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OK, Here We Go

I have rewatched the entire ep once, all the important scenes (i.e. Captain Swan LOL) multiple times, read and re-read the press release and I’m ready to go.

So bring on your worst case scenarios, your “I hope they don’t go this route” fears, your soap opera trope anxieties and whatever else is running through your head.

This week’s episode is gonna hurt for sure but as I keep saying–it’ll hurt in the best possible way. I’m more convinced of that than ever after rewatching–and reexamining the structure of the entire story arc.

This ep is not going to be something to endure it’s going to be one we look back at and treasure.

So let’s get it all out, deal with it, and get in the right headspace for next Sunday!!!

I’m sorry

I’m really sorry to say that Kiwi, at the age of four, has passed away. She developed cancer on her neck, and I had to put her down because she was suffering to much. I miss her very much, but I’m thankful for the amazing time we had together. She was my best friend.

She brought a lot of joy to many people all over the world, through this tumblr. It means a lot to me that so many of you cared about this one little hedgie.

I’m also very sorry that I haven’t posted anything in a long time. I couldn’t because of personal circumstances, which I can’t explain. I hope you understand. I post this because  you all have the right to know that’s she’s gone.

I don’t think I’ll be able to come back to this blog for a long time, maybe I’ll check on it once in a while. Thank you for the support and kind words I’ve gotten over the past years, it means so much to me.

Thank you, and I’m sorry.

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You are the best overwatch userbox out of all of them. Literally the other people put defending fictional characters from incest/whatever else "abuse" over actually sending hate to real people within the community. It's sick and annoying. Thank you for being fair to all. I literally can't stand people preaching all this garbage about defending FICTIONAL characters. When they treat real people like garbage.

Awww, you’re really sweet! <3 Let’s not make this a competition or anything, though! The best thing we can do in the face of hate/whatever else is to just remain positive and not contribute to the problem ourselves, you know? ❤ I’m so happy you like our userboxes, sweetie~! Hope you’ll request some in the future! ^^

We’re back!

Hi there! Did you miss us? Well we have good news, because we are back!

Sorry for the long hiatus! Thank you all for staying during this time. That means a lot to us!

I ( @disneywinx ) finally have a new laptop, photoshop and time to work on confessions again! Sadly my fellow mods @voidix and @whatthewinxclub don’t have time or a laptop yet.. But let’s hope they’ll join again soon!

We really want to post every day and of course we’re going to do our very best to make that happen! You can always send in confessions and/or asks if you have some!

With love, the mods ~

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Depression is an ass. Depression kicks us all down, even when we believe in better and we want better. Some people say all it takes is hope, but it really isn't. If everything could just be fixed by believing in ourselves, a lot more people would be perfectly fine right now. However, while hope isn't everything, it is still something and it is still important. Depression is attacking us right now, but our hope in the future can keep us alive. *hugs* Do your best to stay alive. We all love you <3

Thank you sweetie

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“why don’t you try to talk to him, to work things out?” her sister asks.
“because when you love someone, you want what’s best for them, even if it’s not you anymore. you want the person to be happy, and i can’t remember the last time i made him happy. there was a time when he was the best thing for me and i hope i was the best thing for him, but that time has passed. now all we did was hurt each other with cruel words and painful actions. and i don’t want that for him; i want happiness for him, not disfunction. and that’s what we ended up being. so i’m going to let him go; not because i want to, but because i have to,” she answers while looking at her hands where his once fit perfectly.

Last night we went to the premiere of the first three episodes of the new Samurai Jack series.  THIS is the highest pinnacle of western animation.  It pushes the medium to the fullest and beyond, and does it will style, grace, and class.  Genndy and his crew aren’t one trick ponies, they’re the BEST artists in the business and have only gotten better.  This is what we should all strive for.  I can’t say enough good things about this so I hope you all tune in to watch these. And if you haven’t, please go watch the original series as well.  They should be regarded as classics and anyone who is interested in animation should watch them.

Waking up after episode 12 and realizing that the beautiful pair skate wasn’t a dream, that it actually happened and was seen by thousands of people in the world is the best feeling ever.

I slept like 4 hours but I feel more alive than ever, fueled by that pair skate and all its beauty. I actually want to get out of bed for once. Even the morning after, I can say that this anime was a blessing and we got more than we deserved and I am so fucking happy to be alive right now.

Kubo-sensei, the entire team behind YOI, thank you so much. For everything. We hope to see you again soon.


Sometimes we forget idols have feelings too. They experiment joy, sadness, despair, anxiety, angriness. Sometimes we forget they are humans too, they get sick, they feel pain. So I hope, as I have seen so far, we all can be understanding on Yongguk’s situation. I hope no one makes him feel like he’s making the wrong desicion by taking care of his health before anything else.

Get well soon, our leader, we will be waiting for you. [insp]

For what it’s worth. it’s never too late, or in my case too early, to be whoever you vant to be. There’s no time limit. Start whenever you want. You can change or stay the same. There are no rules to this thing. We can make the best or the worst of it. I hope you make the best of it. I hope you see things that startle you. I hope you feel things you never felt before. I hope you meet people who have a different point of view. I hope you live a life you’re proud of, and if you’re not, I hope you have the courage to start all over again.
—  F. Scott Fitzgerald
Taylor Mason

I am really excited about Taylor Mason’s appearance in Showtime’s Billions.

Here’s Showtime’s behind the scenes introduction of Taylor on YouTube, with interview snippets with the actor and the writers.

I don’t know the show at all. It is definitely not my usual genre. No one does any science or magic, you know? It’s a fast-paced businessy financey drama thing. I don’t even remember how I found out, but when I heard that Billions claimed to have the first ever nonbinary character on TV… well, to be honest, I kinda did a skeptical face. The articles are all very US-centric, and explicitly nonbinary characters are not uncommon in some parts of the world. And anyway, “nonbinary character” usually means “gender non-conforming binary character” because that’s usually the best we can hope for. But yeah, I was interested, so I looked into it.

Here’s my TL;DR: Billions is the first mainstream US TV show to my knowledge that contains a character overtly described as nonbinary and whose they/them pronouns are stated in the show and affirmed by almost all of the other characters.

We’re introduced to Taylor, played by Asia Kate Dillon (also nonbinary, they/them pronouns), in the first episode of season 2 - toying with another character about being vegan. They’re a sharp, brilliant, think-outside-the-box intern.

In episode 2 it gets a bit more in-your-face:

That guy in the second shot, Bobby Axelrod, is the very rich, very arrogant boss of macho boy’s club Axe Capital. And he just accepts Taylor’s assertion of their pronouns, no questions asked, no raised eyebrows. Just, “okay.”

Taylor proceeds to seriously impress the very rich arrogant boss guy in the chair.

Taylor isn’t going through some coming out plot, working out their gender and discovering themself. Taylor is out and comfortable and confident in their identity. People who refuse to accept them get bulldozed, either by other characters or by the plot itself.

Later in that episode there’s a scene in which Taylor isn’t present, and Taylor is misgendered by that bald guy, Bill:

It’s hard to capture the tone in this scene. It’s an alpha male showdown, over a nonbinary person’s pronouns. The arrogant guy who misgenders Taylor gets corrected, and then has two guys above him in the pecking order stare him down until he concedes, in body language and facial expression. Taylor’s rich white old guy boss is not gonna tolerate you misgendering them. (Over the next few episodes it becomes clear that Taylor is replacing Bill as Axelrod’s “favourite.”)

Bobby Axelrod upholds the pronouns of every singular-they nonbinary person in this one scene, to everyone watching the show. After that the conversation continues as before. It all happens very naturally as part of a conversational plot to take down a business rival, like it’s important and yet no big deal at all to correct a colleague’s pronouns.

There are people watching this who are nonbinary and going “wow, that’s me.” There are nonbinary people who haven’t worked themselves out watching this and going “wow, maybe that’s me?” There are parents of nonbinary kids watching this and going, “wow, maybe using new pronouns isn’t so hard? Maybe my child is not just going through a phase?” There are nonbinary kids watching this with their parents, thinking “maybe now my parents see Taylor being taken seriously they will take me more seriously.”

This is incredible.

Naturally, I have concerns. I’ve got them on the back-burner because one TV show is not a pattern among TV shows. It does, however, fit a known trend of nonbinary visibility.

Taylor is white, AFAB, thin, young, wealthy, able-bodied, and masculine-presenting. They fit the nonbinary cliché so well that I can’t even find any deviation from it. In reality nonbinary people are very diverse in pronouns, gendered presentation, race, body type, and class. But when newspapers are interviewing these “new” and fascinating nonbinary people, they always seem to choose people mostly like me: white, thin, AFAB, young, apparently able-bodied, androgynous-to-masculine-presenting. (I’ve been interviewed by journalists for articles about nonbinary people that then didn’t even include me in the final piece, because I refused to be seen as a representative of nonbinary people in some way.)

Taylor is also autistic. I don’t know if it’s deliberate, goodness knows writers create accidentally autistic characters all the time, but if you know what to look for in TV-autism it’s really really clear. And people really like to draw attention to the way autism and gender non-conformity overlap, to the extent that articles have been written by and focusing on doctors who believe that some gender non-conformity is directly caused by autism and should not be treated. (Article link. Warning: Daily Mail, general awfulness, etc.)

So going forward, I’m hoping that if and when there are more nonbinary people in TV shows we get to see some femininity, some differing body types, some people of colour, etc. I’m also hoping that we get to see some nonbinary people who are not obviously autistic - characters who express emotion freely and are not somehow brilliantly sharp and intelligent and innovative in one particular area of interest, for example.

But for now, I am thrilled. A TV show is portraying someone like me. In this case I’m lucky because I fit that autistic nonbinary cliché down to the ground, and I am perfectly represented in a mainstream US TV show for the first time in my life. I want other nonbinary people to experience that too, and this is a huge step forward and a long-deserved validation of the nonbinary community. I am excited to see what happens next for nonbinary representation and visibility.


Dazai Osamu in every episode [12/12]

↪ “What should one do, when what they want to be isn’t what they’re best at? Everyone fights, searching for the correct way to live their lives. What do they seek by fighting? How ought they live? No one can say. All we have is the right to waver. Like stray dogs that have hit rock bottom.”

“Do what you can to be a positive light in someone’s life. I hope that I’ve done that for you. Know that somebody loves you. Somebody is out there praying for you, and hoping the best for you.” - Sandra Bland | Making Black History 7/28 

🌙💕May Your Self Confidence Rise Like The Moon 🌙💕

A request from @tarotprose , since joining the community many of you have showed me so much support and encouraged me in many ways. Ivan more than most has been there to lend me advice, inspire me, and support me in pursuing my dreams. You have all helped me grow in my having faith in myself and learning to truly love who I am inside, I hope this spread can do the same for you. 💕

The First Card: This card represents where you currently are or what state you’re currently in. Perhaps something is weighing you down, this could represent your current level of self-esteem or amount of love you have for yourself.

The Second and Third Card: We often lose sight of our best selves and tunnel vision onto our flaws. These cards are here to remind you of your admirable qualities, what it is about you that makes you fantastic and unique. It’s ok to need a reminder. 

The Fourth Card: This represents something you’ve overcome, a struggle either within yourself or with another. Remember what you’ve overcome, you are so strong.

The Fifth Card: This is a simple act of self-care you can practice to help you center your mind and focus on loving yourself and believing in yourself. 

The Sixth Card: This is a summary of everything the cards have told you so far, it explains how everything is tied together. How can I bring all of this together and apply it to gaining more self-confidence?

You can see some of my readings and spreads here and you can get your own reading by me here. 💖

you taught me how, to leave the ground, to use my wings

I started watching RWBY when I was twelve years old. I cannot exaggerate how much RWBY has changed my life. Without Monty, I know I’d be heading towards a life I didn’t want. It was Monty who gave me the courage and the motivation to try doing what I truly loved: art. And I hope somewhere, somehow, he can see how much he meant to me. 

To Neath, Sheena, Miles, Kerry, everyone at Rooster Teeth and all Monty’s family and friends, I wish you the best on a day that was, two years ago, the hardest the community has ever faced. We will carry his torch, we will remember his name, and as I strive to be the person I truly want to be, I will look behind me and I will know that Monty was one of the people who helped me get to where I am. Keep moving forward,

We love you Monty. 

Dear Friends

There will be no post today despite my previous plans, and Sunday’s post for the very first time may be delayed. I have decided to take a day for myself to reflect on Tuesday’s shocking results and comfort my friends and colleagues who are deeply troubled by them. I will be going to the museums in DC and reminding myself of the power of art in these trying times.

This is not a political statement. I have no hidden agenda in this blog. My goal, like the goals of the rest of my colleagues in the field of urbanism, is to promote better, more livable, sustainable communities and to promote others to care about architecture, which I love so much.

I believe that above all art, music, architecture and design are for the betterment of humanity. In a time that is so divisive, I hope that we can come together to ultimately understand each other and what is best for the world. I will return next week to a normal schedule and continue my campaign to educate about our built environment to people of all beliefs, color, gender, sexual orientation and yes, political ideology.

Building a better world is for all of us.

i hope steve knows we’re his bees too. he’s done nothing but stand up for us and praise us and treat us like gold. most importantly, he was there for louis when he needed a big brother and a shoulder to lean on. not only that, but he helped him make his first single the best it could be. he’s earned himself a permanent place in this family, and i’ll support him in everything he does. it’s the least i can do after all he’s done for louis and the fandom.