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I have quite a few symptoms of psychosis, but I'm not diagnosed and there is no way ill be seeing a therapist anytime soon. so do you have any tips that could help me sorta self diagnose myself?

Hey anon! 

Dealing with psychosis is hard, but it’s a type of symptom that doesn’t need a diagnosis to cope with. It can appear in a number of different situations, and it’s best to focus on coping skills for symptoms that are causing you significant distress or are impacting your ability to live the life you want. Some helpful coping skills for me have been reality checks, grounding activities, and a buddy system for dealing with bad episodes. Here are some resources for dealing with psychosis:

Best of luck and stay strong


Kennedy was locked up as a juvenile for hacking into the Ark’s medical database to find the truth about her father. Now, she finds herself as one of the 100 delinquents being sent to Earth to try and survive. But everyone knows secrets never stay secret for long.

                         Chapter 3: I Forgot to Remember to Forget 

Genevieve Kane sat in her family’s compartment anxiously rubbing her hands. She waited for her husband Marcus to return with any news on their daughter, Kennedy. For most of the last year, their daughter had been living in the Sky Box with the other teenager delinquents and Genevieve knew that the whole situation was her fault. If only she had been honest and upfront about things with Kennedy, but she and Marcus had convinced themselves that living a lie was the best way to deal with the situation.


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I've had enough with my best friend, it's just toxic at this point. But I'm so scared to start over, especially at this point in my life, it seems like everyone has been friends with their friends for forever. Have you been in this situation? 1) How did you deal with how scary that sounds lol 2) What did you find was the best way to attract like minded people? Any particular spots you went to, or maybe meditation? I'm just kind of sad to go through this lonely phase. Thank you so much ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’–

i’ve had a lot of friends in my short-long 23 years of life and the thing i’ve learned is that friends come and go but even when they go, some of them stay. or they come back. but even then, people come and they go. that is natural.  
it’s never too late to start over. 
usually starting over is done by force. things happen that you don’t want to deal w bc LIFEAMIRIGHT and idk why im rambling so much 

what im trying to say is yes, i’ve been in that situation and no matter how hard it was to let go, the higher being in me recognized that it was for the greater good. when you acknowledge that, it becomes easier to accept your life for what it is.
i dealt by feeling, and by helping myself move along and not waste energy over things that aren’t worth it. being stuck in the past doesn’t leave much room for movement in the present.  
the best way to attract like-minded people is to seek them, but i don’t see the pleasures in surrounding myself with like-minded people. i like friends who are themselves, even if who they are is different from me. 
just be you, you’ll attract new friends. go out into the world as your truest self. 
friends r everywhere. 
i promise. 

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so, this was something that i wanted to talk about before people think that i am making ishimaru sound like a “housewife” in those ship memes. i don’t believe that ishimaru is necessarily a feminine person at all, but i do believe that there are certain habits that he has picked up from his mother throughout his childhood. the majority of them come from his family’s financial situation && that they had to conserve / save money in any ways that they possible could.

ishimaru follows “sale cycles” && will buy food closer to their “best sold by” date in order to get a better deal on certain foods. his diet was always heavily controlled by what was cheapest at the store that day. the majority of his family’s grocery shopping is done at wholesale markets. the only time that he will shop at convenience stores is if he has coupons for it. ( && you can bet, he is the nerd that checks all of his news papers and magazine for coupons while laying on his bed with his reading glasses on )

if he isn’t cooking, dinner is always late. this is because a lot of markets will drop the prices of their pre-made food before closing in order to sell out of stock. he’s never been against going out to the market at 9pm just to get food for 50% or more off. 

ishimaru has point cards for almost every store he shops at. if you don’t know what point cards are, they are essentially a rewards program for stores where if you spend x amount of money, you get a discount of x amount or even a free item. and because he has SO many of these cards, you can better believe he keeps them organized as fuck. 

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Hey I just got updated, I really do hope you are alright. It seems there isn't one toxic person but many. I hope you feel better after the choices you've made, and if you don't I hope you make a good choice by taking a good portion of time and devoting it to yourself only. As for requesting!roleplaying and stuff I'm so sorry if I have ever been a burden or seemed impatient/manipulating in any way, I swear I have no mal intentions quite the opposite I admire you. I hope you get better!

That is a sad truth in your statement, lovely. ♥ However, the way I best deal with these situations is to remove myself from seeing the toxic people in question, and that meant I had to hide back into my hole—distance myself from, sadly, a few lovely people. Yeah, it kind of sucks I can’t really venture out and talk to people, but I feel if people are that interested, they’ll come say ‘hi’ to me. c:

Haha, as of right now, it’s just my personal stuff and RPing when I get to it, as the messages have gone quiet (thus, why no updates lately but shit posting)! Certainly not a bad thing, as it feels like a little mini-vacation from answering questions, but people are welcomed to send whatever they like, and I’ll get to it as I need~.

Oh, hardly, honey! You’ve never been a problem. If it ever seemed that way towards you, it was because I was in a bad mood, and I didn’t want to say anything bad to you when in that state of mind. ♥ You’ve been a delight and a wonderful, supportive person, and I appreciate everything you’ve done and continue to do. :’) Your comments and messages are such a lovely thing to read. It seriously means a lot to me!

Much love to you~!

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Can you do what the allies would be afraid of? The Nordic one was amazing. ^^

(I’m glad you thought it was amazing! I spent a lot of time on that and trying to do my best to provide valid reasons as to why that would be their fear.)

APH America/Alfred-Atychiphobia

Fear of Failure 

He’s already aware about everybody thinking that he’s an idiot or they think that there’s no way he would ever be able to succeed at whatever he does so he does all he can to make sure that they don’t have any proof that he’s a failure. 

APH China/Yao-Xenophobia

Fear of the Unknown

He’s someone who doesn’t really like having to deal with what he doesn’t know. He likes to be in completely predictable situations and doesn’t want to be in a situation where he doesn’t know what’s going to happen for sure. 

APH England/England-Autophobia

Fear of Abandonment

He’s had it happen to him so many times. He doesn’t want people to leave him and he hates that feeling he gets told that they don’t want to be with him anymore. It makes him feel unneeded and unwanted and completely worthless.

APH France/Francis-Aphenphosmphobia

Fear of Intimacy

He doesn’t want to be in a romantic relationship because he knows that as a Nation, he can’t have a normal relationship with a human if he were to fall in love with them. He doesn’t want to fall in love with a fellow Nation either because if war were to suddenly break out, then he might have to fight them. He doesn’t want to have to deal with that emotional turmoil.

APH Russia/Ivan-Social Phobia

Fear of being judged negatively in social situations

He’s already aware that a lot of people are afraid of him and he honestly doesn’t like that. He just wants people to say hi to him and not get judged negatively all the time.


All of these characters understand that everyone in this situation can’t help how they feel. They don’t vilify each other for having feelings. They don’t expect each other to disregard their feelings for the sake of friendship. They are all just trying to deal with it the best way they know how. Fans, especially adult fans, of any of the characters and of either ships should be able to understand the idea that no one is in the wrong in this situation. The story the show is trying to tell is how to understand your feelings and maintain your friendships by not judging anyone for having feelings. 

“I’ll eh… I’ll go with Cas.” Dean had been quick to offer when Sam had suggested splitting up to work through their long list of suspects.

He’d nonchalantly tossed the Impala’s keys to his younger brother as if it was no big deal, and although Castiel had looked extremely surprised, Dean hadn’t missed the way blue eyes were instantly lighting up at that suggestion.

Sam had shrugged as he’d handed them a list with five addresses on it, and Dean had chosen to ignore the knowing smirk that his brother had flashed him before they went their separate ways.

So perhaps Cas wasn’t likely to receive any awards for world’s best driver, and his old Continental was nothing but a monstrosity on four wheels. The ancient radio was playing awful country songs, and in any other situation, Dean would’ve commented on it for sure. The weather was warm, and even with the windows rolled down, Dean felt like he was about to literally melt.

And yet, when he glanced sideways at Cas, he knew that there was no place else he’d rather be. Cas who looked a little tired, but at ease; he appeared to be on the same page as Dean, simply happy to be here, even though here wasn’t exactly paradise.  

And Dean couldn’t stop sneaking glances at him every ten seconds or so, smiling to himself whenever he found that Cas’ crooked smile still hadn’t vanished either. He kept that up until Cas caught him in the act, meeting Dean’s gaze with a curious stare of his own, taking Dean’s breath away.

Being in love with your best friend was both exciting and exhausting, that much Dean had learned.

“What’s on your mind, Dean?” Cas asked, his tone calm and pleasant, letting Dean know that it was an invitation to talk, but by no means a command.

You.” Dean blurted out his answer without thinking, cursing his big mouth right after, horrified at what he’d just confessed in some wave of temporary insanity.

Dean wished he could blame the heat.

Cas said nothing, his eyes on the road again, his face not giving away much.

When the angel didn’t speak up period, Dean got anxious, and attempted small talk in the hopes of making the moment less awkward.

“So uh… Something on your mind, Cas?”

At that, Cas’ lips slowly quirked up into a gentle half-smile, much like the smile that had been there before.

“Yes…” Castiel replied quietly, out of the blue reaching for Dean’s hand, all but giving Dean a heart attack when their fingers intertwined effortlessly for the first time ever while terrible music played in the background. “You. Always you.”