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etsyfindoftheday 2 | 2.27.17

giftable tea finds by newmoonteaco

i featured some of newmoonteaco’s tea wares during my countdown to christmas in 2016, but tea is a year-round indulgence that everyone can enjoy no matter the season!! this etsy shop has pretty much everything you can think of, tea-wise — gilded animal diffusers, soft crocheted yarn cozies, even organic teas in loose-leaf bags for a variety of uses and maladies! so rad.


         *:・゚✧MIND STRENGTH ✧・゚*:

*This is a special zodiac potion for sagittarius but anyone can use it.

This potion is perfect for things like studying for exams, learning something new, concentrate on a certain thing to see it clearly, before you are going to do something important and you want to be as sharp as possible ✧ it all depends on the intention you make

we will be posting about the others soon!! 

Beverages in Korean~

Just some common beverages in Korean!~

*remember to try and sound out each word before peeking at the romanization!~

물 (mul) water
주스 (joo seu) juice
우유 (oo yoo) milk
콜라 (kol la) Coca Cola!
맥주 (maek joo) beer
커피 (keo pi) coffee
차 (cha) tea
핫초코 (hat cho ko) hot chocolate
와인 (wa in) wine

Hope this helps and happy studying!~

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