the bgm here is my favorite

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For both Fukuro and Puppy: what are your favorite tracks from the show (that means BGM and Subdigitals)?

Season 1 had a couple of BGM tracks that never seem to get used in later season, which is a bummer since I really enjoyed them and added alot to the mood. Here’s a couple of them:

As for the Subdigitals, I think all of their songs are great but I really love S’enovler (Break Away),  Ouvre Les Yeux (Angel of Mine),  S’en Aller (Get Away), and Ensemble (Time to Cry). I even had S’enovler as my ringtone for a while before it started to annoy my friends haha

Remember when space was the coolest place?

Here are some of my favorite space themed video game songs and chiptunes.

1. Comet Observitory Medley - Mario Galaxy ✰ 2. Moon Theme - Ducktales (NES) ✰ 3. Moonside - Earthbound ✰ 4.Planet - Anamanaguchi ✰ 4. Pure Space - Unicorn Kid ✰ 5. Spaceman - Kola Kid ✰  6. Spaced Out Beats - Steven Universe BGM (Aivi and Surasshu) ✰ 7. Rainbow Road - Mario Kart 8✰ 8. Purple Comet (8-bit) - Mario Galaxy ✰ 9. Helix Nebula - Anamanaguchi ✰ 10. Glitch City - Steven Universe BGM (Aivi and Surasshu)