the bestest bffs in all of time and space

The Doctor and Donna are the bestest of friends in the whole of time and space. A good mate to laugh with, to run with, and to battle the enemies alongside. There’s none of that fancying nonsense with Donna! She brings out the Doctor’s sense of fun, but she’s brilliant at bringing him down to Earth. She’s a breath of fresh air, after the intensity of Rose and the complications of Martha. I think Donna is the first one to truly understand him. He can be completely honest with her, admitting when he’s scared, or lost, or powerless.

- Russell T. Davies on the Doctor and Donna Noble 


Vesuvius exploded with the force of twenty-four nuclear bombs. Nothing can survive it. Certainly not us.

- Doctor Who 4x02: Fires of Pompeii

Because she was just told by the Doctor - on her very first proper adventure, no less - that she is about to die at the heart of a nuclear explosion. But she doesn’t freak out, or whine, or blame the Doctor for their predicament. No, she reacts bravely, and selflessly, with compassion and grace. As the Doctor himself has said: he only takes the best… and it’s clear from his reaction here that he never realised, until this moment, just how very true that is of Donna.


I know a lot of people didn’t like Donna when she first turned up in Runaway Bride - apparently they thought she was shouty and abrasive and just plain annoying, but that she improved a lot when she finally became a full-fledged companion in Series 4. Sometimes, I wonder if those people stopped watching this episode after the first fifteen minutes. Because yes, Donna was rather screechy and demanding at the beginning, but cut the girl some slack - as far as she knew, she’d just been kidnapped from her wedding by a weird, skinny-assed Martian!

There are actually so many lovely character moments for Donna in this episode - and this is one of my favourites. Prompted by the Doctor (because they have the perfect friendship even this early on, balancing and restraining each other’s excesses), she is magnanimous towards Lance - a man I certainly feel she is entitled to hate with Every Fibre Of Her Being. My god, that scene when he mocks Donna for loving and trusting him is so brutal; he was basically poisoning her and marrying her for his own gain… and yet here you have Donna setting aside her anger and being a far bigger, far nicer person than Lance ever deserved.

(Also, not that this is a secret, but Catherine Tate’s face is perfect and she is a most glorious actress.)


I represent Adipose Industries.

- Doctor Who 4x01: Partners In Crime

There’s just something so… beautiful and hopeful about Donna and her search for the Doctor. She’s looking for her second chance, of course, and she figures after spending that one day with him a whole year ago that she needs to go looking in the strangest of places. So she does, determinedly and for months and months, just running down leads on any weird, alien-y stuff that she finds on the internet - trusting that she will one day spot that little blue box and that skinny spaceman who made it snow for her one Christmas night. 

This little moment - this parallel between Donna and the Doctor - is my favourite part of her attempt to find him again. I love that this shows just how resourceful and smart and effective Donna is. She was never introduced to the Doctor’s psychic paper in their first adventure together… and yet, all on her own, she’s come up with a strikingly similar way to get around strangers and suspicions, to talk her way into getting people to trust her, to get to the heart of the mystery. She doesn’t need spacey-wacey, psychic-wychic stuff to be a badass. She just needs to be herself, Donna Fucking Noble, HBIC Of All The Universes You Care To Name As Well As The Ones You Don’t.


[The Doctor is standing listlessly at the Tardis console. Donna comes up behind him.]
Donna: How are you, spaceman? [He continues to fiddle with the Tardis controls. Donna turns him to face her. She puts her hands on his chest, right above his hearts.] You see that pain - in there? That doesn’t mean you were wrong to let her in. It proves you were right.
Doctor: What do we do now?
Donna: We go on. We live. We remember. What else can we do?
Doctor: Where do you want to go?
Donna: Let’s find a new world. For her.
[He smiles at her. She smiles back. He pushes a lever on the Tardis console.]

- Doctor Who 4x06: The Doctor’s Daughter [deleted scene]

Why in the name of Russell T Davies did they cut this scene from the episode?! It’s so beautiful and sad and bittersweet and perfect. I’ve always thought that the Doctor could be a little more open about his feelings and pain with Donna - there wasn’t as great a need with her to pretend that he was fine, or that everything was okay. He could break a little around her, just at the edges, and he knew she would be there for him. And here she is, surprisingly wise, sweetly sympathetic, giving him exactly what he needs - friendship, love, compassion, understanding… and most importantly, hope. She makes him smile, when it’s the last thing he wants to do, and gives him a reason to look forward to their next adventure.

{Oh and I can’t help but mention that my heart absolutely shattered the first time I heard Donna say ’We remember. What else can we do?’… because she can’t, not anymore. :( }

Doctor: Eventually, gravity takes hold. Say - one big rock, heavier than the others, starts to pull the other rocks towards it. All the dust and gas and elements get pulled in and everything, piling in until you get
Donna: The earth!

- Doctor Who 3x00: The Runaway Bride