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Please reblog if you think that being gay is valid and not horrible

I’m trying to prove a point to my mom. She’s been telling me that my sexuality isn’t valid and that gay people are the same as child molesters. She said that gay people are monsters. I told her that I can’t help who I’m attracted to and she said that if she were to fall in love with a sixteen year old boy wouldn’t that also be valid if being attracted to the same sex is? She told me that I’m going to hell because I’m not following the bible. Please let me show her that people of the LGBTQ+ community are valid. 


Green Day at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert [03/21/2017]

“It’s a place of worship! It’s a place of rock!” 
“What kind of place is this?”
“This is a holy place!” 
“Why are there no clouds in the sky?”
“’Cause God wants to watch his favorite band again!”
[Bullet in a Bible]

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you say fuck you to the man who is very important person in Gillian life. So, no one can insult David, bc he is your idol and bc Gillian loves him but YOU can say those things about another person. THIS is hypocrisy. Something that wants me to leave this fucking fandom never look back. Gillian says about kindness in her book but X-Files fans on tumblr cannot stop hate everything and everyone from x files but Mulder and Scully. And that is very sad and pathetic.

Look Anon,

I’ll be forever grateful to Chris Carter for creating this show, its characters and fighting for Gillian at the beginning. 


I don’t know about you, I’ve been an X-Phile since 1994 and Chris Carter dragged us through hell and back many times. He keeps pushing his own agenda, not listening to anyone and enjoys torturing the fandom. He is ignorant and awkward.

  •  He doesn’t believe in Show Bible –> The show is full of discrepancies
  • He doesn’t believe in love –> Our OTP is the most fucked up OTP in the history of fandoms
  • He doesn’t understand emotions, human interactions–> *insert Babylon dialogue here*
  • The whole plot for Babylon is one of the worst things that has ever happened on The X-files
  • He thinks that showing important nuances in MSR is gonna ruin his show
  • He killed CSM four times, but can’t get rid of him
  • He easily got rid of the Lone Gunmen
  • The whole Diana Fowley plot - her being used for the only and sole purpose of rivalry and jealousy. As this is the only thing women do…
  • Season 10 Monica Reyes character assassination
  • He finished Season 10 on a cliffhanger without having any idea of how it will continue 
  • Scully’s been kidnapped, medically raped, abducted, nearly killed. She lost her father, her sister, her mother. She buried Emily and Mulder. She survived cancer and an alien virus.
  • Mulder is afraid of fire, colour blind and got some weird brain disease. None of these is consistent or can be explained in long term. 
  • Mulder lost his father, his Mum committed suicide, his sister was kidnapped, abused. He got injected with black oil, tortured many times and abducted by aliens. He’s been buried, brought back to life, had PTSD. 
  • Scully gave birth at the end of the world without Mulder being there.
  • Mulder and Scully had three!! - so let me say this again, THREE - days together as a family, and Mulder had to leave. The love of her life had to leave and go into hiding to save his family.
  • Scully had to live through again the fact that Mulder is getting killed by lethal injection before they came up with a plan to run away.
  • They had to leave everything behind and with all this baggage try to find the meaning of life and the love for each other. AGAIN.
  • But then in IWTB Chris Carter has to break them up again, ‘cause Scully asked Mulder to take the case. He took it, and that was the last straw. She does not need this darkness in her life so she leaves.
  • And in Season 10 they are estranged cause clearly a couple who lived all of this through and suffered so much and lost everything, they just break up.

Also, the reviews of Season 10  were very bad to all episode being written and directed by Chris Carter. Do you know what he said? 

First, people who support MSR is a small part of the fandom, that we are ignorant and it’s not his fault that the reviews are bad. It’s the fault of the critics cause they don’t understand the essence of The X-files. *obv paraphrasing but you got the idea*

So excuse me if from time to time my head explodes and I dare to say FUCK YOU CHRIS CARTER. If he would listen or improve or stick with the executive producer role, I would be fine. But being a fan doesn’t mean that I can’t criticise from time to time. I can criticise and I will ‘cause honestly, who writes dialogues like this?

O'MALLEY: Tell them about your DNA, Sveta.

SVETA: I have alien DNA. For sure.

SCULLY: Have you had a doctor confirm that?


Also who has Gillian Anderson & David Duchovny and not use their chemistry nor writes them proper dialogues, let their talents shine when given the chance?! (Season 10)


Okay so I’ve been reading the Dirk Gently Show Bible that @gentledirkly​ posted a link to and the entire thing is a fucking goldmine that you need to read but I wanted to share some of my favourite parts.


  • Potential future seasons include a Narnia-esque dimension and alien kidnapping.
  • A metrick fucktonne of interesting information about Dirk’s past.
  • Todd being “crazy like a fox” (a good description).
  • Background information about Blackwing, the CIA and Project Incubus (including how the breakout supposedly happened)
  • Corporal Friedkin is being set up as the villain for the next season.
  • The main theme of the whole series is belonging (please excuse me while I start crying and never stop).
  • And interesting snippets about other characters.

And also

  • They were also meant to go to Mexico at one point.
  • Farah and Todd were meant to accidentally see Dirk confronted by Riggins.
  • In the show bible, Dirk has parents; in the pilot script, Dirk was an orphan.
  • Todd initially didn’t tell Amanda the truth; Farah did some investigating and found out.
  • Patrick Spring was originally called Michael Spring.
  • The episodes all have different names.


If you love Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, you’ve have to give C4′s Utopia a try. Them’s the rules.

Here are some similarities:

1. Both star poor, weird sunshine children on the run from the government.

2. And badass women characters suffering through fictional nerve diseases. 

3. PRETTY COLORS. PRETTY CANDY-COLORED VIOLENCE. It’s obvious that DGHDA was inspired by Utopia’s color scheme (and impeccable choice in yellow jackets). I mean Max literally name drops Utopia in the show bible on how he wanted DGHDA to look.


It dials up the violence and intensity and is overall a darker show, but if you’re looking to watch something oddly wonderful and violent like DGHDA, I’d give this a peep while Dirk is still in hiatus. 

Watch on

GUEST POST: Alice Lesperance on “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)”

It seems wrong, somehow, to not pay special attention to this song. It is certainly the most well-known song off Nimrod, and most people are probably more likely to know the song but not the album. We haven’t talked much about Green Day’s music videos, though there are many of them. They were collected and released in a video anthology, 2001’s International Supervideos! (released simultaneously with the greatest hits album, International Superhits!) and watching it in the context of the band’s other music videos, the difference is quite striking. It’s a solemn video, just Billie Joe alone in a bedroom, playing an acoustic guitar. Interspersed are shots of people going about their lives (Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool both make appearances), and stopping for the brief moment in the video when the camera captures them and time seems to slow down for a moment, before moving on to the next person, or returning to BJ in the bedroom. It’s beautiful video, and watching it now it strikes me how very 90s alt-rock it is; the song itself is an anomaly, with its striped down strings and harmonica.

As I mentioned before, this song became its own entity - it was played at proms and at graduations as a sentimental goodbye between teenagers on the brink of adulthood. It was, weirdly, played at weddings. It was the series finale of Seinfeld, it was sung at a funeral on ER, both in the same year. I believe most recently it was on an episode of Glee but I had hopped off that particular impending train wreck long before that point.

For Green Day fans, most of us know that this is a little funny, because we know that the song was written as a sarcastic “fuck you” to an ex-girlfriend. Originally titled “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)”, the song was marketed alternatively as “Time Of Your Life (Good Riddance)” or even simply “Time Of Your Life”. The guys have since embraced the song’s co-opting, and moments from live shows (like this one from Bullet In A Bible) show that “Time of Your Life” has been cemented as a sentimental fan-favorite encore song. 

The song is also performed in the musical American Idiot, though not in the official songbook. It is the encore song for that, as well, played after curtain call when members of the cast walk back on stage with acoustic guitars and play it for the audience - a moment of appreciation and coming together for the love of a band, and an experience.

It’s not the best Green Day song. It’s not even the best song from Nimrod. But it manages to capture what exactly is so wonderful and rare about Green Day: these goofy sarcastic Bay Area punk kids put out a scathing post-breakup song and it becomes a heartfelt, sentimental goodbye song slated for graduations and tv show montages. But The song doesn’t have to be one or the other. Both are true, both of these emotions are sincere and relatable. When you watch that Bullet In A Bible performance, and they pan to the crowd to get close-up shots of tear-stained faces mouthing along, “it’s something unpredictable / but in the time is right / I hope you had the time of your life”, and Billie Joe is smiling and urging them to sing louder - it’s not even really about the song anymore, is it?

- Alice / @shakespeareandpunk

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So i've seen a lot people saying God doesnt have a gender, but then why does everyone always say God is male? I hope this doesnt sound offensive, i really like this concept, but do you have like a few sources?

Hi there! I don’t know many people who would outright assert that God is “male;” rather, the language they use for God implies it – using only masculine terms like “Father” and “Lord,” using only he/him pronouns, and so on. To keep it simple, the reason for this is patriarchy.

The Bible was written by people (either mostly or all men) in patriarchal cultures; it is also read mostly by people (us!) in patriarchal cultures. Whether they realized it or not, the writers couldn’t help weaving the mindsets and assumptions of their own world into their writing. Whether we realize it or not, we can’t seem to help weaving our mindsets and the structure of the world around us into our talk about God!

Here is one quote and here is another from theologian Shirley Guthrie on how the Bible was written by human beings within a patriarchal context. And here is a quote on avoiding anthropomorphizing God: part of how we end up viewing God as “male” is that we tend to anthropomorphize Them, to try to picture them as simply a person like us; and in our culture, a (white, cis, straight, able-bodied, etc.) man is the “default” human, we might even say the “ideal” human – and so surely God must be “male” too.

Edit: someone replied noting that Hebrew only has male and female verb endings – there is no neutral option. This is true, can’t believe I forgot to mention that! Hebrew’s verbs, nouns, adjectives, and pronouns are assigned genders. And again, because male was/is considered the “default,” and because men held more power in their society and they viewed God as powerful, it makes sense that, of the two options, the writers went with the male endings. (And for the Greek parts of the Bible, Greek is also a gendered language in this way.)

But God does not bless patriarchy; God does not fit into our boxes that aim to categorize humans into “superior” and “inferior.” God is genderless and God is every gender – God is God, and no human terms can hope to encompass the Divine.

Here is a post that talks about how we can view God as a woman, if we like; it includes passages from the Bible in which God is referred to with (or refers to Godself with) feminine imagery. These Bible passages show that even in these patriarchal times, the biblical writers did not confine God utterly to masculinity! The truth of God’s vastness shines through. 

Edit: I should also add this link to an article on Sophia, which goes into the history of early Christians treating the Holy Spirit as feminine!

I also recommend Austen Harke’s video, “What are God’s pronouns?”

Wander through our God beyond Gender tag for even more! 

I’ll leave you all with a question and an invitation: how do you refer to God? do you see God as male? I invite you to experiment with language for God – expand the nouns, pronouns, and images you use for Them, for Him, for Her, for Xem. God is so vast, They defy pinning down with human words – but the wider we expand our language for Her, the bigger a “piece” of God we’ll see. 


❧ Lucifer
They used to call the devil the father of lies. But for someone whose sin is meant to be pride, you’d think that lying would leave something of a sour taste. So my theory is that when the devil wants to get something out of you, he doesn’t lie at all. He tells you the exact, literal truth. And he lets you find your own way to hell. [x]

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Can you write a little drabble about what the EFF was going on in the writer's room when it was decided that Scully would name her & Mulder's child William? Like seriously. I need your wit and snark for this.

Okay, Chris, you got this. Don’t pay attention to them blocking the scene over there you have…let’s see…at least fifteen minutes to finish writing this scene. Nevermind that it might be the last scene we ever film and I had months to do it but I waited until the last possible second. So I gotta make it GOOD, and find a way to give everyone what they really want. Not what they think they want, but what they really want, and I know what they really want, and it’s continuous ambiguity, circuitous dialouge, and more questions. So, how to keep the parentage of this little plot device, I mean *baby*, hehe, it’s a child, a small human, up in the air. Hm…something about the truth, MUST WORK “THE TRUTH” INTO THIS MOMENT, because otherwise the audience won’t understand that for eight seasons that’s what this show has been about…okay…perfect. Now, how to make the damn shippers happy. What if…what if Scully says she named the plot device, *BABY*, I mean baby, after Mulder’s father?! Then we’ll be winking and nodding but not CONFIRMING that the baby MIGHT, POSSIBLY COULD BE, Mulder’s! Ha! Chris, old boy, you’ve done it! What was Mulder’s dad’s name again? BILL. Which is short for William! William is a great name, I never use that name. Good thing no one else in the show was named William. Scully’s dad was Ahab, so, *phew* thank HEAVEN there won’t be any confusion there. See? Vince was so wrong, I don’t need a show bible. It’s alllllll up here in this fluffy white noggin. William. I am brilliant. Now, finish this moving moment off with my coup de grâce, a loving and tender and sexy as fuck FOREHEAD KISS, and yes, I think we’ll get that past the FCC, although, eesh, forehead kissing is just so raunchy…oh well. Shippers will go NUTS for it, and I’ll be a hero. Okay. Look at that! Three minutes til we start shooting and I finished the script with time to spare. I hope we get renewed for another season because I would love the chance to fuck up this perfectly happy moment of closure for my platonic duo. Fingers crossed!

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How did you come to choose Chrome Canyon for music and how did you explain to him what kind of music you wanted to match Infinity Train?

A few years ago I went to go see a showing of Metropolis with a live score by Chrome Canyon. I didn’t know him then, but I listened to his album before going and was instantly into it. Elemental Themes is now one of my favorite albums. His score for Metropolis was great too.

I’ve listened to a lot of his music and remixes and thought he made very good choices. There are times when you’re listening to music and you kind of expect it to go one way, but he would go a different way while keeping in that vein. His music didn’t sound like a lot of the neo-new wave you hear now, it had funk to it that really differentiates him from other music that occupies a similar space. Every time I heard him make a choice in his music I thought it was brilliant, so I had him contacted to see if he would be interested in working on my pilot.

I said I was looking for something similar to his album ( ). I mentioned I wanted something similar to John Carpenter, Lazerhawk, and Vangelis, but without any dance-y drums or anything. I also sent him this playlist I had been putting together for like a year with all the music I had thought fit the tone I wanted:

He saw the edit, he read my show bible, and said yes! He’s pretty cool and very easy to work with. It was fun because we both have such similar tastes and because I make my own music, that it was really easy to describe what sort of sounds I was looking for, even down to like instrument settings on a synthesizer. It’s really weird being a position where you get to meet people you admire and work with them, but it’s preeeeetty cool.

So today we found out that Dirk Gently season two’s unofficial name is ‘The Middle of Everywhere’ and that (according to the show bible) it could potentially centre around a portal to another dimension.

But I’m actual trash so my immediate thought was less “jolly smuggling jaunt” and more “please can we have the mystery squad & co. meeting their alternate universe selves”.

I’m thinking Blackwing!Dirk and FBI!Farah joining forces with rockstar siblings Todd and Amanda, whose band (Mexican Funeral? I Hate Voicemail?) made it big time and who have spent the past year touring the world to sold-out stadiums before coming back to Seattle to rest and recuperate.

And I mainly want this because of the comparison between the canon!Brotzmans who have no money and a shitty relationship with each other currently, but who both now have a purpose and a support network, and the au!Brotzmans who are financially stable and doing what they love, but they’ve got no-one except each other and they know it’s co-dependent but what can they really do when they’re living in a virtual goldfish bowl created by their own fame? Both sets of siblings have Pararibulitis still, but au!Brotzmans can afford medication while canon!Brotzmans have psychic vampires and accompanying visions of the future. At some point all four of them have a jam session with two angry drummer girls and two frustrated guitarists and they sound amazing, au!Brotzmans are this close to recording it for when they get back to their dimension.

And then you’d have the canon!mystery squad trying to get a handle on a heavily armed and properly trained au!Dirk who has a very good understanding of his intuitions but very little understanding of anything outside of the CIA compound where he’s kept in between missions, and au!Farah who has all of the anxiety and perfectionist tendencies of canon!Farah but who just learned how to play the system and give the right answers when tested.

Essentially I just want them all to team up and break the psychic murder children out of Blackwing, just so canon!Dirk can hear someone at the door to rescue him but it turns out to be au!Dirk in full CIA tactical gear and they both have .5 seconds of what the fuck has happened now while Mmm Whatcha Say plays faintly in the background.

In Baghdad, a Muslim woman, holding a copy of the Quran, stands in solidarity with a Christian woman, holding a copy of the Bible, to show solidarity with the dwindling number of Iraqi Christians and their right to live freely and peacefully side-by-side with the Muslims in their community. A powerful image.