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Day 3: Gaming/Watching a Movie

Hux finds Kylo’s determination to best him at Dejarik rather endearing. Not that he’d ever admit that aloud. 

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I always love reading Seven Suitors! Everything you write is amazing! A Yuzuri matchmaker fic would be so loved. Thank you!

It’s not meddling, it’s…concern.

“Oh, it’s definitely meddling,” Suzu says, halfway through his meat bun.

Yuzuri glares. “It’s not.”

“If it was concern,” he continues around the mass of pastry in his mouth. “You’d just talk to her.”

Well, what does Suzu know anyway?

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this happy little capricorn is moving to socal in 3 weeks to be real life best friends with some of her best internet friends and pursue her cliche Acting Career Dreams :-)

Ripper Street

I think it’s time I wrote this: 

For those who don’t know, I started watching Ripper Street recently. I’ve been watching an episode a night and just finished season two today. So I’ve only been a fan of the show for 16 days now. 

In that short time, I have already talked to several lovely people in this fandom and gotten so much love and support for the Jackson x Drake x Reid (yup, I’ve decided he will definitely be in it) fanfic I’m currently working on. 

This fandom reminds me a lot of the Hannibal fandom. Both are shows that don’t receive as much love and recognition as they should, and both are shows that have the kindest fans I have ever gotten the chance to get to know. 

As of right now, I don’t follow too many RS blogs because I don’t want to spoil myself. But in two weeks I shall be all caught up and look forward to being able to follow more people and more actively participate in the fandom. 

Thank you to everyone who has talked to me about anything and everything so far, and I can’t wait to hopefully get to know more of you soon enough!!!! :) 

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[ Status: Not Online. But I need to make an important announcement. For awhile now, I was thinking about making Shiro of Japanese Peruvian heritage. However after reading a post I legit cannot find at the moment, I’m making my Shiro of Japanese Brazilian heritage.  This is stemming from mun’s concern over the lack of other “non-Raza” Latinx representation, which of course include Black Latinx, Indigenous groups, and countless of other people that make up Latinx America. On top of that, the lack of inclusion of Brazil in a lot of Latinx discourse also influenced my decision. 

Again, this is for my Shiro. This is my headcanon and will be the default on this blog only. I do not speak for other Shiro’s or their portrayal, much less the canon Shiro. 

I want to say that I do not speak Portuguese or Japanese, much less know much of the history of Japanese Brazilians. I will do my research thoroughly for history and culture references, but if I butcher any Portuguese Shiro might speak, I apologize in advance. Please correct me respectfully if you see any misinformation or something in my portrayl that isn’t right.

Thank you. ]