the bestest friends that ever were!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jonas is literally that friend who’s the first to comment on your couple pictures on social media and on facebook he doesn’t press the like button, he presses the love button but MOST IMPORTANTLY he’s that friend who knows how you feel about that special someone because he was there when you were struggling to finally be with them and who’s just glad to know you’re with the one you love because he just wants you to be happy 

I’d like to think Kei only says “Shut up, Yamaguchi” because whenever Tadashi will show him off or praise him, his heart goes doki doki so bad that he has to sound mean and/or annoyed just to keep his bestfriend from going on and making him melt (or die) on the spot.

-The first time it happened, they were still kids. Tadashi felt sick on the way home froms school one day so Kei offered to walk him to his house. When they arrived, Tadashi thanked him with flushed cheeks and an angelic smile and went on a stuttering marathon of how good of a friend Kei is.

- when Tadashi said that he’s the bestest friend he’d ever had, Kei’s heart felt like jumping out of his chest and his bare skin so he went full mental panic (haha) and left Tadashi without saying a word.

- ofc this is Kei tryna-be-human-block-of-ice Tsukishima so he didn’t give it much thought. He settled on the idea that the walk to his friend’s house was quite long and his pounding heart was just him being tired.

- the heart pounding continued to happen.

- It happens when Tadashi goes on talkative mode, or when Tadashi gets scared or nervous and he clings to the sleeve of his uniform or when Tadashi gets concerned about him. It always happens before going to school, whenever Tadashi waves at him, as the latter rushes to their meeting spot.

-Kei doesn’t know what exactly triggers it, but he’s sure of one thing; it has something to do with his bestfriend.

- He craved for it, but the feeling was not physically nice, as far as Kei is concerned. It feels like his chest is always constricting and his heart is about to burst. He feels heat rise up to his face and he feels lightheaded. He does not like it.

- So he started shushing Tadashi whenever the boy did something that triggers the excessive heart pounding.

- This became a habit. Tadashi keeps on smiling even acter being told to shut up though which Kei is eternally relieved for.

- Enter highschool and the volleyball club. Nobody made a comment about it at first, but one day, Hinata just had to ask Kei about the constant “shut up Yamaguchi”

- Hinata was like “he was just trying to bring your spirits up. Why are you so mean to him always?”

- Kei was too taken aback by the question that he didn’t even have time to process if he should answer or not. “But it hurts everytime”, was what slipped out of his mouth.

- Hinata was puzzled by this and just gave him a questioning look. Kei realized what he said and mentally berated himself for it but was relieved that the gingerhead is kind of slow to understand until

- “Your chest does? I get it from Kageyama too. Suga-san said it’s because I like Kageyama and it’s a good kind of hurt. I didn’t get why him only though, I mean, I like everyone, but then–”

- Hinata obviously did not understand their vice captain, but Kei got it immediately. He like like his bestfriend. He concluded in his mind that he should make his bestfriend shut up more because if he did like him, then the heart pounding, now that he acknowledges it for what it is, will be 10000x worse.

- He left Hinata without saying a word.

- Hinata didn’t get to tell Kei how to stop the pain, but then again, he doesn’t seem too keen on sharing to the latter how he overcame it either. After all, the story of how Hinata realized his love for their setter, and how he went on to confess said feelings are things he assumed the tall blonde would not appreciate knowing, even if it stops the pain.


Ugh. Kei. Please.

Touch yourself (Luke Hemmings Smut)

requested: yes holy shit

summary: you walk in on luke jacking off, moaning your name and you guys do the naughty dance

based off of this blurb


I had gone shopping today; I wanted to get out of the hotel because I was starting to get really bored. I was on tour with my bestest friends ever, the guys of 5sos, and they had a day off today so there really wasn’t much to do. I had only briefly saw them this morning, then they had all headed to separated places.

I think the Ashton and Calum went out to explore just like I had, but they said that they were going to get bored with me shopping so I went alone. Michael disappeared into his room, probably to sleep or something and I don’t know where Luke had gone.

Luke and I had been best friends for as long as I could remember, we were probably the closest between all the guys. We had gone to school together, I was the same age as Calum and Luke, and I had befriended Luke at first before the rest of the boys.

After dumping my bags in my own hotel room, I walked across the hall to go see what Luke was up to. I knocked on the door, not hearing an answer but I thought that maybe he was sleeping since he wasn’t getting much rest lately, so I took out the keycard that he had given me to his room.

I unlocked the door, hearing the click of the lock, turned the handle and pushed the door to walk in. I walked down the front hall that lead towards the main part of the room. I turned the corner, stopping dead in my tracks.

Luke was sitting there on his bead, leaning against the wall behind the bed. His eyes were shut, mouth parted, hair sticking to his sweat lined forehead. My eyes trailed down his body, following his right arm down to his southern region. He had his fingers wrapped around cock, hand moving up and down along the length and thumb rubbing over the red swollen tip.

I was frozen in place, eyes wide and mouth agape. To be completely honest, this wasn’t the first time I had seen him naked. One time he had showered over at my place but he had done it really quickly that I didn’t even realize that he had finished. I had walked in to give him some shampoo, even if he ended up using mine anyway, and he had just gotten out of the shower.

His parted lips opened wider, emitting a low moan. His eyes were still shut tight, so he hadn’t seen me yet and he clearly hadn’t heard me come in. “Fuck,” I heard him whimper, “Y/N.”

I would be lying if I had said that hearing my name being moaned out didn’t turn me on a bit, because t sure as hell did. Still, I was standing there dumbstruck. I stumbled back a bit, heel hitting the wall with a bang. I saw Luke’s eyes shoot open. He scrambled up, grabbing the sheets next to him to try and cover himself up.

I stood there, not knowing what to say. His gaze met mine, mouth agape as he clearly didn’t know what to say as well. A million thoughts were running through my head right now. I kind of felt like running away. This was my best friend. But another part of me waned to jump his bones. I don’t know why. Like I said, he was my best friend. But seeing him like this, moaning out my name was seating a heat to my core.

“Y/N, I uh-“ He muttered out, clearly in some state of shock. I found my feet moving, walking me closer to the edge of his bed. He furrowed his brow, probably confused about why I wasn’t running away screaming.

“What are you-“ I cut him off, sitting myself down on the edge of the bed and shuffling closer to him. “Shut up.” I muttered, pressing my hands against his bare sweaty chest, shutting my eyes and connecting out lips.

I didn’t move them, and neither did he but after a few seconds I hesitantly grazed them against his own. I felt something ignite in me. I thought it would be weird, kissing my best friend but it was anything but that.

I applied more pressure, moving my lips hungrily on his. He reciprocated my actions, not questioning my actions and kissing me back with as much pressure.

I pulled back slightly, biting his bottom lip between my teeth and puling on his lip ring. He moaned into my mouth, reaching to grab at my waist and pull me closer to him.  My hands trailed up from his chest to behind his neck, winding my fingers through his hair. His own hands were grabbing at hips, fingers moving down to my ass.

The kiss was needy and hungry and I don’t think either of us was going to say anything about it.

I could feel his already hard dick pressing into my thigh, as I was basically lying on top of him and he groaned when I pressed myself harder into him.

“Wait, wait.” He pulled away, lips swollen and eyes darkened with lust. “Y/N, what the hell are you doing.”

I licked my lips, my eyes flicking between his. I wasn’t really about the answer. “I don’t know,” I breathed out, my chest still heaving. “Do you not want to?” I hesitantly asked, now unsure of myself.

“No, no oh my God no.” He quickly said. “Fuck,” He ran a hand through his damp hair. “Fuck, I want this so bad.” He basically growled out, hands grabbing at my ass again to pull me in closer.

I grinned, almost amused by how excited he seemed. He grabbed my hips, legs on either side of me and flipped us over so that he was hovering over top of me as my back hit the pillows. “You are wearing way too much.” He groaned into my neck, sucking harshly and teeth nibbling onto my skin. A moan left my lips while his fingers tugged at the bottom of my shirt.

I separated myself from his slightly, reaching down to tug at my shirt and pull it over my head. He bit his lip, looking down at me. He hands roamed to my back, fiddling with the clasp of my bra. He unhooked it, and I slid the straps off my arms to throw the bra to the side.

He crashed his lips back down onto my, hand moving to cup my breast, gently massaging it in his large hand, taking my pink nub between his calloused fingers. Another moan left my lips, arching my back to press myself further into him.

His other hand went down and unbuttoned my jean shorts. I pushed my hips up so that he could pull them off, my underwear being the only article of clothing remaining between the two of us. My hands trailed down his chest, running down his hipbones and my fingertips lightly brushed against his hard member.

His hand grabbed my wrist, pulling it away. “No babe, I’m too close already.” He mumbled in my ear, nibbling at the soft flesh underneath it.  

His own hand was moving up my thigh all while his lips worked at my neck, and I ached for him to reach my core. “Christ Y/N, you have no idea how long I’ve wanted this.” He muttered. “And here you are, lying half naked underneath me, moaning my name.”

I moaned at his words, begging for him to touch me. His lips moved back up to reconnect onto my mouth. His fingers moved higher up and brushed over my clothed pussy, finger hooking in the thin band and tugging the clothing down my legs. “Jesus,” He groaned, finger sliding across my slit. “You’re so wet.”

His fingers moved up to rub on my clit. “Luke,” I moaned, shutting my eyes and pushing my crotch further into his hand. “You like that? You wanted to feel my fingers inside your pussy?” He growled into my skin.

I moaned in response. I was aching for him. “Luke,” I whispered. “Stop. I need you.” I propped myself up on my elbows and looked up at him.

I watched his eyes turn another shade darker, and he sprang up and went to dig through his bag, coming back seconds later with an already unwrapped condom in his hand. He rolled it on, moving back to hover over me. His hands pressed at my knees, pushing them further apart. He leaned over me, pressing his lips hard against me as he lined himself up with me. He teased me, rubbing his tip against my clit and I dug my fingers in his back, begging him to move.

He slid in, slowly to let me adjust to his size. After a few seconds, once I felt okay he told him to move. “Luke,” I muttered when he made no sign at all to move. “Please,” I begged him.

He moved his head down, nose brushing against my neck. “Tell me Y/N, tell me what you want.” He moaned.

I bit my lip, moving my own lips to his ear. “Luke, please fuck me.”

That’s all it took, he slowly started thrusting into me. He moaned at the feeling, his pace getting faster and pounded into me harder. “This is better than I ever imagined.” He groaned, fingers trailing down to start rubbing at my clit again.

I bit my lip, screams threatening to leave my lips. I wrapped a leg around his thigh, his cock hitting a new, deeper angle. He groaned as I tightened around him, feeling my walls clench as the familiar pit in my stomach grew.

“I wanna hear you.” He groaned into my ear, and I let go of my lip as a moan escaped from them almost immediately. A loud scream followed soon after as he quickly started rubbing on my clit, edging me closer to my orgasm.

“I’m so close.” He mumbled into my ear, as he hit a new spot. I knew he was trying to get me to cum first, and honestly I didn’t mind at all. I felt the fire in my core grow, as one last thrust sent me over the edge.

I clenched around him, low moan coming from the back of my throat, shutting my eyes as my nails dug into his skin.

He came almost immediately after, riding his high out as he squirted his hot liquids into the condom. I let out a breath after my orgasm, pushing my head back into the pillows. “Fuck,” I breathed out.

He pulled out, rolling onto the bed next to me. “Jesus Christ Y/N.” He said in the same breathless voice as me.

I didn’t say anything. I didn’t regret it one bit, but I don’t know what was supposed to happen next. “Hey Y/N?” Luke asked, and I tilted my head to meet his eyes. “Hm?”

“You know I really like you?” He said, sounding so small. Not only two minutes ago he was growling in my ear. I nodded. I had kind of gotten that. “Yeah, I figured as much.”

I bit my lip. I don’t know if I reciprocated those feelings. “You don’t have to say anything else.” He quickly added after. “I mean, I get it.”

I shook my head, rolling over to lay on my side. “No, I wanna see what happens.” I kissed his nose, happy when I saw a smile line his lips.

Do you ever think about the fact that if Aomine and Kagami had met when they were kiddies, they’d probably have been bestest best friends who loved to pwn all the teenagers on the street court and go fishing together and be adorable 8-year-old bffs?

And instead of losing all the will to live in middle-school, Aomine would have unyielding support from Kagami in the form of him telling Aomine to get over himself because a five-year-old girl could beat his dumb-ass at basketball, just come to America and I’ll prove it to you!

And then upon his return to Japan, Kagami gets to meet Aomine’s new rainbow gang and there’s no angst just ball and laughter and later on they trip and accidentally kiss and welp.. guess we’d better get married, now.


The young brunette was snuggled up in a fluffy blanket. When she noticed her dear friend approaching the couch, before falling down onto the couch beside her. She offers him a sweet but slightly tired smile. 

It was funny to think that they had only met several months ago. And they had grown into a routine together. When he didn’t have business to attend to, of course. 

It was funny how easily she had grown used to life here. That she even had a life here. But that was probably because of Sonic, he made her feel comfortable and happy. And he has been there for her ever since he first met her. She was a complete stranger to him, he knew nothing about her but he still offered her his home. And now he was her closest and bestest friend. 

“So what were you going to show me?”.

How Have We Never Met?

Warnings: none
Rating: everyone
Summary: reader is a friend of Sebastian’s and reader and Chris meet at a house party, and Chris literally instantly falls in love (as requested by anonymous)
A/N: sorry that it’s crappy, I’m not having the best of days. There are plenty other one shots on the way, though :)
Y/N = your name
You’ve been friends with Sebastian ever since he moved to New York from Romania; when you were both 12. Being the only girl in school who (was Romanian in the first place, and) could speak fluent Romanian, you were assigned the task of staying with him during all school hours when he moved there. His English wasn’t exactly perfect but he still knew how to speak it.

You bonded well and found that he was the bestest friend you’d made in your entire life. You’d always speak Romanian to each other whenever you were together - and laugh about small things like how “that girl in the 8th grade was wearing a thong…did you see, did you see?”

Puberty hit you both in high school. You drifted apart a little, you going to hang with your girlfriends, and he with his guy friends. When you were both 16, you came back together and became inseparable, yet again. You even went to the same college and chose to be roommates.

You loved each other like brother and sister, you’d always be there for each other through everything; you were protective and you’d look out for each other all the time. You’d go out together everywhere, and if either of you were invited to a party, you’d take the other with you. Following this rule, Sebastian told you one Friday morning that he’d be taking you to a friend’s house party that night.

You dressed nicely, wearing a skirt that hugged your legs and beautifully showed off your curves, a crop top which showed your toned stomach, and basic red heels. After Sebastian picked you up, you made your way to the party.

You could hear the blaring of the music as soon as you turned the corner and onto the street. He pulled up into the driveway and you both climbed out to go into the house. There were people outside as well, so you guessed that inside would be full. You were proven partially right, but it wasn’t as packed as you expected. As soon as you entered, you were greeted by Sebastian’s friend at the door. After a shirt greeting, Sebastian grabbed your hand and pulled you through the sea of people.

You had both grabbed a drink and you were standing to the side of the hallway, drinking as Sebastian was busy tapping away on his phone with one hand. He pocketed his phone and asked, “Are you dating yet, Y/N?”

“No, you know I’m not.”

“Just makin’ sure,” he smirked.


“Well…I know a guy, and he’s upstairs-”

“Nope, you’re not setting me up, Seb.”

“C'mon…give him a chance. You don’t even know who it is yet.”

“Who is it?”

“Come and see,” and he led you upstairs.

Since you were in front, you were trying to walk past a couple people - one being an especially hot guy. You were about to say ‘excuse me’, but then Sebastian greeted him - like they were best buds. After a second or two of analyzing his facial features, you identified him as none other than Chris Evans. You stood awkwardly as they asked each other how they were, but then Sebastian turned to you and said, “Chris, you’ve met Y/N before, right?”
“I believe we’ve seen each other before but never met properly. I’m Chris,” he smiled.

“Great to meet you, I’m Y/N.” You turned to Sebastian who was smirking smugly, and said, “Niciodată nu a spus că ar fi el!” (Meaning ‘you never said that it would be him’) but Seb just laughed and said, “have fun!” before leaving you and Chris on your own.

(Chris’ POV)
Sebastian just left me with this girl. My heart expanded when I saw her. I think she’s around Sebastian’s age, he’s always told me about his best friend, but I’ve never met her. They have the same name, so she must be the one. She’s super cute. Even her voice is angelic. But then she started an actual conversation.

“I hope you don’t mind if I ask, but…are these,” she gestured to my bicep, “real or…?”

“Yeah, they’re real,” I chuckled, “I don’t do steroids.”

“That’s pretty hot,” she replied, obviously impressed. “Could I…touch?” I felt a stirring in my pants as soon as she said that.

“Uh, sure,” I put forward my arm for her to feel. She felt my muscle with her fingertips at first, but then held it tight in her grasp when she saw that the muscle was pretty firm.

“Wow…” She breathed, “Sebastian could never be this big. I’m impressed.”

“You gotta work hard to be Captain America, y'know?”

“Yeah, but I still don’t understand why you’re not taken yet?” Oh, she was killing me at that point.

“That person might have only just come into my life,” I told her. “But I don’t know if she likes me.”

She caught on quite quickly, “Oh, I’m pretty sure she likes you too.”

“Does she? I should ask her out on a date, then.”

“I know she’d love that.”

We were exchanging numbers when Sebastian appeared. “I’ll pick you up at 6 tomorrow night,” I told her.

“Don’t drink too much tonight,” she said, “save the drinking for tomorrow.”

equaticns  asked:

Who was the first friend you made on tumblr? (´▽`)



i was a little ickle wickle tiny studyblr who wanted to make friends (and to have a place to put all the helpful and cool masterposts she found on tumblr lmao)

and then i was like what do i do????? and then i found some sort of how to studyblr so i made my intro post and then went on the bIG scary adventure of: actually talking to people on tumblr

so i went and then started talking and people were nice buT THE FIRST BESTEST FRIEND EVer to help me was (drumroll pls)


the prettiest, loveliest, coolest person ever??? smh. i haven’t really been active on tumblr but she’s always stuck by me and she’s so nice and cool and nice and askf;adfaljld;gkjlds;kgajgal.

yeah. yes. that was it, kinda. i just flailed in her direction and she was nice enough to be my friend.

the end. :’D

(ilysm lily)

tmos-time  asked:

ehehehe, #2 for soilios and #3 for salle sam, bus? 👉🏻👉🏻

Alright everyone who is Not Tmos, let me tell u a story. A little bit ago I had like zero inspiration to art. NONE. And I was like ‘huh maybe I should search thru some art tags or smthn idk’. This was when I went into the Firealpaca tag and found this nerd^^^
And @homestucklovingfreak and I were in the middle of one of our huge AU rps that we like to die doing. So I told this here ^^^ nerd abt it and then sHE BECAME ON OF MY BESTEST FRIENDS EVER AND INSPIRED MY ART SO MUCH THO????? Basically: Tmos-time is the best. That is the moral of the story, and one of the main reasons I art today.

ok sO #2 TURNED OUT TO BE THE HARDEST PALLETTE EVER, and usually I’d stick to the saturations and light/brightness of the colours, but absolutely not w/ this one rip lmao. SO HERE WE HAVE:

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Blog Birthday

So, I’ve had my tumblr blog now for three years, it’s definitely been a long time on this website. Just gonna give my Top 3 peeps shoutouts bc they are hella fucking awesome n shit.

@vasilias-ton-anoiton (God I keep getting confused on which one is you or your fiance) So this is the person who is a very close friend of mine, the first person to follow me, n all that shit, back when I was doing rps, they were my Levi, and are still my Levi, forever my Levi, and the biggest fucking dorkwad ever.

@your-toku-mom THIS FUCKING DORK, I SWEAR TO SHIT! BEST! FUCKING! MARCO! EVER! I cannot even with them, they are precious, precious one. I will fucking fight everyone over her being best Marco n bestie best friendo.

@natamoonart My Art Sempai!!!! Bestest Artist! Her artwork is hella fucking dope and you should all be following her!! Also, all of her monster girl OCs are claimed by me, fact. I’ve basically known her since I started my blog.

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged you are supposed to write 92 truths about yourself, and at the end, chose 25 people to tag

i was tagged by @marina-and-the-glittery-objects and @beds-scars-spending (Thank you!!) 


1.) drink: Water!

2.) phone call: My mama :)

3.) text messages: My Bestest Tall Friend Whom I LOVE Ry. It was “Can I send you memes at school now?”

4.) song you listened to: Baby Fratelli - The Fratellis

5.) time you cried: Yesterday, if I remember correctly.


6.) dated someone twice: Fuck no

7.) been cheated on: Technically yes, but I don’t count that cause we were like…eight.

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Johnny Gets Jealous

Originally posted by blessedwifi

You were laying your head in Sodapop’s lap watching Mickey Mouse with him, y'all were the bestest of friends. Sodapop was playing with your hair while you ate some popcorn. Everyone was gone either to work or school. Soda was “sick” so you skipped a day of school to stay with him.
Your boyfriend Johnny and Sodapop’s brother Ponyboy came in the house letting the door slam. You didn’t move at all. Johnny knew how close you were to Sodapop and he didn’t seem to care bit today something was off about him.
“Soda when are you ever going to get your own girlfriend.’‘Johnny laughed but the look on his face was seroius I looked at Soda and he looked at you and smiled at Johnny.” I don’t know man I really can’t find a good girl.“ Soda answered back as he countinued to play with your hair. It was queit after Sodapop’s comment and Ponyboy cleared his throat indicating that there was akwardness going on. You and Soda remianed in your position and so did Johnny standing by the door but Pony sat down. Everytime you looked at Johnny he would aviod your eye.
’'Johnny can we talk. In private.” You say. Soda let you get up. From there you lead Johnny outside letting the door slam.“What the hell is wrong with you?” You asked at Johnny and he just rolled his eyes and sarcastially laughed.
“What’s wrong with me?” He yelled.“Why won’t you just go ask your new boyfriend Sodapop Curtis!’'He yelled you gasped.
’'You know that I am only just friends with Soda nothing more! I can’t believe you actually thought about that for even a second!’'You yelled.’'Don’t blame me for this! You’re all touchy feely with everyone in the gang!” He yelled back.
“Are you calling me a whore? Johnny Cade mark my words I’m not a whore. I hard plenty opportuinies to cheat on you but I didn’t!’'You yelled.
’'Maybe I am your closer to all of them than you are to me!” He yelled. Your eyes widen.“I’M NOT A FUCKING W-” You started to say but Johnny slapped you and he regretted it. You were now crying.“ You fucking promised not to hit me!” You yelled and Soda and Pony came outside and held you back.
“(Y/N) I didn’t mean to.” He whispered.“Fuck you Johnny Cade! All of this because you were acting like a fucking 3 year old!” You yelled at him and Soda held you back.“Let me go.” You plead Soda and he obeyed you started to walk in the house but punched Johnny in the face. He went down to the ground.’’Fuck Johnny’’ You yelled.

Marry me? (Stiles Stilinski imagine)

Originally posted by jesusscrying

Originally posted by puzzleofscraps

Request: Could you do an imagine where you and stiles have been dating since sophomore year and you’re seniors and you graduate and make it where it flashes forward a few years where he works at the station just like his dad and you visit him lots of fluff and he proposes after you’ve been together for like 5 years

A/n: i hope you like it :)

My hands are in his hair and his arms wrap around my waist tighter. I know what Stiles does to me. I’m space bound. A rocket about to blast off. And I want Stiles to send me to the moon.

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Hello friends~ if you were not aware today is @ew-astro ‘s birthday! Send her your birthday wishes!!!



1. She is the sweetest person I’ve ever met, you could like trip her and she would probably still love you.

2. She is the most wild person ever, the most aggressive form of platonic love ever like I was lowkey taken aback when we first started talking because of how often she would say “I love you”

3. She is soooo adorable and cute, the innocent child you should all aspire to be

4. She’s so caring, she can’t take care of herself at all but if you even sneeze she will fly to your house with a blanket and soup. 

5. She is so smart and helpful, I’d be failing math without her.

6. Even though she is super busy she always takes time to talk to you

7. She’s hilarious without even trying to be

8. She’s so friendly and would love talking to u (be her friend)

9. She’s so talented!!!! have you read her fics yet?

10. She’s so sweet and loves kpop groups with all her heart.

11. She’s so hardworking and amazing, if I lived her life I would be ded

12. She just called me “the bomb diggity”

13. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been friends she will love u just as much as her life-long friends

14. She has her friends as her lock screens

15, She is so encouraging, the “mom” friend that cheers you on no matter what

16. Even though this list is terrible she will probably like it anyway

17. She’s put up with me for all this time so that deserves a round of applause in itself.

F: Fortuitous- We’re all fortunate to have her in our lives

A: Adorable- Do I need to elaborate?

T: Talented- Once again, do i need to elaborate?

U: Upbeat- Fatuma is so positive and happy all the time

M: Magnificent- mwah

A: Astute- bc ur so smart and amazing

Ok so here’s the last part, my letter to u:

Dear Fatuma,

So right now we’re talking on the phone and ur kind of distracting me but that’s ok because I love talking to you. I remember how awkward I was when I first asked you for your skype so we could talk and I remember the first time we called each other, we were so awkward it was hilarious. I remember you would laugh about how nervous I was to start school and how you got all “I told you so” when I said it was fine. I remember the first time I messaged you, we talked for the night and then you had to go. I didn’t hear from you for weeks after that and i just figured you didn’t want to talk. But then I tagged you in something and you replied in the tags and I was like !!! I don’t remember exactly when we started talking again I think it was some time in the summer? I remember in July you tagged me in an audio post and I listened to all of it in an airport bc my flight was delayed for three hours. Oh! I remember the first time i saw a picture of you! I got so excited I was smiling and I was just like!!! she’s real!! It took us like no time at all to become super close and I’m still so happy we’re so close. You’ve been with me everyday since we became friends and i thank you for that. You’re there when I’m bored, when I need to vent when I need to get scolded bc I’m problematic..You’re always there. I really hope that I get to see you in July so we can finally be together irl, I’ll cry my eyes out when you have to leave but it’ll still be worth it. Thank you so much for being my friend bc who knows what everything would be like without you here. This is so lame and it honestly sounds like i’m confessing to u right now but still, I just want to let you know that I love you so so so much and hope you have the best birthday ever.

love always, Angel

merry christmas

b.i drabble

genre : fluff

word count :  1070 w

You and Hanbin have always been friends - ever since you two met as toddlers in the park where your mothers used to bring you to. It turned out later that you two actually lived practically next to each other and were placed in the same class at elementary school, then middle school and high school. You two grew up together, stole each other’s first kiss and spent literally all yout time together. You two were the bestest of best friends, although sometimes you annoyed the shit out of each other. 

That was until college came and you had to separate. Hanbin went to NYC, while you moved to London. Both of you followed your dreams. Even though you tried to keep in touch, it was difficult not only because of the time zone difference but because your own lives consumed you. You found new friends, had many responsibilities, tests and what not - so did he. Eventually the phone calls stopped, but the last string that tore completely your friendship was when he didn’t call on your birthday.

You pretended that everything was alright during the whole day, celebrated with your friends and held back but when you were finally alone in your small college room you let it all out. You cried yourself to sleep, allowing yourself to grieve over the friendship for the first and last time. 

Then Christmas came. You were finally going back home. You dearly missed all your family. There was an event at your old high school and one of your girl friends made sure that you promised to go. You were excited and terrified all at the same time. Of course, you were curious to see all your old friends, who you grew up with, but you didn’t really know what to do around Hanbin. Your heart ached a bit every time you thought of him. In the end your little sister scolded you to get ready.

This was not a mistake, after all, you thought when you arrived. All your classmates were there, chatting happily. They had changed quite a lot - some have changed their hair style, others had that different, grown-up aura to them. It was nice to see them after all these months. 

Everything was going much better than you expected until you saw him. Hanbin had his back partially towards you, but you could notice him anywhere. He had changed his hair. It was dyed in dark red. Hanbin had grown taller and had turned into a stunning man. It ached your little heart to look at him, so you quickly turned around, trying to join the conversation of some of your classmates. You didn’t really hear what they were saying but you kept nodding here and there, falling into your own world until you felt a hand on your shoulder.

You turned around to face the person that bothered you but your breath stopped. It was him. Your legs felt like jelly and your heart was pumping so hard you could feel it in your ears. You two looked at each other’s eyes awkwardly, completely ignoring the world around you.

“Hey,” he murmured, bending down until his lips met the skin on your cheek, making you blush a deep red. You pulled away.

“We were right under the mistletoe,” he smiled brightly, pointing at something above your head. You looked up, cursing in your mind. He might have changed his appearance, but he was the same old stupid Hanbin you always knew. You left your drink on the nearest table and went for the exit but he quickly followed after you.

“Hey, hey…” he said, grabbing your arm to stop you. “Why running away, it was just a joke, I didn’t…”

“Shut up,” you stopped him, and faced him. “Why do you think you can just come and randomly act like nothing has happened?” You were angry, sad, excited and happy all at the same time. This is what this boy was doing to you.

“What do you mean?” he asked, his face utterly confused. “I am so happy to see you again, I missed you so much…”

“Did you really miss me, Hanbin?” you hissed. “If you missed so dearly your best friend, you could’ve at least call her once… during these months. You don’t get to act like you haven’t been an ass.” You could feel the prickling in your eyes and you hated it because you didn’t want him to see your tears. You didn’t want him to see any emotion come from you.

“Oh my god, your…” he seemed to have remembered, his face kind of shocked.

“Yes, Hanbin, you haven’t called me in three fucking months and you also missed my birthday…” you said, ready to leave.

“I am sorry,” he mumbled, looking down at you.

“Yeah, so do I,” you said and left him. You went straight home, your mood ruined. You didn’t want to talk about any of it so you just ignored your sister’s questions. 

It was much later that night when some noise caught your attention. It was so dark outside, the only light coming from the few street lamps. You were tossing around in your bed, trying to fall asleep but to no result. That was when you heard the noise from outside and then something hit your window. You stood up and drew the curtains, squinting your eyes, trying to see through the darkness. Then you saw someone’s phone screen. 

“Come.” it said. You rolled your eyes, because you knew which idiot would do something like this. Putting some clothes on, you left the house with half-angry half-sleepy expression. When you opened the front door, your lips were suddenly attacked by another pair of lips. You were ready to fight back but you knew very well who it was.

“There was a mistletoe above you,” Hanbin whispered agaisnt your lips, kissing you again, embracing your body. 

“Jesus, Hanbin, is this how you sollve all your issues?” you said, cuddling against his chest, you heart doing small flips. You couldn’t stop the smile creep on you lips, because now everything came to it’s place. You have always denied your feelings because you didn’t want to ruin your friendship with Hanbin but being next to him again felt so good.

“Maybe,” he said, closing the door behind him, you two going quietly to your room, holding hands.


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These two photos get me every time, and I think they were the most emotional parts of the episode for me. Zoe was absolutely terrified, and Dylan was all set to save her, because they are just the bestest friends ever (but we know this already so I won’t say it again, much)

I guess this is why I audibly gasped when he had to go back inside for his medallion, because all of a sudden his OCD took over and in that moment it was more important than the best friend he’d been ready to pretty much drag to shore less than a second ago (I’m guessing he knew she wouldn’t be able to swim that well / at all in her wedding dress)

Just another post to add to the massive list of resons why Zoe and Dylan are just the greatest and the BBC can’t kill off either of them because it just wouldn’t be right!

an episode where mikey introduces mondo gecko to leatherhead  (◠‿◠✿)

leatherhead and mondo getting jealous of each other because they’re both close friends of mikey (◕ω◕✿) 

they both start competing for the role of mikey’s best best friend and try to upstage each other by showering him with gifts and taking him to skate parks  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*: ・゚✧

mikey tells them they don’t need to fight because they’re both his “bestest bros in the history of bros that ever bro’ed”  (o‿o✿)  (o‿o✿)  (o‿o✿)

D,L and R start feeling jealous because they thought they were the “bestest bros in the history of bros that ever bro’ed”  ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* \(◕ヮ◕✿)/ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

I want Steve and Bucky to be together. I really, really want this. Please, Marvel, make this canon. I mean, their love for each other is already canon, but please make it romance. Please let them be more than platonic. It would be so great. No one, literally no one, is asking for you to destroy Steve and Peggy’s relationship. They love each other. They’re in love with each other. I ship them, too. Pretty much everyone does. But Peggy’s older now. She’s literally dying(I hate this). And Steve’s still young. Bucky’s still young and he’s broken. They need each other, for gods sake. They’ve both ended up in ‘the future’ so they can relate to each other. AND they were the bestest of friends even before all that happened. Please, this is like the greatest opportunity for an amazing story. For amazing representation, too. Honestly, it would be the best thing ever. Please.


Hi taylorswift !! My names Kymburlyn, and pictured above is one of my bestest friends ever, Abby goodtimesandbrokenpromises! We have been friends since late 2013 when it was late on Twitter, and we were talking about Red Tour.

We became friends instantly, and since then have formed an extremely strong bond. We have been there for each other through rough times, and really good times. We sing to each other over FaceTime and gossip just like we’re right next to each other. She’s been a constant reminder of happiness in my life, and thanks to you, I have her.

Unfortunately, neither of us have been very fortunate to see one another in real life without a screen coming between us. Abby lives in Texas and I live in Arizona, which puts more than 1,500 miles on our shoulders.

In October, you’re going near Abby for 1989 Tour and we’d love more than anything to go to that together! We’ve set up an account called on something called gofundme (the link is we really hope you could see our story, and maybe make us feel like we know you know about us! We love you uncontrollably, Taylor!