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Omg I just saw you're not feeling well! I hope you feel better soon! Here's a story to help hopefully. I ordered pizza the other night and this young kid, maybe 18 knocks on the door. We're getting the order settled and the whole time he's trying so hard to flirt it failing so hard lol. It was adorable. Then as I'm signing the check my wife comes from around the corner and wraps her arms around me and grabs my boobs. The it's head almost popped off I stg. He stuttered the rest of time.


Dear Future Girlfriend,

Hi. Told you I’d be back :) I finished all of my homework in time and I think I aced my music business test today! I hope you’re proud of me!

I should probably tell you now that I’m studying to be a sound engineer/producer, it took major balls to switch from a major that my parents wanted me to pursue to go after something I was really passionate about. Get yourself ready for in depth talks about music and for late nights when I’m tweaking on my guitar or my keyboard because I have a melody in my head that I can’t ignore. Hopefully we can write silly songs together OOH or better yet let me take you to the studio with me and actually sing/play on a track that would be super cool and the best part is I get to show you off to my friends yay! If not, just tell me to shut up and I will because you have me wrapped around your little finger oh god the things I would do for you *wapoosh* (if you couldn’t tell, that was a whipping sound). 

Sometimes I would have really long days when I have to leave you at before the ass crack of dawn and won’t come home until you’re ready to go to bed. (here comes the mushball I told you to get used to it goofball) I hope to god you’ll stay because you’re my home and the thought of just being in your arms at the end of the day is literally the reason why I made it through the day in one piece. You bring out the best in me and motivate me to do my best everyday. And I’m working hard now so I can make sure that I have the means to give you the world because you deserve it. You’re my princess after all.

So I had a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep last night, (I took a gnarly nap because it was so hot outside) but I was consumed with thoughts of you and what you could be doing at the moment… I hope you’re happy, and that you’re safe, and that you’re living life to the fullest and working hard to make your dreams come true just like I am. But if you’re struggling at the moment, I want you to know that you’re bigger and stronger than your worst thoughts and fears, you are not a fickle house of cards that could easily blow away in the wind… no you’re so much more because you’re you, and I have every faith in the world that you will overcome this mountain in front of you. I’m with you every step of the way, rooting for you so fucking hard and helping to keep you moving forward. Keep that pretty head held high, my lil nugget. It always gets better. 

Hey dork, stop distracting me will ya?! I’m supposed to be at the gym right now but instead I’m writing another letter to you. I swear you’ll be the death of me. Rest in peace me cause of death: my fucking amazeballs girlfriend (still feels so good to say that). 

Okay I’m really going now. *violently grabs you by the face and kisses you gently* 




Hypothetical Handplates scenario in which Sans realizes he can teach himself Common.

(Ugh, tumblr is making them blurry for some reason so I guess full-view if you want the not-blurry version??)

Convoluted explanation incoming. Handplates is an Undertale fancomic by @zarla-s and if you like Papyrus and Sans, go read it, is good stuff. So I guess this is an AU fancomic of an AU fancomic? I dunno, the idea wouldn’t leave my brain until I did something with it. So. Zarla did a Christmas doodle where Gaster gave the boys a box of ginger cookies that had the word COOKIES on the side in big letters, and because my job gives me way too much time to think about random stuff, I realized something.

In Handplates, Gaster taught the bros to read and write Wingdings but deliberately did not teach them monster Common (ie: English) so they can’t read his nametag or anything. Thing is, Wingdings is a 1:1 substitution cipher for English. Every Wingdings symbol exactly equals an English letter; it’s not a different language, just a different set of pictures. As somebody who has taught herself a fair number of substitution ciphers, there are a few things you look for when you’re trying to translate a code and you don’t have a key in front of you. Most notably, single-letter words (in English they will usually be A or I) or double letters next to each other. Like the OO in “COOKIES”.

Sans is smart. Gaster has fed them junk food before and odds are good Sans knows how to spell “COOKIES”. The word is on the box in huge letters and Gaster just said it out loud, so it is fresh in Sans’ mind. That double-O is a huge tip-off. He would put it together that the word on the front of the box matches what’s inside. Once you figure out a few of the letters, it becomes steadily easier to decode the rest.

I feel like Gaster exposes the boys to enough Common (the nametag, food wrappers, computer monitors, the books Sans sits on) that Sans could pick it up with a proper starting point. Papyrus probably not, because he had a hard enough time with Wingdings, but Sans is eager for any opportunity to undermine Gaster and I’m sure he’d jump at the chance. In this comic he elects not to tell Papyrus, though. He doesn’t know Gaster has cameras in the cell (or even what a camera is) but he’s figured out that Gaster can spy on them somehow, and the last time Gaster caught them learning something he didn’t like, Papyrus got the ever-loving hell beat out of him. So Sans keeps quiet about it for now. And thus starts the long-standing tradition of keeping important secrets from his brother.

On the technical side, it took me a freakin’ week to sketch and outline this whole thing. Coloring and shading only took me like a day. In the meantime Zarla actually kinda addressed the cookie comic, but this was almost done by then so oh well. I’m finding my poses and proportions turn out a LOT better when I’m doodling skeletons, like what, drawing basic anatomy will make you better at anatomy, you don’t say?? A lot of this was a self-challenge to see if I could imitate Zarla’s art style, and I referenced previous Handplates comics a lot for the backgrounds and Sans’ face. Full disclosure: Gaster’s pose up there is basically copied from Zarla’s original comic because I was rushing through to get on to the actual meat of the story. He’s just here for setup. I had fun trying to figure out how to do his Lost Soul head though. Also, I hate Papyrus’ face from the front. Also also, it was tricky trying to convey “mentally translating an unknown alphabet into a known one” when pretty much everyone who sees this comic is already familiar with the “unknown” one and not the “known” one, but I think I pulled it off. 

TL;DR- I imitated somebody else’s style to do an AU of an AU; I am not Zarla; Zarla is the creator of Handplates and also Gaster’s pose in the first panel; I like ciphers too much and also I gave the cookies icing because that is the only kind of ginger cookie I know.

Can we take a moment to talk about the importance of this hug?

Because it’s cute, of course, but it’s not just that.

In a way, it’s extremely domestic, and that’s partly what makes it so important.

If you think about it, before we’ve only seen Yuuri and Victor hug during competitions (or at the airport, over which I am still crying because it was so beautiful), and if you really wanted to, you could wave it off as just “acting on impulse” or “on spur of heightened emotions at the moment”.

But that’s not the case here.

They are both in Hasetsu, and they may be before a huge competition, but right now they’re still calm and trying to decide the changes in Yuuri’s program. No heightened emotions whatsoever. And yet, Victor just joyfully jumps into Yuuri’s arms just because he’s happy and he feels like it.

What’s even better is Yuuri’s reaction - he simply takes him in, wraps his arms around his back and smiles. And what’s also worth noting is that this isn’t their typical head-over-the-shoulder hug. Their foreheads (maybe even their noses) are touching, and Victor has his palm gently pressed to the back of Yuuri’s head.

It’s so simple but it illustrates their love so well.

Because this isn’t platonic - it’s a window into their daily life in Hasetsu, showing us how close they are, even when, you could say ‘there’s no need for it’.

They don’t need a ‘reason’ to be up close and intimate.

They’re in love and it shows, even without the wedding rings or their stating it out loud.

And I think that’s both, beautiful and important.

I never really did like the way my glasses looked on me. But you told me I looked really good in them. From then on, I always reached for my glasses, thinking they made me look better.

When I put on lipstick, I remember the way you said “that looks good on you” so I would spend time trying on different shades of red, wondering what you would think of them.

The way your eyes lit up when I put on the black dress, and when you told me I looked so great it in, made me think I looked my best in that dress. I would put it on and stare at myself in the mirror, thinking of when your hands were wrapped around my waist and your eyes were staring into mine.

Every time I put on that one shirt, I remember how it was your favorite. You loved the way I looked in that shirt. I wore it a lot, for you. I still wear it a lot, hoping you’ll notice me in it.

You always made fun of me because my socks never matched. Now when I put on a matching pair, I want to show you. I know that sounds weird, but it seems like a thing between us.

You’re everywhere. Everyday. How can you forget about someone when they’re everything you see? How can you lose feelings for the person whose name is the definition of every feeling you’ve ever felt?
Tell me, please someone tell me, how to stop this pain. Tell me how to stop thinking of you. Tell me how to stop making my life about you.

—  {via cheerupsavvy}
Word for Word (M)

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“Less talking. More fucking. Yeah?”

Part 1 | Part 2

3.4k, smut, jungkook/reader, friends with benefits au (+ college + fuckboy)

Jeon Jungkook is a fuckboy through and through. If you look at all his social media photos, all you see are countless images of him sandwiched between two girls, his muscular arms wrapped around their shoulders. Two different girls in each picture, never the same. Most of the photos are dark, dimly lit party scenes with the flash in their eyes, but sometimes there are filter-saturated beach pictures in which Jungkook’s shirtless and hugging girls in bikinis.

(Quite frankly, at times you weren’t really sure who to be jealous of: Jungkook or the girls. Both looked really fucking good. But it’s not like you were really Instagram stalking him and actually cared about his pictures or anything. Totally not.)

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Halftime Show*

Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
Rating: Explicit
Summary: Chris and Reader have some naughty time together during the Super Bowl halftime show.
Words Count: 1.8k
Warnings: Swearing and unprotected sex. [Wrap your wang before you bang.]
Author’s Note: Might not be my greatest work since I wrote it in a hurry, but I couldn’t pass up this opportunity. Congrats to the Pats, by the way.

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“C'mon, you can do better… don’t fuck this one up guys!” Chris yelled, clapping his hands as if he was the coach. “Don’t you dare doing this to us!”

Proud yelling, muttered cursing and stressed screaming everywhere around you in the VIP area of the stadium. The fans sitting, standing or jumping roared their stress out as your team was in a difficult time. The halftime was fast approaching and the Patriots struggled, facing the seemingly glorious Falcons.

“Don’t freak out. Relax, big boy,” you soothed, rubbing your boyfriend’s tensed back as he tapped his foot on the floor.

“How can we relax, Y/N?!” Scott, his brother told you and you rolled eyes, mentally noticing him he wasn’t helping at all.

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