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The hardest part about working on myself, is being honest with not only myself, but with everyone around me. Things like therapy and constantly staying in touch with people that have helped me, get to the place where I’m in today, and I’m still facing these obstacles and these problems, and getting through it the best way that I can. People think that I’ve got myself together, but I’m actually still a work in progress.

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You already said stuff like Kazu's name is super vague & far away, but about how long till we get to see Nemo's family? If they ignore him/aren't nice people, it looks like they won't ever be important to the story and we won't ever get to them. D':

I don’t want to make this a spoiler in any way, so the best I can say, assuming we don’t sneak them in before then, is that they’ll show up when Nemo becomes the focus of the story.

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Come at me Boss. I’ll out date you any day of the week, punk. 


tfw when ur otp’s status of Fave is threatened

why the hell did i draw this


“Do you remember what I said to you when you told me you were a lesbian?”
“’Thank god you finally said it’?”
“After that.”
“…’You better find a girl who deserves you’.”
“Yes! That! And this might be so shocking to you, but a murderous vampire isn’t what I had in mind!!”

Carmilla + Favorite Familial Relationship: Laura Hollis+Dad (requested by @bi-dominusrex)

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things you should definitely 100% not think about when you think about philip shea (except do because philip shea is perfect and you should always think about him)

- Okay, first of all, don’t think about how Philip was literally almost shot and actually did literally beg for his life for a moment and allowed himself to be scared about that for approximately .5 seconds before sucking it up and remaining seemingly calm for pretty much the rest of the show (except for when he realized tommy and tracey were in danger. because philip shea cares about other people. but once they are gone, he accepts it quickly and moves on. that is philips’ like number one skill. accept and move on. don’t think about why that is).

- Don’t think about how he somehow got to the city in the middle of the night and then didn’t even risk going inside. Don’t think about how he just curled up on the couch outdoors as if this was a common, acceptable place for him to sleep and passed out, alone, after almost being killed.

- Don’t think about how he goes from saying “I’m done. can’t go back, can’t go back there” to accepting he can’t live with him mom again in approximately ten seconds. He doesn’t argue too much about it. Doesn’t beg or plead or threaten to run away. Just says “I know” and gives his mom cigarettes and then sits and comes out to her because she wants to hear nice things about him and to him, lukas liking him back enough to kiss him is a nice thing.

- Don’t think about how when given the opportunity, Philip will sit next to a man who has almost definitely abused him and just do nothing but pretend the guy likes him.

- Don’t think about his honest confusion when he asks “Why not” after Lukas says he didn’t have sex with Rose.

- Don’t think about how Philip is so calm and willing to do or be whatever the person he loves (read: his mom and Lukas) needs him to be. I mean, yes, he tells Lukas no that one time and calls him on his shit other times, but really, overall, the kid is willing to put himself on the line for those he cares about: “Had to be cool for my mom—I can be cool for you to.” “What do you want me to say? I’ll say whatever you want.” Ugh, he just—he tells Lukas not to drink the hand sanitizer but then three seconds later he does the same thing, no questions asked, because Lukas tells him to. Don’t even get me started on the whole Rose debacle.

- Lukas freaks out when Philip hands him a condom, Philip minimizes it and says “It’s okay. it’s okay, it’s fine” coaxes him back down and no more pressure to do anything. Philip tells Lukas he told his mom about them, Lukas says “There’s nothing to say” and Philip just nods quickly, “Okay.” Doesn’t argue. Doesn’t call Lukas on anything. Just says okay and then offers to take Lukas into the city cause he thinks that will help him.

- Philip won’t get Lukas drugs, but he will help Lukas look for things to sell when he asks and go with him to the pawn shop and wait outside while he does it.

- And, like, I’m not saying this to say Philip is a pushover or weak, he’s not- he’s just contained. All the time. He is the stable one. The calm one. He is careful not to push too much. He thinks of solutions and waits to see if they will actually be listened to but is very, very cautious with actually being assertive with his ideas/wants/needs. He is just so much more attuned to everyone else.

- Oh, ALSO, don’t think too much about how Philip overheard Gabe and Helen arguing about him and chose to step out and put himself in that line of fire anyway. He could have just hung back and waited a little. Or, fuck, run off until things cooled down. But Gabe was being yelled at and they were arguing and so he decided to step in. Cause Philip wants to keep everyone happy.

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Junkrat’s eyes are constantly unfocused from each other and really I think that’s beautiful

If you ever just wanna feel a lil emo, take a second to remember that nakhun (one of the eliminated mydol trainees) still makes sure to keep up with vixx’s activities and supports them any way he can.

he bought tickets to elysium, watches their v app streams, requests their songs, “do well taekwoon and wonshik hehe 😆”, tweeting mvs, and again, even more tweets abt lr, you can absolutely bet he listened to vixx n kpop too


D.VA has no boyfriend so she’s taking her best friends instead 8′)))

I bet Jamie has never been to a dance before and gets extra excited - that’s why she took him with in the first place probably - since she probably only asked Lucio at first lol


Here is the Procella version, they also grew up quiet handsome, so I’m proud of them, too.

Rui is not the little boy who you want to protect, is he? He looks mature and his hair is fluffier I suppose.

Kai hasn’t changed much, but he became manlier and more mature, for sure.

Yoh has been good looking before, too, but now he looks like the Procella’s Casanova. Although his hair is the same fortunately, or maybe it’s longer? IDK.

Yoru from the cute boy became the man you want to take home as your boyfriend(or your mother, as you wish).

As for Iku, he looks like the typical shota sportsman bishounen, but he hasn’t got baby face anymore. Longer bangs look great on him.

Shun has always was the most handsome in Procella, but now he is eve more better, although the others had a level-up,too. His hair is assimethric in the last picture, but that’s my favourite it’s a kind of cute and sexy at the same time. Never change Demon King! Okay, you can, but stay handsome.

  • me, writing my novel for nano: my main characters are not bellarke and thus will have a completely different dynamic
  • also, me: wow so they went from enemies to best friends to lovers... and are complete equals... and partners... and they support each other entirely and in everything they do... haha... what a coiNCIDENCE!

friendly reminder that I love you all and you’re so amazing and special to me, every one of you thank you for being alive and in my life You’re the best!!!!!