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#100 with Jungkook please! Thank you

I Got You On My Mind [Part 1]

Jungkook Soulmate AU

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven

Genre: Angst (ft. Fuckboy!Jungkook)

Summary: In a world where soulmates can share thoughts, you never imagined that the sweet voice in your head would belong to a guy like Jungkook.

Word count: 1.5k words

Originally posted by jungxook

You dropped your backpack beside you, and it landed on the ground with a loud thunk. Sighing quietly, you collapsed onto a beanbag (because your university was trendy enough to have them in the library) and tried not to cry. Your body sank into the soft material of the beanbag, and you wished you could just disappear.

The sunlight streaming in from the window beside you doused you in warmth, and soon you felt yourself slipping into sleep.

“Rough day?” a voice rang through your head. Your lips quirked into a smile, your earlier hardships completely forgotten.

It was a rare moment when soulmates shared thoughts. No one really understood the science of soulmates–the mechanics of thought-sharing, in particular. It was just a universally accepted phenomenon, and you thought it was beautiful.

Yeah, you could say that, you thought, hoping your soulmate would be able to hear you. Sometimes, all you got was a passing thought, and sometimes you were able to have conversations. There was only one limitation–you could never share your identity.

Still, you tried and tried and tried. You couldn’t wait to meet your soulmate.

“What happened?” your soulmate asked, his sweet voice making you blush. You thought his voice was the most beautiful thing you had ever heard, and you wondered if the boy was just as beautiful.

Just…life. University’s hard, you know? you replied. The little information you knew about your soulmate was this: he was around your age, also in university, studying music and dance, liked anime, exercised a lot.

“Trust me, I feel that,” came his response, and it sounded almost amused. “But you’ll be okay.”

For the next few minutes, you tried to think of something to ask him. You hoped he couldn’t hear your embarrassing thoughts. His thoughts were silent too, and you knew the connection had been lost.

Smiling sadly, you stood up and grabbed your bag. Your encounter with your soulmate, however brief, was enough to energize you. Ready to face the rest of the day, you walked out of the library. Your thoughts lingered back to your soulmate, and you wondered if he was thinking about you, too.

Your phone blared loudly, and you startled awake. Still disoriented, your heart thumped wildly as you searched blindly for your phone. Finally, you located it on your nightstand. Squinting at the bright screen, you saw that you had an incoming call from your roommate.

“Hello?” you mumbled, pressing your phone to the side of your face.

“Oh, shit, did I wake you up?” Jieun exclaimed, her excited voice too loud so early in the morning. “Well, since you’re up, we can talk! Y/N, you’ll never guess what just happened.”

You sighed, flopping back onto your bed. “So tell me,” you said blandly.

“You’re no fun,” Jieun pouted. “Okay! So. I just slept with Jungkook! Let me tell you, the rumours are true. He’s great in bed and he does this thing–”

“Wow! Cool!” you squeaked, quickly cutting her off. You did not need to know about Jieun–or Jungkook’s–sex life. “Is that a good idea, though? I know you’re low-key crushing on him, but Jungkook doesn’t do relationships, right?”

“He doesn’t,” Jieun confirmed sadly. “But maybe he’ll change?”

“I don’t know, Jieun,” you replied slowly. “Be careful, because with a guy like Jungkook, you’re only gonna get hurt.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know,” she snorted. You could hear rustling in the background as Jieun moved. “He’s a major fuckboy. I’m trying not to catch feelings, but he’s so damn hot.”

You grunted in agreement.

“Oh, Y/N, can you do me a favour?” Jieun asked suddenly. “I’m going straight to school from Jungkook’s flat. Could you bring me a change of clothes and, like, mouthwash or something?”

“Yeah, sure,” you yawned, getting up to go to Jieun’s room. “I’ll be at school in like an hour. Should I just meet you in the music building?”

Jieun was majoring in music, since she was such a great singer.

“Yep!” she chirped. “Thank you so much, Y/N. You’re the bestest friend ever!”

You walked aimlessly through the music building, a bag full of clothes and toiletries on your back, as you searched for the room number Jieun had sent you earlier. It was a practice room, and the hall you were moving through seemed endless.

In the distance, you could hear the sound of someone singing. As you continued forwards, the voice became clearer and clearer. The person had a beautiful voice. It was clear and melodious, floating softly through the air.

It tugged at the back of your mind, like a faint memory. It was almost like a weird sense of deja vu, and you struggled to recall why.

Then–it hit you.

This was the voice you had been hearing in your head your entire life–the one you had listen to transform over the years. Your soulmate was here.

Your heart thundered in your chest as you practically ran, following the sound of your soulmate’s beautiful voice. It led you to a door that was slightly ajar. Your soulmate was still singing, completely unaware that you were just outside the room, listening.

For a moment, you stopped, not entirely sure if you were ready to meet your soulmate. It was supposed to be the most beautiful moment in life, and it felt strange that your meeting wasn’t going to be spontaneous.

Still, your curiosity got the better of you. You peered through the crack in the doorway, searching for the owner of the voice.

Before you, Jungkook stood. His profile was facing you, the light from the window behind him highlighting his features. Jungkook was beautiful.

Then, you turned away. You could feel your heart breaking already. A guy like Jungkook didn’t believe in soulmates, if his sexual escapades were any indication.

So you left, locating Jieun’s practice room and placing the bag in front of it. As quickly as you had come, you exited the building, headed towards the library to drown yourself in work. You wanted to forget–forget who he was, forget about soulmates, forget about the future you had hoped for.

“Are you okay?” Jungkook’s voice suddenly spoke, clear in your mind.

You pushed his thoughts away, keeping your mind blank as possible as you hurried through the quad with your head cast down. You didn’t want to indulge in something you could never truly have.

You spent the entire day in the library, alternating between working and staring blankly at the textbooks in front of you. You had forgotten to eat that day, so when you finally staggered out of the library, you were exhausted and hungry. The walk home was quiet. The sun had set a long time ago, although you weren’t entirely sure what time it was.

Once you reached your apartment, you were surprised to find the front door unlocked. You and Jieun didn’t live in the best part of town, so you were always sure to lock the door whenever you came and went.

You turned the knob, and the door creaked as it opened. As you stepped through the threshold, you stumbled over a pair of shoes that were haphazardly strewn on the ground.

“Y/N!” Jieun exclaimed in surprise, sounding breathless.

At that, you looked up.

In front of you, Jieun was pressed against the wall, shirtless, as some guy was leaning over her, his lips attached to her neck. The guy turned towards you once he noticed Jieun’s stillness.

It was Jungkook.

“Oh my god, Y/N! I’m so sorry,” Jieun rambled, pushing Jungkook off her as she reached down to grab her shirt that had been discarded. “I thought you weren’t coming home tonight, since you were so late!”

“D-don’t worry,” you stammered, your voice wavering. You kept your eyes on Jieun, trying not to look at Jungkook. You could feel his heavy gaze on you. “I can stay with Rose or something, it’s not a problem. I’ll j-just leave–”

Suddenly, Jungkook was in front of you, pushing you backwards until your back hit the wall. His face was morphed into shock, even awe, before he schooled his features back into indifference. Jungkook peered over you, his large frame blocking your line of vision. You were forced to look at him, and his eyes were burning into you yours.

You’re my soulmate!?” he demanded, his normally sweet voice rumbling. The person he was in your mind was completely different than the boy who stood in front of you. “Answer me!”

“Yes,” you whispered, your voice faltering. You continued, your voice stronger, “I am.”

“Fuck,” Jungkook spat, leaning back. He stepped away from you, returning to the front door where he slipped into his shoes. Jungkook turned back to you, and when he spoke, his voice was cold. “I’m not the guy I pretend to be. So do us both a favour and stay the fuck away. Forget this every happened.”

With that, Jungkook exited the apartment, slamming the door behind him. You stood, back still against the wall. You could hear Jieun talking to you, but she sounded far away. But for the first time, your mind was completely blank.

You decided you hated the silence.

- Girl in Luv

Thanks for reading! I think I’ll continue this story…I hate sad endings. When I first imagined this story, it seemed like it could be a longer piece? Maybe I’ll rewrite it or make it a chaptered thing…what do you guys think?

Alone- Part 1

Based on a prompt line; “Don’t leave me behind.”

Warnings; Fighting, Feelings of Worthlessness

Words; 1,249

A/N; Honestly I’m not really sure where I’m going with this. If you want a part 2 though let me know!! Feedback is encouraged! :)

Pairings; Bucky x Reader, Steve x Reader

It had been almost 3 years since Bucky became an avenger. And it had been almost 3 years since you developed the biggest crush ever.

He had sauntered into the compound and looked at you with those piercing blue eyes and that was it. Ever since then you’d been inseparable. The bestest friends ever, but that was it, nothing more.

The only other person who knew about your feelings was your best friend Nat. She’d been trying to encourage you to tell Bucky how you felt for years but you couldn’t, you were almost positive that he didn’t see you that way and didn’t want to ruin your friendship.

You always told her “Something is better than nothing.” To which she’d dramatically roll her eyes.

You were looking down at the book you were currently reading but couldn’t focus on the words. All you could hear was the high pitched giggling coming from the kitchen and every note pierced your heart. It was one of the many girls Bucky would bring over when he was ‘lonely’.

He strolled over to you, coffee in hand. “Hey doll, whatcha readin’?” He asked as he sat down next to you and handed you the hot mug.  

You smiled and grabbed the coffee from him. “Thanks Buck. It’s uh-”

He grabbed the book from your lap before you could protest and read aloud. “In vain I have struggled. It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.”

He paused for a second, his cheeks going lightly pink and looked at you. Your eyes met and it seemed like his eyes glossed over before he let out a loud awkward chuckle.

What the hell was that about? You thought.

His eyes were still lingering on you as the blonde girl came up behind him and laid a hand on his shoulder. He jumped slightly and turned to look at her. “Honey we should let her read, come on let’s go back to bed.” She purred. He looked visibly uncomfortable as he stood up and followed her down the hall.

As you stared into your mug urging your eyes not to water and trying to suppress the stabbing feeling in your chest, you missed when Bucky turned back to look at you, a hopeless longing in his eyes.

* * *

A few hours later you were in your workout gear pummeling a punching bag, imagining a certain blonde.

Why couldn’t you be enough, why couldn’t he see you as more. What were you doing wrong.

Why. Why. WHY.

You felt hands touch your waist and turned just as fast sweeping their legs out from under them. There was a thud and an “Ow! (y/n)!”

Steve was laying splayed out on his back looking vengeful.

“Oh Steve! I’m sorry! Instinct.” You shrugged as you helped him up.

“It’s okay it was my fault, shouldn’t have snuck up on ya like that.” He smirked. “So what’s got ya so angry?” He pointed at the still swaying punching bag.

“Honestly I don’t even want to talk about it.” You sighed.

“Wanna practice then? We do have a mission tomorrow.” He smirked again inching towards you.

“Rogers, don’t even try.” You ran at him flipping over his shoulders and he turned slowly, not expecting it.

Just then Bucky walked by the door of the training room, but you were too distracted by Steve to notice.

He sauntered over to you and got right up in your face. Grinning he pushed a strand of hair out of your face. You were always very fond of Steve and had a flirty relationship but never took it any further. With one swift movement he took you down and was straddling your hips  inches away from your face.

Bucky couldn’t watch any longer, a lump growing in his throat as he walked away feeling defeated.

Just as he left you flipped Steve over and put him in a head lock. “I win!” You sang cheerfully.

There was clapping from behind you and you both turned to see Nat walking in. “I want in on this!”

The three of you spent the rest of the afternoon training together until you were all too tired and sweaty.

* * *

The next morning you met in the hanger fully dressed in your gear. This mission wasn’t going to be all of you. It was just a simple mission to retrieve information from a Hydra base.

As you, Bucky, Steve and Nat got into the quinjet you tried to make eye contact with Bucky but he wouldn’t meet your gaze.

“Alright, Nat and I will go in through the front and (y/n) and Bucky will go through the back.” Steve said over the comm. “You two will take out anyone in your way and get to the communications room, there should be computers. Back up the information to a USB and get out of there as fast as you can. Nat and I will check for prisoners and take out anyone else. Everyone understand?”

We all nodded in unison. Thirty minutes later everyone was in position. You and Bucky made your way inside, working together to take out the four guards blocking the door. He still wouldn’t meet your gaze as you crept down the dark hallways. A man came from your left, you didn’t see him in time and there was a direct hit to your side, you crumpled to the ground as you heard Buckys metal arm hit the guy and he went down.

Bucky helped you to your feet, your face only inches apart. “Watch yourself next time.” He said in a flat tone as he turned to walk down the hall.

You reached out and grabbed his hand to pull him back. “What did I do that made you so upset?” You asked quietly.

His cold eyes bored into yours. “Why don’t you ask your boyfriend.”

You stood there shocked. “My-my what?”

He pulled his hand out of your grasp. “This isn’t the time for this.” He said as he turned and walked down the hallway turning into a room a few doors down.

Once you were in the room you told Steve and Nat over the comm that you had begun transferring the information.

When the screen read 94% there was yelling outside of the room you and Bucky were standing in.

He looked over at you and nodded. “Stay here, make sure it’s done.” With that he left the room.


Someone was thrown against the door.


There was a gun shot and a loud yell.


The door crashed in, Bucky and another man rolled into the room.


They both stood, the other man had noticed you. You reached for your gun.


There was a bang. Then a lot of pain, you looked down to see thick red blood coming from your stomach. You fell to the ground.


Bucky walked over to you, glanced down and took out the USB. You could see him saying something over the comm but couldn’t make it out. Your vision was starting to fade in and out.

He started to walk out of the room.

He was leaving? Why is he leaving? You thought urgently. Don’t.

“Don’t leave me behind.” It came out as a whisper but he tensed and you could tell he had heard you. Your eyes locked on his and your vision went black. 


If you want to be tagged in any future writing, let me know xx

Corruption Pt. 1 // Jungkook

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Summary: You’re tired of being innocent, so you take matters into your own hands with your best friend.

Genre: Fluff, Smut

Word Count: 996

A/N: This is a series I’m starting, it’s gonna eventually become a smut, so be warned. This story will be updated every Monday.


The lights flashed in brilliant colours, dancing and swaying across the room as if they were flowing with the beat of the music that blared throughout the club.

“Take another!” You friend, Mi Na shouted, handing you your fourth shot. You took it and downed it quickly, grimacing at the burn of the liquor sliding down your throat.

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Were the bestest of friends do you ever remember how he kept her secret for 13 years never cracking never wavering until Kaneki brought it out of him by force. THEN HE GOT DOWN ON HIS HANDS AND KNEES TO BEG FOR FORGIVENESS AND ETO FORGAVE HIM RIGHT ON THE SPOT. THEN TO MAKE IT UP TO HER HE MADE SURE HER BOOK GOT OUT TO THE MASSES AT THE COST OF HIMSELF.


Like you want to talk about the greatest human/Ghoul relationship it’s them okay. Like so much that Eto who could have used her energy to escape Cochlea decided to go after Furuta to avenge Shiono.

[DRABBLE REQUEST] Jealousy!Jeonghan (Feat. Jihoon)

Prompt: Jeonghan gets jealous when you meet up with your long time best friend
Requested by: Hina
Word count: 2,091
Genre: Fluff with slight angst
Warnings: None!

A/N: Hey all! So sorry for being on hiatus the past god knows how many months, all the other admins and I are really busy with work and the time we have dedicated to write is really limited. Nevertheless, i hope ya’ll like this Jeonghan drabble, thanks also to admin Jihooned and Wooed as well for providing some ideas :) Cheers!

- Scooped ✌️

Originally posted by dureowanni

Pulling down the hems of your shirt to your waist, and turning around once more to look at yourself in the mirror - you were perfectly ready for a date with your boyfriend, Jeonghan.

“Unknown Number” your phone screen read.



“Hello…” No reply.

Just as you were about to hang up, thinking of the call as a prank, the other side of the line, a male with a shy, timid voice, finally spoke up.

“Do you remember me?”

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TBH I wanna cosplay Mishima and just go to cons with a clipboard just calling out to passerby like “uhm excuse me I’m trying hard to help my bestest friend ever could you sign my petition”. In the fortuitous event I see an Akira cosplayer, I’m just like “WAIT WHAT I THOUGHT YOU WERE IN JUVIE I’VE BEEN STANDING OUT HERE FOR THREE DAYS I GOT FIVE SIGNATURES THREE OF THEM ARE MINE”.

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Young guzma entering the Johto region bug catching contest

*whispers* for you big sis

“I’m getting that kiss, and you can go straight to hell!” Plumeria growled. She nestled into her black parka, dammit Johto was so cold! She didn’t understand how even though you looked cute, you were content with overall shorts and a t-shirt.

“Oh yeah?” Guzma said through chattering teeth. He fared no better in an old long sleeve and sweats torn at the knees. “Well ya better get used to the taste of shit ‘cause tha’s what your gonna be eatin’ when I’m the one whose kissin’ on her, ya dingus!”

Plumeria and Guzma had to be careful to speak no more than above a whisper, engaged in a battle of wits. After all your mother didn’t believe that twelve year olds should be speaking in such rough language. Especially when you, the youngest of the bunch at eleven, were still so impressionable. The two kids didn’t want to ruin their chances of accompanying you and your mother on another trip to the Johto region for summer, especially when it was a chance retreat from Alola and what waited for the two of them at home.

They stood in a line with a Pokémon each and 20 Park Balls, Plumeria waved and blew you a kiss while Guzma winked and tried to look as manly as a twelve year old could. You sat on a park bench with your mother, knees covered in bruises and band aids from your little mishap the hour before. You’d taken quite a tumble off a dirt ledge, emerging a bloody crying mess from the ordeal while your mother, Guzma, and Plumeria tried to console you. When not even a Rage Candy Bar could cheer you up, it was Guzma who announced that he would make it all better by catching you the rarest bug at the Catching Contest. Plumeria refused to be one upped by a boy, especially when it came to attaining the affection and admiration of the one she cared for the most. The kissing thing came later when Plumeria insisted that you would be so overflowing with joy, that you would bravely kiss her on the lips.

“Like she’d kiss your ugly mug!” Guzma had said, “She’d rather kiss me, ‘cause I’m so good at catchin’ bugs!”

So here Plumeria stood with her Salandit, insisting that the type advantage would ensure her victory.

“Your ass is grass nerd!” Plumeria yelled when the judge gave the signal. She nearly tripped Guzma in her mad scramble in the tall grass. He didn’t bite, but instead turned to you and waved.

“Don’t worry cutie!” Guzma reassured you, “Imma catch you the biggest, bestest bug ever!”

Before you could respond he took off with Wimpod, trusting in his instincts that had lead him to capturing his partner Wimpod.

“You have such wonderful friends sweetie.” Your mother said. She smiled at the two children hunting through the grass, too far away for her to hear the obscenities they were screaming at one another. You still hurt a little too much to talk, but you nodded in agreement and smiled.

“I think we’ll have to invite them more often.” She laughed when she saw Guzma struggling with a Pinsir that seemed keen on having Wimpod for lunch. “I don’t think they’ve ever been outside of Alola. And I’ve heard rumors about their parents… I think it’s good for them to come places with us like this.”

“Yes.” You agreed. “I want them to come all the time.”

You nursed your wounds quietly, and you became excited when the whistle sounded once more signifying the contest had ended. The judging process was done where contestants stood, so you could not see the results, but when Plumeria and Guzma returned you assumed the worst with their crestfallen faces.

“Twenty minutes of my life wasted and all I caught was this stinkin’ Weedle!” Plumeria cried.

“Least you caught one that can evolve into somethin’ cool!” Guzma yelled, “All I got was this Kricketot! A lousy Kricketot ‘cause a Pinsir tried to eat Wimpod!”

They both approached you with Pokeballs in hand.

“I’m sorry.” They said in unison. “I’m really sorry.”

You took both Pokeballs in hand, tears having dried up some but now springing forward afresh at the kindness of your two friends.

“Thank you!” you whimpered, standing weakly to first kiss Plumeria, and then Guzma on the cheeks.

“I love my new friends.” You said quietly, cuddling the Pokeballs to your cheek. “I’ll cherish them forever.”

Normally the two would have resumed their argument anew to determine what your kisses meant. But for now, Guzma and Plumeria sat one on either side of you, wrapping their arms around you and basking in the radiance of your affections.


Stiles x Reader

Requested By Anon

Warnings: Hints of smut

Stiles stared at you from across the corridor. You were part of coaches new, the cheerleaders distract the enemy while Scott scores, plan and to say you were unhappy about it was an understatement. You’d been his first pick and thanks to you any one who wanted onto the squad was accepted.


“Dude come on stop staring at her.” Scott sighed when he finally found Stiles.


“It’s not just me right she is all up in everything I do, like she’s everywhere.” Stiles complained and waved his hands to point out what he meant.

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Headcanons for being best friend since childhood with Jughead Jones?

  • You met on the first day of second grade
  • He was writing in his journal and you were drawing while everyone was getting to know each other
  • The teacher wanted the two of you to “socialize”, so they stuck you two together.
  • You two became the bestest of friends quickly
  • (The teacher is proud of themselves)
  • You would go to the park with him and just chill in the shade because you guys weren’t too fond of the sun
  • You gave him that beanie as a birthday present
  • He’s probably knocked on your window in the middle of the night more than once because he was bored
  • If he ever finds himself in a fight, you’ll be the one throwing the punches because that boy cannot fight for shit.
  • When someone pisses you off, Jughead has to hold you back so you don’t murder someone.
  • Always have each others backs.
  • There’s a lot of inside jokes between you two.
  • You always stealing borrowing his beanie.
  • Your favourite place to hangout is at Pop’s, the staff always see the both of you there.
  • You practically having immunity against sarcasm because Jug always uses it.
Happy Galentines Day

Originally posted by totallyshady-book-expert

I used to be a huge parks and rec fan, don’t judge me. I don’t have many irl friends to celebrate this wonderful day with, but I do have some pretty fucking amazing online friends who I want to shine some light on. I appologize if at any point I get sappy during this. I’m a little sleep deprived. (I really did get a bit long winded so everything is under the cut)

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Vacation - Stiles Stilinski

y/n…” A sweet voice singsonged , disturbing your sleep.  You groaned, refusing to open your eyes or speak.  “y/n…wake up”

“Go ‘way Stiles” Your hand pushed against your best friend’s face sloppily.

“Come on.. everybody’s waiting in the lobby to go to the water park today, does that sound fun?” He asked you softly.  You nodded into your pillow.

“Mhm” You hummed.

“Then come on, let’s get your swimsuit on” He helped you sit up, and you lazily rubbed your eyes before opening them.  You looked across the hotel room to see his bed was already made, his suitcase sitting neatly on top of it.  You looked up to where Stiles was standing, already in swim trunks and a tee shirt.

Scott Lydia and Stiles thought it was time for a vacation from Beacon Hills.  During the summer, before college.  They didn’t know when the next supernatural disaster would occur, might as well do something fun.  So Scott, Lydia, Stiles, Liam, Kira, Malia, Mason, Corey, and you had all decided to drive up to Los Angeles and do some fun things there.  Yesterday’s activity was shopping, Lydia’s pick.  And today was apparently the water park, which was Scott and Liam’s idea.

“I’m hungry” You moaned and stood up off the mattress.

“I got you breakfast to eat on the way there, just go get changed, I’ve got everything else taken care of” You smiled happily at him, kissing his cheek quickly before going to your suitcase, and getting your bathing suit.

“Have I ever told you that you are the bestest friend ever to exist?” You asked.  Stiles looked down to hide his grin.  You went off to the bathroom and he rocked on his feet.

“Yep…love being…friends…” He said quietly to himself.

The drive to the water park wasn’t more than ten minutes.  You were in the passenger seat of Stiles’ jeep, a spot that reserved for you, and only you.  Even if he was driving with just Scott, the alpha would sit in the backseat.  It’s just how things were.  Liam Mason and Corey were in the backseat with you, talking about the different slides and pools there were.  You were eating the breakfast Stiles picked up for you, a bowl of strawberries, and two muffins.  Chocolate chip, your favorite.

When you got to the park, Stiles parked next to Lydia’s car.  Who held the others, and you all met up.  Each of you had a bag with clothes for later, a towel, sunglasses, sunscreen, etc.

“Are we ready?” Lydia asked, hooking her arm through yours.  You grinned and nodded, walking with her.  “I’m loving your sundress y/n” 

“You picked it out yesterday” You laughed, and Lydia shrugged a shoulder in a cute fashion.

“What can I say? I have good taste” You giggled.

You paid for your tickets, and each of you got a wristband for the day.

“Let’s use that table as our spot” Scott pointed off to a picnic table with an umbrella.  “We can keep our stuff there, and meet back here about very hour and a half, maybe eat lunch around one?” Everyone agreed, putting there bags in spots.  You were between Stiles and Lydia.  You pulled your sundress over your head, revealing your black bikini.  You put the cover on the table, folded neatly, and your sunglasses back into your backpack

“Close that mouth Stilinski, you’ll catch flies” You heard Lydia pipe up, and looked over to Stiles, who’d already averted his attention from you.  A blush creeping up his neck and cheeks.

“Awe, it’s okay, I take that as a compliment.  You put a hand on his arm before walking off a few feet to look at the park.  A few moments later, the whole pack was circled up.

“Okay, the usual, buddy system no one’s ever by themselves” Kira said.  Stiles instantly wrapped his arm around your waist and tugged you into him, making you giggle, but not pull away.

“Every hour and a half, meet at the table?” Liam questioned, earning a ‘yep’ from Scott.

“Alright let’s go already!” Malia jumped anxiously.  

And with that, everyone was off.

“y/n let’s go to-”

“Nope!” Stiles said, cutting off Lydia, and running off with your hand in his.  “I called dibs already!” He called back, and you turned, giving her an apologetic look.  But Lydia just waved a dismissive hand and made kissy faces at the two of you.

“Where are we going?” You asked, as he was already pulling you up wooden steps of a slide.

“This one” He pointed at an orange tube that was seemingly simple.  You shrugged with a smile and followed him up the steps.  The two of you quickly ran out of breath.

“So much.. for… being.. on the… lacrosse team” You wheezed to a panting Stiles as you reached the top.

“Please” He breathed heavily.  “Like I ever get to play” You laugh slightly, a hand over your chest to help you catch your breath.

“Single or double?” The lifeguard asked.

“Double” You answered at the same time.  He grabbed a double tube, putting it on the slide and holding it there while you both got situated.

“Lean back” He told you, and you did.  “More” he ordered again, seemingly bored with you.  You leaned further, your head coming into contact with Stiles’ chest.  “Have fun, hold on, enjoy the ride” He narrated in a bland tone, and pushed the tube down.

You, being the way you are, didn’t listen, and put your hands up, and nearly fell out of the tube.  but Stiles was quick to wrap his arms around your middle to keep you in place.  The ride was short, and when you emerged in the daylight again, you both slid out of the tube, and waded up to the steps.

“That guy sure loved his job” You giggled sarcastically, making Stiles laugh too as you got out of the pool.

“Where to?” Stiles asked, and you looked around.  

“Wave pool? Timer says two minutes till the waves start” You say excitedly,  and Stiles eagerly nodded.  You walked quickly into the water, and once deep enough where you could no longer touch, Stiles took both your hands, swimming backwards and pulling you with him.  You submerged for a moment, coming back up to push your hair away from your face.

“Sleep okay?” Stiles asked, making small talk.

“Eh, those beds weren’t the greatest but I was okay”

“Oh really? You fell asleep half way through the movie last night, and would’ve slept all day today if I didn’t wake you up” You giggled, looking down to your conjoined hands that were under the surface.

“Alright alright, I slept pretty good, I can sleep anywhere.  Natural talent” You claimed proudly, and before Stiles could say anything, the timer beeped.  The surrounding crowd in the pool cheered and screamed with excitement.

You grasped Stiles’ hands a little tighter, legs kicking to keep you up with the water.  After a few waves passed, you struggled a little more to stay up, but refused to let go of him, in fear you’d be consumed by the water.  But you grew too unfocused, and soon your head was underneath the force of chlorinated liquid.  Your hold on Stiles loosened until your fingers slipped out of his as you were pushed back.  You’d just opened your mouth in a desperate need for air, when arms wrapped around your shoulder and pulled you up.  You sputtered and coughed, now able to stand in the area you were in.  

“Stiles?” You asked warily, unable to see the figure with his hands on you.

“Hey there sweetheart” A sultry voice said, and you quickly registered it wasn’t him.

“Hey, Hey! Fuck off!” You spun, seeing Stiles quickly wading up to you and the man.  He quickly released you, and was off before anyone could say anything else.  “You okay?” Stiles approached you, pushing wet strands of hair from your eyes.  You nodded, coughing a few more times.  “Let’s go sit up in the shallow part, where the waves are smaller” You nod, and let him hold your hand and bring you up to an empty area to sit.  Your legs outstretched, and little waves going over your skin.

“I’m good” You said after a few moments, and Stiles looked over at you.

“You freaked me out y/n” Your head ducked down, eyes intensely studying your naval.  “I didn’t see you go under, I just felt you let go, and when I looked over, you weren’t there” Part of you wanted to apologize to him, but you knew he’d just shake his head and say ‘you didn’t do anything wrong’ like he always did.  “Then when I finally found you, some creep is feeling you up” You almost giggled, but Stiles was fuming with rage, so you just looked at him.

“I’m alright” You told him honestly, and shuffled over to sit a little closer.  Your hand laid over top of his.  “Really Stiles, I’m okay” His eyes met yours, and you smiled softly.

“Alright” He sighed, and gave you a hesitant peck on the cheek.  Most of the time, you were the one to kiss his cheek.  Usually when saying goodbye or thank you, or hello.  He rarely did it, his nerves always getting the best of him.  “Just don’t go drowning on me” You laughed, and he stood up, pulling you with him.

“Where are we going?” You asked as you both went walking through the area.

“We should probably meet the others at the table, I think we’ve got like ten minutes till one” You nod, following along with his stride back to the picnic table.  You both sat there, talking bout ideas for other days of your vacation spent in LA before the others two by two met up with you.

“I’m hungry” Mason said.

“Yeah can we eat now?” Liam added.

“I can eat now” Malia said, already walking off with Kira to a food stand.  You laugh at the coyote, and turned to Stiles.

“Hungry?” He nodded quickly, making you smile again, and you both looked over the choices.

“Burgers and fries?” He offered.

“God you read my mind” You said, stomach growling as you walked over to the shack.

The pack was all sitting around the picnic table, hungry and ready to eat.  You slipped your sundress on to preserve some warmth, your body shivering slightly when out of the sun.  You picked up your burger, stomach flipping with anticipation, and took a bite.

You gagged, nearly spitting out the food, but forcing a swallow.  The whole group noticed your reaction, staring at you as though you were about to puke.

“What’s wrong with it?” Kira asked.

“There’s mustard and pickles on it” You said, setting it down with disappointment.  Stiles frowned, and picked up your burger, then handed you his untouched one.

“There aren’t any on mine, just ketchup and cheese” He told you with a smile, then took a bite out of your meal.  You looked up at him with a grin of gratefulness.

“Thank you” You said sheepishly, and he nodded with a grin, mouth full.  The table was quiet as you continued eating, making you nervous.  You glanced between Scott and Lydia, as they were whispering to each other.  But you didn’t question anything aloud, too afraid of embarrassment.  The wink Lydia gave you when regular conversation began again, pretty much told you what they were saying.

“So, I was talking to these lifeguard people, and they said they were doing a luau type of thing when it’s dark” Malia said.  “I thought that’d be fun, it’s like a party”

“Party?” Lydia perked up, having been continued whispering with Scott.

“Yeah, it looked cool” Malia said again.  “Do you think we could leave here early, and like, go back to the hotel and shower and change then come back and go to it?” she asked.

“I’d do that” You said.  “Sounds to me-”

“I’M IN!” Lydia screamed excitedly, border lining a banshee episode.  You laughed as she was bouncing in her seat.

“Me too” Scott said.

“Cool I’m excit-”

“y/n come with me” Lydia grabbed your arm, pulling you from your seat.  You walked with her over to a more private area.

“Is this about you and Scott whispering-”

“Yes” She cut you off.  “What I’m about to tell you, is a strict secret” You nod, brows knitting together.  

“Okay..? What’s going on?”

“Stiles likes you”

“Well duh we’re best friends-”

“No.. like.. loves you” She clarified, and your eyes widened in shock.  You glanced over your shoulder to where he was laughing and joking with your friends.

“Really?” You ask, a part of you feeling good and warm.  The rest of you a mess of anxiety and nerves.

“Really.  His heart beat picks up like crazy when you’re around him, and when you touch him, I mean, you guys were roommates at the hotel”

“Sure but I mean what does that prove? We have sleepovers all the time, I’m always sleeping on his couch” You shook your head in confusion.

“And Scott told me that Stiles admitted he has feelings for you” Lydia mono toned.  Your eyes widened, and brows shot up.  You looked at Stiles again, who was intently listening to whatever Scott was saying.  You smiled.  “So?”

“So what?” You asked, tearing your eyes from your friend.

“So… are you gonna ask him out? Confront him about it? Ignore it? Tell him you love him too?” Your eyes shot to Lydia’s.  “What? I know you do”

“I…I guess” You mumbled.  “I never really, I mean, I don’t-”

“You’ve thought about it and realized it, but you’ve ignored it” Lydia said exactly what you were thinking.

“Yeah” You whispered.  Lydia nodded, and you wrapped your arm around yourself.

“So… will you do yourself a favor… for me?” 

“Sure what do ya need?”

“Talk to him about it” A look of fear crossed your face.  “And don’t lie, tell him the truth, can you do that?” You thought for a moment, nibbling your lip.

“Yeah… yeah I can try” You told her, and Lydia smiled.

When you walked back over and sat next to Stiles, he smiled, handing you the longest fry he found in his basket.  You looked from his eyes to the french fry, then took it, and pulled it in half.  Then handed him the slightly longer piece.  Stiles looked at you in shock for a moment, then took it.  And you gave him a soft smile.  

When you got into the hotel room, you kicked off your shoes.  You wanted to flop onto the bed and fall asleep.  But instead you called first shower.

“Alright, be fast” Stiles said as you made your way into the bathroom  You turned on the hot water, and quickly changed out of your now uncomfortable swimsuit.  You stepped into the shower, and your mind clouded with thoughts and questions.  You knew that you had to talk to Stiles about your feelings.  You knew you’d have to whether Lydia asked you to or not.  But how do you even begin that conversation? What if he doesn’t like you anymore? He very well could have told Scott that a long time ago, then got over you.  The more you thought, the more you realized how much you needed him, how much you cared about him.

When you got out, you wrapped your hair in one towel, and another one around your body.  Then walked back into the hotel room.  Stiles was sitting on the edge of his bed, scrolling on his phone.  He looked up at you, a small smile on his face.  The fact that you were only in a towel not fazing him.

“My turn?” He asked, and you nodded, heading to your suitcase in search of a nice outfit for the night.  “You okay?” He asked, standing next to you, a hand was placed half on your skin and half on the towel on your back.  You nodded.  “You’ve been quiet” You shrugged.

“I’m tired”

“Liar” Stiles put his chin your shoulder, still standing behind you.  “What’s going on?” You picked up a white casual but cute dress.

“Is this okay for tonight?” You asked.  Stiles’ eyes wandered over to the dress.

“Looks nice.  But you look nice in everything” You blushed, and it tickled when he spoke, your shoulders reflexively rising as you giggled softly.  Stiles smiled in response, glad you were smiling again.

“Go take your shower you cheesy bastard” You said, shrugging him off of you.

“Fine fine” Stiles backed up, heading into the bathroom.  “There better be hot water!” He called when he shut the door.  You dropped your towel and pulled up a pair of panties, then slid on a matching bra.  Then you pulled the dress up over your towel covered head.  You zipped up the dress as far as you could, and decided to just make Stiles pull it the rest of the way when he got out.  You shook your hair dry in the towel, then plopped it on the floor on top of the other towel.  You grabbed your comb, trying to get out knots and tables, and wandered over to the window.  You watched people walking on sidewalks, cars driving along the streets at carefree speeds.  Everyone pretty much enjoying the LA life.

You were stuck in the moment, subconsciously combing your smoothed out hair, eyes just staring out the glass.  You jumped when you heard the bathroom door close, and quickly spun around to see Stiles there, already dressed, and towel drying his messy hair.  

“Hey” He said, then took the towel off his head.  “See? Told you it’d look great on you” You blushed, playing with the comb in your fingers, trying to avoid his gaze.

“Thanks” You whispered nervously.  Stiles grinned an award winning smile, and finger combed his hair.

“Ready?” He asked, putting on his shoes, and you nod, slipping on yours, then walked up to the door.  “Wait wait wait” He said quickly, putting a hand on your shoulder and stopping you.  You then heard him zipping up your dress.  “Not letting you go out with the whole back of your bra showing” You laughed, and thanked him again.  “Now you ready?” You nodded, and walked down to the lobby together.

“Come y/n won’t ya dance?” Lydia asked, tugging your arm.  It was dark, but the area of the luau was lit with torches.  There was a big stage, where a band played.  Everyone danced in a grassy area, barefoot.  Your own shoes were kicked off, in a pile with the other pack members’ heels and sneakers.  The boys didn’t know how to pack properly.

“Don’t feel like it yet” You said quietly.  Lydia rolled her eyes, and tugged your arm slightly.

“Please?” But you shook your head.

“Go dance with Malia, she’s bored” You nodded off to where the coyote was just glancing over the crowd.  Lydia gave you a pout.  “Go, I’ll be fine.  I’m looking for Stiles anyways”

“You’re looking for me?” A voice asked from behind, making you jump and turn to see Stiles behind you.

“I’ll get back to you two later” Lydia said with a hand on her arm, pulling you a little closer to her.  She whispered “Get back to me later on about what happens, yeah?” She winks, and you nod.  With that, Lydia strutted away with a sexy hip sway to dance with Malia.

“Haven’t seen you since we got here” Stiles said.  

“Yeah, I’ve kinda just stayed over here on my own” You said.  “So um…do you want to dance? With… with me?” You whispered.  A slow smile spread on his features.

“Yeah, that sounds great” He said, and took your fingers in his, pulling you over to the other groups of people.  His other hand laid around your waist, and you wrapped your fingers up to latch behind his neck.  You pushed yourself to stand closer to him.  Your eyes met his for a moment, then you closed your eyes, and ducked our head to look down.  Then leaned your head forward, forehead leaning against his collarbone.  “y/n… are you sure that everything’s alright?” You shook your head, and Stiles looked down at you, but you kept your face in his shirt.

“I have to talk to you about something” You breathed, trying to keep your breath steady.

“Okay… okay take your time” He whispered.  “You can tell me anything, so just take the time you need-”

“Lydia talked to me today” You ripped off the band aid.  “About something Scott said” Stiles swallowed, a few nerves settling in his stomach.

“Al-alright” He stumbled.  “What did uh- what did he say?” You pulled your head away from him, looking up at him now.  

“She said..” You whispered, eyes flicking from his eyes to his lips.  “She said that….” You moved a tiny bit closer, and Stiles’ eyes noticeably widened.  Your own closed when his nose brushed yours.  “She said you…”

“I… what..?” His lips nearly brushed over yours as he spoke.  Your eyes flicked open again to peer up into his.  Both wide and curious.  

You don’t know who leaned first, you figured that both of you leaned at the same time.  But the second your lips met, you could’ve sworn you felt sparks.  It started innocent enough, a sweet kiss.  But your hands pulled him closer, down further by the neck.  His lips were warm as they moved against yours, both of his hands wrapping around your waist.  

When you parted, reluctantly might you add, you both panted heavily.



“Lydia told me that you love me” You told him, and Stiles grinned crookedly.

“And Lydia told me that you’d never be interested” You cocked your head and raised a brow.

“When’d she tell you that?”

“Four years ago, when we were freshmen” He said softly, and you looked at him more seriously.

“Four years and you never told me?”



“We met in kindergarten” He shrugged.

The moment the hotel door closed you were pushed against it, Stiles’ rough lips moving against yours in need.  You groaned, and were lifted up, your legs immediately wrapping around his waist.  His hands were under your thighs, holding you against the door.

“Stiles” You moaned aloud, his mouth leaving wet kisses from your jaw to your neck.  When he found a spot that seemed to make you squirm the most, he attacked it, sucking and biting.  You moaned again, your hands grasping fistfuls of his hair.  When he pulled away, he inspected the mark he’d left behind.  You leaned forward, lips brushing his ear.  “Why don’t we move this over there” You nodded off to the bed.

“Yes” He nodded eagerly.  “Wait-wait no” Your eyes softened in question at his answer.  “Not no I don’t want to be with you!” He clarified.  “Cause I do- I really, really do” You nod, and he set you back down to your feet.  “I just…” He let out a sigh.  “I don’t wanna move too fast and ruin everything” You nod, a smile on your lips.

“That’s okay, it’s okay, I don’t wanna ruin it either” You agreed, and stood on the tips of your toes to kiss him.

“Pajama time?” He asked with raised brows and a hopeful look in his eyes.

“Mmm sounds amazing” You breathed.  “I’m gonna go change” You murmured.  He nods, and stole one more kiss before you grabbed your pajamas and went into the bathroom.  You took off your dress and pulled on shorts and a tee shirt.  It was an old star wars one that you’d stolen from Stiles ages ago, but you’ve worn it to bed countless times.  When you came out, he was inn sweatpants, and he pulled a tee shirt of his own over his head.

“Wanna watch a movie?” Stiles asked, and you nodded, walking over to his bed and curling up in it.  He smiled at you, and sat back next to you, his back against the headboard.  He turned on the hotel tv, which luckily had Netflix.  He signed in again, and scrolled through some things.  You grinned into your fist when he picked your favorite movie.  “I see you smiling down there” He said, and you giggled, looking up at him, then moving your head to lie on his chest, and took his arm, wrapping it around yourself.

Halfway through the movie, you’d passed out out of exhaustion from the day.  Stiles squirmed to lie down, turning off the television, and switching off the bedside lamp.  When he leaned back onto the mattress, your body curled against his.  He looked at you, still sleeping, and your hands holding the material of his shirt in loosened fists.  He couldn’t help but smile, and wrap his arms around you, pulling you impossibly closer.  You moaned softly in a yawn.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to wake you” He whispered, and you shook your head.

“ ‘s okay” You murmured back sleepily.  “Sorry I fell ‘sleep during th’ movie” He kissed your forehead.

“That’s alright, I have every night of my life open to watch it with you” You smiled lazily, and buried your face back into his chest.

“I love you” You mumbled before drifting off again.

“I love you too” He said into your hair, and you fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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Grace-Chapter 12

Madison huffed and crossed her arms over her chest. “You better have bought a dog house big enough for you to sleep in.”

“Oh c’mon, Maddie.” Chris chuckled. “He’ll help Grace sleep at night. Every girl needs a dog.”

“It’s every boy needs a dog,” Madison huffed, “And I can’t take care of a puppy. Especially a golden retriever! They chew everything, Chris!”

“But he’s so cute!” Chris held the puppy up to her face.

“All puppies are! Oh my God, Chris, do not tell me that puppy has a dog tag that’s a Captain America shield.” She rubbed her forehead.

“His name is Mushu.” Chris said setting the puppy on his living room floor.

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“I’ve got lots of friends! All of you folks are my friends! … if you mean my bestest friends though, that’s Pumpkin Cake an’ Ma Belle Danseuse!”

“Mabel’s been my bestest friend since we were babies! Uncle Blueblood an’ Auntie Moondancer live nearby an’ we play everyday - even though Mabel goes to a fancy school now… School’s where I met Pumpkin, she made me feel better about Mabel not being at school with me! We’ve been bestest friends ever since! I can’t wait to spend time with them together when school ends an’ we start Wonder Scouts together!”

Whoops, I was gonna color this except I started feeling more sick so assuming I feel better tomorrow, I’ll color the girls digitally!

After he escaped, he hid from everything and got really sensitive to noises. He refuses to go out at sunlight and prefers the night for stealing food and things to survive. [There’s more but if i talk stuff about it, i probably get shit for it lmao]

Nysaltixa got really paranoid and nervous.
He is still glad that Carloz found him, but also scared that he will reveal him.
To Carloz he doesnt seem paranoid or nervous, more pissed and distant, yet he missed him a lot cause they were the bestest childhood friends ever

The Best of Friends - Carl Grimes x Reader

Summary: Y/N is taken to Alexandria by Aaron and Daryl, the promise of a safe zone looming over her head. However, she can’t help but think about her childhood friend, Carl Grimes, and how much he would love this potential community if he were there. He was her everything, the two of them against the world since 1st grade. But he was probably dead, along with his mom and dad. But what will she do when she finds that Carl is a lot closer than she initially thinks?

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okay, so I wrote this in like, an hour xD tell me if you want a part two! I could even do a smut, if you want…;)


“Keep up, kid,” the man said gruffly, leading you up to a clearing blocked off my large red walls. There was a sudden clicking and you looked up to the two guard towers to see people in each one, pointing their sniper guns at you. You raised your hands nervously. “Daryl, Aaron, who’s this?” the woman demanded, glaring at you. “Her name’s Y/N. She’s becoming part of out community now,” Aaron said.

“You know that’s not for you to decide,” the man in the other tower said. “That’s up to Rick,”

“Just let us in, she’s harmless. Just a kid,” Daryl insisted impatiently. You pursed your lips and looked away, wanting to disagree with him but deciding against it. You needed these people to think you were sweet and innocent if you were going to stay. This was your best chance of protection and you could possibly ever get, and you wasn’t about to let your sass talk destroy that for you. The man and woman looked at each other before coming to an unspoken agreement; the gates opened with a mechanical groan and Aaron turned around to smile kindly at you, placing a warm hand on your shoulder as Daryl led the two of you inside. The sudden sunlight nearly blinded you, but when your sight returned, you held back your gasp of disbelief.

There were chalk cartoon drawings on the floor and children running around, playing tag and hide and go seek. People walked around together, some chatting with their companions and other going about their business. There were even a few individuals walking dogs. Aaron, seeing the flabbergast expression on your youthful face, chuckled kindly. “Welcome to Alexandria, Y/N.”

“Oh, Daryl, Denise needs to talk to you about - who’s this?” an older woman with short hair approached you all, at first smiling kindly at the man and then frowning at the sight of you. You didn’t blame here; blood was caked over the side of your head and clotted in your hair. Dirt coated your hands and your entire face while your lips were so chapped it stung to lick them. “This is Y/N. Aaron and I found ‘er out there, by 'erself.” he explained. The woman looked at you with distrusting eyes, but spoke politely all the same. “Well, I hope you settle right in, Y/N.” was all she said before walking away.

“Something tells me your people aren’t going to take to lightly to me being here,” you muttered sourly.

“Don’t worry, Rick’ll talk to them,” Aaron said.

“Speaking of whom, look who’s 'ere,” Daryl commented, nodding towards at least five approaching figures. I looked down at my feet, nervous all of a sudden. One of them would be this so-called Rick, determining your fate. “Daryl, Aaron, who’s this?” a gruff voice asked.

“This here is Y/N, we found her out in the woods. She says she’s by herself and by the looks of her, I don’t think she’s lying…no offence,” Aaron added on the last part when he saw the side-glare you sent him through your curtain of hair. “Y/N, is it?” the man asked. Taking a deep breath, you slowly looked up, only to have your eyes widen and stomach churn.

You knew this man.

“Carl, your dad’s so cool!” your nine-year-old self gushed, walking to your best friend’s house one day after school. Having heard this multiple times throughout the four years he’s known you, Carl Grimes rolled his eyes, but smiled nonetheless. “Not if you know him like I do. All he does is burn food, annoy Mom and make really bad dad jokes,” he said, laughing slightly.

“Yeah, but that’s when he’s not kicking bad guys’ butts and shooting bank robbers!” you exclaimed, fascinated with the man you’d never even properly met, despite the amount of times you’ve visited Carl’s house. He was always at work.

“My dad’s never shot a bank robber,” Carl said. “But he does kick butt. He’s a badass.”

“I wish my dad was that cool,” you frowned.

“What does your dad do?” Carl inquired curiously.

“He’s a lawyer…that’s so rubbish! And my mom’s a nurse. I wish my family was as cool as yours,” you admitted, feeling lightly sad. Carl pouted at your upset features and looked behind him to see if his other little friends were watching before he grabbed your hand; not that he was ashamed to hold your hand in public, it’s just that he didn’t want people saying that he had cooties. He smiled at you, showing off his missing front teeth. “But you are family,” Carl said. “You’re my bestest friend in the whole wide world! No one could ever replace you and I love you like family!”

“Really?” you giggled. What Carl did next surprised you: he leaned over and planted a cute kiss on your cheek, gripping your hand tighter. “I promise. Now, c'mon, my mom’s making CHICKEN CASSEROLE!”

At the mention of Lori Grimes’s infamous dish that could make even Chef Ramsay kneel before her, you gasped and removed your hand from Carl’s racing ahead of him. “CASSEROLE!” you screamed, running down the street with him on your tail.

Another memory flashed through you mind, and you were slightly older in this one.

“Mr Grimes?” you asked nervously. The officer peeked at you from over his newspaper and smiled kindly. “Hello, Y/N. You waitin’ for Carl to finish gettin’ ready?” it was an hour before school began and your mom dropped you off at the Grimes household so you could walk with your best friend, Carl. However, the boy took incredibly long to get ready and his mother was away running errands before the stores got too crowded, leaving just you and his father alone in the kitchen.

It was no secret that you greatly admired the man. You wanted to be a cop when you grew up and there was just something that screamed 'awesome’ about Rick Grimes. He had to have some kind of secret to his coolness, and that’s why he’s a cop. You needed to know.

“Yeah. I wanted to a-ask you a question?” you stuttered, feeling heavily inspected underneath his icy gaze. “What’s on your mind, kiddo?”

“How did you become so cool?” you blurted out, feeling your face heat up afterwards. Rick cocked his head to the side before letting a grin grace his shaven face. “How did I become so cool?” he repeated the question, testing it out. You felt a burning need to explain yourself. “Well, I wanna be a cop when I grow up, but all the cops on TV are super cool and awesome butt-kickers. At first, I thought it was only for TV, but then I met you and I realised…Those people from NCIS have nothing on you.”

Rick began to laugh and you cracked and smile, leaning in eagerly. “So how do I do it? How do I become cool enough to become a cop?” you inquired.

“Y/N, you don’t have to be 'cool’ to be a cop,” Rick explained, calming from his laughter. “You need to be courageous and sometimes serious, but open-minded at other times. It has nothing to do with how popular you are or anything like that. You just have to love what you do and be ready to protect other people.”

“Oh, okay,” you said, starting to understand. “So, in other words, I have to be a Gryffindor?”

Rick burst into laughter again and this time you joined in. You were the most insane child he’d ever met, but he then remembered that you were best friends with his son. Of course you were crazy.

“Y/N! I’m ready now!” Carl came bounding down the stairs, his backpack and shoes on. You rolled your eyes. “After ten million years, yeah. Bye, Mr Grimes! It was nice talking to you!” you said, waving to the officer before Carl dragged you out the house and to school.

“O…Officer Grimes?” you said numbly, absolutely shell-shocked. Everyone looked at Rick in confusion. “You know 'er?” Daryl questioned. Rick tilted his head and looked you over.

“Do I know you?” he asked. He didn’t remember you.

“I-I know it’s been a long time but I-I went to the same Elementary school as your son, Carl. We were the best of friends and-and his mom - your wife - made me my eight birthday cake.” you were rambling now, but you didn’t care. All the memories were hitting you hard and you suddenly realised how much you missed the life you would never get back. “And I always used to come over to your house on Wednesdays after school and we would annoy the absolute hell out of you and your friend, Officer Walsh by stealing your sheriff hats and having a pretend shoot-off in the backyard. You can’t tell me you don’t remember me?”

Rick Grimes stared at me silently, before recognition flashed through his icy blue eyes. A small smile tugged at his lips and he opened his arms up to me. “How can I not remember the only kid in town brave enough to steal my hat?” he asked. You grinned and ran up to the man you used to look up to so much, hugging his waist. “It’s really good to see you,” you muttered into his shirt.

“Same here, Y/N. You sure have grown up, wait until Carl sees-”

“Carl?! He’s here?!” you all but shrieked, taking a step back to look the man in the eye. He wasn’t lying. “Yeah, he’s-”

“Dad?” you heard a deep voice ask. You spun around and almost instantly, your eyes filled with tears. There your best friend stood, although he wasn’t the cute ten-year-old you almost expected to see. He was much taller now, almost a full foot taller than you and his hair had finally reached his shoulders in curly dark brown locks. One thing you’d always remembered about him was his blue eyes, like sunlight hitting glaciers in the artic, but now he only had one of them, the other one being  covered by a white bandage. He’d become ridiculously handsome and you found yourself questioning if this was really your childhood friend.

“Carl…” you breathed, covering your mouth as a sob threatened to escape.

“Holy shit…Y/N?” his eye was filled with disbelief, but he took a step closer. “Is that really you?”

You sprinted forward and barrelled yourself into him, wrapping your arms around his thick neck. Of course, in order for this to be possible, your feet were no longer in contact with the floor. But it was ok, because Carl had automatically wrapped his arms around your middle tightly, just like when you were children. You buried your face into his neck and began to cry like a baby, overjoyed to have the only boy you’ve cared for so deeply in your arms once more.

“You’re alive…” Carl whispered, his own voice thick with emotion. “I can’t believe you’re alive. Oh my God, you…you have no idea how much I thought about you, every single day for these past five years. I n-never forgot about you. Y/N,”

You two made quite the scene, hugging each other and crying pathetically, but neither of you cared. The bond you two shared was always so unique, so special that literally nothing could come between the two of you. “Alright, you two, no PDA in the streets of Alexandria,” Rick said, but was smiling widely. He was happy to see his boy happy.

You released Carl from your death grip and wiped your eyes furiously, still smiling stupidly at him. “You have no idea how happy I am,” he said. You nodded.

“Yeah, I do.” you said, referring to yourself. You heard sniffling and looked to see Aaron holding another man in his arms whom was barely holding back tears. “S-so beautiful…” he said.

“Dear God, Eric, you’re so emotional,” Aaron sighed, patting Eric’s back sympathetically.

“C'mon, I’ll show you where you can clean up, and then I’ll introduce you to my friends,” Carl said, wrapping a protective arm around you as you both walked off.

You looked like trash.

You smelled like a mix between and dog and a fish.

You were groggy and dirty.

But you didn’t care, for you finally had your best friend back.


How’d you like it? Should I do a part two?


Just ask me lol I’m very open to my followers :3 I love you all!

Chapter 2

Mark Tuan || frat boy au

Originally posted by gots7

Reader (you) x Mark Tuan ft Jaebum

Word Count: 1271

Genre: Fluff and slight angst (possibly)

Summary: You wake up in an unfamiliar room, hungover, and meet the man himself, Mark Tuan. (I’m really bad at summaries tbh)

prologue  Chapter 1  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5  Chapter 6  Chapter 7   Chapter 8  Chapter 9

I woke up with a pounding headache and a slight stomach pain. Sitting up, I squinted my eyes and adjust my vision from the brightness. The oversized sweater exposed a bit of my shoulder and kept me warm as I try to snap back to reality. Suddenly, I realized I wasn’t in my room. Scanning the unfamiliar room, I tried to figure out what happened and why I ended up here. Then I suddenly remembered.

Party. Alcohol. Stomach ache. Vomit. Mark Tuan. 

I groaned as I laid back down, suddenly regretting the events happened last night. I knew something was going to happen and I had to agree with Alex. This was why I don’t go to parties. What was I thinking?

“Drank too much, huh?” a voice suddenly said out of nowhere, scaring me a little. I quickly sat up and looked at the bathroom door frame. There was the man himself. His wet blonde hair swept back with only a towel around his waist. Mark Tuan was standing in front of me with a sly smile on his face. My eyes couldn’t control themselves as they landed on the perfectly toned body Mark had. 

“Uh,” I laughed nervously as I tried to look away, “Maybe.”

“A girl like you should control your drinking or at least know where the bathroom is when you drink too much.” He smiled, as he opened up his drawers and grabbed a pair of clothes. 

“Uh, yeah. Sorry about last night. And thanks for letting me stay here.” I stated, my cheeks slightly heating up.

“No worries.” Mark laughed as put on his shirt. “The girl wasn’t that good anyways so I should be thanking you for saving me.”

“Oh.” I simply stated. It was slightly awkward because I was the one who unexpectedly came out of nowhere bringing trouble and made a bad first impression. To say that I want to go back in time and fix my mistake was impossible. Aside from Jaebum embarrassing me in high school, this would have to be the most embarrassing moment for me at the moment.

“By the way, your phone kept ringing throughout the night.” Mark interrupted my thoughts. “A person named Alex was calling you. You might want to call them back.”

As Mark threw my phone towards me, I quickly dialed Alex’s and preparing for the hell I’m about to receive. 

“(Y/N), where the actual fuck are you?” Alex yelled as soon as she picked up my call. 

“Look Alex I can explain. Can you come pick me up?” I asked, trying to keep my voice down as my eyes trailed Mark. 

“Answer my question first.” Alex said firmly, sounding angry. “Where are you?”

I covered my phone with my hand and looked at Mark. “Where am I?”

“Dorm C.” He chuckled as he laid down right beside me. My cheeks flushed from the sudden movements and tried to keep my breathing steady.

“D-dorm C.” I stuttered, slightly making eye contact with Mark.

“Oh my god, (Y/N). Tell you didn’t have sex with a stranger. You’re still a virgin!” Alex yelled loudly through the phone. I laughed nervously as Mark looked at me with a sly smile. I knew he heard Alex’s yelling through the phone because he laughed when she screamed nonsense at me.

“Alex, please save me. I promise I’ll tell you everything once you pick me up.” I pleaded.

“You’re so lucky I’m your bestest friend ever, (Y/N).” Alex sighed as she hung up the phone.

I sighed as I laid back down on the soft pillow Mark had on his bed. What a disaster. I had Alex stay up and look for me while I was with Mark sleeping soundlessly. I felt kinda bad because I left and got drunk without telling her. 

“What a friend.” Mark said, breaking the awkward silence between us. I turned my head and looked at him. His eyes were close as a small smile crept on his face. If only I could stay like this all day, admiring his features. But sadly, reality was waiting for me around the corner. 

“Uh, do mind telling me where my clothes are?” I said, quietly. Yes, I was in an oversized sweater that probably belonged to Mark but it was comfy and smelled like cologne.

“In the bathroom. It wasn’t dirty so I just left it hanging by the shower.” Mark replied. I said a quick thank you before slipping out of bed and entering the bathroom. Taking a deep breath, I tried to comprehend what was happening at the moment. 

I was in Mark’s room which he carried me from the party. He took care of me and even changed me out of my clothes and replaced it with his. Let me stay the night instead of leaving me at the party. My heart started to race as I thought of the things Mark did for me. How could I be so fortunate and unfortunate at the same time?

Quickly getting back into my dress, I walked back into the room and tried to gather my things. I didn’t want to cause anymore trouble so, I tried my best to find my belongs and run. Soon my phone rang and I knew Alex was just outside the dorm. I rushed towards the door as I grabbed my heels. 

“Hey! Wher-” Mark started to say, but I slammed the door at his face and ran down the hall saving myself from anymore embarrassment. I could’ve said bye or at least another thank you, but I wanted to get out of that place as soon as possible.

I spotted Alex’s car parked at the side of the road. Running quickly, I jumped into the car and slammed the door.

“Okay, spill.” Alex demanded as she drove off.

“Long story, short. There was this guy I bumped into on my way to class and he was cute right? I went to the party and saw him, got drunk, and vomited in the room where he was having sex with a girl. I passed out and woke up in his room and now here I am.” I quickly summarized my night.

“Well, at least you have the guy’s attention but you look like shit.” Alex stated. “I have your clothes in the back seat, (Y/N). I’ll drop you off at campus and you change and run to class, okay?”

“Thank you so much, Alex.” I smiled as I reached for the bag in the back. Soon, Alex stopped at campus saying she’ll meet me outside the bathroom once I was done. I ran out of the car and into the campus bathroom. Quickly getting changed, I looked at myself in the mirror and fixed my hair. 

Wow, did I really look like this when I was with Mark? I thought to myself, suddenly getting self-conscious.

Shaking my head, I grabbed my bag and walked outside the bathroom. I was really hoping to make a good impression in front of Mark. A pretty girl, smart and ready to mingle is the dream impression I was looking for. Instead, I threw up and looked like hell in his bed while he had to go through trouble. Maybe Mark and I weren’t meant for each other. Why does love have to be so difficult? 

“Where the hell were you last night, (Y/N)?” a husky voiced startled me, making me slightly jump. I turned my head to the side to face with an angry male. Brown hair slicked back, leather jacket and eyes that could kill anyone. 



AND HERE’S CHAPTER 2~ thank you so much for those who gave chapter 1 so much love. I honestly was bored, wrote shit, posted on tumblr, and didn’t think many of you would enjoy it.



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from that prompt post, can you do 66 with joe?

66. “How could I ever forget about you?”

It had been a few years since you had last seen Joe or any of the boys for that matter. So when you ran into Caspar at the airport on the way home, you were quite surprised. In all honesty, you had missed them all - they had been the best friends anyone could have asked for.


“Hey, Casp,” you smiled softly.

After a bit of general small talk (you weren’t quite sure where to pick up), Caspar suggested that you share an Uber with him and that you should come by his new apartment to check it out. After a bit of convincing, you finally agreed. It would be good to spend some more time with Caspar.

The slight awkwardness had begun to fade by the time you were both in the elevator up to his flat. He made you laugh in a way that you hadn’t since Joe and you had fallen out. A few years ago, Joe and you had been inseparable. He was your bestest friend (though it had come to the point where you had possibly thought it might be more). However, just before he had gone on tour for his movie and book signings (a time where it would be impossible to see him for a month or so), you had argued. You didn’t even remember clearly what it had been about; it had been stupid and that was all that mattered. Because he went away, it just never resolved itself.

As Caspar unlocked his apartment door and switched on the lights, you both had the biggest fright as six boys jumped out from the small side on kitchen.


All you could notice while the boys greeted Caspar was one presence. He hadn’t seen you yet, as you were still slightly behind Caspar. He hadn’t changed much at all. He was still lean and his hair still looked as soft as ever. His grin at his best mate was exactly the same; bright and mischievous. He came and hugged Caspar as he had hugged you once, and you could almost imagine how warm and safe it felt. As he did, he looked up - shock suddenly spurred across his face.

That look of shock was all it took to shake you out of your moment, “I can’t do this.”

You grabbed your suitcase and quickly turned around and began to rush back to the lift.


You couldn’t stop. You mustn’t stop. You wouldn’t stop.


He stopped you. With a simple hand on your shoulder. He spun you round to face him.

“Y/N,” he repeated, softer now.

You were crying now. The watery eyes you hadn’t wanted him to see were now crying.

“Joe,” you sniffled. “You remember me?”

“How could I forget you?”

You went to speak but he shook his head, clearly wanting to continue.

“How could I ever forget you?” Joe looked you straight in the eyes. “When we were inseparable and the bestest of friends? When you always laughed at my jokes and you always knew what to say? When we stopped talking after a stupid, stupid, stupid argument? How could I ever forget you… when I was and am in love with you?”



Starlight: Bucky Barnes

Originally posted by wonderingimagination

Title: You Are My Starlight

Prompt: I found this really cool picture of a girl made out of stars and before I knew it my fingers were typing before my mind could process.  Oops

Characters: Bucky Barnes

Warnings: cuteness overload

Word Count: 1055

Notes: You are all wonderful people and you all deserve the world.  Or the stars.  See what I did there?  Haha!  No? Okay

It had been a month since you had become friends with the newest, most disheveled member of the avengers.  How you met him was a whole nother story- one of joy, pain, and redemption.  One of stolen glances and strong embraces.  One of an overwhelming kindness and acceptance that Bucky had never experienced before.

It was no wonder that you two became best friends- there really was nothing to it.  You were easily one of, if not the most, most open hearted, accepting person to walk the earth, and he was a lost soul in a desperate need of a friend.  

So here you two were: in the middle of Central Park on a warm Wednesday night, sprawled out on a white and blue checkered blanket.  A woven picnic basket laid between your feet, filled with discarded napkins and a few juice boxes.  You were lying on his right, his human hand grasping yours firmly as if you’d disappear if he let go.  You kicked your shoes off and willed your feet to move off of the edge of the blanket, feeling the cool and soft grassy ground.  The delicate blades of grass tickle your toes, causing a sense of perpetual happiness to come over you.

“Hey Buck?”


“Aren’t the stars beautiful tonight?”  You pointed to the sky, at all the clusters of stars dusted across the horizon.

“Yeah, they really are.”  He paused for a moment, taking in the beauty of it all.  “Do you know any of the constellations?  I was never very good at that growing up.”

“Oh, of course.  Over there is the Ursa Minor, otherwise known as the Little Dipper, followed by Ursa Major, otherwise known as the Big Dipper over there…”  You pointed to different parts of the sky, your index finger outlining the shapes of the stars.  Each one twinkled behind your hand, and you let out a tiny sigh as you took in the gorgeous night sky.

“Then there’s Aquarius off to the left, and Cassiopeia a little bit to the right.”  In all honesty, Bucky could care less about which stars made up with constellation, but there was such a bright twinkle in your eyes as you looked up, such passion in your voice that he wouldn’t dare interrupt.

You two continued to talk for hours as the sky only got darker and your eyes became heavier.  At this point you two were talking about anything and everything- from how he felt about teaming with the Avengers, to your friends, to your average work life.  You comforted him when his anxieties about relapsing threatened to bubble over, and his hand tightened over yours as you told him about how you were having a some bad days at work.  You, of course, didn’t tell him that he was the reason that everything seemed to be okay in the end- you didn’t want to make a complete fool of yourself.  

You turned your head into a comfortable position, with a perfect view of Bucky’s face.  “Do you ever wonder what it would have been like if we never met?”  You squeezed his hand, pushing all your love for him into one simple movement.  “Sometimes I try to wonder, but I just can’t imagine any other life without you.”

He propped his head up in his hand as he faced you, his brows furrowed in confusion.  “What’s got you thinking like this, doll?  Are you alright?”  His concerned tone was endearing, but your ponderings had been confusing you for quite some time.  What was it about this man that captivated you so?  What about him made you think that he played such an important role in your life?

“It’s nothing, really, I swear.  It’s just, whenever I try to imagine the future, I can’t see one without you in it.”  This much you knew was true.  Bucky was more than your best friend; he was your companion, your confidant, the rock grounding you.  Whether you were envisioning yourself old and wrinkled, or just older and retired, you saw Bucky right by your side.

“Hey Buck?”

“What’s up?”

“You ever notice how when you look up at the stars, nothing else seems to matter anymore?”  All your thoughts, worries, and anxieties seemed to wash away as your eyes traced the patterns up above; only love shined through in your thoughts.  Oh, how you loved the stars.  Their beauty never ceased to amaze you, but that wasn’t the only thing that ceased to amaze you.  Lying there right beside you was the strongest man you had ever met- and somehow, through fate, you had been able to befriend him.

“Hey Bucky?”


“I think you’re the bestest friend I’ve ever had.”  Something about the way you said those words, with a longing tone, made him feel as though you meant more than you were letting on.  Your thoughts were clearly reciprocated as he gave you a small side hug as he sighed in content.

“I’m pretty great, aren’t I?”

“Buck, I’m serious!”  You whined, pulling on his sleeve.

“Okay, okay.  You’re my bestest friend too, doll.”

There was something about the night air that made you feel invincible.  Maybe it was the slight sound of crickets in the distance that calmed you, or maybe it was the light breeze that made you hyper aware of your senses- something in that night made you feel like you could do anything.  You felt more capable than you ever had in your life, and you couldn’t help but wonder whether you should have tested that theory.



“Don’t freak out, alright?”

“Come on, out with it!”

“Bucky,”  You paused, praying to a higher force that the universe would be on your side.  “I think I’m in love with you.”

The only thing worse than his rejection was his silence.  Nothing had ever been so loud in your life- nothing had ever embarrassed you more in your life than this.  You blew it, that much you knew.  You but had to fall in love with him, didn’t you?  You just had to tell him, didn’t you?

“Y/n?”  For a moment you could have sworn his voice wavered vulnerably, but you figured that you were just hearing things.  “Don’t freak out, alright?  But I think I am falling in love with you too.”