the bible misquoted
These white Christians believe they are more discriminated against than Muslims
A majority of white evangelical Christians believe they face more discrimination than Muslims in the US, a new poll has revealed. The Public Religion Research Institute study found 57 per cent of white evangelical protestants believe Christians face “a lot of discrimination” in the US today, while just 44 per cent believe Muslims faced the same level. The survey of 2,000 US adults found radically different views depending on religious orientation.

Of course! It’s so obvious!

  • Trump signed two executive orders banning people from predominantly Christian countries from entering the United States!
  • So many prominent politicians have been unfairly complaining about “radical Christian terrorism”!
  • Every time some far-right nut commits a crime supposedly in the name of Christianity, everyone blames all Christians for it!
  • The number of hate groups specifically targeting Christians has nearly tripled in the past year!
  • There has been a rash of hate crimes against Christians, including vandalizing and burning down Christian churches!
  • Business are demanding the right to refuse to serve Christians!
  • People unfairly call Christianity a religion of war, dedicated to the extermination of every other religion, and they misquote the Bible out of context to “prove” it!
  • Christians can’t safely wear crucifixes, priest collars, or any other apparel or hairstyle reflecting their religious beliefs in public!
  • Hell, they’ve even blamed Christians as a group for the 9/11 attacks!

Why didn’t I see it before?

Christians receive way too much hate.

Now before you come screaming at me, know that I am an atheist. However, I was raised in an extremely Christian household, so I know what I’m talking about.

First off, people misquote the Bible so much its so annoying. THey argue with Christians using “people were stoned in the bible” or “the Bible justifies rape!” No. 99% of these quotes are taken out of context and can be refuted easily if you ask a well informed Christian. I can’t remember exactly, but I heard something like the Old Testament was not for the future followers, but the New was, and most quotes people on Tumblr pull up to try and refute Christians are from the Old.

Second, people scream about Christians trying to “shove religion down their throats”. I think its annoying, but really, can you blame them? They think you are going to go to a horrible place after you die, so its really flattering they want to save you. Everyone is angry they want creationism in schools, but they believe it’s the truth and evolution is lies. They don’t want their children learning lies.

People are angry they are against gay rights. They believe that it’s wrong, so you cant blame them. My mother always told me she believed in “love the sinner, hate the sin”. They don’t want to encourage gay behavior. So THAT’S why they disagree.

I’m not saying I agree with Christians. I don’t. but I feel if people understood where they were coming from everyone would be better off.