the better to yell at you with

last night

my mom: “if you were an avenger you wouldn’t be taller, you’d still be 5'1 yelling up at captain america”
me: “and he better not crouch to my height or i’ll kill him, show me some respect”

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i went to a tøp concert tonight and the show was absolutely incredible but at the end of the night my sister wouldn't stop yelling at me and i can't stop crying because she never lets me have any happy memories and i was so close and i don't know what to do

i would go with someone better than her next time, sorry you gotta deal with that, i hope you have some amount of good memories from the show before she did that

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Going grocery shopping with the Avengers

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  • Having written out a carefully planned list of thing you need, only knowing the second you walk into the supermarket that will idea go to shit. 
  • You’re in charge of the shopping cart! 
  • “Because Tony last time you fitted boosters to the wheels and we got banned for six months from that store” 
  • Clint and Sam throwing in unnecessary items into the shopping cart. 
  • “We don’t need 102 flossing sticks Sam” 
  • “Ok (Y/N) but what if we do?”
  • Pietro speeding back to grab stuff you missed and Wanda using her magic to get stuff off the top shelf that you can reach(and generally being the only ones who are listening to you) 
  • Natasha just brazenly opening a packet of chips while you walk around. 
  • “We haven’t paid for that yet Tasha” 
  • “But I’m hungry” 
  • Tony complaining about the layout of the store and drawing a better blueprint on the back of a cereal box, then getting yelled at for defacing items. 
  • You’d give him the stink eye as he placed the item in the cart sheepishly. 
  • Having Steve add up the items as you go. 
  • Inevitably having an argument over the cost of coffee. 
  • “$5!! That’s ridiculous put it back that’s too expensive” 
  • “Steve it’s only $5″ 
  • Steve is basically the Dad that always goes for the offers to make it cheeper. But you’d draw the line at home brand cookies.   
  • Bruce having to calm you before you got to frazzled and ‘hulked out’ his words not yours! 
  • Sam and Bucky having shopping cart races down the isle’s and knocking displays over. 
  • “I swear to god if you don’t act your age I will smack you so hard into next week. 
  • “Is that a promise doll?” 
  • “Don’t push me Barnes or I’ll put your coco pops back” 
  • “You wouldn’t!”
  • “Try Me” 
  • You’d basically be the Mum Friend trying to wrangle your overgrown avenging children.  

Headcannon Hour

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I'm autistic, have an anxiety disorder, ADHD, and ptsd. Yesterday I accidentally left my medications in my mom's car and she left for work early so I had to work a 16 hour shift without any of my meds and I swear it was national asshole day. I had so many people scream at me for miscounting their change by 1 or 2 pennies and not being able to make eye contact and shaking when they yelled at me. Like I'm sorry? It's a miracle I'm here at all and telling me to go die isn't helpful? Please stop

*BIG HUGS* I wish I could get you some ice cream(or fav food of your choice if you’re lactose intolerant) and a good Disney movie to watch in a big fluffy blanket on the couch. That sounds exhausting in every way, especially mentally. I hope you’re doing better now. :( -Abby

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(Thank you very much you're so kind!) I'm in a pretty bad relationship right now. I love him, but he ignores me for entire days and yells at me for things I didn't do. He also told me flat out that he will cheat on me if I don't show enough affection. But for the most part he's really nice, and he's been through a lot, so I don't want to hurt him, but he really hurts me sometimes.

I’ll try to be as sweet as I can with this but…

you’re dating a jerk wtf, dump him.

Like thats emotional abuse, guilt ripping you and shaming you for his mistakes, yelling at you and then playing it all sweet vanilla…

Dude, my dear angel, my sweet glitter-filled fruity goo… you deserve better than that

I just reached a tiny milestone here on Tumblr, and I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you to everyone who follows me, supports me, and deems me cool enough to hang out with. Thank you to my mutuals and all the blogs that I follow for making this a really great space to love Niall and One Direction. I will do a follow forever just as soon as I am feeling better! 

To all the good friends I have made on here, I treasure each and every one of you, I am so shy, so thank you for reaching out if you did, it really means the world to me. I just didn’t understand the power of these boys to bring people together from all over the world until I made this blog. The group chat, thank you for having me, it’s been an amazing time, you ladies are astounding in every way, I adore you all.

Love me or hate me, either thank or go yell at @sweetniallofmine. This is all her doing, and I am forever thankful she exists and picked me to be in her life. She makes me better, teaches me things, makes me laugh and right now makes me cry with how much I admire her strength and light.

And finally, and most importantly, I want to thank you, the followers, you are of course the reason I am here. I read your blogs, I see your posts, I know who you are. I want you guys to know that you are important and lovely human beings that mean the world to me. I love to laugh at your tags and to see you enjoy Niall as much as I do. Thank you so much for being you, you are all fabulous human beings. I love you, and again, thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

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I did this with my eyes half closed so it’s bad,, but Samuel is drunk ;0 now I can drink and put a cigarette in my mouth without giving someone a panic attack or getting yelled at


Archie’s brother has a crush on Kevin

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Archie had known for awhile that you liked him, but being a little freshman set you apart. You hadn’t gone through puberty yet. You were pale and anything but attractive at least in your opinion. You had buffed up a bit over the summer but it was your brother who took the cake with the muscles. As usual your brother was better than you, but you were used to it. Betty found out about you crush on Kevin this summer. She treated you like you were a child for a whole week. No one knew what to say to you, they treated you like a lost puppy all summer long. But, you were ready to face Kevin. You fixed your light blue button down shirt for the fifth time when you heard your older brother yell “LET’S GO FIRST DAY AND WE’RE ALREADY LATE!” You sighed and ran the comb through your hair one last time before running down the stairs. “Looking good little brother. Some one to impress?” Archie raised an eyebrow at you.  

“Shut up Archibald. Goodbye Dad” You yelled as you pushed past your brother. Every time you saw Kevin that day you turned the other way. Your heart rate picked up and your palms became so sweaty you couldn’t bring yourself to even say hi. Then lunch came and Betty called you over to their table when she saw you searching for a place to sit. The moment you made eye contact with the brunette you’ve been trying so hard to avoid, you felt your heart rate accelerate and you palms begin to sweat and the only open seat was across from him. You had tuned out most of the conversation but when you heard Kevin complain about his English homework the words just tumbled out of your mouth,

“I-I could help,” you exclaimed “I’m in advanced English!”

“Seriously?” The brunette asked turning towards you, you bashfully nodded in response. “Alright little Andrews meet me tonight. Pops. 730?” Your eyes widened and you quickly nodded as Kevin left the table. All of the others stared at you smirking.

“Did you tell him?” You whispered. They all shook their heads ‘no’ in response and your heart continued to beat faster.

You arrived at Pops at 720 afraid to mess things up  you sat in your usual booth in the back corner by the window. One of the waitresses named Tiffany brought you your usual, a basket of onion rings and a chocolate milkshake. Kevin slid into the booth at 730 smiling. “So where do you want to start?” You questioned.

“I have this essay if you want to look it over. My AP class required us to write it over the summer and Mr.Daniels is giving us a few days to perfect it.” Kevin slid the paper across the table and you divulged your attention into every detail, marking this that needed to be fixed, commenting and adding suggestions.

“Hey, can I ask you something?” You looked at the boy sitting across from you as you nodded. “So- actually I’m just going to show this.” He reached over the booth and kissed you hard. You were frozen for a second before you began to kiss back. Finally you pulled away and just stared at each other.

“Not bad for an Andrews boy,”

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☕️ u already know like all of my opinions But ! uh let's see,, I actually think both asexual and aromantic are useless labels that aren't set in anything actually concrete enough to exist let alone turn into an oppressed minority. Uhh I don't want to Just send u an ask abt fuckin ace stuff shshsh so,, Bosie wasn't a bad person and vanilla ice cream is better then chocolate shhsjs (I'm gonna get yelled at for that last one I can tell)

agree agree and fuck you chocolate is better

new brawl: zarya’s gym

you can play as anybody except zarya, who is controlled by the ai. she’s a non combatant who just yells stuff at you about how she could do better than that when she was ten years old. all of your abilities are disabled except for melee. if you want to win you have to punch everybody to death while zarya stands to the side and insults your form the whole time. 

But to me they’ve always been a team. Since they worked their shit out in season 1 and realize they needed each other and that they both had strengths and weaknesses and realized that they could be better together

Which by the way is also what you want out of a romantic relationship

—  Jason Rothenberg on Bellarke on @metastation

Reader x McCall Pack, Reader x Hale Pack

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“Hey (Y/N) you wanna help Isaac out?” Derek asked and you stopped your search for your brother as you spotted Derek rearranging what looked like a box of chains.

“No offence I don’t think Mr Grey was a werewolf.” You told him and he chuckled.

“Yeah but werewolves are better, let me tie Isaac up and show you.” Derek smiled when your eyes widened and you blushed.

“Oh wow Derek that was just bad.” Isaac mumbled as he rubbed the back of his head. “Besides, (Y/N0 should be tied up so I can roam freely.”

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So apparently Mike Pence tried to go to a Hamilton show tonight.

There are reports that they had to stop songs at some points because of all the booing and yelling from the audience. (“when your people say they hate you ” and “immigrants - we get the job done” seem to have been big moments.) Talk about walking into the lion’s den.

I have to wonder what made Pence want to see this show. Like, how much did he know about it beforehand? Just that it was popular and about a Founding Father? How much did he know about the casting and why it was done that way, the message it’s meant to send? How much did he know about the style of music? Did he have *any idea* what he was getting into?

Teen wolf would have been 90% better if season two was Derek yelling at teenagers to stop asking him for advice like “do I look like a functional adult to you? I live in a train yard. Stop asking strange men in train yards to bite you.”

Despite all the lies and misinformation being spread about him, despite all the accusations bring thrown that he is a Nazi and a fascist, he remains a good person who has been socially destroyed merely for speaking his mind.

I stand with Jontron.

Punishment No-No’s 🚫
  1. Taking away comfort items (pacis, stuffies, blankies, etc) You can take away something they enjoy (a game or toy) but never take away anything that keeps your little feeling safe and comfortable!
  2. Yelling! It scares littles and they probably won’t actually hear what you say! (Firm eye contact and whispering usually gets the point across better anyhow!)
  3. Excessive physical punishment! Anything past spankings or smacks on the wrists is a no no! Unless given permission, this crosses the line into abuse!
*edit* lots of people have mentioned IGNORING or being passive aggressive towards your little so I want to also mention that this isn’t okay either!!

I’m sorry for always being a pain in the ass. I’m not a nice person. I know that much about myself. How long have I been this way? I still try to make sense of the fleeting moments. Whenever I hear a goodbye, I write a new poem. I hate saying goodbye almost as much as I hate hearing it– it’s only funny until it happens to you, right? So I’ve been trying to be kind. I don’t like yelling, it leaves a nasty feeling in your stomach. Did I really mean it? Did I have to be so cruel? What’s wrong with me? You don’t deserve anger. You deserve better. I’m a messed-up human being. But I’m trying to be more… there’s always that. I can always try.

Context: our level 2 party was fighting a very attractive Incubus, and our Halfling Fighter was very close to death. It was a long and difficult fight, until the Dragonborn Paladin nearly one-shot the Incubus. Next in the order was the Gnome Bard (about 1.5 ft tall), who cast Vicious Mockery (yell an insult=1d4 damage+disadvantage next turn).

DM: Uh…okay, how do you want to do this?

Gnome Bard: Do what?

DM: Well, you’re killing him with that 3 damage, so how does that actually kill him?

Party: [comes up with all sorts of silly insults]

Human Paladin: Tell him he has a tiny dick!

Gnome Bard: Alright, here’s what I do: I tell the Incubus that he has a small penis, smaller than mine, and his head just straight up explodes.

Dragonborn Sorceress: I can’t believe masculinity is so fragile…