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LOL I really need to stop drawing so fast and just take my time, but my brain moves faster than my hand.

(LOL I am cracking up over baby Harry. He is absolutely darling to me.)

I was supposed to be redesigning Daemon’s outfit [from ReBoot]… but I got caught up drawing *her* instead, lmao

That crown is something else, let me tell you.

Here are some thoughts about Captain America: Civil War:

  • It wasn’t a Captain America movie featuring the Avengers. It was an Avengers movie featuring Cap.
  • As someone with depression and PTSD it was triggering, but also troublingly easy to relate to both sides. 
  • If this is the end of Cap’s trilogy and most of his story, then it’s a goddamn tragedy in three parts.
  • The entire Cap/Sharon storyline is No. Just no. Not even for shipping reasons, but because Cap has better chemistry with literally every other woman in the series. And half of the men.
  • Now the story is much more diverse, and much more appealing. Two people of color, two women, two regular folks doing the best they can, a convicted criminal. 
  • Banner: where the fuck are you?
  • There is no emotional resolution at all
  • Every time Cap comes on screen he looks tortured. Every time Tony comes on screen he looks tortured. What a fuckload of angst. If the lesson is that being a hero is painful, it’s very clear.
  • It’s a pleasure seeing Sam develop, but especially to see Nat growing. She’s got much more complexity and is so much more real than in AoU.
Showtime’s 1988Hawkey Fan Fiction Recommendations

Yea, Showtime is my AO3 ice hockey pseud. Sue me.

If you read these and enjoy them, please drop a kudos or a comment, or both – they fuel fan fiction authors hearts.

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4) My Life’s Best Part by toewsyourheart
5) Baby, It’s Hot Outside by toewsyourheart
6) Tympani by demotu
7) Tug Series by trololoception
8) Vulnerability by winestaineddresses
9) On the Fly // Anonymous
10) I’ve Got Dreams to Remember by toewsyourheart
11) The One with the Christmas Cards by Brioux
12) To Chicago by thisissirius
13) When the Streak Ended by tempeck16
14) Next by dandelionwhiskey
15) Feathers by MJBadger
16) Make his Brown Eyes Blue by jezziejay
17) Never Face the Music (When It’s Dire) by notamagnet
18) Goldilocks and the Dinosaur Prince by Alexis_Tenshi

scandalous_13 Heading to London with my better half to do interviews for NBC via satellite… 15 interviews to be specific….All live…Shit just got real…I think I’ll start by discussing my penchant for long walks on the beach, Indian food and Naked Thursday…..Unless of course they want me to put my clothes back on and talk about @ADtheseries. In which case, ok #believe #ComfortZoneSmashed #YouCanCurseOnUsaTvRight ???