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Okay so I’ve been reading the Dirk Gently Show Bible that @gentledirkly​ posted a link to and the entire thing is a fucking goldmine that you need to read but I wanted to share some of my favourite parts.


  • Potential future seasons include a Narnia-esque dimension and alien kidnapping.
  • A metrick fucktonne of interesting information about Dirk’s past.
  • Todd being “crazy like a fox” (a good description).
  • Background information about Blackwing, the CIA and Project Incubus (including how the breakout supposedly happened)
  • Corporal Friedkin is being set up as the villain for the next season.
  • The main theme of the whole series is belonging (please excuse me while I start crying and never stop).
  • And interesting snippets about other characters.

And also

  • They were also meant to go to Mexico at one point.
  • Farah and Todd were meant to accidentally see Dirk confronted by Riggins.
  • In the show bible, Dirk has parents; in the pilot script, Dirk was an orphan.
  • Todd initially didn’t tell Amanda the truth; Farah did some investigating and found out.
  • Patrick Spring was originally called Michael Spring.
  • The episodes all have different names.



❧ Lucifer
They used to call the devil the father of lies. But for someone whose sin is meant to be pride, you’d think that lying would leave something of a sour taste. So my theory is that when the devil wants to get something out of you, he doesn’t lie at all. He tells you the exact, literal truth. And he lets you find your own way to hell. [x]

Story Editor Frank Angones is helping in the pilot and show bible for Craig McCracken next show for Disney
GOOD LUCK And Hoping It Gets Greenlighted !

Okay but

Been thinking about this a while now. This was in the Show Bible:

Y’all, Todd and Farah were never meant to get together.

Todd’s crush on Farah was just there to motivate him into putting on his cool guy jacket and going on the adventure with them. It was supposed to be shut down completely on Farah’s side in ep 6.

And although many things in the script have changed, those changes have happened for a reason. From my viewpoint, Todd/Farah has no chemistry and no point, so fear not, those of you that would rather have Todd and Farah paired with Dirk and Amanda, respectively, or paired with nobody at all! There is hope for us yet.

I love how our God is a God who reassures. Sometimes I get frustrated with myself at the amount of times God has to tell me the same thing for me to finally believe it. But right from the start of the Bible God shows that he understands and he reassures. In Genesis, he reassures and tells Abraham time after time that he will be a father of many nations and that he will have a son with Sarah, long after he made the original promise. I am so glad God doesn’t give up on reminding us. I will wait for what You have for me. 

Life update: I’m in thesis this year!! The Big Leagues ©. So probably I’ll be posting work from that as it comes along. I’m making a pitch bible for a show called Bad Karma! It’s a story that is very dear to me and I’m stoked to finally get to sink my teeth into it. 

It also means that I’m SUPER busy and will continue to be until I graduate in May. (Like, even moreso than the last three years. RIP.) If you’ve sent asks, emails, or messages and haven’t heard back from me, that’s why!

In Baghdad, a Muslim woman, holding a copy of the Quran, stands in solidarity with a Christian woman, holding a copy of the Bible, to show solidarity with the dwindling number of Iraqi Christians and their right to live freely and peacefully side-by-side with the Muslims in their community. A powerful image.

The Bride of Death (1839). Thomas Barker (British, 1769-1847). Oil on canvas. Victoria Art Gallery.

Inspired by a ballad about the death of a young woman on the day before her wedding. She had been reading, perhaps the wedding documents and a Bible. The hourglass shows the passing of time and the shortness of life. The violets in the woman’s hand mean sadness, and her white clothes and pearls emphasise her purity. The dog is representative of loyalty and fidelity.