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The Road To Good Grades

[Warning - A Very Lengthy Post]

A fellow student of mine wrote this when for my batch when we entered high school, and I thought I should share it with you ❤️ it’s been edited to make it more universal to you guys :D

Intro: Having the Courage to Study.
When we fail academically, we tend to point to two causes: stupidity and laziness. It’s so easy to say that we’re not smart enough, or that we just don’t want to try because it doesn’t really matter. But there’s another factor involved: fear. So many students have the strategy of not studying or not studying properly for an exam. Why? Because if you put low effort into something, then you should expect a low result. So many of us are afraid of trying and failing that we don’t even try. “What if my best isn’t good enough?” We’re afraid of giving our best because once we know our limits, we feel that much weaker. But life in school isn’t about not trying, it’s about accepting those limits and breaking them.To survive and ultimately thrive, you must have the courage to reach your full potential.That courage, that vigor, that strive to be better is what will keep you alive, not just in school but in the real world.

- Sleep and Eat well.
We often lose sleep or skip meals in order to survive the rigors of life.But keep in mind, those choices in the rest and nourishment you receive have consequences. Having the energy to focus throughout the day is vital. Nobody wants to be tired, nobody can afford to be sick.

- Pay Attention in Class.
There’s a difference between passive hearing and active listening. Letting the teacher’s words wash over you like a warm shower is NOT the same as paying attention. Teachers are human beings, capable of expressing emotion and emphasis in their words and actions. There’s a reason why you learn from them rather than from a book or the internet. Catching what they’re trying to say is a skill that takes effort to learn.

**The skill of listening is one of the most important ones to develop because a teacher’s words are your last resort in an examination. If a quiz catches you by surprise, your memory of the class is the difference between A+ and an F.

- Take USABLE Notes.
Normally, humans are not capable of memorizing lessons entirely in their head.That’s what notes are for. Keep in mind that notes should be USABLE, they are not things that you make for the sake of looking or feeling productive. Each person has a specific style of learning and their notes should reflect that. Notes that are too long/elaborate, too short/simple, unreadable, or illogical are detrimental. Good notes should be aids in studying, not justification for carrying notebooks.

- Save time by using abbreviations or acronyms.
- Rearrange/reconstruct words or phrases for convenience.
ex. Famous Authors of America –> Impt. American Authors.
- Avoid copying verbatim unless necessary (quotes).
- Write down examples, esp. in science/math related subjects.
- If notes are incomplete, supplement them via reliable sources or your teacher.

- Practice.
There is more to studying than reading/note-taking. Practice is essential. This is especially true for Math-related subjects. Reading your notes before a Math exam is not really going to help you understand the problem or protect you from careless mistakes. The only way to improve in the subject is by doing the exercises and learning from both your success and failure. Memorizing definitions isn’t as important as using them. Being able to analyze, compare, and contrast is vital to survival.

- Review a Little Bit, Regularly.
Slow and steady wins the race. Students tend to read a ton of material before an exam. However, the human mind requires time in order to fully grasp ideas and concepts. Taking 10-20 minutes to read your notes after school daily can help in memorizing lessons, understanding themes, and recalling important points. Taking every subject’s lessons day by day will prevent you from being overwhelmed.

- When reading through your notes, picture yourself in the classroom with your classmates and teacher. The human mind is like a web, connected by images and sounds. Doing so can help you recall things written on the board or things mentioned by the teacher.

- Learn to Plan and Cram.
Working for the long-term and rushing for the short-term are two opposing ends of the spectrum. But if you don’t master both, you will suffocate in requirements.Time and energy are limited resources and the best scholars know how to get the most out of them. You can’t expect to be able to plan assignments weeks or days in advance the same way you can’t expect to make “academic excellence” in 30 minutes or less like a pizza delivery service.

- Periodic Exams, Long Tests, and Projects REQUIRE planning and coordination.
- Teachers can take up to 5 minutes setting up. Exploit the time.
- Lunchbreak, and the 20 minute breaks are the normal “"cram periods”“.

- Don’t Think of Difficulty.
“Easy” and “Hard” are relative terms. They mean different things to different people and ultimately, they should mean nothing to you. Feeling scared of a “tough” exam is harmful, as is feeling smug about an “easy” one. Study well so you can approach every test with confidence. Remember: it’s just as possible to perfect a difficult test as it is to fail an easy one.

- Don’t Compare Yourself to Others.
The world has approx. 7 billion people. There are always going to be people who are better than you at a given skill, the same way that there will always be people who are worse. Don’t consider them. Your life is your battle, and you’re going to have to fight it for yourself. Being discouraged by your friends’ high scores is as illogical as being encouraged by their low scores. There’s no reason to be proud of 1/10, even if it’s the highest score in the whole class.

- Don’t Blame Teachers.
Not all of your teachers are going to be fair or good at their jobs, whether you like it or not. Regardless, you can’t control your teacher’s incompetence or harshness but you can control the effort you put into their class. Read in advance, find other of info sources, and predict their requirements. The odds may be against you, but as a student you’re expected to beat them.

- Consult.
There’s no shame in asking for help. If you have difficulty in a subject, it always helps to consult with a teacher. Not only does it help in resolving any misconceptions/mistakes, it shows that you’re willing to take the time and effort to do well. To most teachers, that spirit is just as important as the final grade. Note: if a teacher knows that you have difficulty in their subject, they’ll probably take note of it in class which may be to your benefit.

- Find Your Own Strategy/Work Smart.
No single study strategy works universally. Everyone has their own specific style of learning and it’s up to you to find yours. If skimming through readings works for you then go ahead. If you’re the kind that needs to take notes, fine. It’s all about working both hard and smart, giving the most energy but finding the most effective way of using it. Humans are creative creatures. You might find that the best solution is one that no one has thought of before.

- Be Liable.
You need to be proactive in academics. Many students have the tendency to be caught off guard by a surprise quiz. They’ll often argue with the teacher, using the retort “Ma'am, you didn’t announce it!” as an excuse. Shaking off responsibility through ignorance is suicidal in this school. If you’re willing to take the risk of coming to class unprepared for the sake of being lazy, go ahead. Just be prepared for the consequences of your actions.

- Keep Moving Forward.
You’re human. Humans make mistakes. Learn from your errors but leave them where they belong; in the past. Everyone wants to get an A+ but you’ll never go that far with the weight of your failure hanging over your shoulder.

Conclusion: Don’t Take Academics too Seriously.
It seems counter-intuitive to end this guide with a statement like “Don’t Take Academics Too Seriously” but it’s something that everyone should remember. No matter no hard you try, you will fail at something. You’ll reach an obstacle that will knock you down to the ground and it will hurt like hell. You need to have something to fall back; friends, family, a hobby, an interest, etc. You don’t want to graduate and realize that you’re only good at earning numbers in a system.You could graduate this high school with the highest average in history but it won’t matter to anyone if you don’t know how you got it. Life is just like math, it’s not all
about the final answer. Your solution is just as important.

**Ultimately, your success as a scholar isn’t measured by a number on a piece of paper but in the difference you make in people’s lives. We’re not going to carry facts and theorems with us, but an attitude of trying to give our best no matter what the cost. That’s the most important lesson you can ever learn in school, but you’re not going to learn it from one subject or teacher. You’re going to live it everyday through every requirement and every grade receive.

scandal sentence starters aka lots of angst, sex, and murder.

send one for my muses reaction! Feel free to change any gender or anything that needs changing in order for it to make sense to have come from your muse.

It’s only day 2 for this shirt, and these panties are fresh from the dryer. ❞
I don’t need you to forgive me. I haven’t done anything wrong. ❞
I’ve always forgiven you until now. ❞
I can never tell if you’re lying. I can never trust my gut when it comes to you. ❞
Are you spying on me? You don’t trust me? ❞
How do I choose the box to bury my friend in? ❞
If he dies, he can’t talk. Dead men tell no tales. ❞
When you walk in here, you make me hope. Hoping is bad for me, so do not come back here unless you are back for good. ❞
When it’s your turn, you can talk, but right now, be quiet. Let yourself be kissed. ❞
It’s always his turn, despite the fact that I’m the one you like to ride, that I’m the one that makes you moan, that I’m the one who reaches you in places that he can’t begin to touch. ❞
We can hide in the shadows or we can stand in the light. ❞
I’m not gonna live in your apartment, waiting to service you. I have things to do. I’m busy. But, I did book a nice hotel suite for booty calls. ❞
Do you actually think I give a damn what anyone thinks of me anymore? ❞
A broken heart is a broken heart; to take a measure is cruelty. ❞
You can’t summon me. You are not in charge of me. ❞
Did you think I’d want you back? ❞
I am less than interested in whatever it is you have to offer. ❞
You thought I would be dragged in here and I’d lay eyes on you and I’d gasp, and I’d rip off all my clothes and crawl on my knees over to you and beg you to take me, that I’d be some kind of sad porn fantasy. ❞
I could have anything I wanted, and I wanted you. You can laugh at it and make fun of me, but the truth is, nobody else wants you. ❞
I’ve lost too much. I’ve given up too much. I’m not even a person anymore. ❞
I’m not like you. I’m sorry you miss me, but I’m not like you. ❞
Why are you picking a fight with me today? ❞
You’re thirsty, but you’re not here for a drink.❞
You’re here because you want what you’ve been fantasizing about ever since you left the other night. ❞
I can give you what you want just the way you want it. ❞
You either go home alone and try your own hand at quenching that thirst or go upstairs with me and replace that dry lump in your throat with something much more satisfying. ❞
Trust me; I will be the one standing over you when you die. ❞
You keep secrets from me. You make me feel small. ❞
Burying yourself in work isn’t always the best thing when you lose someone. ❞
I’ve got enough blood on my hands already. ❞
Don’t ever leave me like that again. I almost didn’t survive. I almost died without you. ❞
You have been waiting for this moment from the second I got in bed with her. ❞
It doesn’t matter what the truth is, does it? The only thing that matters is that I put my hands where you think they don’t belong, and now I’m in chains. ❞
I am going to have you destroyed. ❞
He’s a predator, an animal, a killing machine, and just because you’ve decided to turn a blind eye to that doesn’t make it any less true. ❞
I think you want me to be guilty. Guilty lets you hate me for things you’re not allowed to hate me for. ❞
If there’s any part of you, any part of you at all, that believes that I’m telling you the truth, you’ll help me. ❞
You may have never heard what it sounds like when she wakes up screaming from a nightmare, but I have, and it’s awful. ❞
The truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a while, but it’s not gonna go away. ❞
Since us bitches have got to get through this dog and pony show, I’m gonna need you to sit down, shut up, and follow my lead. ❞
Is she right about you having nightmares? ❞
Don’t let love cloud your judgment. ❞
We both know in the end you’re not going to choose me. And that’s okay. I want you to know, I need you to know, not choosing me is okay. ❞
I keep my promises. I will watch the life fade from your eyes. ❞
I love her. Does that matter to you at all? ❞
It stops you every time, the arrogance, the need to swagger, to show everyone who you are. ❞
True power hides in plain sight. ❞
You and I are ruined. We don’t have a chance now. Too much has happened. ❞
I know you’re trying to be rational, and I understand why, but you can’t pretend this is okay. ❞
I mean, I figure we have two choices here - we can either pretend this unbearable sexual tension doesn’t exist, or we can address it head-on. ❞
You are beautiful. The face that launched a thousand ships. ❞
What is it that is so special about you? You have so much power over him. He revolves around you. ❞
He needed you. He was in pain. He wanted to die. ❞
I could protect him from everyone. Except you. ❞
I wanted to shoot him. I didn’t, but I wanted to. I wanted to kill him. I wanted him dead. ❞
I’m very powerful, you know. Some women would find that a turn-on. ❞
Let’s just say I’m in a giving mood tonight. ❞

empressfortuna  asked:

Do you have any advice for someone putting together an RPG system for fun and to maybe play with friends? It's something I've started a couple of times (and I have a concept I really like sitting around that I'd like to try to flesh out into a system at some point), but I'm interested in what advice an industry professional has for an amateur.

Sure thing:

1. Start small.

If you’re an author, you don’t write the next Game of Thrones as your very first work, and if you’re a game designer, you don’t go straight to writing the next Dungeons & Dragons.

A good target for a beginning designer is a game that can be set forth in about 5000 words - i.e., basically a sixteen-page pamphlet if you’re aiming for print publication. Have a look at other very short RPGs to get a feel for what the minimal set of stuff you need to include is. Good examples include:

Several of these look like they break my length guideline, but that’s because they include introductory fiction, sample adventures, GM advice sections, etc. Ignore all that for now - zero in on the rules themselves.

2. Start with premise.

Not setting, not mechanics - if you start with those, you’ll end up with a collection of neat worldbuilding bits and dice-rolling tricks that don’t actually add up to anything.

Have a clear idea in your head of what the prototypical session of your game, the Platonic ideal of an adventure, looks like from beginning to end, and ensure that all of the material you write - rules, setting, etc. - directly supports that premise. You can branch out later, but it’s absolutely critical that you get that core right first. If you’re not sure whether a given piece of material directly supports that core? It probably doesn’t - lose it.

3. Outline, outline, outline.

Resist the urge to just leap in and start writing. You can note stuff down for later if you want (see point 5, below), but if you just start writing, at best you’re going to end up with a disorganised mess; at worst, you’ll become irresolvably stuck when you run into some critical aspect of your premise that you haven’t thought about yet.

Good organisation is much more important in game rules than it is in prose fiction, so effort spent here pays off huge later. A good game outline should ideally drill all the way down to what you plan to talk about in each individual paragraph. Use headings and subheadings if you have to. When you’re finished, you should be able to start writing your game simply by picking a portion of your outline and filling it in.

4. Give yourself deadlines.

This is the corollary of point 1, above. Even within a work of limited scope, it’s easy to iterate forever and never get anywhere, or to turn things over and over in your head without ever committing it to writing until all your enthusiasm for it dribbles away. Your first RPG should take no more than a couple of weeks to write; make time to work on it every day during that span.

(In fact, writing a complete RPG of this scope in a single day is an exercise that a lot of designers use to keep themselves sharp. You can Google “24 hour RPG” for numerous examples. Do not attempt to do this as your very first game, of course - it’s basically hard mode game design.)

5. Take notes.

Once you’re in the game-creating headspace, neat ideas on how to address various bits of your premise will be occurring to you at all hours of the day. If you have school or a day job, it’ll often be at times when you can’t drop everything to chase after the idea in question. You may be confident that you’ll remember it for later. You will not. Keep a notebook or a tablet on hand so that you can jot stuff down as it occurs to you.

6. Be a dictator.

Don’t be afraid to tell people how they ought to play the game. Some folks will tell you that this is bad design. These people are wrong. All game rules encode assumptions about how the game ought to be played; some games are merely more honest about it than others. You’ll save yourself a heap of trouble by being one of the honest ones.

7. Beta readers. Lots of ‘em.

This ties into the preceding point: as you write, you’re going to be making a vast array of assumptions about how the game ought to be played and how the rules are supposed to be executed. Many of these assumptions will seem so obvious to you that it wouldn’t occur to you to write them down, or will be so deeply embedded in your thinking about the game that you don’t even realise you’re making them.

The ability to step back and go “okay, what assumptions am I making about the player’s understanding and prior knowledge, and are these assumptions warranted?” is a skill. Unless you’re a technical writer or something in your day job, you do not yet possess this skill. The upshot is that your first attempt at a game (and your second, and your third…) will be incomprehensible to anyone who’s not you.

This doesn’t mean you’re a bad game designer. It does, however, mean that you need to get as many sets of eyes on your work as possible, and you need to respect and seriously consider the questions they ask, no matter how obvious the answers feel to you.

8. Never throw anything away.

You’re going to have many ideas that you can’t find a place for in your game. You’re going to have many more that you end up cutting because they turn out not to directly support your premise (see point 2, above). Don’t just delete them - keep a master document of your of unused ideas, preferably on Google Drive or another cloud-hosted service so it’s always accessible and impossible to accidentally lose.

Not only are you accumulating a store of material for future projects, but emotionally it’ll be a lot easier to give material you’ve put a lot of thought and work into the axe because it’s not working out in your current game when you can tell yourself that you’re not getting rid of it for good: you’re just not using it right now.

Sleep (Bucky X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Bucky X Fem!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Mention of violence and fighting


Request: (Another request!) Can you do a Bucky x fem! Reader where the reader kinda acts like a cat and is constantly tired, no matter how much sleep she gets! Thanko! XD Oh, and if you don’t mind, can the reader have aerokinesis (if thats how you spell it XD). Thank you so much!

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Fury had took you in as an agent because of your ability to manipulate the air around you. Though others didn’t think it was a big deal and not that impressive, Fury had a use for your powers.

You were useful for making attacks of large groups of enemies slower, by increasing the speed of the wind pushing against them. If the Helicarrier had a problem with it’s rotors and the ship was losing air, you could use your powers to keep it over ground till the engines could be fixed. You could use your powers to fly and you had even trained yourself to be able to break the sound barrier with your powers, which came as a good distraction for the rest of the team to use to their advantage.

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Life in Color (Part 3)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: Modern AU. An artist in every sense of the word, Bucky sees color in everything, vibrant as they fill his world with magic. What happens when the colors fade?

Word Count: 1154

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Wanda had warned you that James probably wouldn’t be awake at a normal hour, but knowing Tony Stark, he’ll be calling to ask about the painting by noon. Not wanting to tell your boss that you hadn’t even tried yet when his inevitable phone call happens, you decide to take your chances showing up at 10:30. You pass an attractive man with blonde hair and blue eyes in the hall. He gives you a small smile and you can’t help but wish that you were here to see him - whoever he is - instead of James.

When you reach his apartment, you knock on the door only to be met with no response. You knock once more, harder this time, causing the door to fall open a little. It feels a little intrusive, but the door was unlocked and opened on its own. There’s nothing stopping you from pushing it open just enough to step inside, so you do. Besides, with the way his lifestyle is often reported, you wouldn’t be surprised if you discovered him overdosed in the bathroom or murdered by a vengeful lover in the bedroom. You’re doing a civil service by walking into the apartment.

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Pairing: Namjoon/Rapmonster X Y/N

Word Count: 3,280

Genre: Smut, fluff, will probably be some angst, but will always end up with a happy ending because that’s just how I roll.  

Notes: It’s a little known fact that both of my brothers are hardcore rappers. Like, they have mix tapes and go to rap battles and have fans lol. I was attending one of their battles today to show support, when this idea came to me. 

You were a good sister.

You weren’t going to leave before your brother even got to the stage.

You MIGHT get kicked out before then though, you thought to yourself, glaring as another random hand smacked your ass as they walked past you. 

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{ you are my home }

summary: you are the first lady of the united states. about a year into your husband’s presidency, you face your first assassination attempt.

t/w: none!

a/n: more smfdr! takes place in the same universe as “first and foremost”

also, happy memorial day!

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You knew being First Lady of the United States was a coveted title, but you didn’t think it was so desired that you could be killed for holding it.

You shouldn’t have been surprised. They’d given you all sorts of briefings after Thomas and Aaron were elected into the White House. James and you were also present during these meetings as you were their spouses. Being married to them was almost as dangerous as being them.

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Control Ch. 4 (NSFW)

And we’re back! After the Choi boys happiness, time to go back to some angst with doses of smut in this chapter. Next one will be out next week! Hope you like it!



You blink slowly as you’re not sure of what you just heard. Did Seven just ask you what should he vote for?

“I don’t think this is correct, Luciel. She just said she abstains from voting, asking her what should be your vote is transferring your vote for her.” Jumin states, finally taking his eyes away from his glass of wine.

“Not really, if I were transferring my vote for her, she would have two votes. She already used her one vote, I’m about to use mine. It’s still my vote, her answer doesn’t affect my decision, by any means.”

“So why do you wanna know my answer?” you ask, getting tired of being the subject like you weren’t here.

“Hmmm… just curious.” He smiles teasingly, what is he thinking? “So… what do you think, MC?”


“What do you think, MC? Should I do something?” he asks, and though you can’t really see him, you know he’s smirking.

You’re still trying to recover your breathing, your chest rises and falls exhilaratingly, you answer, but can’t even listen to yourself.

“I need you to be loud and clear, kitten. What should I do next?” he brushes his fingers through you wet folds, you arch your back, longing for more friction, but he pries his fingers away as suddenly as he brushed them against your clit.

“F-fuck me…” you were so sure your voice would come out whiny, but no, it’s dripping. “Fuck me, Jumin… please…”

“Oh, is my kitten that naughty?” he asks, taking the blindfold off of you. “I asked you a question, are you naughty, MC?”


“Yes what, MC?”

“I’m… I’m naughty. I’m so naughty. This naughty girl needs to be fucked, Jumin. So please… please fuck me.” It’s like you gather your strength when you recover your vision. You look straight at him and spread your legs.

“So eager for me… so demanding… are you demanding me to fuck you, kitten?”

“No, I’m… begging.” Why does he stall so much? You know all the dirty talking is part of the scene, but you’re pretty sure you made yourself very clear about how much you want him to fill you.

“Very well, then. Stay still.” He crawls over you, his lips attack your neck, nipping and sucking harshly, trailing down to the swell of your breasts. Oh no… is he going to…? Ahh, he bites one of you nipples, making you whimper painfully. You hate bites in your nipples, they’re so sensitive! You squirm your arms, even though you know it will be useless, you won’t be able to get rid of the ribbons tying you against the headboard. Ugh… stupid sensitive nipples, why can’t you even enjoy some bites in your breasts without feeling bothered? His teeth find your other nipple… shit! You squirm again, getting rid of the ribbons. Hum… he didn’t tie you properly, maybe you could show him how to do it one day…

“What did you do?”

“I-I’m sorry, It was a little loose already.” Why are you apologizing? He was the one who didn’t tie you right!

“Such a rebel kitten. Be careful, MC, rebel girls get punished.” His hands hold your wrists next to your shoulders. “I hope you’re ready for your punishment.”

He pulls his cock in, making you scream from the suddenness of his movement. He’s usually more careful, slowly pulling in and taking it out if he feels you can’t handle at first. Not this time. His pace is fast, harsh, all you hear is the sound of his thighs crashing against the back of yours. And this look in his eyes… you’ve never seen it before. So unexpected and sexy… and dark, like if he’s hungry and he’ll have to dig deeper in your body to find what will satisfy his hunger. Do you have what he needs to feel satisfied?

“I won’t allow you to cum. That’s your punishment for releasing yourself from the ribbons.”

“J-Jumin… it was not my fault… ahh… I…”

“You have to deal with the consequences of your acts, MC.”

Yes, you really do. Jumin’s words resonate in your head, it wasn’t your fault he didn’t tie you correctly that night, it wasn’t your fault he listened to a private conversation between you and your client, it wasn’t your fault he was never able to express his feelings like a normal person, to the point you were afraid of telling him the truth about being a domme. It wasn’t your fault, and yet… you had to deal with the consequences, being away from your friends and from your duty with RFA, wondering what you could have done differently. Your suffering was a consequence inflicted by Jumin. And you’re tired of suffering.

“I want to leave.” You say firmly, looking at Seven. You wish you could pretend you didn’t hear Zen, Jaehee and Yoosung gasping.

“MC… are you sure?” Jaehee asks.

“I… I am…” at least you’re trying to be. “Let’s face it, how can we plan parties if I stay in a place when two people don’t want me?”

“MC, let me be clear, I never said I didn’t want you here, I…”

“You’re voting for what you think it will be best for your friend, V. I get it. No hard feelings, I swear.” You make sure to look at him and nod, no smiles.

“Well… is that’s what you really want, sweetheart, I…” Zen says.

“I vote for her to stay.” All eyes hover over Seven again.

“What?” you and Jumin ask at the same time. You feel a shiver when you realize your voices coming out in unison like this.

“My vote. I think MC should stay.” Now you gasp, feeling the need to lean your back in the chair’s backrest. Only to realize how close Jumin is standing behind you.

“But Seven, I… I told you I want to…”

“And I told your answer wouldn’t really affect my decision, MC. I’m just thinking what is best for RFA. We just got back to our original purpose when you showed up and the parties you coordinated were even more successful than the ones we threw previously, so… despite of what Jumin, you or V think, RFA needs you.” Who is this guy and what did he do with Seven? He’s so serious, mature and… manipulative, huh? It was almost like he knew your answer before you.

“Well, majority wins.” V states. “2 abstentions, 2 votes against MC staying and 3 pros. MC stays as guests’ coordinator.”

“I’m so glad you’re staying, MC. We’ll make sure you won’t regret it.” Jaehee says when you two are in the bathroom alone. “I… know why you wouldn’t want to stay, but… don’t mind what other people think. You’re a professional and you’re talented, and RFA would lose so much if you let us. So… count on me to make sure nothing will get in your way too much.” You smile sweetly, her ability with words is impressive, “other people” and “nothing getting in your way” mean her boss, Jumin. Ahh, you missed her prudence.

Well… you’re staying. And even though you said you didn’t want to, somehow this doesn’t feel like it’s against your will. Maybe Seven is right, staying would do a greater good than leaving, think of all those people the parties helped with the money gathered, this is nothing compared to Jumin or you… right? Right. So staying is good, and Jaehee is also right, nothing will get in your way! And “nothing” means Jumin.

Okay, but he is literally in your way as you step out of the bathroom. You give a little jump back, scared by seeing this figure looking at you with his arms crossed and an unexpressive face. Well, not really unexpressive, through the months you were together, you became an expert on unraveling Jumin’s expressions even when they all look the same monotone ones. Right now, he’s angry.

“So you’re staying.”

“That’s how democracy works.” You smile ironically and make your way out of the hallway, but  he blocks you with his arm.

“You really don’t know when to stop.”

“No, you don’t know when to stop. You lost, get over it and do your best to keep it professional.”

“Don’t you see the trouble you can bring to RFA? MC, we are a philanthropic organization, we have people constantly in the spotlight here like Zen, V and me. What do you think it will happen when press finds about your… other ‘job’”? yes, he does the air quote with his free hand when he says job.

“Awww, how cute! You’re worried for your friends’ reputation in case they found I’m a… how did you call me? Oh, a whore, yeah… Well, just know this whore has some of the most powerful media men as her clients, and they know how to handle information pretty well, believe me. I’m in this business for a while now, Jumin, and I have some very important people requesting for my services, if people didn’t find out about this before, is because they are discreet. I deal with powerful people pretty well, it won’t be a simpleton director like you that will harm my ‘job’. It’s been like this for a while now, so don’t worry about your precious reputation. People will never know you almost married a whore.”

“You think you have the upper hand right now, but that just confirms how much of a untrusting person you are, are you aware of this?”

“Well, I don’t need your trust. And I don’t need you pretending you care for V or Zen or RFA, you just care about yourself. Your reputation, your feelings, your problems, your pleasure, so stop pretending you’re not the little selfish prick you are and I can at least pretend I respect you as another RFA member, I owe that to them.” You walk to the other side, Jumin grabs your hand.

“I’m not done.” He says, though he’s not sure about that. He is done, there is nothing else he can say. You don’t respect him, he doesn’t trust you. What else could he say right now? Or do?

It’s quick, he grabs your wrist and you immediately stiffen your body, your free hand pushes him against the wall harshly. Jumin lets out a low yelp when his back hit the wall. You place your knee between his legs and press your body against his, immobilizing him.

“Aren’t you? Okay, so what you’re going to do next?” you ask. Jumin is surprised, is like you read his mind. “I’m asking you, Jumin, what are you going to do? Tie my wrists weakly? Hate fuck me again? Go on.” He stays paralyzed, impressed by your strength.

You hold him by his collar when you kiss him in the lips. Your breath is heavy and you make sure to leave a few bruises. Jumin is surprised, not only by your movement, but also by the fact he doesn’t feel like pulling you away, his breathing is heavy too. He was expecting the same roughness from when you pushed him against the glass table before, but no, you trail your lips gently down to his neck, making him sigh lowly as you keep your strength concentrated in your hands keeping him in place.

He wonders if your physical strength is a requirement for your… services. It must be, right? And how did you never show him any of that when you were together? Where did you hide this tornado inside you all the time? Why did you hide it? He still wants answers, but now he can barely move as you palm his length through his pants.

“I like how you’re naive, somehow, you know?” you stop the kisses and reach for his ear. “Did you really think you could corner me against the bathroom and expect I was going to back away just because you want, after a group decision? Ah, Jumin… you’re cute.”

“MC… I…” you grab his bulge, gaining a low moan in response.Your voice is calm and collected, it doesn’t even feel like you’re putting any strength on your grip… well, maybe you aren’t, after all. He’s just weak to you and your touch.

“You think you’re so above everything, Jumin, but you’re not.” He leans his head against your shoulder when you quick the pace in the friction against his length. “See? You’re rock hard for me already even when you said this was a mistake you would never make again. Don’t you think it’s sad? How you can’t keep your word?”

Jumin can’t answer, he doesn’t know how to deal with the tone of your voice, the way your fingers tease him, the look in your eyes… he missed your touch, even if right now it’s not even close to the passionate touch he was used to getting from you.

“But that has to change, right? You need to keep your word. You have to promise me you won’t get in my way of my work here so I don’t get in yours and we can act like the two professional adults we are. Will you promise me, Jumin?”

“I… y-yes…”

“Yes?” you swear you’re feeling something wet in his pants. Cum? No, pre-cum, for sure. “Good, so keep your word from now on.” You let him go and turn your back on him.

“Are you really going to let me like this?” his voice is husky, but you’re not even fazed.

“Well, you have to deal with the consequences of your acts. See you in the messenger, Jumin.”and you walk away.

Okay, just to be clear, you’re not proud of what just happened, by any means. You should not have done that, you could have made him promise to leave you alone with words, that whole scene wasn’t necessary at all! And yet… all you can think of is the kiss and how quickly he melted against you. Who knew Jumin Han could bend that easy? Maybe he changed in these six months? Or did you change to the point you can finally impose yourself? Well… doesn’t matter, just make sure to stay away from him and avoid trouble.

“Hey, wanna a ride?” Seven is leaning against his car when you walk out of the building. Speaking of trouble…

Chapter 3 | Chapter 5 


We’ve talked a lot about demoralisation amongst doctors, but I think it’s not always easy to understand. Because we do love our jobs and we do want to help people. We want to love our jobs. We all started off desperately wanting to be doctors, and many of us do actually enjoy the doctoring bit. So why are we all so down? I’ll try to give you a taste.

Imagine wanting to do something, to be someone so badly, that you spent your entire childhood and adolescence working singlemindedly towards it. You give it your everything, extra study, more tests, the works. Imagine being the smart kid at school, eager to work hard and impress, and being good at many things. Imagine being able to be nearly anything you could have wanted. Imagine spending the best years of your life stuck in revision whilst everyone around you was partying or dating or doing things that were fun. Imagine paying serious money for the privilege, and taking years out of your life to achieve it. Years studying. Years not working. Years of getting into debt when you could have been supporting yourself or your family. Imagine being so happy to graduate and finally be able to help people. Imagine your nervous, frenzied first attempts at being a doctor in the big bad world out there. Imagine the excitement of succeeding.

Imagine missing friends’ weddings and relatives’ funerals because there was nobody else who could be there to keep your patients safe. Imagine having to make countless excuses to friends and to family and to partners. Imagine all the dates who decided “this is just too… complicated for me. Sorry.” Imagine losing touch with friends because you were always moving, always busy, and always tired. Sometimes they will understand, sometimes they won’t. Imagine all your friends working reasonable hours, earning a decent amount and having time to actually have some semblance of a life. Imagine rarely being able to see even the ones that understand and love you for who you are. Imagine starting to forget what it’s like to have a hobby or do something that isn’t work. Imagine starting to forget who you are, where your role ends and where your personhood begins.

Imagine working long days and silly shifts only to come home and head straight for your books. For exams you struggle to pay yourself. Imagine being a single parent, and having to wonder whether you can afford to do this job because it’s so hard to get childcare. Imagine hearing your child say “You’re never home. I miss you” nearly every day. Imagine your partner telling you that you seem to be working more and more lately. Imagine feeling that you are neglecting your own loved ones in trying to keep everyone else’s safe. Imagine fearing that you will end up resenting the job you love, because it will have taken so much from your life.

Imagine feeling forced to work another last minute shift because there was literally nobody else. Imagine gradually finding that more and more, every day was short staffed and busy. Imagine feeling that you aren’t giving your best care because you are stuggling just to get the urgent things done and keep patients safe. Imagine skipping meals and lack of sleep so often that it becomes normal. Imagine feeling like you can’t take sick leave because there is nobody else to kee people safe.  Imagine things getting busier and busier until work is a nearly constant grind and you barely have time to think. Imagine nearly every day being a ‘major incident’. Imagine increasing pressure from all your colleagues. Imagine feeling unsupported by your seniors or your colleagues on a regular basis. Imagine being left to deal with difficult situations on your own. Imagine how hard it is to deal with grave situations, and how emotionally draining and heartbreaking it can be.

Imagine patients and relatives who don’t see the pressure you are under. Imagine those who scream, yell, demand things are done right away or threaten to sue. Imagine those who are verbally abusive or violent. Imagine the ones that make all your colleagues cry, and from whom you have to hide your tears. Imagine how often your colleagues never report abuse because they don’t feel that they can. Imagine a context where failings are subjected to ‘trial by media’ and individuals are vilified, but the systemic failings which caused mistakes to happen are neither acknowledged nor addressed. Imagine a culture where doctors are under duty by the GMC to whistleblow, but given no legal protection if they do so.

Imagine all your colleagues talking about considering leaving the profession. Imagine your colleagues who have already left telling you life is much better abroad or outside of medicine. Imagine nearly every speciality reporting recruitment shortages, bad morale and overwork. Imagine knowing that you are twice as likely to suffer from mental health problems or suicide.

Imagine becoming more and more afraid that you will slip up due to tiredness. Imagine fearing the impact that this could have on your patients and their families, and how you might live with yourself. Imagine knowing that if you did, you would probably lose your job, but the employers and those who caused those conditions to happen would face no consequences.  Imagine having to talk close friends off the ledge. Not just once, but on a regular basis. Imagine knowing that some people don’t succeed. Imagine knowing that this will only get worse if things deteriorate.

Imagine your boss saying that you’re not doing enough. Imagine them saying that you all need to work more days. Imagine them saying that there just need to be more cuts. Imagine your employer having already cut so many things that everyone is always struggling. Imagine a context where services are not appropriately funded, and then individuals working within are blamed for predictable shortcomings which could have been avoided with appropriate funding and safeguards. Imagine fearing that instead of proper investment, those whose job it is to look after your healthcare system may be trying to privatise it for profit. Imagine wondering if your patients and your children will be able to afford healthcare in the future.

Imagine your boss taking the safeguards away which limit how much time your employer can make you work. Imagine your boss reducing pay for the agency staff who are filling empty posts and keeping things afloat. Imagine being expected to work more hours, more weekends for less pay. Imagine the constant pressure to see more patients in less time, and being given less resources to look after them. Imagine knowing that you will probably work far longer than any rostered hours. Imagine knowing that your senior colleagues are fighting a similar battle and their conditions may be similarly affected. Imagine finding out how many of them can’t wait to retire, and remembering the days when doctors used to love working late into life.  Imagine realising that you may not win this battle.

Imagine your boss telling everyone they just don’t understand why you are all demoralised and telling everyone that you’re actually getting a pay rise and less hours. Imagine the public believing the lies. Imagine the media believing that everyone is demoralised because the union is telling us to be. Imagine the public telling you that you knew what you were getting into. Imagine the public telling you that you are overpaid, greedy, lazy, incompetent and ought to shut up and get back to work. Imagine the public telling you that the way your profession have chosen to voice your concerns (striking) is unacceptable, but not listening to any of the other ways your colleagues have tried to engage them. Imagine hearing over and over again that the system, which is underfunded compared to every other Western country, is ‘unsustainable’ when this is not true.

Imagine just wanting to do your job and help people, but feeling bogged down in difficulties that should never be a part of your job. Imagine loving being a doctor but hating what it has become. Imagine fearing that situations may get so bad that you too may be forced to leave for your own sanity and health.

This is why so many of my peers are demoralised.

The Fitting (Part 4)

(Your attempts to ignore what happened between you and Jungkook are futile and you must make a decision about what your relationship will be going forward.)

Warnings: Oral, intercourse

It had been several days since you had last seen Jungkook and you were grateful for his absence.  All the boys were traveling for fan meetings and promotional events, but you had to stay behind in Seoul to finish alterations on their upcoming video wardrobe and get everything organized for the shoot.

In your mind, you practiced how you would behave once you saw him again.  The last time you spoke to Jungkook was when you had hooked up with him in the office.  You were disheveled, exposed, and still had the taste of him on your tongue when you told him to get dressed so you could get back to work.

You laughed at yourself for behaving so strangely.  You were embarrassed at the indiscretion and ashamed that you had been so brazen with someone younger, someone you worked with, someone you weren’t even dating.  The whole situation made you feel slutty.

On the other hand, slutty felt kind of good

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Neopets Spells/Curses

Originally posted by neoguides

I wanted to make some spells, curses and things based on one of the things that heavily influenced my childhood–which was Neopets!! The world is diverse and there’s so much potential [I like to think, haha].  

I’m planning on collaborating with my sister @bamboo-tea in making more spells with Neopets, not just curses haha. 

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Softly - The Ghost Of You

A/N : I know the lyrics are out of order but I love this song and wanted to use it for a fic and it was the only way I could make in fit.

Reid x reader - scroll for part one!

Four months had passed. Four hellish months.

Every second you spent without him was hell on earth.

You didn’t get chance to say goodbye to him. That night he’d told you to go home you now realised that he must have known. And he didn’t want to you there. Which meant you hadn’t got to tell him all the things you wanted to.

Like how you couldn’t imagine life without him. How you’d planned your wedding in your head already even though you’d only been engaged for two months. How excited his Mom had been when you talked to her on the phone, she’d already ordered at least five hats. Hats she’d now had to cancel or send back.

You couldn’t tell him how perfect he was, and how thankful you were for meeting him. You couldn’t tell him how long you’d actually crushed on him before you plucked up the courage to ask him out, your heart hammering as he’d stuttered out a yes and blushed red. You’d never get the chance to hold him again, to feel his embrace, his lips, his everything.

You hated him for leaving you how he did. Three hours after you’d left his side, at his insistence.

When Morgan had burst into your bedroom in those early hours, you hadn’t needed to ask. The look on his face had been enough and you’d both collapsed in tears. His best friend, and your best friend and lover, your world. Gone.

You couldn’t even remember his funeral. You’d gone, of course you’d gone. But you could barely recall what had happened there. All you remembered was being distraught because you’d not been able to find his favourite purple scarf and you’d wanted to bury him with it.

You still couldn’t find it and it plagued you everyday. You’d had it, the night you’d come home from the hospital. You’d gone to sleep with it tangled around your arms. But it was nowhere to be found, and you turned your house upside down looking for it.

The house…

Spencer had moved in three months before his death, and his stuff was still in boxes. Rather convenient when you thought about it. ‘At least it would be make clearing them out easier,’ had been one thought that had passed through your mind early one morning when you couldn’t sleep. Then seconds later you’d burst into tears at the thought of removing his stuff, his things from your home.

Days blended into nights; half the time you weren’t sure what time it actually was. You rarely left the house now, you had no reason to. You were on indefinite leave from work and when you’d gotten engaged, Spencer had made arrangements so that any death in service benefits would be split between yourself and his mom and you’d done the same with yours.

Neither of you had quite imagined you ever having to use them, but needless to say, they were sat in your bank account paying your bills for you.

The team still came around when they could. Penny and Derek more than the others, although Aaron checked in via text daily. If you didn’t respond within an hour or two he’d call. He was worried about you, they all were.

You knew why. Four weeks after the funeral Derek had turned up at your house to find you sitting at the kitchen table with a bottle of vodka and a tub of prescription pain killers you’d had stashed in your drawer since you’d injured your shoulder on a case two years ago. Derek had been distraught, begging you not to do anything stupid, saying how he couldn’t lose you too, you were all he had left of Spencer.

At the end of the world
Or the last thing I see
You are
Never coming home
Never coming home
Could I? Should I?

So you didn’t go through with it. You weren’t sure if you’d really intended to or not but it seemed like an option at the time. Your Catholic upbringing had niggled at you and said you wouldn’t be reunited with him anyway, not that you actually believed in any of that. When you were dead, you were dead. That was it. There was no heaven, hell or purgatory, just like there was no such things as ghosts or spirits.


Was there?

It was silly you knew, but since the day with the vodka your house had felt strange. Not bad strange but just… Like you weren’t alone.

You’d be walking around and swear you could smell Spencer’s cologne, or you’d be looking for something; one of his books or his watch and you’d turn around and it would be there. Right in the place you’d just looked.

It was…odd.

But you put it down to you not being it the right mindset. You were forgetful right now, you couldn’t think about anything outside of your little bubble. Your tiny little bubble that consisted of just you now, and the memories of things that had happened and of the things that should have been.

The nights were the worst.

You’d lie in bed on his side, hugging his pillow which even now still smelled faintly of his shampoo. You weren’t changing that pillow cover, ever. And then you’d cry.

Sometimes you’d cried yourself to sleep, some times you weren’t sure if you’d slept at all.

And then there were times when you were certain you had to be dreaming….Although when you’d wake in the morning you’d be more tired than ever as if you’d not slept at all.

But you must have been dreaming. Because it wasn’t possible.

In those dreams Spencer would be there. Lying next to you on the bed, his arms wrapped around you and he’d be talking to you.

You’d laugh, and reminisce about old times, and he’d kiss your neck and make you shiver from his breath.

He’d tell you how you had to be strong, how you needed to move on from him.

And you’d tell him that it wasn’t possible, it just wasn’t. He was your true love, your one and only and there was no way you’d ever get over him.

He’d hold you and smooth your hair back until you fell asleep within your dream, and when you’d wake, for a moment you’d feel happy.

And all the things that you never ever told me
And all the smiles that are ever gonna haunt me
Never coming home
Never coming home
Could I? Should I?

And then you’d remember.

And you’d start the day all over again, counting down until bed time in the hope that you’d dream about him again.

Recently the dreams had become more and more frequent. You didn’t mind. It meant you got to see him. You’d go to bed wearing his shirt or his watch. You’d found if you wore something of his, it seemed more likely that you’d dream about him.

And all the wounds that are ever gonna scar me
For all the ghosts that are never gonna catch me

But you still couldn’t find that blasted purple scarf.

If I fall
If I fall (down)

Spencer needed to stop.

I never said I’d lie and wait forever
If I died, we’d be together
I can’t always just forget her
But she could try

He was draining her physically and mentally. She thought she was dreaming when he was there but she wasn’t.

Well, she was in that weird state between sleep and wake, that was where he’d found he could speak to her and make her feel his presence. He was sure she felt it sometimes during the day as well. But it was stronger at night.

He started coming when he’d seen her that day with the vodka and pills. He couldn’t let her do that, but he couldn’t physically stop her. He wasn’t sure how to communicate with her at that point.

Luckily Morgan had stopped her, although part of him wondered what would have happened if he hadn’t. Would Spencer have been reunited with Y/N? Or was purgatory real. He hadn’t thought ghosts to be real either but here he was.

But… him being there wasn’t helping her.

Yes, she seemed happier when he’d showed himself to her, but it wasn’t helping with the grieving process and he knew it.

But he couldn’t stop, he just wanted to hold her one more time. Each night he’d tell himself it was the last time. And each night when she’d dress herself in one of his shirts, he’d find himself waiting for her eyes to close and then he’d crawl onto the bed next to her waiting for her to be able to feel him there.

He needed to stop visiting her, to let her get on with her life. She had other people to look out for her. She didn’t need him. He was scared he was making it worse. That if he kept talking to her, she’d get ideas again. The vodka, the pills.

Get the feeling that you’re never
All alone and I remember now
At the top of my lungs in my arms she dies
She dies

He just….. didn’t want to.

They were meant to have forever together. And now, all he had were those moments when she wasn’t really asleep but wasn’t really awake.

If I fall
If I fall (down)

Cartomancy Readings Open

I picked up some rainbow playing cards for divination, and I couldn’t be happier. They were a dollar at 5 below, and are vibrant and beautiful! I use this* system to divine (I used to be scrying-with-skeletons), and am now including the colour correspondences I use that I wrote about here. Feel free to request a reading!

Cartomancy System 

The Joker - The Wild Cards

The Joker to me is a wildcard. They’re very loud and boisterous in appearance, masking the actions and thoughts below the costume. So, in cartomancy readings, the Joker can signify a surprise; big or small, positive, negative, or neutral. There is something hidden, and it will most likely only be revealed as time passes. The joker is a card of mystery.

Aces - The Theatre Cards

♥ Love, a passion or single joy. The epitome of happiness, almost fake. Also: foolish distraction from the present problems at hand, leading yourself with your heart and not your mind. Blind faith. Dramatic or overdone.

♠ Perfection, desirable outcome and stealthiness. The crowning jewel of a project or event. Also: fantasy, forgetfulness, a lack of foresight. Being absorbed in something so far that you forget what you need to focus on in reality.

♦ Imagination, wealth, and financial security. Happiness in marriage and all relationships, good fortune in deals and contracts. Also: Lack of self-control, overzealous attitude and a flair for the dramatics. Greed and loneliness.

♣ Luck, comfort, foundation. A joyous home filled with charms and magical delights. Happiness, joy, and pleasure. Warmth. Also: suffocating family or friends. Eating away at the inside out.

Twos - The Relationship Cards

♠ The two of spades represents a direct, straightforward relationship. Perhaps seemingly perfect, unparalleled and strong. However, this relationship could suffer due to the starkness and lack of affection. Like a plant, this relationship can grow with the proper care and nutrients. There is nothing wrong with an honest and open pairing, it just needs other aspects to thrive.

♥ The two of hearts is loving, caring partnership. There is joy, mirth, and most of all, happiness. True emotion is felt between all parties. In this relationship, there can reside a simplistic desire to always be together, resulting in missed opportunities/jobs and a loss of material things.

♣ A steady, strong, and healthy relationship is here shown. There aren’t any cracks or waves to rock the boat on this one. A harmonious pairing, and happy times ahead. These relationships can show the toughest pasts, though.

♦ A lustful, often Hollywood-like pairing. Little to no affection, truth, or loyalty. Money becomes the center of the relationship, often shows the partnerships where anything but the two’s+ happiness is important. These relationships are comfortable despite the unhappy conditions.

Threes - the Timeline Cards

The threes represent a timeline, a crossroads, and a time of change. Depending on the suit, each card has a different meaning.

♠ The three of spades represents an easy decision. Like a compass pointing north, it will be hard to stray from this course of action. Timewise, any events due to happen will be swift and obvious, not hesitating to leave a hard, impressionable mark.

♥ A decision that will tug at your heartstrings will leave you guessing. Your decision can go either way, and the more time that passes the harder your decision will be. Think over all the possible solutions, but don’t hesitate once you’ve worked everything out!

♣ Luck, choice, and good fortune will litter this time. You’ll find joy in the journey and be happy with your overall decisions. However, this time will pass soon, leaving you with a dreamy ending that won’t last long.

♦ Money will play a big role in the next few events of your life. Material things, lust, and shallow dreams will pull you on, but don’t get caught up in their glory! They’ll soon leave you behind, wading through the remainders.

Fours - the Foundational Cards

♥ The four of hearts represents a love letter. Perfection in romance, a steady heart. The four hearts form a foundation for a relationship to be built upon, or anything else to be formed with. Passion is a key word here, however, so is being blindsided. While you form the base for a new project or career, you may be crushed from behind.

♠ The four of spades is safety. Protection, cleansing, and warding are important at this time. Watch out for people attacking you or filling your home with negativity. Wear a charged crystal on your person for protection. Be wary though of paranoia, and don’t allow yourself to lose sight of what you love by ignoring it.

♣ Harmony. Smooth sailing. Beautiful homes lined with picket fences, and forgotten troubles. Living in a fantasy world, and making it a reality. Watch out for jealousy and those who wish to watch you crumble.

♦ Financial security. Attraction, peace in material struggles. A lack of fear and forgetfulness. Prepare, however, for though times in the future to avoid them completely.

Fives - The Support Cards

♥ You are loved and supported by many people. Your friends and/or family is accepting and cherishes you, and will back you up if you need them too. Take heart in this energy being sent towards you, it will strengthen you and bring you hope.

♠ Now is a time of communication, directness, and forethought. Use your support system to think and train, and be aware of your surroundings. They’re here to help you, so use their aid wisely. Watch out for “spies” and be sure your inner group is there only to be your guides, and not to harm you in any way.

♣ You will find support in your family, in your home, and in who you spend the most time with. Home is not just four walls and a roof, and this card calls to remind you of that. Be happy in the arms of those you trust as you rest and recuperate for future endeavours.

♦ You will soon find financial support. Whether this be from a new or bonus-bringing job, family, friends, or even birthdays, a bit of money is on its way to you. The universe has begun putting out what you have put into it.

Sixes - The Game Changing Cards

♥ Soon a decision must be made, one in the matters of friendship, love, and loyalty. It may be difficult and wearisome, but the outcome will lead to justice and the fruits of your labour will increase dramatically. Avoid dallying, now is the time to act.

♠ Act quickly and make a decision fast. Now is not the time for frolicking and dilly dallying. Shoot an arrow to the side you are joining, and leave to their camps before you get struck by your enemies. If you are stuck between two choices, pick the one your gut leads you to. Do not seek advice from too many people; a King has one right hand aid.

♣ A slow, easy decision is on its way. You will be able to put this decision at rest with peace in your heart and in your mind. Be comforted by the fact that all will be well in a few weeks or months.

♦ Finances are a big part of this decision. So are job opportunities. Make a decision carefully, and use your resources to the best of your ability.

Sevens - The Masked Cards

♥ Someone in your life is hiding their true selves. This could be representative of yourself, or inner thoughts as well. The reason they hide is due to shame and pain, and most likely fear. They are hurting on the inside and are afraid to reach out and speak, to get the help and love they need. THey may lack sympathy and empathy due to their internal struggles and seem very aloof and vague.  

♠ Poison slinks back to you in the form of a lethal sword. Do not touch it lest you be sliced and burned by its foul liquid! Be cautious and do not accept gifts from those you do not trust. If they seek you out for help, or offer their own services be wary of their intentions.

♣ A piece of your past, particularly your home life, is coming into view. This may be a positive or negative memory, or even a person or place. It may be a shock at first, but soon you’ll become comfortable with the unmasked piece of your past.  

♦ A rival at your workplace will soon become known to you. Perhaps this will be an up and coming salesperson, or a new boss. Whoever it is, try to befriend them instead of disliking them.

Eights - The Wish Cards

♥ Love is in the air! Someone is looking for their heart’s contentment, whether ion romance, friendship, or family ties. Now is a good time to look for helping others, and taking care of those who need your acceptance, joy, and help the most. Keep these people close to your heart for a while, and shower everyone with your gift of love!

♠ A striking, powerful occurrence will soon take place! Something spectacular that will leave you shocked and ecstatic! Look forward to a happy surprise!

♣ A star dazzles above your head! Soon a wish you made long ago will come true. It circles back around just in time to save the day, like a meteor stuck in an orbit around the Earth. Be sure to add your own power to it to be sure it comes true!

♦ Make a wish for something! It’s surely to come if you put some energy into it. If you make it truly sincere, and hope with all of your might, it may just come true after all!

Nines -  The Travel Cards

♥ Adventure, free spirit, and wanderlust are heading your way. Your heart will lead you to where it should be, however, you must be wary of danger! Don’t let your heart guide you so often that you forget to use your brain!

♠ Danger awaits! You’ll swim into rocks if you aren’t careful. Yo may find yourself saved by the skin of your elbows, so be very cautious for the next few weeks. Find solace in knowing that once you end your travels, the destination will be safe.  

♣ Travel back to a place where you have lived before, maybe an old home your family owns, or to a familiar state. It’s time to get back to where you were once before! Alternatively, you can have a staycation and have fun where already live!

♦ Spend some time alone this year, and think on what the next few months will have in store for you. Be open to the new things life has to offer, and also the old ones.

Tens - The Battle Cards

♥ You’re about to enter a battle with your emotions, perhaps with your desires and what you feel is right. Know that your intuition is correct, and that you need to listen to more than just your wants at this time. Wise counsel from friends and family will come into play, and know that they are doing what is best for you even if you cannot do it yourself.

♠ Canons rain down and make the blue sky turn black. Bitter winter will roll in, bring plague, and trap you in your battlements. This will be a rough season, something hard to tough out. Thinking ahead is key at a time like this.

♣ Your homelife may be rock at the moment, or it will be. But just lock down the hatches and know that you will get out of this soon. Stay sturdy like a rock, and don’t give up no matter what!

♦ Your financial life will go through an uneasy struggle soon. So save up now before it gets bad! Like someone preparing for a drought, stock up as much as you can.

Knaves -  The Forgotten Cards

♥ An ex-lover, forgotten friend, or a lonely person around you is looking to connect with you. Take heed and listen to their words. Forgive any mistakes but do not forget them, for the forgotten can make the worst messes.

♠ An assassin from long ago has finally found you. Watch out for old enemies, especially internal ones. They are hidden in the guise of gentle flaws. Think quick when they are revealed, and expect something unexpected to arise.

♣ You will soon find a lost object, friend, etc. Soon a nostalgic memory will appear, and flood you with the past. Don’t be wooed, however, for the past is never as it seems.

♦  A surprise is in store for you, totally invisible at the moment. Don’t be shocked when something utterly amazing happens!

Queens - The Regal Cards

♥ A flowering person is coming into your life! Look out for someone with roses in their hair, a smile along their lips, and joy in their hearts. They may be the dose of beauty that you need in your life, a gift from the Universe.

♠ A solemn, vampiric person will soon enter your life. You may find the sombre character appealing, but beware of their deadly fangs, and the energy they leech off of you while you are unaware.

♣ A maternal, kind person is on their way to you. Someone is looking forward to helping you and bringing you joy. Look for this archetype in your life very soon!

♦ A boss, entrepreneur, or even a rich friend is open to seeing you. Take this into account as you look forward to new times ahead!

Kings - The Royal Cards

♥ Throw off your cape and dance for a while! The battles are over or you’re in between them, and you could use a laugh! Try to dust off that solemn smile and play with some children. Having a good, hearty time will bring life into your weary bones.

♠ You are feeling down, perhaps on high alert. Know that you are in for a little longer of this mess and soon you will be free from it. A time of lightheartedness is in your future, so hold on tight until that day dawns.

♣ Return to your roots. Dig deep through your past if you can bear it, and

♦ It’s time to make a budget, check your inventory, and prepare for times ahead! It may be best to stop spending so much, and worry more about the spiritual side of things for a bit. Is your soul doing okay? Make sure to check up on that as well as your budget!

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wow, you write very well and detailed! the plot is amazing too. can I request a scenario of rfa (and v + saeran if you can) being yanderes while they're dating mc?

Oh, thank you so much! So… I didn’t intend to go full yandere because I wasn’t sure I was comfortable with (not because of the theme, I just wasn’t sure if I knew how to do this), but that kept getting darker as I wrote, and it turned out really abusive and angsty. I’m not proud about Jumin and Saeyoung ones tho, they’re not that great, but I hope that’s what you wanted. :)


RFA + V and Saeran being yanderes ANGST


  • Whenever you hang out in public, he’ll always have an arm around your shoulder or waist
  • In bed, he enjoys fucking you in front of mirrors, he loves to watch himself giving you pleasure
  • Won’t let you cum till you tell him how great he is at everything and how no other man you’ve ever been with could ever be compared to him
  • He won’t forbid you of wearing certain clothes, but he won’t pretend he’s not bothered, he’ll pout and insist you have to change because he was the only one that deserves to see you at your best
  • If he’s not able to convince you, expect to find dark hickys all over your neck, collarbones and thighs after sex, that way you can’t wear low cleavage tops and short skirts
  • He’s not afraid of getting into fights if someone approaches you, fuck the scandals, you’re his
  • You always have a seat reserved on the front row during all of his musicals, and he makes sure the seats by your sides are empty, he doesn’ t want anyone distracting you from giving all your attention to him when he’s performing
  • At first, he would never let you be photographed or give interviews, HE is the public person here and anything concerning your relationship would be answered exclusively by him
  • He used to say this was for your protection, but you knew he just didn’t want you getting the same kind of attention he gets
  • But then, he realized  he enjoyed to show you off to media, so he’d spend days training you to say the right things and find the right clothes, so he’d dress you up like a doll
  • He was determined to turn you to a modern day princess and your relationship should always come across as a fairytale in the public eye
  • But he started actually believing in this, so any attitude of yours that didn’t meet his expectations would be harshly scolded
  • You didn’t feel human anymore, everything you did felt so robotic, made only for other people to see
  • He was the actor here, but you felt you were the one always pretending  to be this perfect princess
  • Neither of you knew what was real now, not even your love


  • He will hold hands with you in public and tight the grip everytime some guy (and girls, eventually) look at you and smile
  • In bed, sometimes his insecurities get the best of him and he can’t hold an erection for long, your warm touch makes him lose control of his body immediately
  • You would always reassure him it was fine, the sex was still great, anyways, and you loved him so much
  • But he didn’t like your tone. To his ears, you sounded like you felt pity for him, and he hated!
  • Still, you always managed to praise him a lot, and you just hoped he could notice that every moan and compliment you gave were sincere
  • He could almost read people’s mind on the streets when you went out. “What is she doing with him? Poor girl can get someone so much better” He was always wondering when you would realize that too 
  • He wasn’t strong enough to fight for you, so the only thing he could do was make himself weaker and weaker, so you would feel obligated to take care of him
  • So he’ll hurt himself everytime you get late from work/school, everytime you talk to another guy, everytime he feels you’re not giving him love and attention enough
  • He hates your pity, but if this will make you stay, he doesn’t care


  • Trust always was a low point in this relationship, even though she would never admit to you and to herself
  • You were always so sweet to everybody, sweet… or were you just flirting to everybody?
  • She gets it, ok? You’re a little younger than her, you’re pretty and bubbly, there isn’t a single person who wouldn’t fall desperately for you like she did
  • But she knew those guys would be coming to the cafe just to see you, they didn’t care about coffee at all
  • So hiring another person and putting you on paperwork felt like a natural move to protect you and her feelings for you
  • You missed talking to people, seeing their smile everytime you would hand over their delicious and beautifully made drinks
  • But you would never complain, you didn’t want to upset her, she would be so cold when she was upset and the sex would feel so awful
  • Because this would be clearly about her pleasure only, and sometimes you could swear your frustration would turn her on more and more
  • In fact, making you feel frustrated was an habit now. She would make you overwork so you’d always look frustrated, stressed out and tired. If you’d be like that, you wouldn’t look that cute to other people now, right?
  • She became what once hurt herself so much, but she couldn’t even realize it, she just wanted to be the only one to see your true beauty and sweetness that would be hidden behind those dark circles under your eyes and the ill aspect of your skin.


  • You didn’t remember the last time you went out by yourself, if he wasn’t with you, at least two bodyguards would
  • His arm is always around your waist, he wouldn’t let his guards down not even around his own father
  • He is very possessive and demanding on bed and this is a huge turn on for you at first
  • But you could always tell when something went wrong at the office, because he would take it out on you very roughly,. Most of the times, you would feel the pleasure through the pain, sometimes you wouldn’t, it was just that scary pain
  • In the beginning, he was very understanding that you had different habits from his, but it got really perceptive when he was slowly pushing his eating and sleeping habits onto you. It was for your own good, he would say.
  • Controlling you was for your own good, he would say
  • Things started to get weirder when you went out by yourself for a couple hours. A friend of yours was in town, she was going through a tough time and could use a friend now, she seemed so sad and afraid, you felt that taking the bodyguards could be intimidating
  • When you returned home, you never seen his eyes that dark and never heard his voice this low and husky. “Where were you?” “Why didn’t you take my calls?” “Are you leaving?” “Are you trying to escape like Elisabeth did that time?” Oh no, not this again…
  • He got you a bracelet with a tracking device, the bodyguards got very detailed instructions about never leaving you alone if he was not around, a female bodyguard was hired exclusively to watch over for you in the bathroom, that was the level of insanity going around that penthouse
  • You and Elisabeth were his precious little kittens, but if you’d gonna behave like an wild animal, he’d need to tame you at all costs


  • He is not too clingy in public, but he’s always by your side or a little behind you
  • In bed, he will make you scream his name out loud and tell you’re his, only his
  • If he was too busy, he would hire Vanderwood to keep an eye on you when you’d go out
  • As much as you enjoyed Vanderwood’s company, it was uncomfortable, and you told him. He didn’t like it, but dismissed his services on a very passive-agressive way.
  • “I’m just worried about your security, MC, it’s a shame you don’t care about yourself as much as I do… but I won’t tell you how to live your life”
  • Still, he needed to know if you were always ok, so he attached GPS devices on your clothes and would always hack security cameras on the streets to watch you
  • He also installed cameras and wires at your apartment, but he didn’t tell you.
  • Hacking your laptop and phone started as a hobby , but quickly became a habit, he’d love to trace patterns in your interests
  • But everytime you ‘d search something he considered inappropriate (like photos of that cute guy on that boy band) he would take down the internet at your home or send you a virus, this also worked as an excuse to go to your place or make you go to his, 
  • This happened so often that you felt you were actually living together, but not in a very natural way
  • He got obsessive about your online activities, he felt he could know you better like this than actually talking to you.
  • Everybody is more honest when nobody is watching, and although you were so special, you weren’t any different . Watching you like this would make sure you would never lie to him.
  • He just wanted to be the one who knows you the best, it was the least he could do after pushing you away like that. Now he wanted you closer as possible.
  • None of  the tasks he did for his previous job felt filthier like this one, and he got surprised how much this satisfied him


  • Like Saeyoung, not clingy in public
  • But he showers you in compliments in front of others, and gets slightly angry if people don’t respond in a way he considers adequate
  • Even when you don’t take his compliments as he desires, he will get frustrated. “You need to start seeing yourself as the magnificent person you are, MC. It really bothers me you’re uncapable of”
  • He puts you on a pedestal, and everytime you do something that doesn’t go according to how he pictured you should do, he will scold you for not reaching your full potential
  • Takes tons of pictures of you doing several activities during the day, and sometimes, he takes pictures of your reactions when he touches your body and praises you, those ones became a collection
  • A very prestigious art critic pointed out how the model would look despaired in some of the pictures, which V hated
  • Now he was determined to only get your joy in his photos, so he would create every possible situation that could make you smile. But still, nothing was good enough for him, you never looked happy enough, and he would be very clear about how frustrated he was with you
  • You watched as your boyfriend was only seeing you through pictures, you didn’t feel like a real person who could show her emotions genuinely
  • But what hurt the most was that you didn’t see your boyfriend’ eyes anymore, they were always behind the camera lens


  • He’s too shy to show affection in public, but he’ll walk with beside you, glaring at people like a hound dog
  • In bed, he is very instable. Sometimes he treats you like a porcelain doll and touches you like you’re gonna break, he feels so guilty for everything he did, so treating you like this feels like he’s finally doing the right thing
  • Other times, he’ll be rough, very rough. You’ll have dark bruises due to hard hickys all over your body, he enjoys tasting your blood, he says is the most delicious thing he ever tasted
  • He can be like this out of the bed too, the shy and quiet Saeran or the loud one who’ll snap at you over the silliest things. You never know which Saeran you’re gonna face
  • He hates it being like that, he feels like shit and knows this is too much for someone so bright and lovely as you to handle.
  • But he’s so afraid you’ll see you’re making a mistake being with him, it’s probably a matter of time for you to notice you’re too good to him
  • So, before you realize that, he has to find a way for you not to feel so good, he needs to lower you to his level
  • His snaps will be more aggressive, he’ll tell you how useless you are at everything, you’re stupid, futile, you’re so lucky that he’s patient with you, you ‘d never find a guy who could bare you like he does
  • And slowly you start believing in that, you never noticed how much you and him are alike. Yes, you’re lucky you have him, if you two  are so wrong for the rest of the world, at least you can be wrong together.
  • He  feels like shit, the only way to make you stay is if you feel exactly like him
The Wedding Crasher

I was watching Say Yes to The Dress when it hit me. Not too long ago I was having a conversation with my best friend about me and my wedding, in some distant future. He reassured me that no matter what he was going to be there with bells and whistles being a part of whatever I wanted. He thought I’d say he was going to be one of my bridesmaids, but I actually want him to be the one to walk me down the aisle because he means that much to me. Anywho… that is basically what got me to write this imagine! Enjoy :D

Taron finally sees you in your dress the day of your wedding day when he comes to realize his real feelings for you.

Warnings: None
Taron x Reader
Not my gif**

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don’t you want to take me home?

pairing: daveed diggs x reader

request: “wanted to request one (with Diggs if you don’t mind) where you’re an old friend of Lin’s and you and Daveed meet on opening night. You can take it anywhere you want after that.”

summary: reader is one of lin’s oldest friends, so of course she’s at the opening night after-party. and of course diggs is into her.

warnings: NSFW! smut, alcohol, flirting, bathroom sex

word count: 4,262

a/n: title from clippng’s ‘tonight.’ this happened. idk. still going to hell.

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All My Friends Are Heathens, Pt.3

Summary: In an alternate universe where monsters roam freely among humans, eight of these creatures group together under one roof. Their newest member, a dark vampire, comes to meet their reoccurring house guest who may be more than what she seems.

Pairing: Vampire!Bucky x Reader
Word Count: 2118
Genre: AU
Warnings: Mentions of blood, sexual content.
A/N: Sorry this part took so long, my dears!! But it’s here now and I hope you like it!

Click HERE for a little more character information.

| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 Prequel | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 |

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You were only home for a few days when you started growing suspicious of your friends. During your first night back it seems they noticed the connection between you and Bucky. How you seemed to gravitate towards each other, like an invisible force was trying to pull you closer together. But now any time you were just about to make the slightest contact, something would come up.

It started out unsuspectingly enough. You had been alone in the lounge with Bucky the day after your return and he was telling you about his past. Just as the moment was turning a little more heated, Natasha had walked in. She asked for your help and effectively ended your moment with Bucky.

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Letter to Young Engineers

This letter, from a father to a son, was written by professional engineer Bob Breeze upon his son’s graduation as a mechanical engineer. The letter was published in a collection entitled, Letters to Young Engineers, published by the University of Ontario Institute of Technology and edited by Daniel Hoornweg, UOIT associate professor and Jeffrey Boyce Research chair. Inspired in part by Ranier Maria Rilke’s Letters to a Young Poet, the book was presented to recent engineering graduates at the university to inspire and encourage their continued development as professional engineers.

Congratulations on your graduation!

You have good reason to be proud of your accomplishments.

Now take time to reflect: Take time to think about your personal and professional goals. Reflect as well on what it means to be an engineer in this ever-changing world and, more importantly, what it means to be a fully contributing member of society. How will you take your place in your community, this country, and the world? There are tough personal and career decisions ahead that will challenge the very idea of who you are.

Engineering teaches that you can think your way through any problem when it is broken down into manageable parts. But today’s broader societal problems can’t be broken down in the same manner. Our problems are intractable. They are multidimensional. Sound decisions require us to consider the ethical, social, cultural, environmental, and economic sides of any issue. They didn’t teach us that in engineering school.

I can’t help you make the tough decisions ahead. Frankly, I’m not sure what tomorrow or these decisions will look like. But here are some things that you can do to prepare yourself for the future.

Read Broadly

Engineering students don’t receive a broad education. The curriculum focuses on the narrow confines of our profession. Many argue that it must focus given the amount of material engineering students have to master.  I won’t argue either point, but you need to catch up and develop a broader understanding of the world around you.

Read literature, history, economics, philosophy, biographies, and poetry. Build an appreciation of the arts. Go to the symphony as well as the jazz festival. Listen to TED lectures and download podcasts for those long flights or commutes to work and back.

There are many points of view, and many solutions to any problem. The key to taking a broader role in your community is to understand these points of view, develop sound judgment, and use it to guide you in the future.

Follow Current Affairs

We aren’t just taxpayers. We are citizens first. To be good citizens, we must follow what is happening around us and seek to understand root causes. Take an interest in what’s happening in your community, nation, and world affairs.

What was the “Arab Spring” all about? How are its effects shaping our world? What should we do about it? Can we do anything about it?

And at home, what caused the Lac-Mégantic disaster and the Walkerton drinking water tragedy? Were these caused by lazy or drunk workers? Or by greedy companies? Or by the current focus of our society on profits? It’s up to you to decide and to use this understanding to guide your professional and personal decision-making.

Get Involved Politically

Politics isn’t a dirty word! Politics is how societies consider issues and make decisions. Being a politician is a noble profession. Yes, too many politicians have been found lining their own pockets at our expense. And political parties have become far too introspective. They cater to the needs of the party base and not the good of the province and country. You can help change that! Politics must focus on the broader public good and not just the good of the few.

It doesn’t matter what political party you choose to support. Just make sure that the vision and, more importantly, the actions of your chosen political party align with your personal views.


Mahatma Gandhi said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Remember the two years your mother and I spent in the African bush teaching science and languages? It was a tough assignment, but in the end we gained far more than our students. It taught us self-reliance and judgment, and it gave us an appreciation [of] how difficult life is in many developing countries. It was a personal growth experience and … we found ourselves!

Your mother and I have done well personally, financially, and in our careers. You could argue that it was because of hard work and good judgment. Yes, but there was a lot of luck involved too. We were born and grew up at the right time and place. Reach out to those who are less fortunate and in need of help. Volunteer in your community. Give back!

Be Ready for Opportunities

You need to have career and personal goals and sound plans to achieve them. After your time of reflection, you need to decide what you want to do with your life and your career. But you still need to maintain a good measure of flexibility and be ready to seize opportunities that present themselves.

This will often mean a move out of your comfort zone. But that’s a good thing. The psychological high after you’ve accepted a challenge and achieved what you set out to do is amazing!

Just don’t be complacent. Keep moving forward. Challenge yourself.

Learn to Communicate Effectively

Engineers are poor communicators! We think once we have worked through the calculations, the solution should be obvious to everyone. But it is not obvious to everyone.

The best ideas are often lost because they weren’t well communicated or the timing was wrong. Senior decision-makers have limited time and are being pressed from all sides. Make it easy for them to see the benefits from their perspective.

Join Toastmasters, or take a course in public speaking and making presentations. And before the big day, practice, practice, and practice!

Speak Truth to Power

Let’s stop building subways to city wards when there is no business case. Spending hundreds of millions of dollars to extend a subway to solidify votes for the next election is dishonest! Let’s push for evidence-based decision-making.

It’s easy to follow the path of least resistance, and we all need to do that at times. You can’t keep hitting your head against the wall. But when the issue at stake is fundamentally important, stand up and speak truth to power. Engineers need to let their voices be heard on issues of public importance.

In conclusion, engineers can continue to be small, bit players in community, provincial, and national decision-making by providing technical solutions to narrowly defined problems. Or they can get involved in helping define the problem, thinking through the broader social, cultural, environmental, and ethical implications, considering the broader options, and communicating to the broader society. They can make sure that engineering thinking is part of problem definition, analysis, and solution.

I have a tee-off time this afternoon. Here’s the torch! Let me know how it goes.

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How to Build a Client List

Winning new business and keeping it is central to the success of any new venture. The ability to maintain a client list is also vital if you work in a competitive sales environment. Putting an advert in local business and classified listings and hoping will only get you so far. If you’re going to build a solid customer base and grow, you need to aggressively chase market share and make sure you’re doing all you can to keep your clients happy.

Step 1

Prepare two spreadsheets to store the contact details of your clients. Use one to keep the details of customers you’re currently trading with, and the other to record information about clients you’ve dealt with in the past and potential new business. Use a cloud-based spreadsheet service or make more than one copy of your client lists to ensure you don’t lose information if you experience IT problems. Update and review each list religiously as you gain new business or come across possible leads.

Step 2

Create a professional-looking and functional website and a social media presence. No matter how small or large your business, a solid online platform will not only pull in clients searching for the goods or services your company provides, it will also act as an important point of reference for potential customers you contact when touting for new business. If you don’t have the necessary skills yourself, retain the services of a web designer and an SEO copywriter.

Step 3

Put together a brief letter introducing yourself to potential clients. Include a short outline of your work history and previous achievements and a description of the goods or services you’re offering. Create a basic template you can alter for specific individuals or companies.

Step 4

Ask your predecessor for her client list. If you’ve just started a new sales role and the person you’re taking over from is moving on to another industry sector where it’s unlikely she’ll be selling to the same individuals or companies, ask if she wouldn’t mind passing on her contacts. You can do the same if you’ve just bought an existing business. Although you’ll inherit regular trade that’s already on the company’s books when you take over, it will still be worth your while to ask the previous proprietor for any additional leads he may have. Call the contacts you get to introduce yourself and follow up by sending personalized letters.

Step 5

Check local business listings for companies that may require your services. If you’re selling directly to the public, you can buy targeted data from firms that sell consumer contact details. Again, approach potential clients in the first instance by phone and then follow up with a letter. You should also make yourself available to meet potential clients in person. If this is not possible due to your location, liaise by video conference online.

Step 6

Price competitively. Keep a close eye on what your competitors are charging. If your fees are higher than theirs, make sure your clients know they’ll get something extra for the additional money they spend with you.

Step 7

Offer a generous discount for repeat business. One of the best ways of holding onto your clients is by rewarding them for their loyalty. You can also offer additional perks such as regular social events. Running promotions and offering clients commission for sending new business to you is another way you can keep your existing customers happy and drum up new trade.

Step 8

Employ a sales agent. If you find you don’t have the time to chase new business due to the day-to-day demands of running your company, hire a sales professional to help you expand your client list.

Step 9

Retain the services of a public relations agency to promote your firm and buy advertising online and in local media. Run any campaigns you launch with a special offer for new customers.

Step 10

Maintain your service levels. Your clients will only keep trading with you if they’re consistently happy with the service you provide. Treat all repeat business as though you’re dealing with a client for the first time.