the best tweets from women this week

anonymous asked:

It's him I think. England against Slovenia is playing right now. That's the game he is watching.

It might be him. And you know what, if it is, that’s okay. It’s really not the best thing for him to say, but if we knew for sure it was him we could be like “Hey Louis, that can be derogatory to women - maybe a better way would be to leave out "girly” and change it to “high-pitched” or “squeal” or something like that.“ And maybe real Louis would read it and be like, okay cool. Maybe next time. Or maybe he wouldn’t. 

My problem with the tweet was that if it was his team tweeting, which wouldn’t surprise me, that they’re continuing a negative narrative. This past week, the only things tweeted from his account besides A) Promo, and B) trying to cover up shittiness, was bullshit 2.0, and now if we’re adding something sexist (or that could be perceived as such) into the mix that just makes it worse. If it’s his team, why do they feel it necessary to make Louis constantly sound like an asshole, making fun of things, using terms that are iffy? Why do they feel the need to compound that over top of the other shit they unleashed on his twitter this week.

It is what it is, but I still think that if it was his team tweeting it was a shitty move.