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So I was skimming the summary of a Spuffy fanfic where Buffy is basically a vampire bite junkie (or rather, it was blindingly obvious that that was what the author was setting up) and thinking that I couldn’t buy that characterization for post-series Buffy. And then I thought, “But you know when I could buy it? Season six.” And then I thought…I’ve seen a lot of different proposals for doing S6 without the attempted rape, including some where the alternate trigger for Spike getting his soul is Spike trying to bite Buffy. But I don’t think I’ve seen any where the two concepts get combined quite like this.

Say that in Smashed, instead of Buffy pulling down Spike’s zipper and initiating sex, she grabs his head and smashes his face into one of her already-bleeding srapes or scratches instead. And Spike’s just as surprised, and he never planned on this (he didn’t intend to hurt her, much) but he’s angry and riled up, and he hasn’t tasted human blood in a year, much less Slayer blood, so he gives in to temptation.

From there, their relationship goes into the downward spiral, and maybe there’s sex involved or maybe there isn’t (maybe Spike keeps trying to turn it into sex, because he really never did plan on biting her.) But sex is too human, too real, and Buffy doesn’t want that – she wants Spike the monster, not the Spike who’s trying to be a kind of man. And it’s the biting that she’s ashamed of, because that really is a betrayal of everything she is. And it interferes with her calling in ways that sex never really did – it makes her weak, it makes her mess up on the slaying front, it puts her in more danger of dying on the job. And part of her wants that, and THAT’S what she’s ashamed of, not some piddly little handcuff kink.

And when Riley walks in on her and Spike in AYW, it’s a suck job he walks in on. And that actually makes Riley’s return relevant, because this is somewhere Riley’s been himself, and he could actually give Buffy comfort and advice that wasn’t just “Buck up, buckaroo!” AND it would have give some resolution to Riley’s own bad behavior in S5 rather than just brushing it under the rug.

So then Buffy would break it off, and Spike would get crazy and desperate, and Seeing Red would go down, but it would be Spike trying to bite her, but this time he’d do some real damage before she fights him off (and no begging-and-cringing Buffy, thank you very much), realize he almost killed her, be horrified, and off to Lurky he goes.


buffy summers appreciation week » day five › favourite character strength: her humanity

buffy headcanon where, when all the potential slayers get their powers, a “boy” suddenly gets super strength and amazing reflexes and stuff and is like “what the fuck ???? im not a potential slayer, im a BOY” but really she discovers she’s a trans girl and all the other potentials welcome her with open arms

who ever made it (cause was awhile back, do not remember where) Thank you

That AU where Wendy is a Slayer

such a bad ass idea

I was trying to remember who was her watcher (was it Ford or Stan???)

then I started thinking, if Ford was her Watcher, but disappeared, similar to the  way as in the show (supernatural or same portal) and Stan pretends to be him (and same as show, trying to get him back) but later finds out Ford also has the job as a Watcher and then Wendy’a Slayer powers awaken and now Stan gotta train this teenager with superhuman abilities to kill vampires.

all the Stan and Wendy bonding I could ever hope for :D

lets go punch some pale freaks

Never beg for someone’s attention.

The right person will show up unexpectedly just to give you a hug and kiss, even if they only have a few minutes of time.

The one you need will show you every chance they get just how wonderful you really are.

Do not settle.

It really doesn’t matter what anyone has to say, actions speak louder than words.

And never, ever, underestimate your intuition.

Remember, this is your life and you deserve every single thing you’ve ever wanted.