the best tv character ever

I don’t understand you, SU fandom. Usually you’re doing everything in your power to prove characters are gay on a shoestring of evidence. But when you finally have some of the very gayest content ever aired on television, and several episodes devoted entirely to a character’s infatuation with another, you say “yup definitely straight”



Here I am doing the ER appreciation week! (The day before it ends but yo I’m sorry work’s been crazy). I’ll just jumble them all here and save the last one for tomorrow.

Day 1: Favorite character
About 10 years ago my favorite was Carter (he still is one of my favorites) but as I’ve gotten older, and the more I rewatch episodes the answer HAS to be Mark Greene. He is, quite honestly, one of the best TV characters to have ever existed.

Day 2: Favorite pairing (including friendships!)
Oh my goodness. I think I have to go with friendships on this one and… boy. THERE ARE SO MANY. CAN I LIST THEM ALL? I’M GONNA LIST THEM ALL.
Mark & Doug
Abby & Neela
Susan & Carol
Morris & Pratt

Day 3: Favorite episode/season/moment
SEASON 8. SEASON 8. SEASON 8. It’s actually really very morbid because my favorite episodes are the last few with Mark BECAUSE THEY’RE JUST SO BEAUTIFULLY DONE AND I STILL CRY TO THIS DAY OKAY.

Day 4: Favorite quote(s)
“Be generous… with your time… with your love… with your life. Be generous… always.” IT WAS MY SENIOR YEARBOOK QUOTE THAT’S HOW MUCH I LOVE IT. Okay I took a Pop culture class and we had to show an episode/part of an episode of a TV show we love SO OF COURSE I SHOWED THE MARK DYING AND TALKING TO RACHEL BECAUSE I’M HORRIBLE. MAINLY FOR THIS QUOTE.

Day 5: Favorite location
Ummm It’s gotta just be the ER itself. It’s where most of the show took place and it’s fantastic and IT GIVES ME SO MUCH NOSTALGIA AND LOVE.

Day 6: Something underrated
I feel like the episode with Ewan McGregor where he and his cousin rob the corner store that Carol’s visiting is very underrated. It’s actually one of my favorites. Carol is just so badass and it’s actually kind of sad and I just love it lots.


andy dwyer is the best character that has ever been on television (other than april ludgate, tom haverford or jessica day)

Well, it’s over.
Farewell Lorelai
Farewell Rory
Farewell Paris

and last but not least

Farewell Emily

You will all be missed, but never forgotten.

Hats off to Lauren Graham for really coming into her character, which I believe paved the road for her role in Parenthood. Even though I watched Parenthood first, you’ll always be Lorelai Gilmore to me.

Hats off to Alexis Bledel for being just as charming from the pilot to the series finale.

Hats off to Liza Weil for becoming one of the best characters I’ve ever seen in television. You are truly a gem.

Hats off to Kelly Bishop for portraying such a strong albeit snarky as shit woman. You were so cut-fucking-throat. I can only aspire to slay as you once did.

Olivia Pope is one of the best and most badass television characters ever written… She also wears the hell out of a cape.

no but I’m so happy because in the six feet under finale they show a flashforward to the future where david and keith get married and this was like 2005 like they had no idea if gay marriage would ever be legalized and I just think it’s so amazing that gay marriage was legalized yesterday and I got to watch this episode today and know that this could really happen for them
Steven Moffat Controls Two of Top 10 Best TV Characters Ever
According to Wales Online, Empire magazine recently polled 10,000 readers on who their “favorite TV characters of all time” were, and Steven Moffat is currently in control of two of the Top Ten. Depending on your perspective, that could be either terrifying or reassuring. Of all the many nuances and divisiveness that Moffat brings to the […]

I tried to watch that new show Complications with Beth Riesgraf because I totally love that actress…but I can’t watch it. I can’t becuase she is always going to be Parker to me and Parker is one of the best characters I’ve ever seen on television.

I am definitely calling my future daughter Micheala, after Micheala Quinn who is one of the best tv show characters ever made, she’s a huge feminist and fights for everyone to be treated equally and thats the kind of person I want my future daughter to be.