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Q&A with Cameron

I tried to remember some of the questions that were asked in my meeting session 2 with Cameron yesterday. They may not be exactly correct and some questions I didn’t understand in French but these are the ones I remembered (I got to ask a few of them). If you were there please feel free to add to them.

Q: If you could play any other character on Shameless who would you want to play?

A: Kev

Q: Which actor are you closest to on Shameless?

A: We’re all really close but I’m probably the closest to Jeremy (Lip). In season one most of my scenes were with him and he was like a big brother to me on set.

Q: When do you start filming for Anna Dressed in Blood?

A: In November right after I finish Shameless season 7. I’m filming another movie after that aswell, also in Vancouver.

Q: Have you read the book Anna Dressed in Blood?

A: Not yet but I’ve ordered it on Amazon.

Q: Can you tell us a bit about your character, Cas, in Anna Dressed as Blood?

A: I don’t know how similar he is in the script to the book but in the script he’s kind of like the Han Solo of ghost hunters.

Q: You’ve been kidnapped and you can call on the characters from any TV show to rescue you. Who do you call?

A: The Golden Girls. They seem like they’d know what to do and they’d probably bake me cookies after.

Q: If you could see any band or artist, past or present, who would you want to see?

A: How cool would it be to have been at Woodstock? So many good artists. I’d love to see Joe Cocker.

Q: What was the best and worst costume you’ve ever had to wear?

A: The best was on Gotham when Jerome had the full suit that hinted at The Joker’s colors. The worst is wearing nothing. When you’re naked on set they give you this thing to wear - it’s like a sock with laces. It’s horrible.

Q: Do you have any advice for aspiring actors?

A: Don’t do it! Haha. No if you have a passion for it then just go for it and persevere.

Q: Did you get inspiration from actors to play Jerome on Gotham?

A: I grew up watching Jack Nicolson and Heath Ledger so it’s hard to say I wasn’t inspired by them. They did such an amazing job with the joker so some of my inspiration definitely came from them.

Q: Do you think Ian’s being unfair to Mickey?

A: No. I don’t think he’s being unfair because Mickey’s in jail…for 8 years. There’s a difference between loving someone and being suicidally in love with someone to the point that you won’t let yourself date anyone else again. Breakups happen…and they suck! But you have to try to move on and you have to date other people.

Q: Is there a possibility that Jerome will return to Gotham?

A: There’s always a possibility.

Q: Will you return to Mercy Street season 2 in flashbacks?

A: Well they’re filming now and I’m not there, so no.

Q: If you could bring back either Jerome (Gotham) or Tom Fairfax (Mercy Street) to life who would you choose?

A: I should say Tom because he’s really nice but I have to say Jerome because he’s just so much fun to play.

Q: What’s the weirdest scene you’ve ever had to do?

A: I recently did a series where one of the characters is a cartoon / animated character. So you just have to speak to ‘nothing’. That was pretty weird. Working with green screens is also like that.


shadowhunterstv: What are the best and worst Halloween costumes you’ve ever worn?
Watch this video to listen to @IsaiahMustafabest and worst costumes! 😂#Shadowhunters

littleredreadinghood  asked:

What's the best Halloween costume you've ever worn? The worst?

I was a Halloween FIEND as a child.

OKAY.  One year, my neighbor Holly and I decided to be Newsboys.  Simple costume, right?  Pretty easy to pull off?

We spent a month and a half HAND WRITING a neighborhood newsletter.

We didn’t have access to a printer or a computer, so we just wrote, over and over and over, stories about our neighborhood, with little hand made illustrations.  Then we went door to door and handed them out and took a tip in candy from my rather bemused neighbors.  One of my neighbors was so enamored with it that he told us to wait and came back with a silver dollar for each of us for the excellent service of bringing his paper to his door.

Worst, I had a lot of worst. Probably the year I dressed as a princess in  very pretty gown (okay, so itwas my nightgown, but it was PINK SILK) except it was so cold that mom made us wear coats and hats and boots.  I was the princess of the great north wastes, I guess.