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Got7 Reaction: Finding Out About Your Extreme Colorblindness


“ Helloooo ♡ May I request a got7 reaction to their s/o being colorblind (the “extreme” type, who only see in shades of grey) and they discover it through some incident because their s/o tried to hide it for as long as they could? I really loved your writing for the don’t feel enough reaction so I’d be very pleased to read you on this hehe ♡ Thank you! ”

- Anon


Mark would find out when you both went shopping for furniture for the new apartment you both would be moving into together. You had insisted he go and surprise you but he wouldn’t be having any of it, so you went in hopes he wouldn’t find out. Now, as a bit of background, you both had decided to paint the walls a soft beige color as it wouldn’t be so dark it absorbs all the light and it wouldn’t be bright enough to cause a headache. So there you were looking at two different colors of the same couch with your boyfriend trying to choose which one would look nicer. Now, this would have been easier if you weren’t extremely colorblind. You looked back and forth with pursed lips unable to make a decision and then looked at your boyfriend without a clue which is what cause him to catch on. He looked back and forth from the couches as well and then looked at you with furrowed eyebrows. It normally didn’t take you this long to make a decision, and to be honest you didn’t exactly look focused either. Mark then pulled you to the side, concern written all over his face. He asked you if something was wrong which caused you to take a deep breath and finally come clean…

“Mark…I erm…I kinda can’t see the colors”

He furrowed his eyebrows, unsure if he heard you correctly which you took as a que to elaborate.

“I’ve been diagnosed with rod monochromacy which means I can only see in black, white, and shades of gray…It’s been that way since I was born”

You look away and scratch the back of your head awkwardly unsure of how Mark would react, especially since you’ve been together for roughly 2 years and this is the first time he has found out.

He shakes his head and chuckles pulling you into a hug and asked why you didn’t tell him sooner. Once he finds out why he kisses your head and chooses a random couch so you both can finally go home and talk more in detail about it as he would like to learn more about your condition.

- Min-Y~

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It was your first free day in months and Jaebum had made reservations at a nice restaurant. You both rarely have a day off at the same time so this was a special occasion and it seemed he really wanted to impress you. He pulled out your chair for you trying his hardest to be a gentleman. You couldn’t help but find it adorable.

As you both looked over your menus you saw that they luckily had a color scheme that made it easy to read. There were countless times you almost had to guess what a menu said because they were so difficult to see. Sometimes colors just meld together.

You, of course, had always planned on telling him about your color blindness, but you thought that if he didn’t even notice it then it could wait till later.

“And you miss?” The waitress’s voice grabbed you from your thoughts. Jaebum had already ordered and was worriedly glancing at you. “Uh-hm! Yes, I’ll have this one thank you.” You gestured to the menu and the waitress nodded writing it down on her notepad before grabbing the menus and disappearing.

Jaebum gave you a questionable look. “Y/n are you feeling alright?” You felt terrible for having worried him. He was trying so hard to make this night perfect. “I’m really fine, babe don’t worry. This is a really nice place, thank you for bringing me here.” You gave him a sweet smile and he nodded.

You both caught up with each other’s lives while waiting for the food to be brought out. You spoke of office gossip while he told you what crazy things the boys had done on their recent filming of a tv show. It was so nice seeing him after so long you didn’t even realize the waitress had come back with food until a plate was abruptly sat in front of you. You were so hungry you both kinda just shut up and started to stuff your faces.

You were three bites in when suddenly your eyes began to water and your throat felt like it had just burst into flames. “H-hot!” You waved your hands around frantically looking for something to cool off your taste buds but the waitress had just taken your drink away to refill it. “H-here! here! Drink mine!” Jaebum looked completely terrified as he quickly put his cup to your lips spilling some across your dress. The whole restaurant seemed to be looking your way. You’d never been so embarrassed in your life as multiple employees ran to your aid. The spice on your tongue was numbed by the realization that you had just made a scene in a fancy restaurant. Jaebum quickly asked for the check while wiping the spilled liquid off your dress and you both left at the speed of light.

“I didn’t know it’d be that spicy..” You grumbled quietly. Jaebum chuckled. “I don’t know how the menu had everything spicy printed in red.” He put a hand to your forehead. “Are you sure you’re feeling alright?”

Your eye’s widened. I couldn’t tell the difference, you thought. You decided it would probably be best to tell him about your color blindness now.

Surprisingly he just shrugged it off saying “Well if I didn’t notice all this time then it’s shouldn’t be a problem really.” You smiled happily.

“Oh but next time I’m definitely checking your order before the waitress takes it.” You both laughed.

“I don’t think we’ll be able to get into that restaurant again.”

“Probably not.”

You decided to finish the night by going to a convenience store and eating ramen outside. It was a lot more fun anyway.

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   The fans knew Jackson extremely well. He was open and honest with them as much as he could be because he loved them, but one thing he’s kept secret is that he likes to draw. Paint, to be more specific. He even has a special art studio room in your house that he spends hours in, just painting away. He never really asked for your opinions on colors, though, just how well you thought it looked after he was done, but today he pulled you in the room and asked you which color he should use for a bird he was painting.

   "Blue?“ you suggested.

   "Okay, but which one?” he whined, leading you over to a shelf with paint bottles neatly arranged on them.

   You looked over the shelves, looking between him and the bottles.

   "Uhh…….Jackson?“ You said hesitantly. "I………..can’t help you.”

   "Why not?“ he asked, tilting his head like a confused puppy.

   "Because I can’t tell them apart.” You say, feeling embarrassed.

   "Oh,“ he giggled, not understanding what you meant. "It’s okay. You’ll learn to tell the shades apart. It’s hard for some people, but you’ll get it.”

   He reached forward, grabbing two bottles and inspecting them.

   "Sapphire or cerulean?“ he asked and held them up to you.

   "Jackson, sweetie,” you sighed, taking the bottles from him. “They both look gray to me.”

   He furrowed his brow and tilted his head again. “What do you mean? They’re blue.”

   "I’m colorblind, Jackson. They’re gray.“ You finally spilled your secret.

   You never really knew why you kept it a secret from him anyways. You guessed it was because, with him, you never felt like the world was black and white. He would sit and talk to you for hours about his paintings and the colors and his painting techniques, and you felt like you knew what the colors looked like. You didn’t feel like it was necessary to tell him.  

   "What?” he asked without thinking, letting his jaw drop slightly and his eyes widen.

   "I’m colorblind.“ You repeated, but it sounded more like a question.

   "How long have you been colorblind?”

   "Since birth, I guess.“ you shrugged. "I can’t remember ever seeing colors.”

   "Why didn’t you tell me?“ He looked almost hurt that you didn’t share what seemed to be such a critical piece of information.

   "I just thought I didn’t need to. It’s not that important, Jackson, really.” You laughed slightly and turned to walk out. “I’m sorry I can’t help.”

   He grabbed your wrist and pulled you over to a painting he must have finished earlier as it was still slightly wet.

   "This is red.“ He pointed to some leaves on a tree.

   "What are you do-”

   "Maroon, to be exact.“ he continued, cutting you off. "It’s a warm color. It looks like how a fire feels.”

   He then smiled widely and pulled you into his chest, wrapping you in his warm arms.

   "Or like one of my hugs.“

   He pulled back and pointed at a different part of the painting.  

   "And this is blue…”

   He continued to explain what the color felt like, hoping it’d make you feel better, and it did.



“Let’s go shopping.” You weren’t expecting Jinyoung to suggest something like that.

You were debating where you should go for a casual date and you had made many suggestions, going to a movie, eating out, just basic date places. Normally shopping would be among those but seeing as you were color blind it was difficult for you to pick out clothes. You mostly got clothes online where you could read the description of the items or as gifts.

You thought if he found out that you were color blind, he wouldn’t want to deal with it. It’s not easy to live with, you can’t drive, or pick out clothes, or even tell the difference between ketchup and mustard. It’s a hassle and you’d be like this forever. You’ve been lucky all this time to play things off and bull shiting yourself out of situations.

“But I don’t need to buy any clothes.” Jinyoung smiled. “I know but it’d be nice to spoil you every once in awhile.” What is this? He’s being way to nice. What was he thinking? “Pretty please, y/n?” He put on his best pout and honestly who could say no to that face. Maybe it’ll be an easy day and you can just act like the clothes don’t interest you.

You had been shopping for a few hours and luckily hadn’t been asked anything about colors quite yet. “Oh what about this one.” A patterned skirt had caught your eye and you completely forgot the plan to not discuss any clothing in detail. Jinyoung was quick to come to your side as it was the first time you’d shown any interest since you’ve been out. “It’s nice but I’m not sure what you’d wear with this.” You both looked across the store for something to match. Mainly, you were praying that you wouldn’t pick any clashing colors.

As you searched you soon came across a plain turtleneck crop top that would look adorable with the skirt you had found. When you showed Jinyoung the top he looked impressed. “Wah, this really goes well with the design of the skirt. Ah, but there is one thing..”

He took the shirt from you and walked towards a shop employee. You were utterly confused. A few minutes later she came out with what seemed like the exact same shirt but a shade darker. Your eyes widened. Did he find out? No way, but then why would he get a different colored shirt? He bought the outfit while you began to overthink every little thing.

“W-why did you change the shirt?”

“It’s nothing really there was just a rip in the sleeve is all.” He was lying. Even though he smiled kindly you knew the shirt didn’t have a rip and the color definitely changed.

He knew.

You nearly burst into tears right there. Jinyoung’s smile quickly faded. “Hey, what’s wrong baby? Don’t you like it?”

“You know. You know about my eyesight don’t you?” He was shocked but quickly answered honestly.

“Yeah, Actually I found out a few months ago when talking to you mom. She slipped up during our conversation and asked me to pretend like nothing was wrong.”

Months? He’s known all this time. You thought back to all the times he could have caught you but didn’t, and it really made sense. “Y-you don’t mind it?” He gave a gentle smile trying his best to reassure you. “Of course not. It’s really not that big a deal to me. I love you y/n. What kind of man would leave the person he loved over something so trivial?”

You felt bad for doubting him in the first place. Blushing you looked down at your feet. “I love you too.”

Later that night

“Hey, so what color was so bad you needed to exchange it?”

“Oh it was this awful brown yellow color, I swear I almost asked you if you were color blind when you were picking it out before I realized what I was saying.”

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“No. No! Damn it!.” You yelled as the screen went dark and the pixelated words that read ‘Game over!’ flashed in your face almost mocking you for the 3rd time in a row.

Youngjae had decided to take you on a spur of the moment arcade date knowing how much you’d love it. You were very into video games and to be honest most days Youngjae would whine over you paying more attention to the games than him.

“Hey let’s play something else. Preferably something less competitive.” He laughed at your pouting face squeezing at you cheeks trying to get you to smile for him. Which you did. You tend to cave easily when it involves Youngjae. You’ve never been able to stay mad at him for very long. So when your face finally softened his smile widened.

“There’s my beautiful girlfriend! I missed you!” He kissed your forehead making you blush slightly.

“What should we play?” He asked while scanning the room. Your eyes bounced from machine to machine and finally landed on the long isle of claw machines with various prizes.

“Ohh! Let’s do one of those!” You pointed and jumped excitedly. He frowned. “What’s wrong you don’t want anything from them?” He looked down at the floor. “’s just…” You bent down and looked up at his face since he was avoiding eye contact. “I can’t really…play those I can’t win you anything.” You giggled. “That’s okay baby I’ll win something for both of us.” You gave him a wink and pulled him towards the claw machines.

“Which one?” He looked at all the prizes carefully but his eyes lit up at the machine filled with stuffed bears. He began pointing towards the bears and dragged you over. “Alright then!” You cracked your knuckles and put in some coins.

“Are you sure you can do this?” Rolling your eyes at him you moved the claw towards the first bear to catch your eye. You couldn’t exactly see a difference between them since you were color blind and all so you just went with your gut.

“Oh. Oh! You got it y/n!!!” You were both screaming as the bear fell into the square slot.

“Next time don’t question the master.” You crossed your arms and he laughed “Okay okay. Fair enough. Let’s get another that way they can be a couple.” You nodded happily.

“Oh get the blue one!” He pointed excitedly at the corner. You maneuvered the claw towards where he pointed and pressed to button ensnaring another stuffed bear in the claw.

Youngjae gasped over dramatically “No!!! Y/n!” Now you were both screaming as the bear slowly made its way to the square slot.

“What?! What’s the matter?!!”

“What do you mean ‘What’s the matter’ that’s not the blue one!!”

“It’s not?!?”

“No! Wait…. You couldn’t tell?”

Your eyes widened at your sudden slip-up and you laughed nervously at his confused face. You heard the clunk of the bear and the machines automated voice say 'Winner!’

You decided now was probably the best time to tell him about your color blindness.

He took it really well and listened to your every word as you explained to him in detail about your disability and how you didn’t want it to affect how he saw you so you just pretended it didn’t exist. The only thing he was really shocked about was how he didn’t even notice.

A week later

Youngjae was mumbling to himself in the kitchen while you were on the couch playing video games you could faintly hear him saying

“Maybe I don’t pay enough attention to her…”

Pausing the game you snuck up behind him giving him a hug

“You know Just last month I heard you mumbling about me not paying enough attention to you.”

He laughed as you winked at him when he glanced over his shoulder

“Maybe I just can’t get enough of you.”

He turned in your embrace hugging you tightly to his chest. He glanced at the counter where both the pink bears were set as if holding hands. “You know I think the pink bears match the furniture better.”

“It all looks gray to me anyways.”

“Oh yeah.”

It was gonna take a little getting used to.

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BamBam would find out about your color blindness one day when you came over to have a lazy day by yourselves. You had been binge watching some of your favorite movies together and eating plenty of junk food. Things started to go south when he offered you a hand full of skittles. “Here y/n, just don’t take the last red one.” He laughed thinking it would be an easy decision for you to make but when he saw you hesitated his smile disappeared.

‘What are the odds?’ You thought to yourself, ‘That out of a handful of skittles you’d choose the only red one?’

You quickly chose the first one your eyes landed on and popped it in your mouth smiling up at him. That smile faded fast when you saw the look of utter betrayal on your boyfriends face. He gasped as you let out a nervous laugh.

“How could you! My own lover!?” He tackled you on the couch sending popcorn, chips, and candies flying across the room. Pinned to the cushions he began to tickle your sides. “Wait! Wait I didn’t mean–haha. Please, stop!” He pulled back looking you in the face“I can’t believe you would do such a thing.” He dramatically clutched his chest as if he was in pain. You rolled your eyes.

“Listen, there’s something I need to tell you.” BamBam’s face suddenly turned serious along with your tone. You figured another instance like this would arise in the future, and that you might as well be honest with him now. As you explained the condition in great detail he was quietly listened hanging onto your every word.

“Why did you tell me you were color blind before y/n?” You looked down at your hands. “Well, I guess I just wanted to be treated like everyone else. Not seen as handicapped you know.” He rested a hand on your shoulder.

“I would never do that.” You smiled at him. “I know, that’s why I decided to tell you.” He laughed. “Can I ask you a question?” You raised an eyebrow wondering what he wanted to know. “Sure, go ahead.” He gave you a really serious look which made you nervous.

“So how could you tell when I changed my hair color?!” You burst into laughter at his question. “It’s because you make a face.”

“A face?”

“Yeah, you make a ‘Hey look at me don’t I look fucking amazing’ face.”

After laughing for a while you would go back to watching movies. The only difference would be him trying to describe the colors to you every once in awhile.

“Oh! And you see him right he’s wearing this like badass red it’s like fire! Oh, wait you can’t see the color of fire right. It’s like Sha-bang! Pow! I am here and in your face what you gon do bout it?!”

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He ran into your room obviously excited about something but you could barely understand due to how fast he was speaking and Korean really wasn’t your first language, so you chuckled to yourself and asked him to slow down a bit and reminded him to actually breathe. he laughed to himself and started to talk about bam’s new hair color and how he wanted to be able to dye his hair some outrageous color. You nodded along giggling at his boyish excitement and charm until he started pulling up pictures of hair colors he was considering on his phone. You bit your lip hoping he wouldn’t notice the nervousness that slowly crept onto your face as he stared at his phone awaiting your response while flipping through pictures. You tried to shrug it off by saying you liked the color of his natural hair in which he thanked you but became pouty because “I wanna be differentttt thooughhhh Jagiiiiiii!” You giggled and ruffled his hair, still biting your lip nervously and that’s when he looked up at you and noticed much quicker than you had anticipated. He tilted his head curiously and smirked. He pulled up two pictures of bam and asked you which one was his natural hair color, which caused you to bite your lip embarrassed as you looked from picture to picture, figuring you had a 50/50 chance of getting it right before you sighed and put your head in your hands pouting while deciding to come clean.

“I don’t know….because I’m extremely colorblind..”

“Like, you can’t see certain colors or?” he asked as he furrowed his brows awaiting your response.

“I can only see shades of gray yug..” You said embarrassed as you hid your face in your hands sighing, not being able to bear to look at his reaction.

Little did you know his smile grew and that’s when you heard him giggle

You lifted your head a little to see why he was giggling, and he took that opportunity to cup your cheeks in his hands as he peppered your face in small meaningful kisses, his smile not leaving his face.

“Aweee Jagii~~~ Why didn’t you tell meeee???” He said as he failed to hold back his endearing smile.

“Because, it’s embarrassing” you dragged out and looked away, scratching the back of your neck.

“But it makes you so unique and special and even more perfect which I didn’t think was possible!!~” He peppered your face in yet another round of kisses.

This is where you started to giggle and hug him tightly thanking him for not finding it as a setback or flaw. He chuckled and held onto you tightly before he just had to ruin the moment

“Plus it means I can record a really funny video of you seeing colors for the first time when I get you those special glasses I heard about~~ Ahhh what a memory that will be~”

- Min-Y~

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Hey guys

as you can tell, we all kind of worked together on this one and I really hope you liked it!~

With this reaction request we managed to show you some of the differences in our writing styles and I really hope that overall you enjoyed it!

None of us have experience with this condition but we did do research to help us understand it better although we apologize if its not exactly accurate~

- Admin Min-Y

How to Help Someone Who Is Experiencing Dissociation

It’s hard to give advice that will help everyone, because people can experience dissociation in different ways and find different things helpful.

It can be hard especially if the dissociation is mild/persistent or subtle to identify when a person is dissociating, so maybe when the person you are trying to help when they are in a good place, ask them about triggers and early warning signs, as this may help you realise when they need help.

It’s good to talk to someone if you want to help them to find out what they prefer: do they feel uncomfortable if they’re touched while dissociating, or does it bring them back? Do they want space? Do they want to talk?

Sometimes playing simple, repetitive games that allow the person to engage with someone but that don’t require a great deal of focus. These can be app games like Jelly Splash, or mind games like the alphabet game where you list names going through every letter of the alphabet.

Strong physical sensation can bring someone back into their body: putting ice on their face, dancing, exercising or loud music. These things can ground people. In addition, if someone is worn down in any way, It is likely they will dissociate more. Sometimes taking a little time away from the situation to calm down is a good method.

When helping someone who dissociates try your best to be patient and understanding, but remember to look after yourself too.

Best words of advice my Mom ever gave to me when dealing with prejudice of any kind in a political situation

When someone is arguing with you about some of the more sensitive topics in politics, such as abortion rights, reproductive rights, women’s rights, gay rights, immigration, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, etc. ask them how this issue affects their day to day life.

Does a woman getting an abortion because she’s physically incapable of carrying her child to term affect the way you live? What about the gay couple next door? Or poc existing? Or illegal immigrants trying to make a living? Or Muslims praying in a mosque?

Does this affect the way you get groceries or drive to work or enjoy time with family?

Is the answer no?

Then why do you care?

Why does any of these minorities existing bother you so much? Why does what a woman do with her body bother you? Or refugees escaping a warzone effect your life?

You’re afraid. You don’t like what’s different from you. You’re ignorant and are afraid of opening your mind and learn that there is more than two options. That people are different than you and you are not special.

They are forced to actually come to terms with the fact that they are scared or just plain bigoted. They have to actually come up with an explanation.

Because these are not opinions.

These are crucial views on morality; whether a group of people has the right to basic human rights.

Know the difference

This is the first and last time I will explain myself on this topic...

I want to say that I think Camila and Lauren are both admirable human beings and amazing women. I admired the bond they displayed from a distance and enjoyed shipping the moments of chemistry captured. But this beautiful thing has turned into something ugly. Because of invasive “fans” (using that term loosely because real fans wouldn’t attack the girls or their friends and family) took things too far. With that being said, my opinion on Lauren’s tweets is simple. Do I think she should not have engaged with the trolls and entertained their madness? Absolutely. Does she have the right to respond and express her frustrations? Absolutely. I don’t fault Lauren for having a slight melt down yesterday. Nor do I think she needs to “be more like Camila” in the general sense of the word. I just think silence is the best way to handle situations like these. As we all see her words did nothing to assuage the fandoms overly invasive opinions or reactions to all that’s happened and been revealed in the last 48 hours. I was once told that the best way to deal with hate is to not give it your energy. So…while I do believe Lauren is well within her rights to be angry and fed up with the nonsense. Giving it any energy is time not well spent. There will always be creeps and there will always be trolls. She has already addressed Camren and now Laucy. She should let this be the last time she acknowledges both on social media. And let the minds of the crazies do what they do. Because she will never be able to control the thoughts or reactions of others. So why even try. If she wants us to only focus on the real and relevant issues she should continue to do what she’s been doing. Ignore the BS and promote the agenda of a equal and loving world for all humans. She has such passion and a heart for the people and she shouldn’t let anything or anyone distract her from her true gift… Activism! Hopefully my perspective is a bit more clear. And if not then I’ll leave you all to your misinterpretations. I’m only here to promote positivity and ship two amazingly beautiful and talented and intelligent young ladies. Beyond that I have a life that means so much more to me. And this world is in desperate need of love and positive people so that’s all I’m here for. I love all of you no matter your opinion and no matter your ship. 😘💕 Nikki aka✌Dean Munch 🎓 (😂)

BTS Reaction To You Having An Anxiety Disorder

Anon asked: bts reaction to their s/o having an anxiety disorder

I like this request, primarily because I struggle with anxiety myself (mostly social anxiety lol I can’t even order food half the time). Anyway, thanks for the request! -Spice

Rap Monster:

When you came forward and confessed that you had an anxiety disorder, Namjoon would be sympathetic yet curious. He would want to know anything and everything about your disorder so he could be there to support you in the right ways. You could count on him to be very mature with the situation.

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Seokjin probably wouldn’t be very educated on the matter, so he likely wouldn’t know what to do with the knowledge of your disorder. He would constantly be asking you questions and would look up any information he could find that applied to you. He would want to be fully prepared for a time when your anxiety disorder gave you trouble.

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He would deal with the news the best out of the boys, mainly because he’s dealt with similar struggles himself. When you told him of your anxiety disorder he would nod in understanding and say, “Don’t worry, I don’t love you any less. I’ll be there to help you work through your bad days.”

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Hearing your serious tone, Hoseok would listen intently to what you say; however, the reality of your disorder probably wouldn’t really hit him until he saw you having an anxiety attack. From then on he would educate himself to try to make sure you never went through that kind of ordeal again.

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Taehyung would ask a thousand questions when you told him of your anxiety disorder. “What does that mean? Are you okay? How are you feeling now?” He’d constantly worry over you unless you told him that it annoyed you, then he’d cut back but only slightly. He would definitely try his best to help you if you ever had an anxiety attack in front of him.

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Like Taehyung, Jimin would begin to worry for you once you told him of your anxiety disorder, but he wouldn’t be as suffocating about it. He would just be like a silent guardian, reading your emotions and making sure you took your medication if you needed any.

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Similar to Hoseok, the reality of your disorder wouldn’t register until he saw an anxiety attack first hand. Considering how frightful the experience was for him, he’d want to make sure it didn’t happen again, or at least to that degree. He’d try to look for telltale signs in your behavior and mood to try and predict if/when you might have another anxiety attack.

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Performing Upper Class

Started typing a reply to This Post, but it started taking on a life of its own.

First, I want to say This is not something you have to do. SDs are looking for different things, and there is a good chance your POT is looking for an SB precisely *because* they don’t act/look/behave like the rich kids they may be used to. 

This is geared towards SBs who are trying to figure out the habits and mannerisms of the upper classes, whether it’s to feel more comfortable on the arm of your SD at that fancy dinner, or to blend in for some high-end POT hunting freestyling.

They’re kind of hard to describe, but they are sure as hell a thing. I’m from a mid-mid class family that was lower class when I was younger, but managed to win a scholarship to a private high school packed with the children of millionaires, and there was a definite different air to how these people carried themselves and interacted. I’ve seen them be able to spot, like a 6th sense, other rich people, regardless of what the person is wearing or the environment they’re in.

There are a couple of obvious ones: Good posture & grooming, vocabulary and diction, education and knowledge. 

But part of what makes them so hard is that largely, its not really easily definable behaviours that you can learn, but rather an overall air/attitude plus tons of little things that infuse how they carry themselves. 

Overall, I think they boil down to a couple of root things that are different about their lives:

1. They’re used to being served: The level of bitchiness/kindness varies from person to person, but one thing never changes, and that is that They expect other people to serve them. I remember visiting a friend who had a maid, and at first it made me really uncomfortable that there was this person in the house, bustling around and cleaning while I just sat there. If you’re from a working-class family, that’s not a thing. You pitch in, because there’s no one else to do it. But to my friend, the maid may as well have been a Roomba. Another time, I went out clubbing with a friend who had her driver take us, and when I worried about how we would get home at 5am, she looked at me quizzically - of course her driver would wait up for us. Whether it’s the server in a restaurant or the porter carrying your bags - there’s a delicate balance of attitude somewhere around “People doing things for me is the natural order of things”. 

2. Money has never been a stressor: There’s so many little ways this one comes out.  Deciding whether to have dessert with dinner may be a diet decision, but not a “can I afford this” decision. They’re grateful for gifts, but not overawed by how much something cost. It also means that they don’t really talk about money, unless it’s to complain about poorly performing investments. New cars, new clothes, trips, whatever - they don’t crow about deals because they don’t really care about saving money, and they don’t talk about how much it cost, because who cares?

3. There aren’t really any consequences: Despite the fact that my private school was about 1/5 the size of the public one, I met about 10x as many drug dealers and petty criminals at the private one. They take risks way more, because what reason is there not to? Money can get them out of most situations. The best term for it I’ve seen is blithe. There’s a carefreeness to everything they do. It comes across in more open and relaxed body language, and an expectation that things are going to turn out well.

4. Manners and Image are expected, not enforced: This is the one that I found pretty sharply and obviously divided the ‘nouveau riche’ and upwardly mobile middle class from the “Money” people. If you’re looking for the particulars and rules of this world, Emily Post is a great resource. Everything from dinner table etiquette to appropriate attire and introductions. Go. Study it. Learn it.
And then forget it.
Because these people have been around money and upper class mannerisms since they were in diapers. It’s not a set of rules they had to learn - it’s just life. Think of it like learning dance steps. If you’re so focused on the choreography and the counts, it’s going to come across stilted and mechanical. Once you really *know* it, there’s no reason to think about it - you just let it flow. I had one man I went to dinner with many times who usually wore comfortable dad jeans and a comfortable, somewhat shabby cashmere sweater, regardless of how fancy the restaurant. He had nothing to prove to any one - he was about to drop a couple grand in the restaurant, why would he feel the need to impress the help by dressing up?

For a bit more research, I suggest checking out Gossip Girl. Don’t take it as gospel - it is fluffy, dramatized TV - bit do pay attention to how they code the class differences. In the first seasons, watch for the different mannerisms between Nate and Dan, between Sarina and Jenny and Vanessa. Even more, watch how Dan & Jenny transform over the seasons as they become more accustomed to wealth. 

If you find this sort of code switching & performance fun (I do!), go forth and learn away! Just remember that no matter what, it says absolutely nothing about your value as a human being. You’re amazing and wonderful and beautiful and your SD is lucky to have you for everything special you bring into his life.

Ease - Part 4




SummaryYou and your best friend Taehyung have recently got into the same university in the capital of Seoul. Hoping that this was your year to finally admit your romantic feelings towards your said best friend, uni seems an exciting prospect. But of course, the future never really goes according to plan.

A/N: thank you for all the support you’ve given me so far! nicest fandom to be in tbh

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Tae [9:45]
cupcake shop. Be there at 10. I’VE GOT NEWS!!!!

Tae [10:01]
make that quarter past. Jin trapped me in the bathroom.

It was the morning after you had seen Taehyung kissing Yeji at the party, and with that image still fresh in your mind, you could already guess what Taehyung’s ‘big news’ was. It was surprising how quickly Taehyung wanted to discuss the situation, but then again, there had never been any secrets between you two.

Well, all except the one where you had a small crush on your best friend. Almost no secrets.

It took you five minutes to work up the courage to go into the main living area of your house, worried about meeting one of the girls on the way. You couldn’t deal with any more lectures about saving electricity or keeping the noise down, as you had enough on your plate as it was. Did those girls even understand what a tough time you’d been having?

Making your way out of your room cautiously, you paused as you spotted a girl sitting at the table in the kitchen area. Normally you would’ve made a quick exit, seeing as your housemates weren’t exactly the friendliest bunch. However, this girl you’d never seen before. Her short black hair was divided into two ponytails on each side of her head, and her pyjamas were pink and covered in teddy bears, making her very innocent-looking.

At this moment, the girl looked up and caught sight of you, her face lighting up. “Y/N!” she called out happily, standing up and giving you a bow. “Glad to finally meet you! Heard so many good things from Jiwon and Yeona; feels like I know you already!”

You stood there in silence, your eyes wide open in bewilderment.

“Wait… do you even know me?” she questioned, before breaking into fits of laughter, her hair flopping about like crazy. “I’m so sorry, I forgot to introduce myself! I’m Mijung.” When you still didn’t reply, she added, “I live here also.”

“Oh,” was all you could manage, giving Mijung a weak smile. “Nice to meet you too.”

“Don’t tell me the others haven’t mentioned me? Yah, what have I told them about being polite? I bet they’ve been grumpy too. Had a lot of problems, so I’ve been told. But they seem to like you, so they can’t have been too bad!”

You almost choked on your own saliva. “I’m sorry?” you spluttered. “They like me?”

Mijung nodded, her face frowning. “Haven’t they been very nice?” You didn’t reply, but your silence was enough confirmation. Mijung sighed, clutching her forehead as if she had a headache. “Yeona’s been having money problems. Her father lost his job so she’s probably very stressed, the poor thing. And Jiwon, she’s retaking exams and her parents aren’t happy about it. Those two not the most outgoing people to begin with, but I hope they haven’t been giving you too much trouble. I’ll have a word with them, don’t you worry. Then we can have a group meal this evening, get you some proper introductions. Tsk.”

Turning around, she went to the fridge and pulled out some more breakfast, adding to the pile she already had on the table. She was still talking, but quieter this time, as if she was talking to herself. “Those girls… they never do what I ask…”

Deciding it was best to be off, you left to meet Taehyung, immediately noticing how much happier you felt knowing at least one of your housemates wasn’t completely rude. You felt slightly guilty for judging Yeona and Jiwon so quickly, as you didn’t even think that they could be going through complications too. It explained a lot about their complaints. Got to stop thinking about yourself, Y/N, you thought firmly. No more wallowing in self-pity.

With that in mind, you strolled down the street with a new heart, brushing the one that had crumbled so easily the night before under the carpet.

You [10:09]
just met the last one of my housemates. imagine you after you’ve had three cups of coffee – that sums her up. 10:20 okay?

Tae [10:10]
I’m not afraid of competition. I’ve drunk two cups already and I can feel it in my bones

Tae [10:10]
Hurry up though, because I will eat your cupcake. The coconut and mango one.

You [10:11]

The cupcake shop was fast becoming one of your favourite places to be: set on the corner of a street, the wall of windows soaked up the sunshine of early spring. Small tables were set up in rows opposite the tills and cupcakes in the glass display, with soft brown chairs pulled up at each one. Taehyung was sat in one of those chairs in the far corner, hugging a zig-zag patterned cushion and staring out the window.

You took a moment to watch him, with his carrot-top hair already fading into pastel orange, his soft eyes half-closed as he basked in the warmth of the sun’s rays. As you sat down opposite him, a smile split across his face, making his eyes sparkle. You swallowed forcefully, feeling the familiar flip of your stomach. Diverting your gaze from Taehyung’s relaxed figure, you peered at the huge cupcakes sitting in front of you.

“I see slight abrasions on the icing.”

“That was the person at the counter when they were putting it on the tray,” Taehyung shot back, his voice calm like he had planned his answer.

You narrowed your eyes at him, but you were looking forward to eating too much to ask any more questions. Taking a huge bite of your cake, you smiled at Taehyung sweetly, fully aware you were giving him a pretty disgusting sight. Laughing, Taehyung did the same, covering his mouth with icing in the process.

“Hey, Y/N, do you like my beard?” asked Taehyung cheekily, smearing the icing down his chin.

“You look like an old man,” you teased. “Oh, Master Taehyung, teach me some words of wisdom.”

A naughty glint appeared in Taehyung’s eye. “I’ll show you, if you like.” Before you knew what was happening, Taehyung had shoved your cupcake straight into the middle of your face.

Spitting out bits of icing and wiping your stinging eyes, you heard Taehyung break down in fits of laughter, wiping his chin clean with a single swipe.

“That was evil!” you cried, doing your best to wipe off the icing before it grew sticky. Meanwhile, Taehyung now lay sideways on his chair, tears forming as his laughs grew silent. “Taehyung!”

“Your face!” he cackled, throwing his head back as a new wave of laughs hit him.

“I look disgusting! Tae, has it all gone?” you asked, desperately grabbing napkins.

Once he had regained his composure, Taehyung looked back at you, scanning your face. “Almost.” Reaching across the table, you felt his thumb sweep your bottom lip, then your hairline, then the corner of your eye. Each time you felt his touch your breath hitched, and your hands started to wobble. His expression grew solemn as he concentrated on gently brushing your skin.

“All gone,” Taehyung said, your cheeks beginning to burn.

He remained completely oblivious to the internal meltdown you were having, and instead steamrolled on in his usual fashion. “So anyway, my news!”

That brought your mood down. “Yeah,” you replied, knowing that there was no enthusiasm in your words. “Your news.”

“Remember how I found Yeji in the club yesterday? Well, I said hi to her again and she actually remembered my name! Remember when she called me Taemin? Anyway, then I asked her…”

You began to zone out as his words made the butterflies in your stomach turn into stones. The atmosphere had been so nice until Taehyung had brought up Yeji. Not that it was his fault, of course. He had every right to be happy that he got with his high school crush, seeing as he didn’t know how you felt towards him. When it was just you and Taehyung, you realised, it made you calm in a way that you couldn’t quite understand. He was comfort, and it gave you peace. But now, he was invested in another girl. Would you ever get that same comfort again?

“Y/N? Are you even here?” Taehyung asked, snapping his fingers in front of your face.

Shaking yourself back to the present, you tried to remember what Taehyung was talking about. Ahh, yes. Yeji. “So, you kissed her. Well done.”

“Ye- wait, what? How did you know?”

You blinked. “Uhh… just assumed, I guess,” you lied. The last thing you wanted was for Taehyung to know that you saw his intimate moment, or that you went home without mentioning it. Too many questions, not enough answers. One thing was for sure: you wanted to be happy for Taehyung. He was always pining for a girl he couldn’t have, or turning girls down because his parents wouldn’t approve. After seeing him in his darkest of days, you knew what a girl like Yeji could do for his confidence.

“I think she wants to meet up later. Can’t believe this is finally happening,” said Taehyung, staring at your hands that you lay casually on the table.

Soon after the words left his mouth, you heard a high-pitched squeal and a ‘Taehyungie’ come from behind you. You barely looked round before Yeji swept past in a perfume-scented blur to hug Taehyung.

Not that you were embarrassed by the affection, but more worried that it would come across as rude to stare, you looked at the view of the street, trying to even out your breathing. Overnight they’ve gone from bowing to hugging. Out of the corner of your eye, you saw Taehyung glance over Yeji’s shoulder in your direction, but you determinedly kept your head turned, despite there being nothing at all interesting outside to look at.

“Sorry, Taehyung, are you busy?” Yeji asked, suddenly noticing you sat on the opposite side of the table. “You’re his best friend, right?”

You nodded, finally turning back to meet Yeji’s large, innocent eyes. She gave you a soft smile, bowing her head slightly as you did the same. The tension in the air was growing thicker by second, and you could see Taehyung biting his lip as the awkwardness settled upon the three of you. Normally, you would’ve tried to break the silence, but there was nothing you wanted to say to Taehyung or Yeji.

She cleared her throat. “Shall I go?”

“No, no, no,” said Taehyung quickly, grabbing her wrist. “We were just finishing. Did you want to go to the park?” When Yeji nodded happily, Taehyung stood up to leave and shrugged on his coat. “I’ll see you later, Y/N! I’ll text you.”

Then they were gone, and you were left sitting by yourself in an almost empty shop after your best friend left you again for the same girl. What’s more, you could still feel the sticky residue of the cake icing around your face, making you feel even worse. It only took a minute for Yeji to walk in and ruin your good morning.

You didn’t want to go home just yet; although the appearance of Mijung slightly improved the housemate situation, the thought of moping around all day wasn’t appealing. So, you continued to sit in the cupcake shop, staring at the empty chair that Taehyung had filled only moments previously.

You were only pulled out of your statue-like state when two boys, a little older than you, both squished onto the brown seat opposite. Looking up at them in confusion, you realised that they were the two people working behind the counter, as both wore aprons across their black uniforms. They had light brown hair that flopped across their forehead, toned muscles, and concerned looks on their faces.

“Are you okay?” asked the smaller one of the two, his doe-shaped eyes filled with worry. “I’ve never seen anyone so sad in a cupcake shop before.”

The other boy let out a sound of frustration, sucking air in through his teeth to restrain himself from saying anything to his friend. “We just thought you looked down. Can we do anything for you?”

You shook your head, looking down at your lap as you felt your eyes brimming with tears. Hearing the uneasiness in their voices struck a chord, the emotions rising in your chest. “No,” you mumbled, letting the tears spill onto your jeans as they began to overflow.

Suddenly, two pairs of arms were engulfing your small frame, the smell of flour and freshly baked cakes filling your senses. The kind gesture simply made you want to cry harder, but the boys held on tight until you demanded that you were fine.

“I’m sorry,” you sniffed, but they just smiled comfortingly.

“It’s not everyday someone cries after eating a mango and coconut cupcake,” the taller boy grins, his smile wide and bright.

“When you’ve made the icing, that’s debatable,” the other boy jibed, earning a poke in his ribs.

The smiley boy ignored his friend’s whines about bruising, focusing back on you. “I’m Hoseok, and he’s Yoongi. We’re going to close for lunch, but you can hang out with us if you want. Could use some new company.”

You couldn’t help the smile that tugged on the corner of your lips as Yoongi began to tickle Hoseok, causing the taller boy to yell in protest. Struggling to keep Yoongi’s wiggling fingers away from his sides, Hoseok added, gasping slightly, “Please come so there’s a witness for my murder.”

“Okay, yeah,” you said, suppressing a grin. With Taehyung occupied, you realised how badly you were lacking friends. Perhaps Yoongi and Hoseok were exactly what you needed.

“This is my favourite place! I come here all the time, it’s always so quiet here.” For the last half hour, Hoseok and Yoongi had been showing you all the pretty parts in your region of Seoul, from cute flower markets to the insane shopping streets. To be more accurate, Hoseok had been showing you around, as Yoongi just went along with his younger friend. It was refreshing to hang out with new people, although Hoseok reminded you of Taehyung in many ways, making you wish he was here with you to explore. You knew he would’ve loved the gaming shop, which was packed full of everything he could only dream of. Compared to the shops in your small town on the outskirts of Daegu, this was heaven.

Hoseok had lead you down a cobblestone street, lined with cherry blossoms that had buds forming on the branches, ready for spring. The three of you had stopped outside a long white building, with a small, electric-controlled gate. Typing in the pin number, the gate buzzed and clicked as it became unlocked. Proudly, Hoseok walked up the steps, as if he was an estate agent showing off a property.

“It’s a dance studio,” announced Hoseok, his smile stretching wider. You had entered the locker room, with glass windows in the walls showing the practice space next door. “The dance club I’m in owns this place, but only a few people come here because it’s smaller than the main studio and it’s a bit out of the way of the main city,” he explained, entering the empty room.

“Are you into dancing, Y/N?” Yoongi asked, sitting down against one of the many mirrors to continue eating his lunch.

Your mind briefly thought back to all the dancing you’d done with Taehyung, but you pushed it away, not wanting to think of Taehyung for the fiftieth time in half an hour. “I enjoy it,” you said truthfully, “but I don’t do it seriously.”

“Dancing doesn’t have to be serious,” smiled Hoseok. He began fiddling with the stereo in the corner and going through his phone. After putting on an upbeat song, Hoseok started to move to the beat, his body flowing smoothly as he bounced and slid across the slightly sprung floor. “Join in!” he called to you.

Seeing you hesitating, Yoongi shouted, “Dance, you muppet!”

It was a little embarrassing dancing next to someone as talented and professional as Hoseok, but the reassuring smile he gave you throughout the song made the experience a lot more enjoyable. At first, you tried to copy Hoseok’s moves, but as he moved too fast, you gave up and instead let the rhythm control your limbs, throwing yourself into the song. When it ended, you and Hoseok were left panting, but it was exhilarating being able to let yourself go.

“You were great, Y/N! With a bit of practice, you could enter the competition, couldn’t she Yoongs?”

“Yah, what have I told you about nicknames?” Yoongi whined, his mouth stuffed with food. “But yeah, you’d have a pretty good shot.”

“What competition?” you questioned, fanning yourself with your hands.

Hoseok pointed to the wall opposite the door before collapsing down next to Yoongi, taking the half-eaten chicken and shoving it into his mouth. The wall was covered in all sorts of flyers, but a large, red poster caught your eye. It was advertising a dancing competition taking place at the end of May, which anyone could enter. First place had a prize of… 1,000,000?

“A million won for the winner?” you asked incredulously.

“Interested?” laughed Hoseok. “Yoongs and I are entering as a team, but it’d be cool to have some friendly competition. You’d have to get a dance partner as well, or several if you want, so you can’t enter solo.”


That’s why you found yourself back at Taehyung’s house, waiting for him to come home after his day out with Yeji. Jin was fast asleep on one of the sofas, his head on the arm rest and his earphones in, while Jungkook played a video game on their TV. Namjoon kept you company on the other sofa, his long legs laid on top of yours.

“Introvert or extrovert?” he asked, biting the end of the pencil he was holding.

“Tough. Probably slightly more introverted.”

Namjoon nodded, filling in your answer into the newspaper. He’d found a quiz that would find your ‘quote of the week’, and seeing as Jin was asleep and Jungkook refused point blank to participate, he’d jumped on you as soon as you entered the front door.

“So, your quote of the week is, ‘the stupid neither forgive nor forget; the naive forgive and forget; the wise forgive but do not forget.’”

“Wow, I’ve been enlightened,” you said sarcastically, watching Jungkook throw himself on the floor as he died at the same spot for the third time.

“I’m back!”

Your heart jolted in your chest as Taehyung entered, making you decide against telling him off for leaving you for the second time to see Yeji. Which was lucky, because as soon as Taehyung had stepped around the corner, Yeji followed.

Taehyung grinned widely as he caught sight of you sprawled on the sofa, but you were too focused on the fact that they were holding hands, their fingers hatched together tightly.

“Hey guys,” Taehyung said brightly. “I’d like you to meet my girlfriend, Yeji.”

All three of your mouths dropped open, while Namjoon’s eyes were wide in shock, Jungkook’s character in the game received a gruesome death as his head whipped round in disbelief, and your heartbeat failed on you completely. You must have misheard…

“Yeji, these are my housemates, Jin, Jungkook, and Namjoon, and obviously, this is my best friend, who you’ve met before.” Taehyung gave you a fleeting smile, looking slightly wary of your frozen expression.

“Hello,” Namjoon and Jungkook both mumbled, bowing their heads.

Taehyung had met Yeji yesterday. How were they already together?

“I’ll be in my room if you need me.” Leaving awkwardly and dragging Yeji along, he disappeared up the stairs.

As soon as you heard the quiet click of the door, indicating them being out of earshot, Jungkook almost exploded. “Girlfriend?” he spluttered, his eyebrows upturned.

Namjoon’s eyes darted between you and the staircase where Taehyung had left the room. “Y/N,” he said slowly, “are you okay?”

The whole reason for you coming to the house was to ask Taehyung if he would dance with you in the competition. Hoseok and Yoongi went back to work shortly after you read the poster, but the instructions were clear: find a dance partner, win the competition, get money. It was like a punch to the gut. You didn’t even want to think about what Taehyung and Yeji would be getting up to in his bedroom.

But were you okay? You weren’t sure. Instead of the usual stone in your stomach, it had become a bottomless pit. Gaping wide open and utterly empty, like all your hopes and visions had been sucked into this hole and you were left feeling numb.

“I can’t ask him to be my dance partner, can I?” Your voice wobbled towards the end of your childish question, but you bit your lip in hope that no one noticed.

“I’m sure you’ll find someone,” said Namjoon gently.

“Namjoon, I don’t have any other friends. I need the money to pay my parents back for my rent. I guess… I guess I can find other ways of sorting it out.”

There was a thoughtful silence following your words, only disrupted by the sound of deep breathing from Jin.

“Maybe you won’t,” Jungkook pondered, absentmindedly picking at his jeans while he stared into the distance. “I’m not too shabby at dancing. I could give it a go, if you’d like.”

Your mouth fell open, not for the first time that day. “Really? You’d do that?”

“We could make a pretty good team.”

“But if you do get annoyed at him,” added Namjoon, “I’m only a phone call away.”

The boys laughed, and even you let out a giggle despite still feeling upset about Yeji. The sudden noise made Jin startle from his slumber, blinking against the harshness of the light.

You watched him notice how there had been a change in atmosphere since he had last been awake, his eyes narrowing in suspicion as he peered at all three of you.

“What did I miss?”

Giles Leaving in Season Six

I want to talk about Giles leaving in season six, and why it bothers me so much. There are a lot of reasons, so I’ll just go through them. 

Buffy, generally speaking, isn’t a normal person with exclusively normal person problems. People’s lives literally depend on her health, mental and physical. 

That, to me, is just part of what makes Giles’ abandonment of the Scoobies in season six so awful. Just to recap, in Tabula Rasa (6x08, the episode Giles leaves in) Buffy is: 

  1. Regularly (i.e.: constantly) putting her life and wellbeing at risk at an unpaid job (all the financial stuff of this season is for another post)
  2. Financially and emotionally supporting her unstable teenage sister and herself after the sudden death of their mother not a year ago.
  3. Lacking in a stable adult figure outside Giles 
  4. Surrounded by friends dealing with issues and instabilities of their own
  5. Clinically depressed and suicidal (referring to her failed attempt in Once More With Feeling here) 

It’s not like Giles doesn’t know all this when he decides to leave. He watches Buffy attempt suicide and announce to her friends how much pain she’s in, and apparently just chooses to ignore it. 

Maybe now’s not the best time to be teaching Buffy a lesson about being a self sufficient adult. 

No way does any sane person look at Buffy’s situation and go, “You know what she really needs right now? The only stable adult/parental figure in her life to indefinitely and without warning leave the country!” The whole thing just feels very out-of-character for Giles.

Buffy is a complete mess at this point and he knows it. And when she needs him most, he bails. Way to show some adult responsibility, Giles. 

Giles staying and offering some form of support may have significantly helped Buffy in finding healthier ways to cope with her situation and eventually heal a little. And in spite of this, later on, his leaving isn’t even addressed as a huge mistake for which he is 100% responsible, so much as just a neutral thing that happened.

I’m not saying the writers shouldn’t have written him off for the season. It was pretty much necessary to all the character and plot arcs, and I think Anthony Head left to spend time with his family anyway. I’m just saying I wish they’d chosen a less sucky way to do it. 

My suggestion would probably have been something along the lines of creating some urgent yet vague Watchers Council thing for him to attend all season. If done well enough, I think this could actually work as good setup/continuity for The First in season 7.

That said, season six is one of my favorite seasons despite all its flaws, and this is definitely one of the bigger ones.

Ace Valentine Story

About a year and a half ago, I was on Omegle (Yes, that site where they connect you with random strangers and let you chat) and I met this person who did an RP (roleplay, fandom, obviously) with me. It went pretty well, so we decided to start doing another, and we began doing it long-term, first on twitter dm, and then on tumblr. We started chatting a bit and I felt we had a sort of connection, which led to us becoming close friends.

After a while (not sure whether months or weeks,) they disappeared off tumblr for a few days and I had no idea what happened to them. When they returned a few day later, I found out that they had attempted suicide. I don’t want to say too much because I know they’re sensitive about this, but their life was really rough at that point, and they had depression and other issues and they were very, very alone in it all. Of course, being a human who understands the sanctity of life, I was concerned, and as any decent person would be, I didn’t want someone to take their own life. So, I tried my best to help them, to talk to them and convince them there was something worth living for.

It wasn’t easy. Dealing with a person going through depression and trying to help them when you’re on an entirely different continent isn’t easy. But they slowly opened up to me and I’m very proud of them for letting someone in in their situation. At some point along the way, I just kind of realized that I cared for them very much. Deeper than a friendship, but I had no idea what it was at that time. That was also around the time when I realized I was ace and I found out about my romantic orientation. But I didn’t realize my feelings for them for what they were yet.

It all kinda just came out one day (a fucking leap day, to be exact) when we were doing those ask things  on tumblr where you ask people who their tumblr crush is and stuff like that. Well, we asked each other the same thing, and… it turned out we were each other’s tumblr crushes. And when we talked about it a bit more, it turned out we actually liked each other, not just our blogs and stuff. And it hit me like a brick wall. So I did the logical next step and asked them to be my partner. Don’t ask me what compelled me to do it, I just felt like I wanted to, like it was the perfect time and that it made total sense. I mean, I liked them, they liked me, why the fuck not? So I asked. And they said yes.

We worked out the whole me-being-ace thing and they were really cool with it, and I really appreciate that. I feel very lucky that I could find someone who is accepting of who I am, and they are so much more than I could have ever asked for in a partner.

So… yeah. I fell in love online with someone whose real name I didn’t even know until we were actually in a relationship, whose face I’d hadn’t even seen until a short while before I’d asked them, someone I had met literally by chance.

And that’s the story of my online relationship with my partner @onmywaytofandomhell! Happy Valentine’s to all the aces out there!

anonymous asked:

Prompt idea: a continuation of the two short drabbles where Caroline goes to klaus for comfort bc of Silas and falls asleep on him then wakes up a couple hours later and feeds off him and he convinces her to stay the night

This took longer than expected but I hope you liked it Nonny!

Caroline chewed on her thumbnail in an old, nervous habit. The bitter taste of her nail polish had her finally letting go, breath escaping in a rush. It was a Friday afternoon, she’d skipped school, and now she was two towns over debating her next course of action.

She was hungry, but she wasn’t starving. She’d had an extra blood bag two night’s ago, knowing she was going to attempt this. It’d been the morning after…. after, that she’d realized just how vulnerable she’d let herself become. Allowing Damon to be her main source of food left her jittery inside, and as much as it rankled, blood bags weren’t practical.

It’d rankled, but Klaus had been right, when he’d called her out on her exhaustion. Chewing slowly on her lip, she wondered at her insanity, going to him for help. Her nap on his couch had been comfortable, but waking, entangled in his sheets and sprawled across his chest had been more so. She’d known that he was awake, but he’d lain their in the bed with her for several more moments, only moving when she’d finally worked up the gumption to deal with the situation she’d found herself in.

Neither of them had brought up the orgasm he’d coaxed from her as he’d handed her a blood bag and tracked down her shoes. It was best if she didn’t think of it or the way he’d held her after. Klaus could be any number of things to her, but tender and careful were not two of them. She couldn’t allow him to slip past her defenses, to tempt her. But knowing of all the terrible things he’d done to her friends, that he’d done to her, were harder to use as a mental shield when he held her.

Taking another deep breath, her spine stiffened as she caught a familiar scent. Twisting around, she glared at Klaus as he sauntered her direction. He hadn’t worn a coat, even in the blustering wind, and he still managed to look surprisingly good.

“Hello, sweetheart.”

Gaze narrowed, she scowled. “Did you follow me?”

A grin tugged at his mouth as he settled himself next to her on the bench. It was a strangely familiar position for them, and she set her teeth against the pull of the heat of him. “Not today.”

Which didn’t mean he hadn’t followed her in the past. Her fingers curled into fists on top of her thighs, and he tipped his head in her direction. “I killed those who’d thought to hunt you, but we both know that was just the beginning.”

She hated that he was right. “Yeah, well, I can take care of myself.”

He noncommittal noise, and she turned away from him with a tight jaw. She was tempted to stalk away, but then she’d be forced to head home without at least an attempt to feed from a human. Frustrated that today of all days he’d somehow tracked her down, she’d nearly talked herself into leaving when he finally spoke again.

“What brings you so far from Mystic Falls, love?”

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I just saw something about how Monchevy are ‘unhealthy’ and ‘problematic’ ship. and ok I think we need to take a step back here. Hannigram is an unhealthy and problematic realtionship. Still an awesome couple  but not something anyone would want. I don’t see MonChevy that way at all. Look, Philippe and the Chevalier are both very intense people, with really big  polar-opposite personalities. Philippe is the broody intelligent boy (yeah btw to be THAT good at military strategy you need to be pretty damn smart. Louis SUCKS at it)  with a big snarky streak who is known for gigantic emotional  out bursts and the Chevalier is over the top, snobby, vain, flaky, shallow, selfish. For any Anne Rice people out there, basically Lestat and Louis. And yes their relationship in ANY world would be turbulent. AND they are in an absolute powderkeg of a situation. But you cannot deny that those two men truly and completely love each other. They do not deal with their issues in the best way sometimes, but they would quite literally KILL someone that hurt the other, and want nothing more than to just be allowed to be together. They’re both very insecure in their worth as people, because neither of them has someone in their life (exept for each other) telling them that they are worthy of love. So yes clearly there are a lot of issues. And it’s a story, they both grow a LOT as people during season 2. And adding to my whole ‘Liselotte is amazing thank you Versailles team’ thoughts, she’s a big reason why they do. She’s the one who’s able to be like ‘guys get your shit together and talk it out because you both love each other and are going to ruin your relationship’. I have so much hope for the three of them in season 3 because I feel like they did grow so much as people, in their relationships and are figuring out a way to work together to be their best selves 100% of the time instead of 60% OMG COUPLE GOALS and 40% AAAAAAH STOP HURTING EACH OTHER!

Sometimes you have to remind yourself who the fuck YOU are

Because sometimes we lose ourselves in relationships; situationships; family; work; friendships; school; etc whatever the situation may be and we forget who we are or we start acting out of character with certain people or do the absolute most when it’s not that serious and when you start noticing that you have to seriously take a step back and evaluate the situation and yourself and just truly remember that you don’t have to deal with any fuck shit; lack luster effort; poor communication; excuses; abuse; questioned feelings; unreciprocated emotion; etc you don’t have to do deal with anything or anyone that you don’t wanna deal with you have that option and if they don’t like it fuck em and you know why because you are mothafucking awesome and way beyond worthy more importantly because you are you and YOU are fucking amazing and you are truly someone special who deserves nothing but the fucking best in every aspect of life nothing less always more. So no more settling, no more just doing stuff to please others; no more dealing with shitty people, no more talking to people who don’t make effort; no more giving and not getting YOU are gonna do what makes you happy!!! Be YOU and keep being great!!! Remember that! 💜

GOT7 Reaction to You Being Kidnapped by a Rival Gang (Gang!AU)

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JB - His usual calm exterior would melt instantaneously. The small smile usually evident on his face would quickly vanish, being replaced with a deep scowl, his eyes narrowing into possessive slits. His entire body would turn rigid as he tries his best to keep a cool head while going to confront the rival gang. He would not be above striking a deal to get you back. He would not be above sneaking his way in secretly. He would not be above barging through the front entrance and fighting his way through. He would not be above anything if it meant getting you back. He will get you back, at any cost.

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Jackson - “How dare they?!” he would growl out in a low voice. Jackson’s reaction would be a bit more irrational, flipping tables, profanities flying out of his mouth, storming out of the room to his car. His other gang members may attempt to stop him from such drastic behavior without thinking it through first, but his anger would be so intense they would back off immediately, fearing for their own safety. His driving would be reckless as he rushed to the rival gang’s hideout. Confrontation would be inevitable. Jackson would storm in, not even bothering to take a back door or side entrance to attack with the element of surprise. It would turn into a full out brawl, blood spattering everywhere, and he wouldn’t stop until he either got you back, or couldn’t fight anymore.

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Jr. - Of course Jr. would be angry, just like any of the other members, but instead of just selfish anger filling his body, his motherly instinct would kick in. Jr. would be more worried for your physical health than blinded by the anger that someone would dare take you. Jr. would be a bit frantic, unsure of how he should go about getting you back and making sure he got you back safely. His fellow gang members would take the lead in devising a plan to get you back. Jr. would most likely end up being the look out. While he wanted nothing more than to be the one to rescue you himself, the other members thought his concern for you and his flighty behavior may put the plan in danger. Unwilling to risk the possibility of not getting you back, Jr. would swallow his pride and allow his members to take the lead.

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Yugyeom - Immediately, his possessive instinct of you would kick in. He would attempt to storm out of the room acting on heavy impulses much like Jackson would, but his fellow gang members would slow him down, beckoning him to think a bit more rationally. His hot head would by no means cool, but he wouldn’t reject their proposal of going in together to get you back. They would devise a simple plan of attack, some members going in the front entrance, some in the back while Yugyeom sneaks in secretly, undetected to sneak you out during all the commotion.

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Youngjae - While Youngjae would no doubt be seething with anger, he would be smart enough to give himself time to cool down and think tactically. He wouldn’t just barge into the hideout and demand your immediate return, he would get leverage first. He would stealthily kidnap someone just as near to the rival gang leader as you were to him. He would propose a trade in an attempt to get you back, but if his leverage wasn’t enough, he would resort to more drastic measures. His position being sniper of the gang, he would take out the leader. If the rival gang leader was stupid enough to reject Youngjae’s original offer, Youngjae would be equally stupid enough to take out the leader, even at the risk of potentially starting an all out gang war.

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BamBam -  Much like Youngjae, he would strike a deal. He wouldn’t go to the same extent as Youngjae, but he would think tactically, coming up the best way to get you back. BamBam most likely would not deal with trades involving kidnapping on his end, but both money and a power play would be on the table. BamBam would deal with the situation as a business, trying his best to appear emotionless as to not give the rival gang leader any leverage in rising his demands. BamBam would downplay his emotions for you, maybe even claiming you were nothing to him, except as an asset in business and…other affairs. He would be cold to you even when the rival gang leader forcefully throws you on the ground in front of him. Only once you were back at your hideout safe and sound would his worry show through, hugging you so hard you could barely breathe.

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Mark - Mark’s anger would be silent, but deadly. He would go in alone and secretly steal you back from the rival gang’s clutches, all whilst not making a sound. Sneaking in at the most unexpected hour, you would be back before you could even call out his name. Before any of the other gang members even noticed your’s or Mark’s absence, you would be back at you home hideout, safely in Mark’s arms. But that wouldn’t be the end of it, no, no, no. Mark suppressed his anger just long enough to rescue you. Now that you were back with him, safe and sound where he could protect you, he was going back after the gang who had the audacity to kidnap his girl. He would take out each member, picking them off one by one until only the leader was left. Then he would then let the rival gang leader suffer and wait for his final strike, just like he had made you, his love, suffer.

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(Small business creative anon) Makes sense to me. To be fair, I don't see myself ever needing to higher anyone else, but I know others in similar situations might. Those answers seem reasonable to me. Any thoughts on what those like me should do in the mean time Until such a preferred system could be implemented? Off the top of my head forming some sort of collective of shared resources would seem good, though it would be best to be so at the start I suppose.

I appreciate you taking the time to consider the anti-capitalist line of thought! Within the current paradigm, worker cooperatives are probably the most ethical way to deal with the market economy, because they involve democratic control over the workplace and the profits. Richard Wolff is an economist who focuses on the setups of cooperatives in his lectures and books; a short video introduction to worker cooperatives can be found here and the Amazon link to his book Democracy at Work can be found here. Awesome youtube personality Bad Mouse Productions has a great video that talks about why cooperatives aren’t the norm and why they can be so difficult to establish (found here). If every business was set up like a worker cooperative, we’d end up with a situation that could be labeled “market socialism” or “mutualism” – much better for people overall when compared to capitalism. Many leftists, including myself, see cooperatives as potentially a good intermediary program for the transition from capitalism to socialism, since it could acclimate people to economic democracy and a mindset of community wellbeing. 

While cooperatives are miles better than traditional capitalist firms, you’d still wind up with many of the problems associated with a capitalist market economy under a mutualist system – you’d still have economic crises spurred by overproduction (since you’d still be running on the profit motive), needless parallel development of the same technologies across many competing firms (since there wouldn’t necessarily be cooperation between firms), and business closures resulting from a failure to compete (which would negatively impact workers and communities). In other words, cooperatives won’t change the economic landscape as long as they’re divorced from full-blown anti-capitalist political action. Over time, the horizontal cooperative model could be extended to the higher realms of the economy, thus creating a full socialist democracy founded upon a for-need/for-use principle (rather than the for-profit principle), but there’s not necessarily a guarantee of that. In this sense, it’s the job of leftists to help steer these ideas towards a socialism that can fully transcend the profit motive. In the meantime, I do think that valuable goals are achieved when leftists team up with cooperative advocates, especially if we can ever outline a program that might call for a transition from capitalism to mutualism to socialism. 

Other basic website resources for turning a traditional capitalist business into a worker cooperative can be found in links like these:

Hope this helped give some insight!


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Jin and Suga - arranged marriage AU? Thankyou~

(You’ve been waiting forever for this I’m so sorry~)

Seokjin’s entire experience with marriage so far can be summed up into one word: awkward.

He’s content with his parents’ choice for his partner. Yoongi is a man, a very pretty man who is shorter than him. It’s pretty much exactly what Seokjin requested. It’s just…he probably should have included some other things.

Things like “says words” maybe? For a start. Seokjin’s not picky.

Yoongi has been pretty quiet since the wedding. Their Honeymoon is in a week because Seokjin had to finish up some meetings before he could take off and Yoongi still had finals to complete. They haven’t seen much of each other since the wedding. Yoongi hasn’t made too much of an effort to contact him.

Which is just offensive when you think about it because Seokjin is an incredible catch??? Seokjin own’s several mirrors he’ll HAVE YOU KNOW and from that evidence he can attest to his own handsomeness. He is also tall with broad shoulders, hugging him is literally the best? He is very rich (so is Yoongi but that is not the point ok). He tells amazing jokes? He is an amazing cook!? What’s not to like! He’s got this ideal partner deal down pat.

Truthfully, though, Yoongi doesn’t seem happy with the whole situation. He hasn’t snapped at Seokjin in any way he’s just…distant. All the time! Even now as they’re walking down the hall to Seokjin’s condo Yoongi is looking at the floor and quiet, quiet, quiet.

He looks cute today in his t-shirt and jeans. Refreshingly normal from the crisp suits and ties Seokjin is used to seeing him in during their brief meetings before the wedding. He even wore shorts during their honeymoon.

“Ta da!” Seokjin exclaims, opening the door to their condo with a flourish. “Welcome home!”

He has a huge penthouse style condo with natural light and a lot of space. The furniture is black leather and the tables are red and blue (Mario colours, obvs). He has some geek shit everywhere, he has a dedicated room for most of his collectibles but there’s a few pieces he leaves out in display around the place. There’s a bunch of Yoongi’s things that he moving company has dropped off on his behalf cluttered around. Everything is organized and labelled in Yoongi’s neat handwriting.

Seokjin is normally proud of his space, but when Yoongi walks inside to take a look around he starts to feel self conscious.

They both leave their shoes at the door while Seokjin just talks to fill the silence, like he’s been doing the entire time. Yoongi’s staff will be here in a few hours to drop off all of Yoongi’s things. Seokjin will actually be thankful for the noise, Yoongi’s silence is intimidating. He shows Yoongi around, the bathroom, the kitchen “don’t worry if you can’t cook I can cook for us”, his nerd room “I’m a little into Mario as you could tell”, the living room area (making sure to take the time to point out his games collection if Yoongi feels like playing).

They get to the empty room that Seokjin has cleared out for Yoongi’s personal use.

“This is your room!” Seokjin says, walking inside. Yoongi follows him (quietly). He’s looking around the space though, that’s…something. “So Um, I heard you were majoring in arts? So this could be like…your painting space, or like, photography studio, or if you’re into graphic design-”


Seokjin whirls around so fast he nearly gives himself whiplash. “Sorry?”

Yoongi is rubbing the back of his neck (omg is he blushing????? Seokjin internally squeals). “I like poetry. Study it…and…” He waves his hand dismissively. “Whatever.”

Seokjin makes a mental note to thank his mom and dad for picking such an adorable husband for him.

He smiles at Yoongi softly. “Poetry? That’s cool.Well! You could put a bunch of book shelves in here then! And maybe like some inspirational writing quotes, and like a desk here or something…it’s up to you!”

Yoongi doesn’t say anything further, so Seokjin leads him to the bedroom.

“This is our bedroom! Don’t worry I’m saving the Mario sheets for special occasions.” Seokjin laughs a little too loudly at his own joke, squeaky laugh and all.

“Do you really have Mario sheets?” Yoongi asks.

Seokjin gives him a flat look, and opens the sliding closet door to point to the sheets in question, folded neatly on the top shelf. “Did I stutter?”

Yoongi looks up at them with this cute little head tilt “Huh.” then he laughs. It’s not like how Seokjin laughs. Just a quiet little breathy sound with a smile. It’s adorable, honestly, how is Seokjin supposed to survive with this cute husband around all the time? 

Yoongi slides his backpack off and lets it fall to the ground beside Seokjin’s…Their bed. “Um…which side is my side?”

At first Seokjin doesn’t get what Yoongi means, until it clicks that Yoongi is talking about what side of the bed he sleeps on. The bed they share, together. “It doesn’t matter to me, you can pick if you like.”

“I like facing the window, is that okay?” Yoongi asks, he’s looking out the window now. Does he want to be somewhere else?

“Of course.” Seokjin answers.

Yoongi sits down on the bed and looks at his feet, kicking them a little. “Sorry.” 

“For what?” Seokjin sits next to him, close enough.

“I’m bad with people.”

“Well, luckily for you I’m actually a lizard person. Now you know my big secret.” Seokjin laughs at his own joke while Yoongi snorts. “Hey.” Seokjin takes a risk by sliding his arm around Yoongi’s torso. Blissfully, Yoongi leans against him and rests his head on Seokjin’s shoulder. So cute. “We’ll figure it out, take your time.”

Send me a BTS pairing and au and I’ll write a short fic!

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D.Va with a Lesbian best friend that has a crush on her and is struggling to come out to Dva

Not a day went by when you didn’t find your mind wandering to one Hana Song, your thoughts clouded with fantasies of the two of you spending time together, your friendship blossoming into a relationship that you had desired for so long now.

Unfortunately, your daydreams always seemed much easier to think of than to preform in real life. 

You had never gone into detail about your sexuality with anyone before, mostly because you never felt a reason to do so. Your friends began to question why you never had any boyfriends around, though you always managed to shake it off and change the subject before they pushed the question too much.

It was a particularly nice day out and your nervous thoughts were washed away temporarily by the sounds of birds chirping right outside your window. The source of your anxiety was Hana; you had decided that telling her how you truly felt about her would be the best way to deal with the situation.. there was no harm in owning up to it, not when it came to her, right? She was an accepting person.

You pulled yourself from your bed, glancing at the alarm clock that was on the nightstand beside your side; 1:25. You were a late riser, so that wasn’t as surprising as it could have been. 

As you dug through your closet looking for something to wear, a picture on your dresser caught your eye; it was of you and Hana, the two of you seeming as happy as can be together. You wondered how many people had seen you together in public and thought you were a couple. 

Sighing as you threw on a tank top and shorts, you scooped up your phone and collapsed onto your bed again, opening the most recent conversation you had; Hana.

You hesitated for a few moments, your eyes scanning the messages you two had shared. When she wasn’t gaming, streaming, protecting her home or helping Overwatch on the side, Hana always seemed to have time to spend with you.. that was uplifting to think about.

Your hands seemed to type automatically, inviting her over to your home if she had nothing she absolutely had to do. It was a simple request; you two spent plenty of time together, after all.

Within a few minutes, she had responded, accepting your invite and promising she would be over soon. This made you feel the least bit better, at least you wouldn’t have to confess over text and deal with the anxiety of waiting for her response.

Sighing, you pulled yourself out of bed a few minutes later, finding your way downstairs just in time to hear the bell ring in time with your footsteps. You glanced toward the front door, eyeing it before slowly making your way over to it. 

Opening the door, you were greeted with a cheering Hana, who happily pushed her body into yours, embracing you in a hug like she always did.

“Heeeeey, (y/n)! I said I’d be here and here I am~” she winked, gently shouldering past you and making a heart with her hands like she often did. “Did ya wanna go out and do something? I did have stream plans today, but, well, you’re totally worth rescheduling for!”

Hearing this was a bit surprising, but you supposed that Hana found you to be her best friend… and she was yours, after all.

“Actually,” you said quickly, an eager look on your face as you played with your fingers, “I wanted to… talk to you first.. about something kind of important.”

Hana gave you a curious look along with a soft hum, jumping into the couch in your living room as you followed her there. “Alright, spill it! You only ever wanna talk when you have something to tell me~ so go on! I’m all ears!”

“All the times you ask me about having a boyfriend I try to avoid talking about it because I’m not into boys and I really have a crush on you.”

You hadn’t meant for it to come out so bluntly, and as soon as the words slipped from your lips you regretted your confession immediately. All the possible ways you could have worded it and you chose the straightforward one. Wonderful.

Turning away and hiding your now red face with your hand, you hoped that Hana hadn’t really heard you.. though you couldn’t imagine how she couldn’t have.

“Well, I kinda figured you did,” came her surprising response, causing your face to fall as you turned back to face her. “I didn’t wanna force you to tell me if you weren’t ready, but now you are, so guess what, y/n~?”

Hana pulled herself from the couch, trotting up to you and giving you another wink, her hand extending and her finger making contact with your nose.

“I have a crush on you too~”

Dominant-Tertiary Loops and Common Personality Disorders

ENTP/ESFJ: Ne/Fe or Fe/Ne Loop–Narcissistic Personality Disorder. This type often behaves impulsively and manipulatively, needing constant approval and admiration from others, running around investing in new thing after new thing but never developing the self-confidence of a strong subjective perspective. Fe used negatively may use its awareness of the cultural standards of others to intentionally offend or upset them, in order to service Ne’s curiosity about the patterns in their responses. If Ti/Si were working properly, it would give the user a balancing sense of personal, subjective importance and free him of his dependence upon the adulation and unconditional acceptance of others. (Horrible example: Patrick Bateman from American Psycho.)

INTP/ISFJ: Ti/Si or Si/Ti Loop–Schizotypal Personality Disorder. I see this most commonly in INTP dom/tert loops (Ti+Si), resulting in totally giving up on attempting to obtain the social/interpersonal connections that inferior Fe drives them to unconsciously desire. Schizotypal people are seen (and typically see themselves) as having such unusual thoughts and behaviors that widespread social acceptance is nearly impossible. Ti thinks, “I cannot find any logical explanation for social rituals” and Si reinforces this self-isolating, risk-averse behavior by constantly reminding the user: “Remember how badly this went last time you tried?” If Ne were doing its job, it would remind the user to continue experimenting to find a new approach. In the ISFJ version, Si becomes ultra risk-averse and refuses to try anything new or unfamiliar. If Fe were doing its job, the ISFJ would learn that some risk is necessary in order to uphold obligations to others and avoid living in total solitude. Deep down, these types really do want social connection and ritual (Fe), but have found themselves so poor at it that they simply give up trying.

ESTP/ENFJ: Se/Fe or Fe/Se Loop–Histrionic Personality Disorder. This tends to manifest itself in terms of exaggerated, aggressive sexual behavior and physical impulsiveness. Since reflecting the outer world is the only thing that matters, whatever will shock, impress, or otherwise affect others enough to include the user in their social rituals is what has to be done. Real empathy is rare as this type requires constant thrills or conflict–in the ENFJ version, this often results in excessive sensitivity to perceived “rudeness” or failure to respect the user’s preferred cultural custom (Fe), combined with tertiary Se responding aggressively through implied threats of brute force. (e.g., Vito Corleone: “I’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse”–gives a surface appearance of respecting the cultural standards of negotiation, but implies that refusal to accept this “offer” would be quite unpleasant for the recipient!) If Ti/Ni were doing its job, the user would find a sense of balance and comfortability with himself, granting him the ability to discover what is subjectively important to him, rather than constantly shifting with the tide of cultural and social trends.

ISTP/INFJ: Ti/Ni or Ni/Ti Loop–Schizoid Personality Disorder. These types are socially incompetent for lack of trying, because they see little to no value in significant interaction with others. They live in their own abstract worlds, constantly second-guessing themselves as Ti poses a framework for a problem and Ni shoots it down as too definitionally precise. Without any real external input, these two functions will dream up all sorts of elaborate systems and implications for them, only to repeat their own self-defeating behavior, never bothering to emphasize putting any of its intense ideas into practice. Frequent disregard for rules, laws and other forms of behavioral standards is common, as no function provides any significant sense of external influence. If Se/Fe were doing its job, the user would recognize the value of connecting with others and of paying attention to their needs, preferences, habits and appearances.

ESFP/ENTJ: Se/Te or Te/Se Loop–Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder (not the same thing as OCD)! I’ve seen people mistake ESFPs in Se+Te dom-tert loops for ESTPs because they can be so insistent upon controlling their surroundings. These types epitomize enneagram type 8, as they are aggressive, blunt, confrontational and not the least bit afraid of hurting anyone’s feelings. Inside they require the approval of others to a much higher degree than they let on, as Te insists on controlling and organizing external surroundings to ridiculous proportions, while Se pushes any naysayers out of the way with aggressive force and a take-no-prisoners attitude. Territorial and looking for any reason to display their power, these types are some of the most difficult to deal with of all dom-tert loops. If Fi/Ni were doing its job, these types would stop to consider that their actions have negative implications for others, and that aggressively taking charge is not always the best solution in every situation.

ISFP/INTJ: Fi/Ni or Ni/Fi Loop–Paranoid Personality Disorder. These types are your typical conspiracy theorists; they cling deeply to their personal values and can find a conspiracy to assault or attack those values everywhere they look. Chronically distrustful of others’ intentions for no legitimate reason, these types are certain they are the only ones who really know “the truth.” The inferior function, Te or Se, can sometimes lead to an unconscious desire to attract the attention of or lead/organize others in efforts to expose the nefarious conspiracies they invariably see everywhere. If Te/Se were doing its job, these types would be able to look around them and observe empirical evidence that most of their theories are probably not reflected in reality, but as they rely almost entirely on internal validation, Ni will go to any lengths to justify Fi’s emotion-based suspicions. (I mentioned Dale Gribble from King of the Hill in a previous article–he’s a perfect example.) There’s also this guy Victor on typologycentral who’s such a perfect example of this it’s absolutely ridiculous. ;)

ENFP/ESTJ: Ne/Te or Te/Ne Loop–Borderline Personality Disorder. The ENFP I described above may have been one of these types. They simultaneously desire to control and dazzle others with their extraordinary leadership and grandiose performances. For the ENFP, this tends to take the form of insisting on consistent, scheduled attention from others for his/her artistic or creative gifts, while for the ESTJ it tends to manifest itself in terms of indignation when others refuse to follow every detail of the user’s “visionary” leadership style. This combination, ironically, makes the user extremely dependent upon others for meaning, never really finding a sense of internal balance, no matter how hard he works to create and delegate. While Te leads these types to desire structure and discipline, Ne continually contradicts it by insisting on impulsive displays of creative freedom. Often self-denigrating over the inability to control Ne’s impulsive explorations, Te will go to any lengths to keep the user in a position of power and influence, where others must defer to his authority. If Fi/Si were doing its job, these types would recognize that what they’re looking for cannot be found outside themselves–they must learn to sometimes live for themselves and only themselves, and forget about external results for a moment.

INFP/ISTJ: Fi/Si or Si/Fi Loop–Avoidant Personality Disorder. Often scarred by some intensely negative past experience with opening up too many of their private emotions, this type compulsively avoids social situations and interaction with others. They are fiercely sensitive and may exaggerate or misconstrue perceived negative emotional intent in the words or actions of others. They will sometimes project their negative feelings onto others (Fi), as Si tells them that if I were to behave this way, I would have to be very upset, so anyone who behaves that way must also be. These types often have a chronic problem with trusting the intentions or motivations of others, refusing to share private information with even their closest friends and family. They are so deeply sensitive that they refuse to risk being hurt by attempting deep connections with others–you’ll see this a lot in ISTJs with Asperger’s. If Ne/Te were doing its job, these types would maintain a heathy grip on the importance of letting go of the past and trying something new in the name of accomplishing a greater goal, but some of these remain total recluses for most (if not all) of their lives.

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How would the paladins react if their s/o was hit hard over the head and has amnesia, and when they woke up started saying things to them like "You're so beautiful/handsome" and looked at them with so much love, even though they don't remember being with them or who they are?(I saw a thing like this a while ago with irl people and it was the cutest (and kinda sad) thing ever!)

The amnesia aspect is kind of sad, but overall this is super cute! Thanks for the request!


  • He knows what it’s like, having no memories, so he knows in a way what you’re going through
  • Is definitely worried about you, and even though he’s glad you seem to be handling it well, your condition is still troubling
  • Probably gets a little flustered by your actions, since he knows you don’t have access to any memories to back up those emotions at the moment
  • That being said, he makes sure to tell you how much he cares about you and how important you are to him
  • Tries to help you recover your memories however he can, but doesn’t try to force them since he knows that pretty much never works


  • He knows it’s not your fault, and he’s definitely worried about you, but he’s a little hurt that you can’t remember the relationship the two of you have
  • Is probably a little uncomfortable with your declarations, because you kind of don’t know who he is at the moment and he doesn’t want to take advantage of that so he’s a little confused
  • Doesn’t really know how to handle the situation at first, so probably gets a bit distant and avoids it entirely
  • Feels incredibly guilty for reacting that way, so ignores it harder for a bit
  • When he finally realizes that ignorning things won’t help you, throws himself into helping you remember; tries showing you photos, or items you were attached to, anything that might trigger something


  • Even though it hurts, knowing you’ve lost your memories of him and the time you two have spent together, he tries not to let it show
  • Definitely tells you in return how much he loves you and is glad to know that even if you don’t remember him, your feelings for him aren’t completely gone
  • Wastes very little time in trying to help you recover your memories; he knows they’re still in there, the two of you just need to find them
  • Tries a variety of methods: photos, special items, taking you places where important things may have happened (if he can), talking to you about all the things you’ve told him or the two of you did together
  • Never considers giving up on you, it doesn’t matter how long it might take, he’ll keep trying


  • Doesn’t react well to your amnesia at all, at first anyway
  • They feel hurt and angry; not at you necessarily, just in general? It’s very confusing for them
  • Might not deal with the way you’re acting and the things you’re saying in the best way, since they know you don’t remember them and so they might get kind of snappish
  • Don’t worry, they’ll sort their own feelings out soon and will dedicate themselves fully to helping you recover your memories
  • Does their best to be patient and understanding with you, and tries to let you know that they do love you in return


  • It’s definitely a shock, when he realizes you don’t have any of your memories, but he tries to be calm about the whole situation–freaking out won’t help you
  • Is happy that you still seem to have feelings for him, even if you don’t know who he is
  • Tries to jog your memories somehow, such as telling you some of his own memories that involve you or maybe fixing you one of your favorite dishes? 
  • He’s definitely a little worried that maybe you might never get your memories back, but he tries not to dwell on that too much
  • Is just glad to still have you by his side and tries to take things one day at a time, never pushing you or trying to force you to remember stuff; if nothing else, the two of you can always make new memories

anonymous asked:

Rebecca is back June 15th where she is contemplating her future (press office spoiler) Robert is feeling irritable on the 16th,no mention of Aaron. I knew she'd be back the next time the boys are on screen,I was hoping we'd get maybe one episode with the boys without her but nope and can she not make a decision and stick to it,I've never seen a character like her before.

Yeah I think I expected that tbh, seeing as they are focusing on the baby issue and so their whole storyline revolves around her. They don’t seem to want to explore all of the other Great Content™️ they could be exploring (not that I am in any way bitter that they’re completely ignoring Aaron’s attempts to deal with the betrayal of his husband whilst still standing by him or the fact that his best mate and Rob’s sister are going through an exact replica of their situation but in reverse and that we could be seeing some a+ scenes out of that but no I’m not bitter at all about that) so I suppose we’re left with just the baby drama.

The sooner she’s back the sooner we find out she’s faking it though, right? Right???