the bible is perfect

God still answers prayers...

It may seem like your prayers aren’t going through the ceiling. You may seem like God just isn’t answering you anymore, and to be completely honest, I feel like that a lot. This morning, I received such a blessing that renewed my faith in prayer.

“In Exodus 24, we are told that Moses went up the mountain but God did not speak until the seventh day. How often do we pray and expect God to move immediately?”

It may not have been a yes or a no, but God heard and answered your prayer. I promise. As someone who is very anxious, I need answers and things done immediately. One of my weaknesses is waiting on God’s perfect timing. Let me reiterate that–PERFECT TIMING. God is still working on our behalf. That just means we have to wait a little longer than we want to.

Don’t lose faith. God hears you. Hold on a little bit longer, and I think we’ll like the answer more than we could have ever imagined.

Unusual uses for sigils part 2
  • A sigil on your favorite book to keep that fresh crisp smell of new books
  • A sigil on your ear buds to get that extra bass
  • A sigil sewn into your child's blanket to help them feel safe
  • A sigil on a bandaid to help the wound close up faster
  • A sigil on your tongue to make everything taste the best it can
  • A sigil on your breasts to diminish dysphoria
  • A sigil on your car hood to keep birds from tarnishing it
  • A sigil on your pencil to think more critically during tests
  • A sigil on your bike to keep the wheels inflated for longer
  • A sigil on your dictionary to always find the word you're looking for instantly
  • A sigil on your frying pan handle to keep it from buckling
  • A sigil on your watercolor palette to always mix that perfect color
  • A sigil on your band's microphone to help your voice sound siren-like
  • A sigil on that condom you're about to use so you get that extra protection
  • A sigil on your baby's milk bottle to keep them calm
  • A sigil on your bible to find that perfect psalm for the day
  • A sigil on your window to attract a certain kind of weather
  • A sigil on your porch to attract kitties
  • Etc