is a show and that was written by someone younger than yourself (even though I hear the kid had little involvement with the TV adaption, which is stupid and entirely missing the point of the shows concept)!  I’m not going to discourage you, because the world we live in is bat shit insane.  I make my living talking over video games, that makes sense to nobody.. Not even me.  I never would’ve thought that was something that could happen. 

But hey dude, just maybe try and produce some shorts of your concept and post them online.  It’s a better way to get noticed.  Maybe even consider entering them into some local film festivals. It’ll help build your confidence and skill.  

“Dawson’s Creek.”

“Party of Five.”

“Beverly Hills 90210.”

Did any of us really know people like that in high school?

Did any of us ever look like that in high school?

Did any of us ever have those problems in high school?

For most of us, high school was about trying to get through each day without getting beaten up or humiliated. It was about constantly being faced with evidence that contradicted the way our parents and churches told us the world was supposed to work. Life wasn’t fair. People weren’t that nice. Things didn’t always work out for the best. And, unlike the kids on TV, we rarely if ever confided in our parents or came to them for help. We never even really bothered to confront them if we were mad at something they’d done. We just tried to get through life as best we could, usually in the face of overwhelming adult, parent and peer pressure.

This isn’t a show so much about what teenagers do but about the way they think, perceive and deal with the world around them. It’s about confronting the first real obstacles that life throws at you outside the safety of your home and parents. It’s about the gradual loss of innocence. For some teenagers, this entails a fight to keep that innocence at all costs and for others, it’s about the desperation to get rid of that innocence as quickly and as harshly as possible.

A lot of high school shows deal mainly with dating and the drama that surrounds that. But my experience was that even though dating was something you thought about back then, it was something you rarely had the nerve to do because it entailed actually having to interact with and expose part of your psyche to the opposite sex. And who had the time or nerve to do that? High school was really much simpler than that when you got right down to it.

High school was about survival. And it still is.

—  Freaks and Geeks Series Bible